The MONEY BELIEFS That Are Holding You Back Financially

Most of us have BLOCKS around money that we learned when we were children that are still affecting us today. These blocks and limiting beliefs can keep you BROKE and struggling financially until you learn to shift them. I recently did a training inside the Life Mastery Accelerator on “How To Become A Spiritual Millionaire” that is worth watching for anyone that struggles with money. Watch it inside:

Hi there Stefan. You are absolutely correct. There are words I did not like to hear when I was a teenager from family too. So I change my mindset to a positive atmosphere.

You have such a brilliant mindset, it's hard to find people who are humble and open minded. Keep on doing you.

You are so wonderful, so Aware of yourself. Super. Thanks for this particular video… I needed to hear this.

I don’t know why but my mom is the same way ! She doesn’t believe in treating yourself lavishly. Had those same beliefs about money.

A right video from a right person at the right time can change your life. This video by You has done it for me. Thanks. Keep it up. And Congrats.

Thanks Stefan for this great advice! I'm really inspired by a lot of your videos and i hope everyone who understands them would truly find happiness in their lives.

yeah that is the strong motivator for me… that i can buy cars , gadgets and most passionately my body building

Thank you for this. I'm making a lot of progress with shifting my money consciousness to one of abundance


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