The Spiritual Dimension of Ultrarunning

Hi! It’s Miriam Why do you run ultramarathons? Why do you run such grueling distances? And, is ultrarunning a spiritual experience
for you? Well, research shows what ultrarunners already know. We run for a variety of reasons. We run to take on a personal challenge. To defy our limits. We run to help us cope with life’s adversities, loss, and trauma. We run because we want to meet a personal challenge. There are all kinds of reasons including
being one with nature. Some of us run because it brings us closer
to God. Research shows that ultrarunners also feel
that ultrarunning provides them with a spiritual experience. Some ultraunners, research shows, pray while
they are running, recite scripture. They pray to God. They get closer to God. They pray to Buddha. They meditate. They pray the rosary. These are all spiritual experiences. This area of ultrarunning, the spiritual dimension
of ultrarunning, is a great topic of interest for me. I was recently interviewed by Eric Brommell
for his Ultra Running Summit Series on YouTube. And he interviewed me about the spiritual dimension,
the spiritual aspects, of ultrarunning. You can listen to the entire interview by
clicking the link below in the description of this video. I have also written about the spiritual dimension
of ultrarunning for my website blog. The link to that blog post is also below in
the description of this video. That article will also take you to links to
show you the research regarding the spiritual dimension of ultrarunning. So, is ultrarunning a spiritual experience
for you? Let me know. I will be writing a future article on this
topic and I’d love to interview ultrarunners. So, if you would like to be interviewed and
share with me how ultrarunning is a spiritual experience for you, please contact
me on my website link. And let me know more about you, and I’ll get back to you. Thank you for watching. In the meantime, the next time you go out
running, how is ultrarunning a spiritual experience for you? Have a great run!

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