The Power Of Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4

the power of Super Saiyan God although
difficult to achieve holds no limit to the user who was able to harness such a
divine power as Super Saiyan God and although its original origin had been
altered we’ve seen a different kind of power arise through Super Saiyan God
infused and mixed with the fourth level of a Super Saiyan Super Saiyan 4 Super
Saiyan God a divine and unimaginable power in which the author and creator
yung GG introduces in his DB vs Dragon Ball fan manga which centers its story
around the introduction of Goku black in the Dragon Ball GT timeline – in which
you can find all three amazing parts to this story on my channel and description
box below which focuses on the entirety from start to finish in giving you a
better perspective as to what really happened involving Goku black and son
Goku so make sure you check them out and show these videos some love now from the
beginning both Goku black and son Goku were aware as to how far they can grow
in terms of power which they both use this opportunity to take advantage of
one another and being able to grow stronger through their battle although
Goku black at this point uses different levels of Super Saiyan to keep up with
GT Goku son Goku manages to also do the same it’s no secret that the powers of
Super Saiyan God are not easily obtainable but through this battle
against Goku black something unimaginable occurs as it was clear from
the very beginning that despite son Goku’s efforts to keep Goku black down
Goku black proved that he wasn’t someone to take lightly as he was able to
constantly adapt through his battle against son Goku even matching levels
with him it’s only when Goku busts out Super Saiyan 4 is when the tides really
begin to shift and go whose favor and through this allows Goku black to also
catch up by unlocking Super Saiyan rose’ for the very first time and through this
intense battle the advantage was tipped and Goku blacks favor as even the powers
of Super Saiyan 4 paled in comparison to what Goku black
chief until son-goku was able to discover a new power through his battle
with black as he was able to infuse the powers of Super Saiyan 4 with Super
Saiyan God creating the ultimate super sand through harnessing both powers at
once but the overall reasoning behind Goku unlocking this new level of
strength was due to Goku feeling as if he’s always had this power deep within
him and that if he had pushed himself far enough then he could manage to
awaken this power by himself go who notice this as Goku black was also
beginning to adapt and evolving his super Sandro’s a powers even further
than when he had first transformed going as far as to even cut the earth by
slicing the ground in half with his scythe go who lack had bragged about his
divine energy and after feeling this power for himself Goku had awakened this
new level of strength that caused the black to question as to how Goku had
done so with Goku claiming that he knows he can’t hold this warm forever but he
will do everything in his power to learn about what he had just achieved but as
powerful as super Sam for Super Saiyan God was it proved to be insignificant in
comparison to Super Saiyan rose’ even after Super Saiyan 4 Super Saiyan God
Goku had unleashed two of his most powerful attacks causing black to walk
away unscathed the Kamehameha and the super dragon fist through it all causing
goku black to evolve even further by the end in perfecting the divine powers that
he had been bragging about since the beginning and although sun Goku’s newly
discovered power is really difficult to scale in comparison to Super Saiyan blue
the safest assumption to make is that Super Saiyan 4 Super Saiyan God is
stronger than Super Saiyan God Goku in battle of gods as well as Super Saiyan
blue Goku and golden Frieza from revival of F this
to the fact that super sand for Super Saiyan God was shown to be on an equal
fighting status to Super Saiyan rosea if anything slightly below being that
son Goku never truly lost against Goku black his power simply ran out as he
reverted back to his child status afterwards as the battle between Goku
black and GT Goku concludes in a draw as neither a warrior was able to fully
outclassed the other the story focuses primarily on evolution the evolution of
Goku black and the evolution of son Goku and although Super Saiyan for Super
Saiyan God cannot be properly gauged the power itself was able to hold its own
against Super Saiyan Rosia who we’ve even seen get the better of both Goku
and Vegeta prior to returning in the future after their training which also
to note it was implied by son Goku that he may in fact never be able to tap into
this power given that he had never been adjusted to such a divine key in not
being able to figure out what exactly had just happened but still hoping for
the best but through it all Super Saiyan for Super Saiyan God proved to be a
once-in-a-lifetime transformation as the transformation was never again seen in
young GG’s adaptation of Dragon Ball super slash Dragon Ball GT but we would
like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below should Super
Saiyan for Super Saiyan God have been stronger than Super Saiyan rose’ what
are your thoughts on the transformation what are your thoughts on all three of
these manga chapters and if you guys would like to check up on more awesome
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Super Saiyan 4 is just Awesomeness. I really hope that Goku Gohan Vegeta or Broly gains a similar form in DB Super when it returns ….

I'm imagine super saiyan god super saiyan 4/super saiyan blue 4 being a blue hair and fur, thus it power is eighty times more powerful than the normal super saiyan god super saiyan/super saiyan blue

SSJSS4 GOD should "Stomp" SS Rose. SSJ4 + GOD Ki stacked smdh that Transformation should only lose to Gogeta Blue, MUI GOKU & Limit Breaker Jiren

Yo that transformation was nasty. I believe they're going to achieve that form somehow. Man dis shit be blowing my mind😳🤪🤯

Technically Broly is the SS4 in Super.
I mean to say the concept of ss4 starts off with going great ape, then revert into a new form while retaining the power of the great ape.
So technically broly is ss4.
And when broly receive proper training and reach god status and even blue, hopefully super with find themselves crowning broly as the next god of destruction for u7.

So ssgss4 is like broly ssg if you can scale that you have the cookies😁

Ssg4 should've destroyed black, even with the excuse that goku isn't use to that power. I mean it's obvious, ssr is ssj but with God ki, ssg4 is ssj4 with God ki. Ss4 is way stronger than regular ssj. Literally no contest.

Since goku has his tail stamina wont be much of a issue, since saiyan tails help perfect their forms.

Power wise he would be a monster after all ssb is super saiyan in god form.

Personally when looking at the power scaling of both beginning of GT and the beginning of super. GT base goku even as a kid was able to match a fighter with a similar level to buu in Z. The beginning of super Goku is just a little stronger than he was at the end of Z.

In my opinion, depending upon when in the GT timeline black showed up, SS4 should have been at least just below Rose in terms of power. But when looking at just what the SS4 transformation actually does, combining that with the power of God should have put GT Goku in SS4SSG above Rose by miles.

The god transformation alone allowed Goku in super to put up a very good fight against beerus and when looking at how the only way beerus got interested in gokus power on King Kai's world was by maxing out his current power in SS3 shows just how powerful the god transformation is.

That's my personal opinion, if you don't agree feel free to leave your explanation why and I'll try to get back to you

SSj4 God form should be stronger but its his first time, so its fair to say that it would be as strong as Goku Black Rose form. IF he can do it again and train then yes it will be stronger because Ssj4 was already wining, so to say its stronger than Rose and more forms.

Me : Ssj4god interesting a form I would love to dig deep into its potential

Vegito black : I bet I could get that form before you

Me : what was that ?

Vegito black : nothing

Gohan : how are you guys talking

Both vegitos : parallel universe break

I simply love this Concept SsGssj4 should be at least On Par with Rose however this is his first time using this form if he trained more in this form he could very well Surpass Rose

actually,i have been thinking,why akira didn't makes ssjb2,3,4???(not yet i guess)…i mean,it would be great….ssjb is a combine of ssj and ssg right? why don't he includes ssj2,3,4 combine with ssg???(sorry for bad english)

Well by all means, GT Goku technically can achieve the god form, since he repeatedly absorbed the power of other pure hearted Saiyans, being his sons, Trunks, and Bulla. He would only need either Pan or Vegeta to do so as well, and he would meet all the requirements for the ritual to work, so it isn't impossible.

I've always imagined super saiyan God super saiyan 4 would keep the super saiyan god aura and red hair but looks 4 has.

If SSJ4 is already in the same ballpark power wise as SSJR and SSGSS stacking the god ki on top that should put it on a whole new level of power if the two god forms listed above are essentially SSJ with god ki applied to it, SSJ4 god probably should be able to rival if not beat MUI…

Didnt u cover this manga like a some time before? For real you seem to cover the same mangas with other titles, like over and over

Well Super Sayian 4 God in my opinion should be as strong as MUI in terms of power boost, so the creator of the manga nerfed the form/buffed goku black for the sake of this fight being more fair.

That made no sense. SS4 SSgod would skyrocket so much more to SS Rose, it shouldn't matter that Zamasu has Goku's body – that Kamehama should have burned Black away.

It would have been stronger if they were on equal such as goku not being in child form and or given a senzu at the beginning of this ssj4 transformation….this is by far my favorite young Gg story

If I were to compare SSJ4 power. I’d say it would be SLIGHTLY weaker than SS God! But, mixing God ki to ssj4 I’d say it makes him as strong as ssb goku in the U6VS7 arc. But that is only how I would scale it.

It's a very cool concept.
At the initial state this form was almost as strong as SSR i wonder what happened after (if it's attainable) Goku master it because it's like the prime sayian with the ki control of a god..and don't forget Goku and Vegeta weren't in the initial SSB state they were around the second state of SSB when they fight Black and Zamasu in the first and second time in the would've been way more amazing to know how strong Xeno Goku will be with that form…

Well, fan comic use DBS from the Manga (Black uses regular super saiyans transformations) so…

I think that SSGSS4 should have humiliate Goku Black.
SSGSS Vegeta using 1/10 of his power was weaker than SSG Goku, so we could say that unperfect Blue is around 5xSSG, and considering that Perfect Blue was way stronger than Merged Zamasu, that have a power around 2 SSGSS (Said by Toriyama) we could say that Perfect Blue is the 50xSSG that a regular SS is. Now in GT, SSJ3 was weaker than Baby, and SSJ4 was stronger than Ozaru Baby (10x) so SSJ4 is more than 10x SSJ3, that is 4x SSJ2, that is 2x SSJ, that is 50x SSJ. So SSJ4 +4000x Base Power. Combine with SSG, is a 4000xSSG, or a 400xSSG, considering that is SSGSS was 5xSSG and not 50xSSG. In the Manga Goku didn't absorb God Ki, so Base Goku from GT is far stronger than Base Goku from DBS Manga. Black is SSGSS level, and considering than on this fan Manga he used Perfect Blue (50xSSG) and have a base power close to GT Goku. Now Goku SSGSS4 is a 400xSSG, low balled, so 8xBlack.
I think is clear who should be the winner.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4 should be canon.
The best Super Saiyan transformation fused with the canonical strongest form? That just sounds like something that should've been made canon a long time ago

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4 should be stronger because it's power is at least a 1,200,000x since super saiyan 4 is a 4000x stronger than their base form and super saiyan god is stronger than super saiyan 3 which is a 400x boost, which super saiyan god super saiyan is at least a 20,000x.

Yeah imagine Goku ssj4 with god form "red fur" and "red cherry color hair" it should be too badass. really now goku ssjgod color is not classic red color, is almost like cherry light color.

If super sayian blue is the super sayin version of super sayian god, then ssj4god should be reeeaalllyy strong💪🏾, way stronger then rosé if u scale it like that lol

I miss ssg4 super Saiyan blue Goku and Vegeta are boring they always get their ass kicked specially Vegeta
Vegeta: I am the prin…
Me: punch him in the face
You're the prince of all sayain but always get their ass kicked if the sayains were alive they would be disappointed Gohan does not get new form I going to get upset aka new Dragon ball super also movie?

Hell yes it should have been stronger. SSJ blue is god ki mixed with ssj. So it makes sense that ssj 4 mixed with god ki would be an overwhelmingly great power up, heck it maybe should have surpassed MUI. SSJ rose is basically Goku black's suped up version of ssj blue so it should still pale in comparison.

This is a great fan manga, even though there are some powerscaling issues (SSJ4 should be outclassed by SSR, but it should megastomp when stacking God Ki). SSGSS4 is definitely something I'd want to see in DBS. It would kind of op as it might be on par with Complete UI but not the "mastered" form which we're getting to in the Moro Arc.

Whats that form called super saiyan 4 god essence wait didnt black said its not full god ki more like demi god ki so its like demi super saiyan god super saiyan 4

I believe this isn't Super Saiyan God combined with Super Saiyan 4 but Super Saiyan 4 with a hint of God essense, more like Super Saiyan 4 combined with "Saiyan Beyond God". The combination between Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan God even at this time period would likely rival even the likes of a Super Saiyan Blue fusion & Complete UI, especially when stacking both on top of GT Goku's already ridiculously powerful base form.

Even with GT Goku's in experience with God Ki, Black shouldn't even be able to fight this Goku let alone be able to survive his attacks if it actually was the combination of the two forms.

SSG is my favorite form of all times but ssj4 with SSG is impossible and i hope it never happens but ssj4 with god ki is possible .

Son should've had the SLIGHTEST of advantages against rose, rather than be just in par. I'm not saying he'd blow black out of the water; However, the short period of obtaining god form would've been enough for him to win the game of struggle this time

Ssb is ssg + ssj so if he added ssj4 + ssg it should be ssb but in ssj4 instead of ssj1 like in canon so u could just call it ss4b and ssj4 is way stronger than ssj1 so ss4b should be stronger than the ssbkkx20 in top

When was SS4 God tier? I know that it's a strong transformation, but it's no where near god Ki. Ss4 god ki is different, but you guys really upscale the basic ss4 form.

This one line said by Goku in Super should have changed the outcome of the fight severely:
" This Blue form is attained when you fuse God ki with the Super Saiyan form" Thus the name SSGSS
So if SSJ4 gets God ki it should be at least 80 times stronger than regular SSGSS
The only explanation should have been that their base powers were too different as Black was immensely more stronger
BUT this is also false as GT Goku is only slightly weaker due to his kid body and they are equal.

So Conclusion: Young JiJi had a really good storyline and concept , but the logic is broken
Could have just added a Kaioken multiplier to SSJ4 and that would have been awesome.

Well that's just me what do you guys think?

Ssjb is a super saiyan version of super saiyan god so yes super saiyan 4 god would have been around 4000 times stronger than normal god due to guides stating that ssj4 is a 4000 multiplier

ssj4ssjg made nosense at all tbh because ssjb is ssj in ssjg so ssj4 should be far stronger because ssjr isnt far from ssjb goku power


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