The Nightly Show - Panel - Science vs. Religion

so I'm very excited about this discussion these one of my favorite issues so the war between science and religion is like one of the oldest war between men ever and we're going to solve it two night is going good now this is interesting a new poll out from the Pew Research Center says that Americans especially Millennials are becoming less religious and my question is as we get more advanced in science does it hurt our belief in God I don't I I kind of know sighs I feel like the more that we discover where science discovers the more personally reinforces the idea that there must be some kind of a God you know like when you see things that we've never seen before like the Rings and Saturn and even just like sunsets or or yoga pants yoga pants right that yoga pants just appear in our lifetime but you're gonna tell me there's no God behold Goga pants and you say there is a God oh yeah okay okay and sometimes sometimes I see like a big button yoga pants and I think oh maybe God's black I don't know I'm going to touch that the science for you reveal more of an existence of God or an existence of more awesome science well any time someone describes their understanding of God mm-hmm typically it involves some statement of benevolence or not a big better or some kind of kindness and I look out to the universe yes it is filled with mysteries but it's also filled with all manner of things that would just as soon have you dead like an asteroid strikes and its power Akane's and tornados and tsunamis and and volcanoes and disease pestilence there are things that exist in the natural world that do not have your health or longevity as a priority also I cannot look at the universe and say that yes there's a god this God cares about my life at all the evidence does not support this you just described the Old Testament doing okay pastor help me out just decide is science a threat to religion or can they coexist peacefully no I think that God created science so for me I don't think that exploring any of this stuff is bad I think it's gonna lead you to exactly what you said that a knowledge something had to had to begin this and there's something more so I love it I think the science is awesome I don't think they war at all I do feel it's I do feel that the more we learn though the more it might increase our likelihood of believing in a God or in it but I think it does hurt religion I think the more that you see the more that things are exposed less likely that you show up in different places where man has decided how you're going to translate so you make an a' distinction between the beauty of a system and thinking there must have been an intelligent design as opposed to this intelligent design doesn't want me to eat meat on Friday right right or just to be clear yes what is the intelligence of which you speak once again an asteroid comes and it takes up 70% of all species of life on earth is there some intelligent sure I Drive a very clever okay and and I and I think of like the human body and I look at like what's going on between our legs there's like a sewage system and an entertainment complex intermittently so there's no no no engineer of any intelligence would have designed it that way well yeah yeah but pastor would but there also the argument of the watch in the desert it's the same argument if you find a watch in the desert you don't think it was erosion that created that I think that sometimes religion prides itself on being the beginning and the end of all knowledge so if you have already said I know everything we know it all it sometimes can eliminate new knowledge and discovery when I think that's wrong so things that sometimes people get threatened by things like science and it makes no sense to me because if you're secure in your faith you'll be open to learning hearing discovering I think that's the essence of at least my religion do you hold any room any space at all in there for the existence of a gut or sure if there's evidence and I thought why do you hold out I need an evidence Driven Life what evidence teeny yoga pants what more do you need from the science needs and and this is faith completely not compatible with an evidence-based so so empirically what is it something like 40% of west of American scientists will go to church and pray to a personal God a God who would answer their prayers and when you go to those scientists including the head of the National Institutes of Health a guy who's headed the genome project attempt Frank Francis Collins I was gonna say Francis okay Francisco he he's a he's a born-again Christian wrote a book he was hiking in there in the mountains and read turn a corner and the waterfall was frozen in the winter and anything what would Jesus do to his knees the prostrating gave himself to God right yet he's a productive active scientist how do these sit together because he's not saying the universe was created in six days yes he has embraced science yet has kept the spirituality part of what is in the religion and by the way he's not the first to do that Thomas Jefferson is perhaps the most famous person most famous American to have done it he said yeah the value of this religion is not in me believing in miracles it's believing and following wisdom carried by an important person in the history of human I think it's one in sex with this slave when you wrote that correct yeah that's why I'm gonna give you the last word I think that people need to keep on discovering and learning in here I love doubt does not have to be a dead end it can be something that leads to a open door and I think we need room for people to be able to explore and have doubts and have thoughts and figure this out because it's most important like you said point in life we all have this desire to be fulfilled and people need to keep on looking

weird 'christians' . they are not the only ones who believe in God. and some people don't go to 'churches' but follow Jesus. then again, a lot of people follow 'leaders' like this with their fashionable clothes and done up hair and weirdness. Jesus wouldn't follow this man.

Comparing religion and science is like comparing the mind of a child and a teenager. Religion being the child of course because they refuse to acknowledge what is real and what is not. Science is like a teenager. Still early in it's development but more conscious of reality and has moved on with the make believes.

We know the sun moves across the sun each day.
There must be a cause of that movement.
We call that cause God.
Therefore God exists.

Some say if it wasn't for religion then we would have put a man on one of Jupiter's moons by this time. Instead we are killing each other over which book is better, pathetic.

Tom's argument is pretty much the exact opposite of the "God of the Gabs" argument. He thinks that the more we learn, the more likely there's a God. God of the Gaps is putting God where we're not there yet. lol

What an insult to humanity to say "I think that God created science!". Wow. Have some dignity for your species and own the fact that WE created it. No evidence that God did it.

Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, not a theist. A deist just believes in a first cause, none interactive God. Thomas Jefferson had a strong opinion of Christianity, and it wasn't good.

@gnohms The Big Bang was the creation of our universe from a singularity over 13 billion years ago. All the energy & elements of our universe were contained in that singularity. The expansion process (which is still happening today) enabled the energy & elements to spread out across space which led to our universe that's roughly 10 billion light years in diameter. Lol Religious people on the other hand believe that their man-made wizards (depending on what religion it is) made everything appear by magic. Smh Thousands of deities and other supernatural characters from various religions that idiots on Earth believe in, and yet there is no proof of supernatural activity from any of them. Plus the fairy-tale stories & logic that make up religions go against reality, contradict each other or are too outdated to take seriously. Yet religious people are supposed to be taken seriously? Bullshit.

@Hahahaha Hohohoho Lol The term "unnatural phenomena" isn't even used in science. "Natural phenomena" is the proper term and it refers to any natural event that occurs on a planet. Subjects like this is where science shows it's worth because research & studies are performed to provide facts (truthful information) on how natural phenomenons (or anything that's based on nature in reality) actually works. Religion not caring about an explanation is why it's made up of delusional retards who know nothing about scientific facts, because instead of looking into how things actually works it involves making up fairy tales with various types of supernatural characters. Deluding yourself with beliefs (that aren't based on solid evidence via research & studies) leads to ignorance against science which slows the progress of humanity.

Carl Lentz, ouch. God created science? Smh. This guy really makes me question the modern state of Christianity.

God created people and gave us the right to act the way we want to live but, at the end of the life cycle dues will be called for to the Creator. Science is on a destructive mission , to remove spirituality from humans because spirituality is Not to your liking, go ahead and don't believe in God. I don't believe in your science.

Cool pastor, but god created science? Bold statement. Who created god? How many gods are there? Are there god’s gods?

We all know what Neil deGrasse Tyson is thinking – religion is bullshit.Now the biggest problem I have with him is that he's too diplomatic and soft.The other dudes are spewing bullshit and he knows it but for the sake of conjecture,he caters to their delusion.


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