The Hope of God’s Light

For nearly 25 years, I wandered. I was born in 1968
to a good family, though we didn’t believe in God. In fact, as I grew
older, I began to make fun of people
who thought God was real. I didn’t need somebody
else’s make-believe God. I was certain He wasn’t there. From age 14 to 22, I
lived entirely for myself. I was popular in high
school, and I partied hard. I even won two state
basketball championships. By age 18, I had a
full-ride scholarship to play college basketball. I felt like I was on my way. But four years later, it
all came crashing down. I’d made some bad choices. And gradually I lost
everything I had earned. I’ll never forget the day,
at age 22 on a Thursday, that I decided to end my life. I sat in the school
cafeteria that day thinking about how I
was going to do it, how I would spend
my last weekend on earth, when I overheard two
girls at a nearby table talking about fasting and prayer. I interrupted, asking
them what fasting was. One of them told
me it was something they did when they
wanted help from God. It seemed so silly, but
I listened, intrigued. That night, all
alone, I knelt down and prayed for the
first time in my life. I told God that I
was going to fast, that I’d go without food
and water for 24 hours, but that I wanted Him
to show Himself to me. So I fasted. And for the first
time in eight years, I went without
drugs and alcohol. But by the next day,
nothing had happened. I didn’t want to
end my life anymore, but God never spoke to me. And so I forgot about
the whole thing. I knew He didn’t exist. I went on with my life. And then, oddly, a month
later an old friend called, inviting
me over, a friend I hadn’t seen in five years. So we hung out one day,
catching up on old times, when out of the
blue he said, “Todd, I don’t know how
to tell you this. I was scared to even
invite you over. But yesterday I had a
strong impression from God to call you. And God impressed me to tell you
that He needs you on His side, today.” I was speechless. Was God real? Had He answered my prayer? Had He sent someone to me? I couldn’t believe it. But He had. With my friend’s help, for
the next year and a half, I fought like a lion to
overcome all my problems. Up and down I went, succeeding
and failing along the way. But little by little, I started
to see small but obvious things happen in my life. The answers to questions
that had long bothered me began to be revealed. Slowly things started to change. Finally I decided
to attend church. One day, someone
there reached out, inviting me to a
church-sponsored picnic. I felt a bit awkward about
it, but I decided to go. It turned out to be the
straightest party I had ever been to: no drugs, no
alcohol, silly games for the kids
everyone had brought. And then we had
lunch, and someone wanted to pray
over the hot dogs. I thought it was strange,
but I bowed my head and closed my eyes. And then my life changed. Two years after that
initial fasting prayer, 700 days after I had pleaded
with God in my closet, I felt something I had never
felt in my life, something 20 times stronger than
any drug I had ever taken. It was as if someone
were hugging me, as if someone were
telling me I was home, that these people were
good, and that I needed to be with them,
that God was there, and that He knew me by
name and that He loved me. I had always thought that if
God were to manifest Himself to me that He would come
down in a lightning bolt or in a great clash of fire. But I learned that day at
the picnic that I was wrong. I realized that it is
part of our condition as mortals to sometimes
feel as though we are surrounded by darkness. But even though
we may feel lost, God promises to illuminate
the way before us, no matter how long it takes. For two years, God had
nurtured a questioning soul. Little by little,
He had given me as much as I could handle until
the day I was humble enough to hear fully what
He wanted to tell me. I also learned by
my own experience that spiritual
light rarely comes to those who merely sit
in darkness, waiting for someone to flip a switch. It takes an act of
faith to open our eyes to the light of Christ. Twenty years later, I still
don’t know everything. But I now know who I am. I know who God is. And I know that
God’s light is real.

I wounder the main location in a valley looks like the one used by the Killers for their music video for human? Can anyone confirm this ?

Thats a clear cut solution for many problems… Get closer to God and receive revelations for my life… Thank you for the video… It's beautiful… Proud to be a Mormon.

Show me the way . that is good i was trying the good thing. but i cant but. iwill never ever give up trying the good thing that you teach me give another chance if you gays have the same problem as me never give believe on jesus find a way to be
good remember.😇😇😇😇😇😇😇👼👍👌❤💙💚💜💛💓💕

As someone that has been born and raised mormon, this reminds me very much of my conversion story that has made me even more desirous to serve a mission 🙂

I had a very hard time when I was only 20 years old… I also tried to commit suicide.. But it was only the God who helped me ..I realised that even if we feel lost..God always with his children to help them…

This makes me feel like someone is hugging me. I feel closer to god. God always answers my prayers, he always reads them and he always understands, god has given me a life I will never forget. I have never thought about suicide, I’m poplour, have tons of friends, and I truly believe me and god are some of the kindest people. we both have hearts of gold. he always answerers my prayers. I pray almost every night, I love you , Jesus, God, Mary. ❤️

Such a wonderful message but I'm confused with the locations but mines that this is one of my favorite videos the message is so powerful thank you!!!!😊😇

Thank you for conveying such a personal, needed, and effective message so extremely beautifully!!

I am a Christian and I love Mormon channel, this brings me closer to God.. and I know that God's light is real… Jesus Christ helps the people in need of spritual light..

This is a work by the Lord. The actual turning of this man from the natural man and back on that road that leads to Him.

The Lord brings the proud to their knee's and the humble to be tall.
The Lord loves His children enough to do that for them.

This is great. I' m a Christ-follower and love the way that He can reach people everywhere…even in religious systems. Yeah!

I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is my second time viewing the video (the first was soon after it was released). Anyway, I liked the second viewing more. I'm impressed with the quality of the comments, so far, for this particular video. I believe in God. Miracles happen.

we need to suffer to experience bliss the best man in the world needed to suffer to be one of us. it takes a lesser to be a great see the divine of life all cultures learn about them see the real people then you will find God. put your heart out for the love of jesus and what he had to go through but really feel it there's no real real thought without emotion anger isn't even a bad emotion when used with wisdom. Only the pure hearted will find the divine of life that's God buddhist got the way of life right everybody is special it's never what people really do it's always the intention. accept suffering trust in the divine don't allow fear be willing to take your life for jesus he hates cowards and above all he hates the hierarchy! !!!

This is such a powerful testimony of the love of God. It is also a testimony of the change that this man was willing to make to hear the Lords answers for him. Heavenly Father fills me with awe with His love for us and our problems. He patiently leads us by the hand into His grace if we are willing to let Him guide us. God is real.

What i learn about this video is that sometime God don't answer our personally sometime. They are time when he sent someone to give us the answer we so diligently try to seek for our self. But something when there are doubt in our heart it often hard to hear the voice of God. I learn that God know us all by our name. that that no matter how lost we may feel God promises to illuminate the way before us no matter how long it take. The spiritually light rarely come to those who merely sit in darkness waiting for someone to flip a switch on. I learn that it take an act of faith to open our eyes to light of Christ.

..".but by the next day..'nothing' had happened. I didn't want to 'end my life' anymore..but God never spoke to me…"
(Oh the little things we miss…communications to the heart )

The light that Todd speaks about will come to those who seek that light. But we need to act in faith. Get on our knees and pray and then get on our feet and live the best life we think God would be pleased with. He will guide you!

Isn't Mormon Channel a program owned and operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Why is it still called "Mormon Channel" If not, then I understand.

Today I took BAPTISM and I played this when I saw in YouTube and closed my eyes , and this almost same in my life ,, really my brothers and sisters , I cried at the last few seconds of video , LORD you are everywhere in this entire creation ,, glory to the LORD,praise the LORD.

Excellent post. "Never lose thy trust in God. Be thou ever hopeful, for the bounties of God never cease to flow upon man. If viewed from one perspective they seem to decrease, but from another they are full and complete. Man is under all conditions immersed in a sea of God’s blessings. Therefore, be thou not hopeless under any circumstances, but rather be firm in thy hope." ~ Abdu’l-Baha, Baha'i Faith

This guy wears a suit to a campfire 😂😂 mormons are silly. If you actually think someone telling you God told them to contact you is a sign.. then you're not just a mormon, you're a moron.

This guy keeps showing me so much anti Mormon stuff and saying I’m going to hell for being lds. It’s really hard and I’m facing a difficult time I don’t know what to do, help?

I remember when this video first came out. I was not depressed nor suicidal. I've shared it a lot with tears in my eyes again and again. I believe Father in Heaven wanted me to share this video. What about you?

The happiness he describes at the end is the love of Heavenly Father shown to him by the power of the Holy Ghost. The first time I felt it, it was like a lighting bolt of bliss in my heart. It's different for everyone but it's a happiness beyond anything you can imagine without first feeling it. If you haven't felt it, don't give up. Heavenly Father is waiting for you. You just need to go a little further. The happiness at the end of the road is indescribably more worth it 🌻🌻🌻

God's light permeates all of the universe. Close your eyes and see the light when you look at the inside of your eyelids. The bright pixels you see is the light of God. Be conscious of your hands as you are consious of the light in your eyelids will soon grow in your body until you feel the light throughout you. That light will cast out all conflict, anger, fear, and anxiety. You may go through the valley of the shadow of death but it only happens once. After that you grow stronger and become the light yourself and live with God forever.

I’m not religious and don’t believe in any kind of personal god. But I was sitting outside and had 3 Morman Missionaries approach me and ask me to watch this. So hear I am

Our Beloved Brother Yeshua-Jesus of Thunderbolts and all that jazz. Looking good in the suit Godlike godly Man! Lots of love and hugs.

Now I know God is for really. Now I know when Noone loves me He loves me and he will put me exactly surrounded by people that can show me His mercy. 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏


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