The Lords Prayer

From A Course in Miracles, a version of
the Lord’s Prayer. Forgive us our illusions, father-mother
God, and help us to accept our true relationship with you, in which there are
no illusions and where none can ever enter. Our holiness is yours
what can there be in us that needs forgiveness when yours is perfect? The
sleep of forgetfulness is only the unwillingness to remember your
forgiveness and your love. Let us not wander into temptation, for the
temptation of children of God is not your will, and let us receive only what
you have given and accept but this into the minds which you created and which
you still love. And so it is. So, the topics that we share here
typically, they vary a lot. I mean, one Sunday it can be on the whole
phenomena of dreaming and how to interpret dreams or dream at a higher
level get greater guidance. Sometimes the topic could be on guidance, sometimes on
Ascension. It just varies a lot, and last week we talked about prayer, but it’s
never just like a churchy kind of a talk, as most of you would know. It’s never
really, I guess you know really well, but it’s not typically like a churchy talk,
a narrow sermon like war, seriously. You know that’s not the thing. But
we talked about prayer last week, but prayer versus positive thinking was last
week. Like there’s a difference. This whole wave of popularity of the power of
positive thinking and you know and I’m sharing and suggesting hey you know
positive thinking is still thinking prayer is another level up so to speak
in consciousness of experience so you know it’s worth checking out if you want
to go back and watch that but today though I want to come and from a
different approach on prayer I want to talk about the Lord’s Prayer but it
won’t be a traditional talk on the Lord’s Prayer because what we do man
it’s like let’s just launch just go into things as deeply as we can
all right so on the Lord’s Prayer now first of all a one simple recap from
last week there’s all kinds of prayers there’s begging prayers Thanksgiving
prayers you know affirmative prayers there’s all kinds of different prayers
and some prayer is done verbally and on vocally like out loud some in silence
some are done as individuals some in a group some you’re kneeling standing
lying you know it changes it varies sometimes it’s spontaneous and sometimes
already known parrot prayers which we could call traditional prayers and I
want to make it clear any prayer that you do is good but if there’s one
standard at all it would be should be could be that it’s coming from the heart
so even if I do traditional prayer and all I do is bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
it’s not real it could doesn’t matter what prayer it is if all you’re doing is
reciting and it’s not coming from the heart it’s really nothing
that’s what Jesus meant do not pick pray as the pagans do that’s what he meant or
you know it’s it’s a figure of speech he’s saying don’t don’t pray as the
Gentiles don’t don’t pray he meant just just where you just repeat prayers it
has to be real it has to be felt has to be heartfelt so don’t just pray as
commoners do is what he was saying pray heartfelt pray a spiritual prayer and
there are people that have had no words they didn’t even believe in God
they just fell to their knees and said god help me and then we went did you
hear Joe down the street did a prayer and it worked what did he do well he
said he fell to his knees and cried so everybody starts going ok are you
watching oh Jesus you know and they start squeeze out a tear and then they
think that’s now a new tradition or ritual of how to pray it wasn’t how he
did it it was in here how he did it so that’s what people typically do is
they get into the traditions no matter how powerful the prayer no matter what
culture what teacher anything where it came from it’s nothing if it’s not
belt so you could be reciting a mantra own money but immune you know but if
you’re like I don’t even know what that means
you know it sounds like I’m ordering ice cream at 31 flavors I’ll take an old
money Prada me home you know or a certain latte from Starbucks can I get a
monopod me home with extra you know cream and it can be that empty and yet
it’s a sacred prayer but if there’s no consciousness in it what was the point
and yet no words no rehearse no tradition just saying Here I am god I
remember I remember my own my human father was not not a brilliant person
you know just kind of hard and kind of the rough type and and I remember when
friends of his in one particular person but I remember people that he knew guys
like guys you know just really guys okay and so they would be in trouble and I
remember one guy in particular called my dad he just said I don’t my life is
falling apart man and you know my dad’s don’t know it’ll be okay you know that’s
just doing the talk but when he realized the guy was beyond himself beside
himself when he realized the guy was really meaning it I’m in a desperate
situation I heard the tone shift and I heard my
dad who who’s coming you know that rough standard kind of old-fashioned whatever
got I heard him say you know what you need to do you need to sit down and you
know forgive the wording this is the wording he would use because it’s coming
from him his simplicity but he says you need to talk to the man upstairs and you
need to tell him I don’t know what to do and he gave him this simple from his
level of consciousness a heartfelt you know and then the guy says would you
pray with me you know I could kind of overhear it and then my dad and his
stumbling kind of a way prays with the guy and I could tell that the guy was
experiencing a miracle the guy was like I feel different you know that sort of
thing and and my dad again in his awkward way was saying all right now you
know you you know try to pray more often try he’s talking to
try to pray more I’ve tried to talk to the man upstairs that kind of wording
but you know the guy changed his life he was an addict and went into recovery he
cleaned up his life I saw a real big difference in this guy when I whenever I
saw him again so this wasn’t done in some big
traditional amazing you know display ritual ceremony a guy was hurting on a
fundamental level and he was given a fundamental prayer and it worked so
never shame people never shame yourself the idol I don’t know how to you know I
saw this guy over here and this group over there they did this amazing prayer
and I got tingles I don’t I don’t get anything you know when I pray at home
it’s not happening all prayers are heard just not the way people think there’s
not a you know a hotline on the other side incoming prayer like it’s a Santa
Claus and they you know give gifts and they put it in the sled and send it it’s
not done in the traditional sense it’s done more as a consciousness wave a wave
of consciousness goes to the heaven saying I’m hurting heaven doesn’t go how
much are you hurting how sincere are you how are you ready to make a change
there’s no discernment it’s completely objective incoming love outgoing that’s
all it does and it doesn’t wait for the incoming the outgoing is always an
extension of love because it’s what God is our prayers are really more about us
peeling layers and then seeing things we go God God give me a miracle God did
this for mica and gods like it’s always extended the prayers are you getting out
of the wind then you go oh look at that but all that happened was you moved a
veil so in regard to the Lord’s Prayer we can it’s a traditional prayer but the
most powerful of all traditional prayers certainly in the Western world but I
think when I’m done maybe it’ll be more clear that maybe perhaps in the whole
world because of what it does all right now the Lord’s Prayer just
first some of us think as soon as you hear the Lord’s Prayer a lot of people
will go in the name of the father’s not you know you do that because you heard
that in tradition and then people start doing signing the
cross I mentioned this last week or somewhere along the lines recently and
it’s kind of a nice thing to do but it’s great because it’s ceremony and has
symbolic meaning so in the name of the Father meaning the upper chakras
represent the Father God in the name of the Father the Son which is us heart
chakra that’s where our soul resides in the name of God the Father in the name
of God the Son which is us and in the name of God the Holy Spirit and we go to
the shoulders the way I do it is here here and here at the same time rather
than here here here like that in any way in any case in the name of the Father
the Son and the Holy Spirit now the reason the Holy Spirit is said at the
shoulders is because there’s a veil across our shoulders separating the
upper three chakras which is the Trinity of God and the lower four chakras which
is the quad of man so the Holy Spirit is the bridge between us and remembrance so
the mother is the holy spirit now check this out when we say we’re going to be
born not just born in bodies but I’m talking about when we decide to be
created from spirit and we decided to go into the universe here’s what happens we
pressed into the veil as soon as we said what would life be like to be separate
from God we started moving and when we did we started moving from part of God
down into the universe but there’s a veil here called the Holy Spirit the
mother she actually became it’s like a membrane and when we pushed through that
membrane the veil we became visible so to speak as Souls and then eventually as
humans is that making sense we push through matter the mother and we
manifested so we came down and manifested lower chakras and here we are
hey how’s it going nice to meet you lower chakras hey nice to see you lower
chakras you know I’m my lower chakras in you’re yours lower not being bad lower
chakras meaning hi nice to meet you I’m a physical emotional intellectual being
oh me too when we let go of our physical emotional intellectual isms we can let
go go back through the membrane and into spirit but matter
itself is that veil so in the name of God the Father God the Son God the Holy
Spirit we do our prayers it’s a way of saying this prayer is being blessed by
all that God is the father aspect the mother aspect and I’m here too all right
so that in mind people don’t really realize that you go to a church to
follow the know they just recite prayers go to most churches and they do that you
know that was you know could be they could be shouting lottery numbers nobody
knows because it’s a lot of them it’s like so quick and so simple it’s like
slow it down dude I mean I’m not saying you say that to a priest or a minister
or rabbi but but slow it down can you just feel that for a second
so all this deep deep ritual if you go to a mass there’s reasons all the colors
all the candles there’s reasons and I love it because when you put
consciousness into things it becomes more substantial it becomes more real
when you see a priest in the garments it depending on what kind of mass but often
the back of the robe sometimes the front but the robes you’ll see a big emblem on
the front of the robes which represents the heart center and there’s usually a
beam from that meaning bring it down to earth they’re wearing robes that have
large bell shaped garments you know sleeves and those are bell shaped open
because they’re supposed to be a channel of God they don’t call them channels in
that church but that’s what they are they’re standing at the altar and the
altar supposed to be symbolic of your heart chakra the altar of God anchoring
the heavens right here and now in in Tantra or tantric Buddhism they call
this a Yantra a place to anchor God’s presence so here that on this altar it’s
not just a priest or a rabbi or whatever a standing up there they’re saying let’s
create a bit of heaven you all are the masses on earth this is the altar of
heaven and when you hear that oh you know the choir usually up in the choir
loft the reason you’re not supposed see them is because they’re supposed to
be symbolic of angels because you’re supposed to be symbolizing here in
heaven hearing God talk to you today the bell-shaped is because Energy’s supposed
to be coming into this being and out the sleeves and blasting the people
attending they bless the holy water because they put a particular it’s like
what they called in the Middle Ages mesmerism that became hypnotism but
mesmerism they magnetized the water they bless the water so that each person that
comes in taps that water and blesses them anoints themselves so everyone has
that same energy that same trance-like energy they’ve all you know done a bit
of this water so that they’re all in sync creating an electromagnetic field
creating a circuit of energy because water is a good conductor making sense
all right so we get everybody bless them we do ritual and they can take off with
it more except now it’s just blah blah blah blah everybody walks in the water I
forgot the water massage you know you know you know you think your birdbath
thing or say it’s nobody knows anymore and their words about Oh Baba bah bah
bah and it’s a sad thing but you can go and you can put consciousness into this
and see the vibes that are still there sometimes you can feel it if you put the
consciousness into it when I’ve done five-day intensives I used to when I was
doing this in the northwest when we did a 5 day intensive over the Christmas
holiday or sometimes the Easter holiday I would tell everyone we’re going to
church they’d be like we’re what yes we’re going to church and it was
hilarious you know 2030 people kind of new agey
hippie people like us you know and we all go walking in and I would have
somebody go ahead and reserve a hope you like you know 25 30 people and we had
all come walking in and God bless him and the Catholics knew we didn’t belong
there they knew hey you could see people like you know
which just added to the fun but we all come walking in and the classes
sometimes you know you get people from the kinda the hippies you know and their
patchouli it’s just not blending you know with their usual perfumes and and
you get also in my work so you know get that you get all kinds of the new agent
and you get the Tantra kinds of people so they’re like walking down the aisle
just feeling so free and alive and so everybody just trips out at this whole
view and I just thought it was a kick but I was explaining to them we’re gonna
go and then I’ll explain all the deeper meanings so we’re going to these
churches or when we go on sacred sites tours to Europe we’re gonna go in a
church and do toning but we’re not gonna go in there dude and do traditional
songs that people aren’t into feeling anymore we go and I say now look you
know they’re looking around it see that stained glass that’s that’s here’s the
symbolism of that teaching them to love things that they think they no longer
loved because just because some people forgot how to love
insects doesn’t mean you should fall out of love with sex bring love into it just
because some people don’t know how to bring the presence of God and love into
churches doesn’t mean you should resent the churches bring God back into all
these things just because you forgot that God’s part of your body and you’re
a sanctuary doesn’t mean you go oh well I’m getting older and start making a new
conflict for yourself how can you bring love and God into your body at 99 and
not just 29 that’s a master when you can bring God back into everything that’s
the master not the one that says if everything’s just right I’ll be happier
that’s not a master that’s just a tantrum throwing pseudo spiritual person
you’ve got it I just made that up but you know
gotta bring that presents in so the Lord’s Prayer pretty amazing because
even the ten Sephiroth of Kabbalah is in sync with the Lord’s Prayer the our
Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be
done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread forgive us our
debts as we forgive our debtors lead us not into temptation for thine is the
kingdom the power and the glory there’s the ten Sephirot that prayer is actually
found in other locations I mean it’s not it’s not just one look it’s not just
they called the Lord’s Prayer because Jesus recited it the Essenes which is
the you know a gnostic sect of people that raised John the Baptist and Jesus
and so on this this is seen community there are the New Agers of that time
metaphysical people of that time they we found the Lord’s Prayer in their Scrolls
so Jesus didn’t do like Jesus tell us how to pray he didn’t just go well our
Father which might be in heaven it’s not like he just let’s wing it and make
something up he said here’s a kick-butt prayer man this thing is amazing this is
in the Talmud of the Israelites this is in the Gnostic texts of the Essenes he’s
saying this prayer is really you know a big deal it’s powerful it’s amazing and
so that’s why he gave the prayer he was giving a prayer that worked it was the
real deal so I want to share real quick on that
note because the Lord’s Prayer has basically a few sections there’s three
parts that talk about our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name
there are three spiritual parts which are addressing your three upper chakras
and your three highest bodies spiritual body then there’s one’s about temptation
and evil and so on you know a rather temptation and daily bread there’s a
trinity of human part you know human stuff in the Lord’s Prayer the human
stuff in the Lord’s Prayer is addressing the three lower chakras
and the three human aspects of the human body the three bodies your physical your
astral in your lower mind body then there’s one last part of the prayer
deliver us from evil that’s it the closing of this Lord’s Prayer is a tying
together of the three upper that you already sanctified the three lower that
you’ve already sanctified and tying them together through the heart because it’s
in the heart center that we believe in good and evil in the heavens we only
know God here as we descended down into our chakras descended down into this
body descended down into matter we started here in the heart not in the
heavens we started in the heavens but we started believing in duality when we
dropped a notch down and entered the hearts and decided in our hearts which
is where you have belief systems in our beliefs we decided there’s more than
just God there’s God but there could be something else like what evil what is
evil a veil so instead of just God guess what I found evil what does that mean I
found a veil I dropped from the heavens through a veil and learned that there’s
matter there’s things other than divine and there isn’t anything else only a
veil so all I have is God and then veiled God what is veiled God annoying
people bills you can’t pay all that is is veiled God now the person that
doesn’t really know these things and they claim to be spiritual they’ll say
but annoying people God God is annoying there’s a must be an annoying part of
God and they’re just that part bills you can’t pay but God must also be lack see
don’t ever buy that stuff that people sell you the pseudo spiritual they have
a hard time understanding the real truth which is there is only God the rest is
just veiled and by veiled I don’t mean that hatred is actually a part of God
it’s just veiled and you don’t realize that God’s hatred no it means the veil
is a sign of the hatred that underneath it isn’t really there it’s made
the veils are things we’ve made up mean people annoying people are people who
have forgotten who they are so they’re surrounded by veils that frustrate them
and make them mean their behavior than is what we see we see their veiled good
and we see their annoying behaviors but underneath it is God forgiveness means
lifting the veils so in the Lord’s Prayer there’s a lot happening there’s
this anointing of chakras this lining of your bodies you have aura aura has
layers and the Lord’s Prayer is actually blessing sanctifying each layer of the
aura it’s also blessing each chakra I remember you know I’m going to share
this with you from the Edgar Cayce material Cayce said it goes something
along these lines the chakras alright and and some people switch the third eye
versus the the crown but our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy
kingdom done and thy will be done throat chakra we’re moving down you see
that one two three thy will be done we’re dropping down as it is know thy
will be done thy will is is the spoken word your will power your your creative
word the IM presence be done just as it is in heaven then it switches to give us
our this day our daily bread root chakra forgive us our debts as we forgive our
debtors mental lower mine chakra lead us not in temptation the emotional chakra
and then but deliver us from evil all seven chakras one two three then root
number one counting upwards one first chakra third chakra second chakra fourth
chakra all seven chakras brought into harmony brought into balance brought
into balance now it’s not going to work if you just Garver and you know it doesn’t work boom
Shakalaka boom Ram Rama Lama ding-dong it’s it’s it’s not it’s not a thing to
be just spouted felt and the way Kasey put this was each key word not just the
sentence each key word so our Father thy name thy will deeds or needs rather
forgive temptation evil each one of those lines was focusing on a different
particular issue in our consciousness and each sentence really resonates with
the chakra at hand because again we believe only in evil in our belief
systems in our heart which corrupted the rest of us give us this day our daily
bread what chakra the root chakra my fundamental needs the root chakras my my
stuff my my material life give us this day my our daily bread and that’s my
daily needs so money and whatever else you think you need but the prayer has
learned you know we learn to to word it in a way that becomes really kind of
strange because it’s it’s forgive us you know lead us not into temptation as
though God would lead us into temptation just let the prayer make sense lead us
when we are in temptation not lead us in to lead us when we are into or in
temptation alter a word or two and you’ll see how it makes sense even to
our hearts today that don’t really like or resonate with some of the terminology
from yesteryears right lead us you know not into temptation deliver us from evil
at all it sounds so intense because of the wording and the way the church was
structured at the time getting interpreted in a way that just suited
that that level of consciousness but it all changes now we’re all ready for a
deeper prayer deeper deeper experience you know Jesus at this time he he gets
to the the Sermon on the Mount they call it understand that everything outside is
a a reflection of inside when when they
say Jesus went into the Upper Room for the Last Supper why do you think it was
an upper room he and his apostles went into the upper room even if it’s true
even if Jesus said hey guys let’s there’s a cafe upstairs called the upper
room you mean the upper room no it’s just
called the upper room I don’t know why they call this is a room that’s up you
know so let’s go in the upper room it still would have been amazing to be an
apostle and say this is kind of symbolic Christ not just Jesus and apostles
Christ is calling us into the upper room for the Last Supper like a statement a
prayer that he shares with him of a dying of the old and a welcoming and of
the new life hmm kind of cool Jesus dies was buried as some traditions say he
descended into hell and on the third day he rose again descended into hell right
because Jesus would not have an awakening and then just rise he’s gonna
say and let me go into all the deepest part of everybody’s stuff and give
everybody salvation give everybody an awakening what is your deepest darkest
secrets all you don’t want to know Jesus no no let me let the light of God shine
into that well maybe later in a private prayer between God and I’m not letting
Jesus know some of the things I’ve been doing it doesn’t work like that it’s
it’s he’s a symbol of Christ so call it the Holy Spirit call it God call it
Christ whatever you want to call it but welcome it in leave no stone left
unturned so you don’t just say oh you know oh my heart my heart ohm instead oh
my god I’m gonna welcome you into every part of my being even my naughty bits
come on down into my root chakra it’s a little weird but come on in shine your
light let God descend into hell meaning all of my resentments you know I’m
spiritual I don’t have any resentments and you know get on the freeway or go to
a family reunion or whatever it happens to be God you know you don’t you don’t
you don’t go into those things you know divorce court rooms and you don’t go
into those things solemn and falsely spiritual or as a victim what you do is
you say I’m going in God mm-hmm right here
connect with me God because I’m going in you grab hold of a line and you go in
like an astronaut with an oxygen tube you know out into space or a deep-sea
diver going underwater with that oxygen god is my lifeline man I’m going in it’s
scary to be out in space there’s nobody like if something goes wrong Oh somebody
shut the door on my ear too quick open it you know there’s nobody there hey
NASA can you send somebody up forget it God is my lifeline stay connected and
it’s up to you and God to keep that connection alive God’s given it but
we’ve got to recognize there’s that lifeline and call upon it so call got
into these places call you know God I’m going into this with a funeral sad
people in despair bring God into it and if you yourself need more God get more
God before you go in or go in and say you know what today I’m going to be one
of the messed up once assembly somebody else I’m gonna need a person with a
lifeline okay now the Lord’s Prayer I shared when we started the service a
version of The Lord’s Prayer from A Course in Miracles I say a version
because everyone can write their own version and it’s perfect and and clear
and clean just try to stay maybe with the same flow routine so that you’re
still doing the starting off I’m gonna start off with an acknowledgement of God
praise be to God see praise be to God praise praise
praise praise praise praise and then ah now let me share what’s going on in my
life my daily needs my judgments and so on and help me to disperse these and I
do so because only yours is the power and the glory
and so see it’s beautiful set it’s set up nicely so even if you change words
and you can do so of course keep them in alignment with your consciousness with
your particular vibes whatever level you know you’re at and it serves you and
make sense to you so I’m going to share with you this a
version of the Lord’s Prayer that is the Lord’s Prayer as you know it but
slightly different wording more of us us a little bit more of a spiritual slant
but for now let’s keep it with our father our father mother God whose
presence is heaven haloed holy is your name let your kingdom come and your will
of love be done in and through us just as it is in heaven give us this day the
fulfillment of our needs and teach us to forgive ourselves as we also forgive
others lead us when we are in temptation and deliver us from the illusions of our
ego for only your way is loving and true forever and ever and so it is and let’s
stay with that theme that vibe now the Lord’s Prayer the mother aspect of God
our dear divine mother the Holy Spirit of God whose womb is the universe
nurturing and comforting is your presence let your miracles of love
forgiveness and healing be done in and through us and extended to all beings
let our lives reflect your eternal love and teach us to honor one another
through our relationships help us to release our ego and to choose only you
as our teacher our guide and our healer for it is your love that restores our
soul to the divine state from which it came and may now return and so it is let’s take a few centering breaths and
let’s take that vibe right into this meditation let’s take that vibe right
into this our father mother God combined the prayer to the Father the prayer to
the mother and combined did we recite a prayer now we choose to feel the effects
remember the seven aspects of the prayer the ten Sephiroth activated the seven
aspects of the prayer combining the upper three and lower three centers and
then brought to harmony through the closing of releasing from the veils of
illusion the activating cleric clearing and cleansing and sealing of each chakra imagine that that’s happened and another version of the Lord’s Prayer
but you’ll see the common theme let’s let this prayer not be prayed but felt
experienced our beloved creator who is all and eternal the one I choose and
love sacred and holy is your name let your consciousness be experienced
let your will be done throughout the earth just as it is in heaven fulfill for us our personal and
spiritual needs teach us to forgive and release
ourselves as well as forgiving and releasing all others lead us when we are
in temptation but deliver us from the harms of our illusions and fears because
only you are the consciousness and power of the universe all glory all songs all
praise throughout the ages belong to you and this is what I choose to believe and
let’s take that and draw that inside imagine this prayer is actually has the
power to open clear and seal make sacred each chakra imagine that this power of
this prayer has enough energy enough ability that it can go into your body
and being and start loosening tensions unwire ingrained that was wired with
negatives unplugging the past believe it and understand it know it to be true the
prayer is unraveling the past physical psychic tensions and so on miraculously my resentments are
subsiding miraculously my thoughts start to calm as I feel peace the peace of God my struggles released and replaced with
solutions all limiting beliefs being unraveled taken up to the heavens down
into the earth some that neat blessed in’ purified cleared and others up to
the heavens both are going to the father and the mother God and then we are empty
to be refilled with this beautiful new presence holiness of God and it’s what
we are it’s who we are let this continue to move and unravel believe in the magic the true magic of
God feel this tone creating a circuit of
energy up the back of your body and down the front a spiral of energy going
around you protecting creating what they call the shield of the Lord the armor of
the Lord it’s just a vitalized auric body believe ignore all the extra sounds of the
outside world just ignore it rise above it and feel let it become like a tone
taking you deeper inside open sanctified cleared and without
dwelling on each punctuation or each pronunciation try to absorb the
frequency of the Lord’s Prayer again in Aramaic of wound diverse maiya knit
Kadosh shim MOOC death a multitude nae way say we Anouk Hashanah Deb eschmeyer
Barbara Allen LACMA the son Canaan Yamana Joshua : Cobain each Anna dr. Nam
oh shoot lon Cara Wayne hola Talan la nación de la Poisson min beitia it all
day Luke hi my tutor look I loved Oh Tish botta the alum Amin amen and one last time just picture waves
coming from deeper than us resonating and reverted reverberating through the
universe let’s imagine that the whole universe is now prayed the universe has
been prayed into clarity into the will of God a beloved Creator who is all in
eternal the one I choose and love sacred and holy is your name
let your consciousness be experienced let your will be done throughout the
earth just as it is in heaven fulfill for us our personal and
spiritual needs teach us to forgive and release
ourselves as well as forgiving and releasing others lead us when we are in
temptation but deliver us from all harms of our illusions because only you are
the consciousness and power of the universe all glory songs and prays
throughout ages belong to you and this is what I choose to believe and so it is gradually take a few centering breaths
setting aside all the stuff of the world gradually reintegrating back into the
body we have a visitor if you well we’ll just
wait you can do so if it’s simple for you okay go ahead you get one shot at it thank you he’s on your elbow the folks online are
wondering what’s going on and one of our attendees had a Kundalini rising but
with a little help they cut it from the tail and dealt with it how’s everyone feeling good you know if
ever you read The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic or you try to study it you’re
gonna get as almost as many variations of pronunciation as one can imagine it’s
best to listen to the to me if you can or if you write it out phonetically it’s
easier than for you to try to understand each syllable and so on if you listen to
the prayer done a couple of times you’re already gonna hear variations in
pronunciation someone will say I’m a scholar of Aramaic here’s how it’s
actually done you’ll have someone else who says well guess what I speak Aramaic
here’s how it’s done and there’ll be slight variations don’t let your head
take you into getting caught up on it’s not right it’s right just forget that
listen to a few and the ones that seem the most right consistent then write
them out phonetically it you know ah boom it’s like that’s not a thing you
can easily figure out what it’s saying but spell it out phonetically so that
you can recite it because you’re reading what you think you see is that making
sense it reverse is trying to get the exact down and you don’t have to read
in Aramaic for it to work English actually works it’s just kind of cool to
do this you know in Aramaic it’s cool to do it Hebrew because it was existing in
the Talmud at one time it’s great you know it doesn’t matter Latin languages
they all are said to carry a certain frequency but I’m gonna tell you none of
them carry anything that you don’t put into it you can recite the holiest of
languages and if if you don’t care what you’re saying it just doesn’t mean
anything but take a sacred language and put intention into it and it takes off
it carries it so keep that in mind we’re going to in a moment
do our collection and then our closing song I want to say a couple of things
real quick before we do one it’s it’s I can see it’s coming and I announced this
before but I can just feel a greater greater wave of it
I typically used to tour three four months weeks every month used to be
almost all I did and then about seven eight years ago when I came here we
changed it in an agreement with me and unity to one week a month touring that
way because half of my income comes from touring or maybe more than half but from
touring and purses being here and so it’s down to about one week a month this
year I started feeling more clear you know I’m gonna cut it down some more and
maybe tour every other month but it might even be less than that it might
just be a handful of times per year and that’s great I want to be here more it
feels great it feels right but it is a little tricky it is a little risky
because any one of us saying you know I have this inspiration to cut my income
in half how many people think that’s an inspiration
usually it’s been done to us and Here I am going seriously that’s the best
inspiration we get today is to cut income in half what happened to doubling
it those are inspiring moments you know and I’m like no you know every time I’ve
chosen to follow guidance which is pretty consistent for me
proves to be right and even when it’s those scary moments guys please remember
so I’m sharing this you know flat-out I mean I’m gonna cut down to maybe half of
what it was this year or last year so by next year it’s gonna be far less and
that’s strange one thing I love people I love going out and meeting people and
touring and speaking I love that that part causes me that little bit of doubt
more than the cutting the income in half but I do know that God provides God is
the one who will take care of people if I’m not touring to help and speak at
different places God is the one that will take care of my income that’s gonna
be cut in half and then it’ll alter it and bring it back somehow whatever when
we trust we almost always will see evidence that it was worth trusting that
moment where you can’t imagine the divorce you can’t imagine changing jobs
you that isn’t God speaking and I’m not saying God’s telling you one
job is better than another God loves you wherever you are
but God’s gonna say and where can you be happy as well
so you have to push through fears at times because those are life’s tests it
isn’t God that’s the fear it’s the not God part so why not walk through that
you know so keep keep that in mind you know in
whatever stuff you deal with and a couple of other things were sent in over
the last week or two so very quick some of you wonder why I don’t more often
support whether you send me emails or Facebook posts or here you know you want
me to get upset about things like you do and you know I’m sorry but I’m not I’m
not sorry you know I just I’m not that way I mean just so you know the way I
wrote your notes to me why do I not support politics and crap that’s the way
I wrote it because that’s how I see it’s all I’m not gonna get all uppity about
the things you get uppity about it feels like it would be hypocritical first of
all but I don’t believe in it I don’t believe in hating the people you want me
to hate so some of you send in why don’t you do this you know thing there’s
websites that would dig that so go go find him it’s just this I wouldn’t be
that right outlet for that and one lady wrote in and said she she heard
me say guys never settle for jobs but also relationships that do not feel like
light don’t settle for any reason go for God
and if a partner can’t be I don’t mean follow your religion or spiritual I’m
talking about it if you have a situation that you family anything where you can’t
seem to grow and bring more God if it’s shot down I’m not saying get mad or hate
people but I’m saying when you’re trying to bring God into the world if you’re
doing more harm than good by bringing light sometimes it’s better to walk away
not because you’re better than them but because your frequency is different than
them and your light and being a good person can actually irritate people and
God’s not saying hey I know somebody who can irritate today start shining
brighter that’s not God God says just be you oh is that person getting angry and
they strike out with words or actions how about let’s go over here just like
you’d say to a child honey if that person’s being hurtful that other child
let’s go and play over here just like that
so this lady writes in and says it was wrong for you to tell people not to
settle do you realize she said do you realize
you’re encouraging that some people might end up not having partners and
maybe children because you told them not to settle I’m like do I even have to
reply to that isn’t that obvious in itself you just said for the sake of
partnerships and having bait I don’t want to be your baby if you’re all
messed up so no saddling man and I couldn’t believe this this gal said and
I’m like you know like you got to be kidding me anyway this is
some of the strange stuff that I hear we get into these sacred things and
someone’s someone’s out there going oh no more anger more hate Martin you know
people should settle and it’s so obvious to me that that’s not God’s will so I
close with this because one of you sent in a question along these lines asking
about the connection the effects of solar flares what about the effects of
the aurora borealis the beauty you know and all that here’s what I said and I
appreciated them asking a couple of different people with those different
questions but here’s one that I can you know shared with the person that wrote
in the aurora borealis is in a sense related to the upper chakras of the
earth it’s her crown just like you see an
aurora as it’s called or an aura or a halo around divine beings their borealis
is kind of like that for the earth it’s kind of her upper chakras now that’s
pretty cool but our own when we practice love and forgiveness we have our own
version of an aurora borealis don’t just be awed you know stricken by
the one in the North the Northern Lights and all this let’s be that thing that we
see in the world let’s see let’s be the things that are representative of love
you like the aurora borealis whatever it is you like they’re all just reflections
of a greater light that is God so when you see a rainbow yes oh wow look at
that and also in here Wow that is me all of those colors are me and welcome that
in God look at in the in the in the rainbow the rainbow isn’t going I’d
rather not have red because that’s a root chakra color the rainbow is not
like let’s just be purple then it’s not a rainbow but the rainbow has pure light
in all those colors and our job is to bring pure light into all our seven
centers just like the seven colours of the rainbow
be pure light man never settle don’t care what the other person said never
settle I am as God created me means just that why would I say I am as God created
me but let me do something else for a while let me be that presence let me let
my halo glow Laure borealis glow and when I’ve got mine going in the earth
has heard boy who’s going and we’re in the symbiotic glow that’s fantastic
every part of me is supposed to be a flame with the presence of God no
settling no silliness bringing the love of and presence of God into all things
when you’re cooking when you’re making love when you’re showering when you’re
on the toilet when you’re parenting when you’re at work everything there’s no
well I’ll be having some alone time now Lord bring God into everything even your
your most personal moments bring God in okay bring God in be awake and alive
with God and yes sleep with God the real one okay not the one that you said if
you sleep with me I’m God they’re the real thing thank you guys and thanks for
for hearing me and letting me share that that bit about touring and changes I do
see changes just last Friday I was talking about our connection to animals
if you missed that please watch it because there are a lot of people’s pets
passing away more than I’ve ever seen in my life on earth and there’s a reason
the animals represent our emotional level or emotional body and Earth’s
emotional body when our animals die they’re saying there’s toxicity in our
emotional body and you let that go undealt with and it’ll get worse you
can’t kill a body and expect it to be okay
a portent you can’t kill your emotional body you can’t surgically remove it you
think it’s tough to go without some organs you can’t go without a complete
body your mental body your intuitive body or emotional body just like your
physical body when it goes you’ve lost something and you’re on the other side
you can’t die emotionally and you’ll stay dead and expect it to go well so a
lot of people’s animals are giving up their
as a reflection of okay before your emotional body dies we are critters of
the emotional body of Earth will die first so that you have a chance to catch
on if any being or animal dies in vain meaning that we didn’t get what they
were trying to tell us by dying we’re really in trouble had Jesus died in vain
were in trouble and if an animal dies in vain and you don’t realize oh my god my
animal to a degree absorbed what was coming to me I’m so sorry I didn’t get
it sooner and give it as a sacrifice to God you gave me love I’m giving it back
you know as much as it’s hard to let go this thing you gave me this gift of love
I’m gonna give this gift of love back to you then get some work done on the
emotional body that the animal might have been taking on for you okay all
right let’s please do our collection and our closing song people watching online
please remember you can donate please do we encourage you you can do five ten
bucks or more but we appreciate it the more people online that pitch in the
more we can do this sort of thing and you know present this around the world
we have a great team of social media people and they do all that they can
buying ad time and buying space here and there to keep this connected out there
alright so if you don’t know the words it’s posted and it’s on the front of
your bulletin together please divine love flowing through me blesses
and multiplies all that I am all that I have all that I give and all that I
receive and so it is thank you so while they’re passing the baskets around the
people watching on like you keep watching because they’ll hear more
feedback can anyone share what did you learn or hear today that made the most
difference if we can post the renditions of the
Lord’s Prayer yes yeah if you don’t see it posted remind me all all I’ll give
them to the folks the the one how did you like the one with the divine mother
sweet huh yeah I just can’t made that up this morning I did yeah I did I did I
thought wow this this would be interesting so I you know I typed it out
so I could print it and read it and yeah so so and you can do yours you can do
you can do you know your own version you combining the two just let go and let it
come to you channel it in a sense but you know just kind of feel if one line
is about like like our Father who art in heaven it just became so naturally our
divine mother whose body is the universe you know or or something like that it’s
like instead of just art in heaven it’s she is right here all around us and
instead of just focusing on the forgiveness let’s say one part of the
Lord’s Prayer of them.the what I’ll call the masculine
it’s the nurturance the love and nurturance of the mother so it’s kind of
some of it’s obvious but let it come through you anyone else yes first time
hearing the chakras Allah you know associated with the Lord’s
Prayer right on yes right you can use this prayer or prayers
like this to harmonize your home or your workspace I have had students of mine
come back and say guess what when I’m holding in Reiki you know and focusing
on the symbols I’ll do the Lord’s Prayer with each hand position and they said
and it intensifies it tenfold and it’s fantastic okay yes nice thank you right right thank you you’re very
welcome and thank you for sharing being Hindu she says she can just feel all
that her faith is is about she can feel that in what I was talking about it in
those prayers there’s moments when I’m saying the prayer and you can hear
Native American type words you can hear Hebrew you can hear Aramaic you can hear
it’s amazing because you can hear Hindu you can get this vibe and it’s the
funniest thing because because the languages of course are connected but so
is the vibe even you know it sometimes even the terminologies so there are
native but there’s a Native American Lord’s Prayer that’s really similar to
the one we just recited very cool how these things tied together yes the Upper
Room right Jesus’s Last Supper in the Upper Room
right the symbolism of these things going down into the earth going into the
deepest parts of you know Maya the illusion the veil as she said you know
but but all this great symbolism Sermon on the Mount as I mentioned the Mount is
a symbol Jesus went upon the Sermon on the Mount it means in this moment he was
symbolizing I am in higher consciousness and incidentally Buddha has a sermon on
the mount as well they go upon a hillside and speak to the masses not
look at me I’m better it’s it’s symbolism it’s there’s all kinds of
people with all kinds of issues we all need to learn to step up rise to the
higher level and let God speak to our lower selves so you know Krishna get you
know get on the chariot take control of the four horses those are your lower
chakras right get you know that’s a symbolism of be in the gods self and
come on step up get a grip of all that lower self stuff that tries to distract
us and be a warrior doesn’t mean detach and
be worthless it means get a grip get control of that lower self learn to have
some sub clarity of who you are and then ride right into the day into battle of
life your life’s tests it’s it’s great symbolism the upper chamber the upper
room the Sermon on the Mount the up on the chariot in you know with the horses
in front following the leader all this great symbolism and then starting this
prayer with thee connecting with the divine and welcoming it into all parts
of our being that’s in a nutshell what that prayer is doing all right
okay do we have a closing song oh right okay we’re gonna do a closing song and
you are allowed to keep filming this because it’s ours real quick before they
do first of all we thank all the people watching online man it’s amazing if you
guys haven’t gone and checked it out you know you have people from South Africa
and you have people from Madagascar and the Netherlands and China I mean it’s
just a trip people watching from all around the world and and to Greece and
and tuning in to what we’re doing here so that’s pretty amazing we’re going to
do our closing song I’m going to ask you to stand and this is the one the Jesus
song we call it and we do hand gestures as we go through the song this song was
according to the lost books of the Bible the lyrics were using are from Jesus at
the Last Supper and it’s true edgar cayce confirmed this as well at the last
supper he didn’t just sit around and then say all right one of you is going
to deny me one of he’s going to betray me or whatever that’s not all that
happened according to tradition Jesus shared the last supper with them then
they sang together and they danced traditional dances of the Hebrew people
and of the Essenes and the Gnostics he they recited prayer and did movement to
integrate the prayer into the body they didn’t just spout it out they moved
that they lived it almost Waldorf like you know Steiner Waldorf
like to experience the prayer so that’s why we do the hand gestures and so forth
which dances for peace dances peace the universal dance of peace groups one of
them put this gnostic prayer of jesus to to music the music we had Mario and Mary
Lou from here performed the music for us as a track so here we go
nice and loud it’s the wrong lyrics go back one page there you go louder please
together behold me man perfect receive me sing it to each other do not
get me perfect oh and we just do it again gentlemen only come on guys
there we go that’s right guys say it to the gals door away a Wayfarer man ladies please everyone to all the people in the world let’s just hold please we hold all the intention all the vibe
to and from each other and throughout the universe Here I am Here I am father
mother God used me as you will hear I am the God within all people use me as you
will to help you to perceive God in you guide me father mother God guide me Holy
Spirit of God guide me divine mother to show me how to be the love I would want
to see in this world guide me on how to be the changes I would see in this world
guide me show me how to teach only love be only love for that is what what I am
and help me and guide me to see only that which is God in all people the
light of God surrounds us we are the light of God the love of God involves us
the power of God protects us and the presence of God watches over us wherever we are God is I am we are and
so it is blessings and thank all of you for being here and for watching from
afar blessings to you all we’ll see you a peace be with you

I am so thankful for finding you. I wanted to share the power in this prayer with everyone. On 2/20/18 I was driving to work and was led to verbally recite this prayer the entire drive. I don’t know exactly how many times I said it but I know the reason it has power in my life is because I actually feel it. About 2 hours after I got to work I was called into HR letting me know that was my last day at work due to a reduction in force. Let me say that I already knew this was going to happen because according to the Bible, God doesn’t do anything without revealing it to his prophets. Yes he revealed this plan to me and I was happy with it. I still am. This morning I did fall to my knees crying out to God and immediately His peace overcame me and reassured me he has us in his hands. Here I am now waiting for a door to open by God’s hand.

I really appreciate this particular message because I start every day with the version I learned as a child. I have changed som of the wording on my own, some of which is exactly the same as in the ones shared here. It will much add more depth to my daily practice. Thank you, Michael.

Wow! I got a hunch while doing my daily practice, that I shoud go to YouTube and find a spiritual interpretation of the lord's prayer, one of the first videos I found was this one, it really spoke to me and was very much in line with things I'm already practicing. Amazing!

gee I listened to this 8 months ago, I stopped right before what you said about animals. I wasn't ready to hear it. My beloved service dog was dying of heart failure and I had to put her down right after you posted this. Thank-you for the message, Michael, ready to hear it now.

Oh my the Aramaic feels to my Soul🧡 Tears just started flowing.
Saving this one🙏
Thank you MM❤


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