The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen

The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen

Translator: Robert Tucker
Reviewer: Capa Girl What’s the most important part
of your health? What do you think? Is it eating a balanced,
mostly plant-based diet, balancing your hormones, daily exercise,
getting enough sleep – What do you guys think? Taking your vitamins,
seeing your doctor for regular check ups? (Laughter) These things might all seem
like important, even critical, factors to living a healthy life,
but what if I told you that caring for your body was
the least important part of your health? What do you think? I’m a physician,
so if you’d told me that five years ago, that would have been total sacrilege. I mean, I spent 12 years training, because the body is supposed to be
the foundation for everything in life. But what if I told you that the medical
profession had it all backwards, if the body doesn’t shape
how we live our lives? What if the body is actually
a mirror of how we live our lives? Think about it for a minute.
Think about a time in your life where you weren’t living the life
you were supposed to be living. Maybe you were in the wrong relationship; or you were in
some hostile work environment doing what you thought you should do; or you were creatively thwarted,
you felt spiritually disconnected. And what if you started getting
little inklings from the body, little physical symptoms? You know, the body’s trying to tell you
something and you ignore it, because you’re supposed to do
what you’re doing. And then the body totally decompensates. Can you think about a time in your life
where something like that has happened? Yeah, I see a lot of noddings. Yeah, me too.
Same thing happened to me. So this is what the body does,
the body is brilliant this way, the body speaks to us in whispers. And if we ignore the whispers of the body,
the body starts to yell. Millions of people in this country
are ignoring the whispers of the body. We are suffering from an epidemic that modern medicine
has no idea what to do with. People suffering from
this epidemic are fatigued, they’re anxious and depressed,
they toss and turn at night, they’ve lost their libido. They suffer from
a whole variety of aches and pains, so they go to the doctor,
’cause something is wrong. And the doctor
runs a whole battery of tests, and the tests all come back normal,
so the patient gets diagnosed as “well”. Only the patient does not feel well. So she goes to another doctor and
she starts the whole process over again, because something is clearly wrong. And it is wrong,
it’s just not what she thinks. I used to work in
a really busy managed care practice, I was seeing 40 patients a day. And I would get so freaking frustrated
with these patients. They would come in and it was so obvious
they were really suffering. And I’d run the tests,
everything would come back normal, I’d diagnose them well,
and they’d look at me like: No, I’m not well, something’s wrong. And I felt so frustrated because
I couldn’t come up with a diagnosis. And they just wanted, please God,
give me a pill. And there was no pill,
there’s no pill to treat it, there’s no lab test
to diagnose this epidemic, there’s no vaccine to prevent it,
no surgery to cut it out. It wasn’t until years later
that I realized I was suffering from the same epidemic
my patients were. By the time I was 33 years old, I was your typical physician. I had succeeded in everything I ever
wanted to achieve in my life, I thought. I had all the trappings of success,
the ocean front house in San Diego, the vacation home, the boat,
the big fat retirement account, so I could be happy
one day in the future. I was twice divorced by that point. I had been diagnosed
with high blood pressure. I was taking three medications
that failed to control my blood pressure and I had just been diagnosed with precancerous cells
of my cervix that needed surgery. Even more importantly I was so
disconnected from who I was, so totally disillusioned with my job,
so completely spiritually tapped out, that I didn’t even know
who I was any more. I’d covered myself up
with a whole series of masks. I had the doctor mask, like when you
put on the white coat, stand up on a pedestal,
pretend you got it all together, you know it all. And I am also a professional artist,
so I had the artist mask, where you’ve got to be, you know,
dark and brooding, mysterious – starving,
that wasn’t me either. And then I had gotten married
a third time, you know, third time is a charm. So now I’ve got this dutiful wife mask
I’ve gotta wear, where I’ve got to get dinner on the table and make sure
that I’ve got the right sexy lingerie on. And then I got pregnant and all of sudden there’s this huge mummy mask
you’re supposed to wear, right? You guys know the mummy mask. You’re supposed to instantly
inherit the gene that makes you capable of baking the
perfect cupcake. That’s where I was,
wearing all those masks, when my perfect storm hit. And at this point in my life,
it was January 2006, and I gave birth to my daughter
by C-section, my sixteen-year-old dog died, my healthy young brother wound up
in full-blown liver failure from the antibiotic Zithromax, and my beloved father passed away
from a brain tumor, all in two weeks. I had just started to take a breath,
when my husband, who was the stay home for my newborn, cut two fingers off his left hand
with the table saw. Yeah – They say when your life falls apart,
you either grow, or you grow a tumor. Fortunately for me I decided to grow,
there was something in me. SARK called it my “Inner Wise Self”,
which I call your Inner Pilot Light. It said, “It’s time to take the masks off.
It’s time to stop the madness. It’s time to stop doing what you should,
and start doing what you feel.” And in that moment I knew
I had to quit my job. Now, this was a huge deal, right?
I spent 12 years training to be a doctor and hundreds of thousands of dollars and we had all the trappings, you know,
the house, the mortgage, all the doctor stuff, right? My husband was not employed
and I had a newborn. I also had to pay a malpractice tail
to buy my freedom, a six-figure malpractice tail,
in case I ever got sued in the future. So I decided to do it, and God bless
my husband, who said let’s jump together. And I quit my job
and I had to sell my house and liquidate my retirement account
and move to the country; and I spent a few months painting
and writing and licking my wounds. (Laughter)
(Applause) It wasn’t until about nine months later,
everybody was like – nine months! I’m an OB/GYN! Nine months later I realized you can quit
your job but you can’t quit your calling. And I had been called at a very young age,
I was seven years old, to the service, the practice,
the spiritual practice of medicine; and that calling hadn’t gone away. I had gotten so wounded by the system
that I didn’t even notice it anymore; but it came back after I had rested
and healed after a little while. But I knew I couldn’t go back,
I couldn’t be seeing 40 patients a day, 7,5 minutes with my patients,
that wasn’t why I went to medical school. So it began this quest, that turned into
an almost five-year quest now, to rediscover
what I loved about medicine. So that also meant I had to figure out
what I hated about medicine. So I started by blaming everybody: it was the ambulance chasing
malpractice attorneys; it’s big pharma;
it’s managed care medicine; it’s the insurance company’s fault. Then I thought, oh no,
it’s the reductionist medical system, we’re so, so sub-specialized,
you know? I’m an OB/GYN, so I was seeing
these patients that had pelvic problems. But I knew that there was something
bigger than the pelvis that was causing their issues. But I hadn’t been trained
to really look at that. So I thought that’s the problem,
like you go to your doctor, your pinky finger hurts and he says,
“I’m sorry, I’m a thumb doctor.” (Laughter) Nobody’s looking at the whole picture. So I thought integrative medicine
was the answer. And so I joined
an integrative medicine practice, and it was so much better; I got
a whole hour with my patients. I really got to listen to my patients, we didn’t accept
managed care medical insurance, so it was really so much better. And then I still kept bumping up
against something though, because now if you came in
and you were depressed we were giving you herbs and amino acids
instead of Prozac. If you had other physical symptoms – but it was still this allopathic model, where the answer was outside of you, and I had to give you
something that you could take. So I thought maybe that’s not the problem,
maybe I need to look outside of that and find new tools
for my healing toolbox. So I started working
with all these complementary and alternative health care providers, whom I love, acupuncturists,
naturopaths and nutritionists. And I started treating my patients
with needles in their energy meridians and raw foods, and that was great. But I kept bumping up
against the same thing: patients would get better from one symptom and if we didn’t treat the root cause of why they had
that physical symptom in first place, they just wound up getting a new symptom. So at this point I was both
really frustrated and really curious, and I started down this path
of trying to figure out what really makes a body healthy, and what really makes us sick. And I dug into the medical literature
and spent a year researching all of the randomized controlled
clinical trials out there. And I decided this is it,
I’m going to figure it out, I’m going to find the answer. And I spent hours in the library,
researching, reading, studying. What I found blew my frigging mind, stuff nobody ever taught me
in medical school. All the things we think of as health,
all the things we think matter, they do. It matters that you exercise,
it matters that you eat well, it matters that you see the doctor. But nobody taught me that what
really matters is healthy relationships, having a healthy professional life, expressing yourself creatively, being spiritually connected, having a healthy sex life, being healthy financially, living in a healthy environment, being mentally healthy, and of course all the things
we traditionally associate with health, also matter,
all the things that nurture the body. The data on this is unbelievable. Lots of it is not in
the traditional journals that you read, that doctors read, a lot of it’s
in the psychological literature, the sociological literature. But if you look deep, this is in
The New England Journal of Medicine, it’s in The Journal of the
American Medical Association, it’s coming out of Harvard and Yale
and Johns Hopkins. This is real data proving
that these things are just as important, if not more. I had this patient, she’s a raw vegan, she runs marathons,
she takes 20 supplements a day, she sleeps eight hours a night,
she does everything her doctor tells her, she’s got a chart this fat, and
she’s still got multiple health problems. So she had heard about my philosophy,
I had started practicing with my patients, and I had an intake form
that’s about 20 pages long and it asks about all those things,
relationships, work life, spiritual life, creative life, sex life,
all of these things that make you whole. So she came and she filled out her form
and she said, “Doctor, what’s my diagnosis?” And I said, “Honey, your diagnosis
is you’re in a freaking abusive marriage. You hate your job,
you feel creatively thwarted, you’re spiritually disconnected, and you haven’t let go of that resentment
you have against your father who molested you as a child. Your body is never gonna get well
until you heal that.” So if taking care of the body isn’t
the most important part of being healthy, what is? It’s caring for the mind,
caring for the heart, caring for the soul, tapping into what I call
your Inner Pilot Light. Now your pilot light is that part of you,
that essence, that authentic, deep, true part of you,
that spiritual, divine spark that always knows what’s right for you. You’re born with it,
it goes with you when you die, and it always knows
the truth about you and your body. It comes to you in whispers;
it’s your intuition; it’s that beautiful part of you
that is your biggest fan; the part that writes you love letters. And that is the biggest healer
you can tap into, better than any medicine,
better than any doctor. So based on everything that I learned,
I developed a new wellness model. And it was based,
not on the pie charts and pyramids that many of the wellness models
I had studied were based on. I based it on the cairn. Have you guys seen these things
around San Francisco? These stacks of balanced stones,
I love them, I’ve always loved them. I’m an artist,
so it appeals to me visually. But I love the interdependence.
Every stone is dependent on the other; you can’t just pull one stone out
without the whole thing crumbling. And the stone that’s most precarious
is the one on top. That’s the body,
that’s where I think of the body. The body is the stone on top. When any of the facets of
what makes you whole get out of balance, the body is the first to start whispering, and the foundation stone
is your Inner Pilot Light, that true essence of you,
that vulnerable, transparent part of you. So based on that, I created this model,
that I call the Whole Health Cairn. And this is what my next book is about. An it’s taking all of the facets
of what makes you whole; it’s about self-healing from the core,
and once you recognize this, then you have all the tools you need
to start your own healing journey. So all of the facets of
what makes you whole are surrounded by what I call the healing bubble. This is love and gratitude and pleasure. And science proves
that all of those things are good for your health as well; they are
the glue that hold everything together. So I challenge you.
If you have any physical symptom, if you’re suffering from the epidemic
that plagues the developed world, I want you to ask yourself,
“What’s the real reason I’m sick or suffering, what’s out of balance
in my whole health cairn?” What’s the real diagnosis
and what can you do about it? How can you be more transparent? How can you open yourself up
to more possibility? How can you be more honest with yourself
about what you need and who you are? If any of you were lucky enough to see
Brene Brown’s awesome TEDTalk about the power of vulnerability – I see a lot of nodding heads, I love it – it’s so fabulous, but it talks about
the science behind being true, being vulnerable, being transparent. It generates love and intimacy
which increases oxytocin and endorphins, and reduces harmful stress hormones
like cortisol and adrenaline. When we let our true self be seen,
when we let our Inner Pilot Light radiate, we heal from the inside out and it’s more powerful than anything
medicine can give you from the outside. So I challenge you to write
the prescription for yourself. No doctor can do this for you.
We can give you drugs, we can give you surgery,
and sometimes you need that, that’s the jump-start
of the self-healing process. But to heal to the core, so that
you don’t develop new symptoms, so you don’t need another surgery —
you gotta write your own prescription. So I ask you, “What is it that you need,
what does your body need to get healthy? What is it that you need to change,
What needs to be tweaked in your life?” If you knew
that stripping off all of your masks and letting us see
that beautiful light within you, was the solution to your health problems,
would you be willing to do it? I dare you. It just might make
your body ripe for miracles. Thank you. (Applause)

I also didn't know there such thing as laws or crimes nor cops nor jails when I was under age 11. thank god I didn't know. most of us don't know what's going on when under age 11 we not at the right age to know that kind of thing yet. like when your a baby don't know who your mum or dad is yet.

Little known huge secret nobody talks about: genetics. My grandfather smoked for 65 years and died at 94. My dad was a heavy drinker and smoker and never exercises, and is going strong at 96 years old. They both loved life and family though.

All the years of research and this woman came up with this answer. This makes me so sad. Your body is telling you something is wrong. Have your spine checked.  The blood flow is being compromised to your brain. If your brain tells your body what to do and it is not functioning, this is the problem get your spine and nervous system checked. Watch Dr. Bergmen. Also, this woman needs to watch him. also.

Obviously if you get a virus, infection, or cancer no amount of spiritual connection, or good relationships, are going to save you on their own. I think what she is getting at here is the connection between how the health of the mind can affect the body. We need to understand that our perception of our life can affect our physical health. Its basically the negative affects of psychological stress. However in my opinion it should be considered that there are also positive affects from experiencing certain amounts of psychological stress, such as the qualities of good character. The value in this presentation is in learning to balance your life, its about creating a life style that allows you to take on "stress" in a way that is therapeutic. In the same way that the stress of moderate regular physical exercise is therapeutic for the body, moderate regular psychological stress is healthy for the mind, too much and you start breaking down.

My mum thinks I've said something else to her whilst saying something else in a false accusation way when I haven't it's cause I think it's her illnesss she's got this health probllem that begins with m like the one on coronation street had and downloads it and then she mistakes it as something else. She won't remember saying it in 2 weeks so I'll continue to see her next month and I bet she still see me even though she doesn't want me to cause she thought something bad at her iwth words when it not. Don't know what wrong with her anyone know.

This is so true! Some people absolutely want a prescription. Even if it is natural. We have so much more power to heal ourselves than we believe to be true. Our inner spirit will guide us. I feel in my life now there isn't much I need. The power& the wisdom comes from within. God is in us guiding us & showing us the way. Thank you for this talk. May we be open minded to this information. Spend some time in prayer & meditation. See what the spirit of truth will show you.

Medicine need to study whole health and not disease symptoms. Mindfulness, Yoga, Naturopathy, and a whole bunch of thing is now becoming mainstream. Thank you Lisa for your courage to listen to your heart, your calling.

One of my fav Ted Talks I luv Lissa Rankin!!! Her book "Mind Over Medicine" is AMAZING for anyone as intrigued as I was after seeing this!✌

Even in the modern years of TED.. women always take a space and only talk about their personal problem and how their husband had his part… I think she cheated TED by saying that she was going to speak something scientific… TED is spoiled now…

Shes getting on my nerves! Get to the point! Flags down for alot of unessesary talking that has nothing to do with nothing. ?????

The point????Shes speaking all over the place!Very annoying! Im at the end of this video and she only told us about her dog and having a baby . A waste of my energy and time ! Flagging a thumbs down. Very goofy.

It's got to be obvious that just "taking care of the body" is not enough to be healthy. Emotional stress can trump one's best efforts and take its toll. AND stress is often environmental, (job, family, etc.) outside of one's immediate control. AND every individual is dealt a different hand in this game of life. HOWEVER, the point I believe she is trying to make is that JUST focusing on the body is not enough to guarantee physical health – that the whole of one's life is reflected in one's health as well.

While the things she talked about are very good she missed the most important mark and that is Jesus Christ the name above all names. You need to know what spirit you are after. Eternity is a very long time, and you only get one try at the real prize. B-I-B-L-E…..Basic-Instructions-Before- Leaving-Earth.

On the other hand, it is extremely important to point out the significant number of chronically ill people suffering from diseases many physicians aren’t even familiar with who spend years or decades of their lives being told they are crazy, as their oftentimes multiple diseases progress for having gone untreated. Like, that’s fine, who needs their twenties anyway? Dysautonomia and all of its comorbid conditions such as EDS, Mastocytosis, Lyme, etc. are a perfect far too common example unfortunately. Women are also far more likely to not be taken seriously, even by female doctors, and then by everyone they know or love, for so long and to the degree that it can cause PTSD. Doctors may laugh and roll their eyes, while disabilities/chronic illnesses consume your life. We really don’t know enough about the human body yet, but we’re so arrogant that you’d think we do. Yeah, generic tests come back normal when they don’t even know what they should be testing for.

Lissa nailed it! A breath of fresh air, I feel uplifted and vindicated. My bowels had movement after three days! Its nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Lissa!

Thank you for your thoughts. Life works as Spirit, mind, then body. I am a metaphysician; I see spirit and the mind body this is where the healing is truly effectual. And, as she said, the body is a reflection of your life. We are growing spiritually, one person, then another, then another. We cannot stop this phenomena. we are spiritual beings, and that is the WAY. Agreements are affecting us. Past life agreements are affecting us. KARMA. Please remember agreements are about relationships, past and present. thank you.

Nobody is looking at the whole picture…Truth shall free from inside…Thanks for the talk…iT was great…I dig it…But bottom should be god…Mind it…Don't worry u might have a next life to find out if u are constantly bettering urself …Or simply put it doing every good u can …hmm

A total waste of time listening to you Lissa. Congratulations for finding yourself! But why don't you stop talking about yourself which is not really related to your main theme and take off the mask and just be more down to earth. It is not really about you, and no one really wants to hear everything in detail when you are going in a circle! You are a waste of time, you still ear a mask I feel.

While I believe her advice of authenticity and healing is extremely beneficial for our health, I find this a little disingenuine. We cannot control every disease (or misfortune) that we get. Sometimes we get sick and it's beyond our control, e.g. birth defects, Cancer genes, Down's Syndrom, etc.

These ideas have been obvious to many of us for decades, I'm glad "intelligent" and "educated" people are finally starting to catch up.

Just eat your ancestral foods. I was an emotional, over-thinking vegetarian for 35 years, learning everything I could, looking for answers everywhere, like this lady. Once you calm down with ancestral foods, you're just happy and healthy-problem solved.

On behalf of Independent Research, Interactive, Exchangeable Social Cultural Education, worldwide (Eastern and Western Health Care), I do appreciate Dr. Lissa Rankin, M.D for Valuable mindful lecture to Public Consumers.

I have been where she is talking about. It took me 2 knee replacement surgeries to get me to slow down and realize what was going on. My body was telling me to stop and listen… so I did. I retired, go over the knee surgeries and I got over "me'". I been getting healthier ever since.

It is so strange that the autonomic nervous system is the only body system we love to hear about only when not called by its name! This is the true inner wise and web of access to spirituality though!

painful to watch and listen. Too much about herself, had to skim it. Naturally, towards the end she brings up a slide about her next book. In terms of caring for your body, it depends where you live in the world. In the western world you must care for your body as opposed to living on ( ie) the island of Sardinia where it comes natural.

Great. As a surgeon myself I do sincerely agree with her. The body needs more than medications to heal.Superb.

Nice .pls for some who says this speech is useless.Try to watch this video a couple of times to fully understand its true content.only when we trully connect with our body mind and soul will we appreciate life .

It may be obvious to some of us but it certainly is not obvious to the medical establishment unfortunately including functional medicine folks. They are as dogmatic about supplements and healthy foods being the path to wellness-as the western trained docs are to treating symptoms with drugs without exploring the source of the problem.
Their premise It is only part of the healing process
the mind has the most impact on our health weather we are releasing positive neurotransmitters ie dopamine endorphins etc which are the most powerful healing chemicals we have.
Or stress hormones adrenaline cortisol which creates illnesses and impedes healing.
I experienced this when dealing with cfs. 50 supplements daily and healthy diet minus $15,000 didn’t do anything to help me except deplete my retirement fund and add to my stress. Only when I changed my environment and started to enjoy life again did I notice an increase in my energy and my vitality even without taking my 50 daily supplements.
It’s a no brainer.
The good news is Our thoughts influence our neurotransmitters and we have control over our thoughts with awareness and practice therefore we have the innate ability to feel good and be healthy ‼️what Dr has ever used this wisdom as a treatment plan including functional medicine drs. ? They are as rigid and entrenched in their beliefs and protocol as Allopathic drs are with their medieval approach to medicine. Unfortunately Drs’s have lost their courage curiosity commitment to healing and humbleness. Instead ego arrogance and righteousness gets in the way of practicing medicine in its purist form. That is why I salute Dr Rankin it took curiosity courage humbleness and integrity to take an honest look at the results of her patients progress and she delved into researching the chemicals involve d in the healing process and what the placebo affect was all about she was courageous enough to challenge their protocol and theories. I am a great admirer of hers She was the voice of my personal experience and whenever I tried to discuss this with my functional medicine dRs I was immediately discounted as if I was at fault. These Drs’s missed out on a great opportunity to learn from their patients. To get feedback and anecdotal information that could add to their repository of knowledge instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Dr Rankin was committed enough to the practice of medicine to be willing to look at the failures and explore what that was about therefore advancing the knowledge of the most powerful healing powers we have. Plus we know how powerful the mind is so why doesn’t this information make headlines. Of course the cost of treatment would dramatically decrease I spent 15,000 on quality supplements and extremely expensive foods. That was enough to release the stress hormones and I wondered why I wasn’t feeling better. Not to devalue the importance of eating healthy foods and omitting sugars and simple carbs etc but their theory is heal the body and the body will heal itself is just one slice of the pie. And maybe the case for some people but what about the rest of us that are still not well. What other options do you offer if any?
I pray that Dr Rankin and other practitioners who are willing to question the status quo and practice medicine with truth and integrity as the primary intention can be strong role models for other practitioners who still are too intent in keeping their heads in the sand and diminish those of us who are not feeling satisfied with the results making us wrong. My functional medicine dr took me off his patient list when I attempted to discuss this with him.
It’s sad when ego trumps progress and learning especially when it comes to our health and quality of life One step forward and two steps back. History is again repeating itself. Thank you Dr Rankin for standing tall and true to yourself and to your profession you have the heart and integrity of a great healer. God bless you.

7 1/2 minutes for each patient… ridiculous! Society is broken, that's why we're really sick… we live like robots that can go on forever without fail…. NO… we're humans, we get tired-we need to rest, hungry- we need to eat, fatigued- we need to sleep. It's not rocket science… it should just be common sense. We need to get back to health… true and overall health… who's with me?!


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