The Morality of Checkpoints

Everyone knows checkpoints just boasts their coffers. If they’re budget is low, they setup a checkpoint.
Somebody is always not 100% lawful.

at 1:45, I'd fucking shoot that so called "hero police offficer's" fucking legs off and dip him in napalm and light him on fire if he did that to my family

Every time I watch videos of people getting fucked up by cops I get this crazy adrenaline/fear response… its fucked up fuck those motherfuckers

Wow, no refusal blood draw. Man I'm glad I don't live in the USA. This is unbelievable and strapped in ass well with an officer holding your head, man. Can this be reversed or is it too late already?

You were profiled due to your age. Cops like Ross tend to profile younger drivers – (17-25) as having drugs on them or in the car.
If you'd been 30 or older, it would be less likely that you would have been searched.

I got my blood drawn due to "suspicion " of being impaired the day before it became state law that they would need a warrant for blood

I got 40 seconds in and had to stop already.. you brought up the 4th amendment of unreasonable search and seizure, but who deems the reasonings unreasonable?? A simple checkpoint really should not be worth all this grief you put on your channel, you must not realize how many car accidents are a result of intoxication and checkpoints are here just to prevent further harm. I really dont understand the damn problem with checkpoints..

Omg you are such a fucking child. "morality of checkpoints"? There is no such thing. It's about legal vs illegal. The world doesn't operate by a basis of morality. Just another sad case of a Millennial raging against the machine.

The ONLY smart thing you did here was to film it and so have a record for later if needed. The rest of your adolescent behavior was foolish.

Consider – we have your "massive 5+ million viral video" checkpoint with NO FOLLOW-UP AT ALL since you posted it. So either you didn't pursue legal means (jackass option), or no lawyer took the case, or you did pursue and LOST THE CASE. So clearly you didn't win or you would have posted such. Sarcastic clapping! The end result is your car is all scratched to shit by that dog and you actually think that you WON???? Idiot.

Bottom line, you were an inconsiderate asshole for no reason. Next time be truly smart and just "play the game". Smile, say good evening officer, "how are you doing tonight, sir" and in no time flat you will be saying "have a good night officer" and be on your way.

The checkpoint was certainly legal so all you actually managed to do was waste your own time and get your car scratched.

Guess what, KID, here's what can happen in real life – and the concern of the officer that you needlessly antagonized. A very close friend of mine was an officer in Oregon. He was shot and killed at a routine traffic stop in broad daylight. He merely pulled over a lady who ran a red light. She turned out to be a mental case and yet was able to buy a handgun. The bullet went in through his armpit, missing his vest and he died on the street. Look it up – his name was Chris Kilcullen and he was one of the most kind gentle and wonderful souls I have ever known. He was so well known and regarded and so many people came – that they had to hold his memorial service in the stadium.

You have NO IDEA the risks these guys are taking, and should show more fucking RESPECT for a standard checkpoint instead of using this as some stupid soapbox to "tout your rights". Learn to treat people like people or that mouth of yours will get you into REAL TROUBLE. Don't ever forget that the officer has a valid possible concern that his life might be in actual danger for at least a portion of every shift. So mull that over and get it through your brain. He's just trying to do his job while you think you are being so fucking clever.

The RIGHTS that we enjoy were paid for IN BLOOD. You fucking kids seem to forget this. That officer that you so blithely decided was a target for your derision and disrespect is exactly the type of man who fought and died for this country and the rights that you actually have. Stop being a fucking jackass and do something with your life.

In June 2016, SCOTUS ruled against warrantless LEO blood draws:

"But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist." -Lysander Spooner

Just out of curiosity has any member of law enforcement or people in favor of these checkpoints ever tried to argue with you about the constitutionality of these checkpoints? I personally don't believe that these checkpoints are constitutional, but I just wonder if anyone in favor of them ever tried to argue that they are constitutional. It seems undeniable that these checkpoints are violation of its citizens constitutionally protected rights that it is pointless even to deny that they do. Which means that they do it anyways in spite of it.

If they can take your blood without your permission, then I would say that the 4th amendment is gone. And don't I have a right to not incriminate myself(my blood being part of myself)?

This is so wrong.  I don't care about why they are out there as they says for what ever reason.  Don't break the law to enforce the law.  taking blood for no crime situation is wrong.  How do we know what they are doing with it.  Logging your DNA.  Or clones  with perfect genetic codes. or sale your code to big companies like health insurance so they can charge you more because of information found in your blood.  it goes  on and on.  HIPAA LAWS MY ASS. THAT WAS SOME REAL BS.

Wow…this video sure packs a punch. A hard hitting one at that. This shit has GOT to stop. WFT is going on with my motherland!?
I'M SORRY, I THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA!!!? Was never more pertinent. 911 gave them the excuse to do this? Is this all to catch terrorists?

Honestly, the problem is that the country has aged too much. We have too many 50, 60, 70 year olds. Ironically, the same group of narcissistic assholes who screamed for more freedom in the 1960s have grown up to be the most bloated, self interested group in human history. Now that they have what they want, they are fine with tossing away freedom for the sake of security.  They'll tell you that they are protecting you. They are protecting themselves. Because they are old and frightened and they have a lot to lose. 

And I'm 51, part of this mess of a generation, so I'm pointing the finger at myself too. We need to leave our children and grandchildren alone. Let them be free to decide how they want to live. The world isn't simply ours, it's theirs too. 

But for the older generation to change, they'd have to face the reality that they are weak from age, out of touch with the times and frightened by what we don't understand. But that would take maturity.

Your eloquent and well presented video made me stop and think.The increase in illegal checkpoints is there for revenue recovery. When I used to be a regular visitor to the U.S.A. and I went East to West and North to South and was only stopped once by the police. I doubt I would have the same pleasure these days. Why is the constitution being eroded, is it just to steal money from the population to fund war and extra defence costs. It seems people have not yet fathomed out what Bush and Obama have achieved for the "Elite" that are the real leaders of most western democracies. I hope they do before all the constitution is made redundant.

You do realize you're in for a rough life?  I mean you're going against the guys with all the guns and no accountability.  They can do as they please and if you have a complaint well, they'll be more than happy to investigate themselves.  (Like we don't know how that's going to turn out.)  All they have to do is invoke the magic words "officer safety" and they have the liberty to violate any of your rights they so desire.  As soon as you start becoming a thorn in their side they'll start to hunt you just to teach you a lesson about screwing with them.  Oh yeah, and you can be 100% sure that in all their reports they'll say you were aggressive and belligerent.  (I'd be willing to wager a month's salary that's what Officer Friendly from your 4th of July video said about you in his report.)  And don't forget, as sworn officers of the court it's assumed their testimony is honest and truthful. As a lowly citizen who is supposed to bow and scrape before the police, it's assumed you're a liar.

I'm a police officer and I find this funny all you people do is pin point the bad officers and make ALL the officers look bad. There are 95% good cops out there but all you see on the Internet is the 5% bad officers out there.

Can you imagine if/when we get to the point where exercising our rights becomes totally useless all of the time?  Then, imagine most of the U.S, population gets disgusted enough to emigrate to various nations for new citizenship?  Think what would happen then.  The government would no longer have anyone to control, cite, brutalize, arrest and kill.  Nor would they even have enough people left to hire to run it.  Dream on ……

Few realize that there is no actual 'lawful' governing body at the federal, state, county or city level since 1933. There is only a massive de facto fraudulent spider's web of interlinking foreign owned and controlled mega-corporations that have been masquerading as our sovereign constitutional government since and before 1871. There is no 'nation' only: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED circa 1789, 1871, 1925 aka USA Inc., a private foreign owned off-shore international criminal banking/military cartel. The so-called 'police' are mere 'corporate policy enforcers' wearing corporate 'costumes' and are actually only there to 'Protect and Serve' the global ruling elite shareholders of USA inc. Few police realize this however. I urge everyone to research: 'America Is A Corporation'. The police have no lawful authority, jurisdiction as private sub-corporations of USA Inc., and are in direct collusion with the United Nations pursuant to international treaties which usurp all constitutional laws which are completely ignored by the evil and corrupt banking/military cartel controlled from the financial District of London City (Crown Corporation) for Vatican Incorporated.  

How can anyone not be guilty of breaking the law when there are 300,000+ laws? 
It's a trick question … you can't.

Alright. Fact is there is really very limited options. The US is a corporation owned by a criminal cabal of Russian Bolshiviks and Arian Zionist. The US Constitution is a useless document that's been usurped by the " royal crown" ( These are your Arian Zionst ) who have a stake in the fiat money system founded by the Khazarian Judaics aka the Russian Bolshiviks. Then there's the Jesuits and the usurping of the Catholic Church. Jesuits are Catholic outwardly and Judaics inwardly. The Vatican II church is the whore of Babylon! But the Faith is the True Faith founded by Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostolic Church is the new and everlasting Covenant and that won't ever change! If you want to defeat tyranny you must learn, embrace, and hold fast to the  Roman Catholic Apostolic Faith. Forget the WASP nonsense of " My Constitutional Rights!" That's silly as much as it is dangerous. Instead, learn the messege of the Universal Constitution of Romans 13:1-7. That's your only hope. And it's the establishments greatest fear. Particularly if you wake up to this very fact! I must also add that the ingestion of flouride MUST be stoped at once!

+PurpleHat1991 Do you have a recommendation of a cheap "legal" dashcam to record in case I am pulled over? I believe that either you or Brett Sanders had a link at the end of a video. Please let me know. Thanks.


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