The Sims 3 Supernatural: Zombie Abilities and How to Become One

Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to be doing a sims 3 video, this time it’s about zombie abilities and how
to become one in the sims 3 supernatural. Yeah if you’ve been here for a while, this
was one of my most succesful series where I talk about life states in sims 3, but my
last video about it was like a year ago so I thought “Why wouldn’t I give it a try
once more”? Okay without further ado, let’s talk about
this undead life state. So, first of all, zombies in The Sims 3 Supernatural
aren’t really a full life state like ghosts, werewolves, or vampires, but they’re a semi
life state in The Sims 3 Supernatural because to become a zombie, they will have to have
this either temporary or permanent moodlet called zombified. Think of it like a curse or some sort. If you have this, your sim will have zombie
properties and characteristics, but since it’s a moodlet, getting rid of zombification
is much easier than getting rid of other life states status. Also, teenager and below cannot become a zombie. There are several ways for you to obtain the
zombified moodlet. First is by getting bitten by other zombies. To find zombies in the wild, you need to wait
until the full moon where a lot of zombies will rise from the ground and roam around. Yes, you just witnessed a zombie with a cyborg
hairstyle wearing a nyan cat-like t-shirt rising from the ground. Then, just put your sim on your front yard
full of zombies and wait until they interact with you. Sometimes your sim won’t get bitten while
being intervened by the zombie, but once they do, the zombie will bite their shoulder and
after that, your sim will fall down and get sucked into the ground only to be risen up
as a zombie. This method of becoming a zombie will only
be temporary as the zombified moodlet will last for several hours. After it expires, you’ll turn back into
a normal sim. Second is by the zombification elixir. There are two types of them, one is the zombification
elixir and the other is the potent zombification elixir. You can create them with the alchemy skill
or buy them from the elixir consignment store. With these elixirs, you can turn yourself
or other sims into a zombie. If you use the zombification elixir, the zombified
moodlet will only last for 6 hours, but if you use the potent zombification elixir, the
moodlet will be permanent. Permanent zombified moodlet can be cured by
taking a cure elixir, being casted with the sunlight charm by a witch, using the moodlet
manager lifetime rewards, or by cheats. Third is by using the Reanimation Ritual spell
from a witch. This spell can be used on a tombstone of a
deceased sim. Once you did that, the sim will be revived
but as a zombie, but they won’t be added to your household. Also, if the spell failed, it will backfire
and you’ll be the one turning into a zombie instead, but temporarily. Fourth is by eating the “brain freeze a
la mode”. You can grab one by clicking on a fridge and
choose “Have quick meal”, then choose brain freeze a la mode. Usually, after eating it, you will only get
a positive brain freeze moodlet. But after a while, there’s a chance that
you’ll turn into a temporary zombie and a really small chance that you’ll turn into
a permanent zombie instead. Fifth is by using the peashooter from Plant
vs Zombies, which is available from the limited edition of The Sims 3 Supernatural. The peashooter can be used to turn zombies
back into a normal sim, but if a normal sim tries to attack the peashooter, they will
turn into a zombie and attack it while the peashooter is attacking the zombie. The peashooter will usually win, which will
result in the zombie passing out and turning back to normal, but there’s also a chance
that the zombie will survive, eat the peashooter, and retain its zombified state. Besides that, peashooter is a really great
defense on the full moon as they will attack zombies autonomously. And the sixth is by using the baby black dragon,
which is from the Dragon Valley premium content in the sims 3 store. You have to first buy the dragon egg and then
hatch it. To increase the chance for the black dragon
to hatch instead of other types of baby dragons, always use the “plot against enemies”
interaction. After that, click on the dragon and choose
“Cast Phantasmal Curse” on a target. Finally, the baby dragon will be ordered to
curse the target and they will become a zombie. Now that we know on how to become a zombie,
let’s talk about its characteristics and abilities. First off, their appearance. They will have a green pale skin, lanky face,
dark eye bags, and striped lips. They walk and run differently. They will shamble into their destination. As mentioned before, random zombies will be
summoned when the full moon rise. They will be around minding their own business
and attacking sims nearby. Once the night ends, the zombies will turn
back into normal and then leave the lot. If you’re playing as a zombie and try to
interact with someone, you can’t socialize with them normally. Instead, you’ll be given these options,
such as arrgh, arrrgh, arrrrrrrgh, and braaains. If you do any of the “arrgghh” interactions,
(laughed bcz of my stupidity) there will be two outcomes. The victim will either scream loudly rendering
the zombie unable to attack them or make fun of the zombie. In addition of that, both your energy, social,
and hunger need will slightly increase in the process. If you do the “braaains” interactions,
there will be three outcomes. Two of them are the same as the previous outcomes,
and the third new outcome is that the zombie will actually attack the victim by biting
on their shoulder. After that, the victim will become sick and
then the usual zombie transformation will occur. The victim will become a temporary zombie
for 6 hours. Even though you can’t socialize them normally,
if a zombie is sitting on a sofa or a chair right next to someone while eating or watching
tv, for some reason they can automatically start socializing normally which will increase
their relationship like always. You can also click on yourself and do the
“arrghhhhhhhh” or “braiinss” interaction, in which your sim will start groaning. Seems that there are no differences between
these two interactions. Also, like before, while doing this, your
hunger, social, and energy need will slightly increase in the process. Zombies can eat plants. They will usually do it automatically if there
are gardening plants nearby, but playable zombies can click on a plant and choose the
“Grainnss” interaction. They will then devour the plant which will
result on the plants becoming wilted, but your energy need will slowly increase while
eating. After eating the plants, they have a chance
to receive a nauseous moodlet in which they will throw up after two hours. Even though the plant is already dead, they
can still eat them again. The eating plants interaction is actually
a reference to the zombies in Plants vs Zombies. Oh and they can also eat the plant vs zombies
sunflower from the sims 3 store. Zombies will have a chance to summon a stereo
randomly nearby. Then, they will start doing the special “Smustle
dance”. If a zombie is doing this, other zombies around
will join the dance automatically. Trust me, in this footage, the stereo appears
out of nowhere and I didn’t control the zombies here. After a while they will stop dancing and the
stereo will disappear. And those are some of the characteristics
and abilities of the atrocious zombies. I hope I’ve covered all of them. Thank you so much guys for watching! Hope you clicked the like button below, and
if you enjoy this type of sims contents, be sure to subscribe to my channel for more. See you later!

I still believe that TS3 is much better than TS4. If you compare release Pack, for Pack, TS3 still offers more variety, and replay value. 👍
Saw a bunch of Zombie Cosplay actors in Portland, Oregon the other day, stopping traffic, and attacking old people. 😱 They were true zombies, but called themselves Democrats. 😂🤣

Can you start a Sims 3 Series where you do the Rags to Riches but even better and then you can do it for like 5 episodes and then the funny part is invite your friend
Emily so you can say "damnit Emily"

Hi! I have a bit of a dumb question…does anyone know how to open the cheat console on Xbox One or if you can even do it at all? Thanks guys!

I took the zombie thing to the next level. With a mod called Vector, and some other mod that overhauled Zombies. I basically turned the Zombie curse into an a pandemic disease. Slowly but eventually Bridgeport was over run by Zombies. It spread through direct contact or possibly through the air, forcing me to have to really be careful about when and if I should send my sims out. I had my main sim isolated in underground trying to research a way to try and cure the situation. But he failed…'cause I forgot any of the ways to actually cure it at the time and eventually he got infected too so there's that. R.I.P Bridgeport, it's basically Racoon City from RE at this point.

De jó hogy van magyar nyelven is! Elismerésem, hogy időt és energiát szánsz a magyar fordításra. Ha másnak nem, de nekem biztosan hasznos! Köszönöm! 😀

Don’t worry at least the zombie didn’t use custom contents and had the hair of cloud the sword of link and the grim reapers robes

The one with the zombies dancing, I'm guessing it's a reference to the end credits after beating Dr. Zomboss (spoliers 🙁 ) and you'll get a music video called"zombies on your lawn" and Zombies are seen dancing.

The right zombie in the thumbnail is a reference to Plants vs Zombies

Lol dat phone why do sims phones always ring at the worst possible times warning zombies will destroy your garden without any defense defense will be the pvz peashooters or a wall around the garden with a locked gate.

Why am I watching this I have sims 4 oh wait sims 3 is better than sims 4.

With the right combination of mods, you can actually turn your town into a actual zombie apocalypse. Needs an Nraas mod named Vector and some other mod that introduces diseases. It could make zombies contagious, sims succumb to flu like symptoms and begin to die off turning in to infected Zombies. Eventually if you're not careful the zombies will attack spread like wildfire, if you're sims are close they may catch it from the air possibly or direct contact. Let's just say, Bridgeport ended up like Racoon City from the RE series. Only sims I managed to salvage was my main family and they went to twin brook.

Under most circumstances it's entirely incurable, I actually tried to find a cure for it with my virus in bridgeport, but I forgot what could actually cure things in the first place so everyone still died. But when I released it in the future I remembered the Moodlet Manager LTR cures all negative moodlets including zombies so in that regard I saved the future I guess. Just remember to optimally cure the infected you'd want to use a Simbot/Plumbot as they can't succumb to the disease or the back fire as some times the moodlet manager can back fire and negatively effect the target or the user and drain their needs instead (Had a teen sim die of hunger once cause her Father used it on her and it failed.)

0:01 All the time i watched this video and just now i realize that the sim in the start is the first sim made by onlyabidoang in sims 3

Zombies in TS3 Supernatural are really annoying. Even in non-magical neighborhoods they appear, ruining the gardens and scaring the sims. A lot like ghosts, but you can get rid of them by moving the tombstones to a graveyard and not visiting it anymore. But zombies come out every full moon.

I made my sim say hi to a zombie not knowing it was a zombie, I felt bad when he crumpled up on the ground after being bitten lol I love your accent btw

It would be awesome if they brought the zombie into Sims 4, as servant's to vampires. Butlers, maids, guards, etc.

7:36 this looks like its from smosh,also what the heck arghhhh and aaarrrgh sounds like when i'm about to eat food

I have had a zombie dance party with like eight zombies happen outside my sims house once. A zombie also tried to grill something and lit my house on fire. This was two consecutive full moons XD

I remember when zombies came to my sims's house. Since I had a musician I would lock tjem up in some gates. Then I made my sim play a song making music for them- but once day came and they disapeared. I still don't rlly know why I did it


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