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the scythe and dragon king and queen siphon religion refers to the mythology ritual practices and beliefs of the Scythians was little is known of the religion is drawn from the work of the 5th century Greek historian and ethnographers Herodotus modern scholars say that their worship was taken from the Greek gods but the Scythians religion predates theirs by thousands of years he described the Scythians as red haired blue and gray idlers did many other scholars study of 26 ancient human specimens from the krasnoye carrier in Siberia dated from between the middle of the second millennium BC and the 4th century AD showed that the Scythians were by on large blue or green eyed fair-skinned and light haired people who were genetically most closely related to modern populations of Eastern Europe based on such accounts of Scythians they were the founders of certain Germanic as well as Celtic tribes the Scythians had some reverence for the stag which is one of the most common motifs in their artwork especially at funeral sites Shakespeare wrote that these barbarous people at their children many writers in this period connected Scythians with cannibalism to feed a huge roaming army you eat what you kill Spencer noted that the Irish were descended from Scythians Thomas Dekker in the wonderful ye rites Scythians feed on men's flesh the Scythians worshipped a pantheon of seven gods and goddesses I believe these are the same two gods in different timelines and this was done in various cultures variety is the spice of life this was to gain total worship a choice on the surface but the reality is they are one in the same both and Ishtar no matter who you vote for the outcome is always the same same shit different timeline the gods with lowercase G which is the ancient symbol for the serpent people the names of these gods are siphon Aries known as the God of War and the god of Earth Gabi T is another name of estar Pepe owes their Thunder God or God of the sky those from heaven to earth came a pay represented by the ball note historical documentary and archaeological evidence suggests the API was the first god of egypt but was reinstalled during recolonization of a conquered egypt assimilating the next generation I find it interesting that API is a noun in computing known as a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or day 2 of an operating system application or other service an installation of sightly and beliefs in new already operating system the truth is hidden in plain sight it's a game and there are rules continuing on auto zeros the Sun God whose name could be understood as who calls down trouble argent pars a goddess of sacrifice and prophecy again its Ishtar poseidon fatima cedars the king of the ocean otherwise known as – gone the dragon king is also known as Dagon or Sargon the king of the four seas meaning of lantus and the British Isles which only existed in myth in this time period King of Kings and king of the four corners of Earth Thoth I believe was his original name the dragon queen is known in several cultures as Ishtar one of my previous presentations had me puzzled as I mentioned that Zeus Apollo and Hermes also Odin Kingdom Thor and Loki could be one in the same it seems so far that I was right in that assumption they are not just similar our culture's are worshipping and celebrating Good Friday they eat the fish of Poseidon's kingdoms and Easter Sun worship day it's where humanity oddly celebrate the day their DNA was genetically modified that is in reference to the Sumerian tablets the Scorpion connects with the serpent through the dragon Dion for two dragon blessing is as follows may dragons bring you wealth and guard your treasures may they banish darkness and enlighten you may female Dragons grant you inner power may the dragon queen neutralize your enemies may dragon spirits give you power over elementals may weather Dragons bring rain at your request make him at effect the changes you command mate our grant your dragon power Maish Taran – dragon power sacrificial animals included various kinds of livestock though the most prestigious offering was considered to be the horse the pig on the other hand was never offered in sacrifice and apparently the Scythians were loath to keep swine within their lands the anair I were a privileged cast of hereditary priests which played an important political role in Scythians society as they were believed to have received the gift of prophesy directly from the goddess Arjun Potter the anair I used strips cut from the bark of the linden tree to tell the future the anair I were also noted for dressing themselves in the clothes of women the totem pole found in as broach River the left tributary of the Nestor in 1848 was traditionally considered as a Slavic Monument however some scientists believe it has no analogies in Slavic mythology and reveals a great similarity with sightly and stone sculptures this case gives grounds to look for clues of this carved image insight in lethality it seems that in the archaic time these monuments became dominant symbolism of the world tree or the phallus which on anthropomorphic traits appear later they become more and more in humanoid form the Scythians legend about themselves which portrays the first siphon King taja towns as the child of the sky God end of a daughter of the NEPA note that there is missile named ss-18 Satan and a rocket names NEPA three times 6 gives you 18 he had three sons before whom fell from the sky a set of four golden implements a plough a yoke a cup and a battle ax only the youngest son succeeded in touching the golden implements without them bursting with fire and this son's descendants called by Herodotus the Royal Scythians continued to guard them in the first century BC the Greek Roman geographer strabo gave an extensive description of the east and Psyche ins Strabo went on to list the names of the various tribes he believed to be psycheon this was an empire people agreed to pay tribute to these tribe and the tribute was to allow the invaders at certain appointed times to overrun the country and carry off booty but when the invaders over and their country more than the agreement allowed more ensued I add this as it relates to our modern world the European race in particular the anglo-saxons were descended from certain Scythia tribes there is a long list of siphoned drives who at times battled each other but this is how militaries learn and grow from strength to strength it also keeps local non-military people's numbers low which ensures the riches flow back to the Royal Scythians without complaint please like share or subscribe to ancient mystery as I continue down this rabbit hole

I am a 💯 pure scythian. There are pure scythians to this day in some parts of India Pakistan and Hungary. They live different than the normal local people. They are light skinned green eyes or hazel eyes. They are tall and they are know for their ruthlessness and fearlessness.

You have to do your homework properly, Dragons are real but not made from flesh and blood and never were. Dragons (or serpents) are Plasma tubules or Serpent shape, this is why the Dragon lines (ley lines) snake across the countryside (Michael and Mary lines, Athena and Apollo lines and many more) .

They are called Dragons in the higher northern hemisphere because as they come from outer space and are part of the 'northern lights' and on occasion the Plasma energy is raised due to solar flares and you can get burned from it, thereby the mythology of the Dragon breathing fire. These have been photographed and you can find them online (search for STEVE auroras ) and you can see the plasma rotating bodies in the video/photo this is a Dragon or serpent that is in mythology. If you want a better image of the Dragons, google 'nasa magnetic ropes' and you can see the actual Dragons that are coming into the southern and northern poles, they only become visible to the human eye when they are hit by an overload of ionised particles from the sun and then they are called STEVE.

All cultures recognize the Dragons as been the creators of the land, because the Dragon lines that flow across the land have energy and can and have funneled massive solar flares in the past.
The fantastic thing about these Plasma lines (living creatures of plasma) is that they are conscious and you can communicate with them. They come as Male and Female pairs.

May drakgons bring you wealth and guard your treasures
May they evolve your darkness into light
lady of light
gift of god
creator of drakgons
grant you inner power
neutralize your enemies
May the spirit of drakgons give you power over elementals
May weather drakgons bring rain at your request
effect the changes you command
grant you drakgon power
grant you drakgon power
grant you drakgon power

creator of drakgons (with womb)
wisdom of drakgons (with out)
drakgons is reference to both

Goddess Awaken
awaken the knowledge in power of word
awaken the WO-MAN in each one of you
awaken the goddess beauty of womb
awaken the power
awaken the wisdom
awaken the knowledge
awaken the women that brought man to be
awaken the union of heart within thy
awaken beauty of womb
awaken all you can be
I call to my earthlings
come to my garden
and set your love free.
lady of light
gift of god
creator of drakgons

love of my love
heart of my heart
I call out in spirit
to the love in my heart.
You are my power
as I am your guide.
I brought you to life
moments forgotten through time.
Through my womb you evolved
the only one of your kind.
I used the stone from my crown
to hold knowledge of love
deep in your mind.
It was you I created
that one last time
and it was you that found
your way Back to I.
True heart of gold
soul of man
free will and all
you saved I a fate worse then life.
Save I you did
as you saved love inside.
You are the one meant for I.
You are the one man above men.
You are the true god of them all
as you choose to unite into I.
I yin and you yang we continue
through space over time.
You are the one they call
A real true GOD
with true love in his heart
deeper then the gold hidden in mine.
lady of light
gift of god
creator of drakgons

I get to be who I want in this
new land of ignorance
because no body knows who I am

The got in germans gotics language is God the land of God the sotish tribes is from germans vikings nordics they beat the roman empires in brittania after the celtics is making aliance with germans scothics the saxons later now scotland

The dragons its means all eastern europes they have the dragons simbols even turks and khazars and all nordics pepples germans tje knight of the dragons they was kings contes princes and generals simbols of the warriors Scytics peoples the vlad empelor was a knight of the dragones orders .this orders of knights is very old the mattias corvinns kings of hungary was the knights of dragons and the last knght the big surprises the house of knights of dragons the knght of teutons of dragons in germany the real house of knights

getian (dacian ~warrior cast) and scythian share same terrtory in the same period, according to iordanes (getica) they are the same poeple, clearly they are not turkish tribe, so it is the same poeple, language ?? or just very close neibhourg ? I personaly thing that getian ( in the future goth) where non nomadic scyth and scythian where nomadic getian .
Also you forget parthian & amazon inthe scyth familty

I love the pursuit of knowledge and seeking answers in pseudo history but this just goes too far. Read more books and watch less conspiracy YouTube. Best of luck in your future pursuit of truth.

I don't know if it's the same but Vlad Dracula was a part of the order of the dragon and so was his father however these people are not evil people they were Christians Defenders of Christ and the Order of the Dragon in that case is a Christian order because believe it or not most dragons and history and real life are not evil but good

Good information abauth pre turks history. Probably they are like % 50 pre Turk % 30 Slav. And %20 others.

So when you say ancient and lowercase "g" in the same breath, since English is the latest written and spoken evolution of language. How strange to fear the Creator because of the inconsistencies of God's flawed human messengers and administrators… and how utterly predictable, so sad.

Hands down best channel ever,never found that kind of knowledge do you have some books to suggest about draconians?dragon kings and queens,i found the vedic story of the fight between a human Rama and a draconian king Ravana he was in lanka,what we call sri lanka it s mindblowing i m pretty sure that what is called lion claws is his palace,for sure they are dragon claws not lion,thank you for your work is unique!

Amigo i beg to differ but “ you eat what you kill “ was originally taken from the Bible as a rule set by God ! ! !


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