The High Price of Morals (An Introspetive Commentary & Fortnite Gameplay)

Hey Drift0r,

I've been watching your in depth stuff for a few months now as I got back into CoD and stumbled across all of your personal commentary videos over the last week or so. You absolutely stunned me in terms of your social and personal awareness and I have to say that while I never had a negative opinion of America, it's great to hear an opinion from a socially conscious person such as yourself and not from the media.

Keep up the good stuff.

Morals have a high price indeed, however it is a price worth paying for. Thank you for the choices you’ve made, and hopefully you will continue to make those types of choices

Is cool that you open up so much about all of this, and i have a lot of respect for you, you're content, and the way you carry yourself in these videos and how you explain your feelings and thoughts when it comes to your decisions. Keep it up, great job.

one day i'll be able to say this to you in person. I have the most respect for you Drift0r. I am so very proud of you, that you are able to stick to your morals! There is a reason why i do sort of idolize you and why i draw tons of inspiration off of you. THANK YOU! You are a good person, truly!

Good for you dude. I watch your channel to see you philosophize as much as for any of your game content.

The reason why I've watched you for all these years is because of your selflessness and high sense of morality, it kept me interested in you and your content to this day. Glad you aren't straying from that, you're quite a good role model and honestly you're one of the only reasons/examples of why I still have faith in this world.

I enjoy watching your videos especially about this video about moral choices because I want to learn about the consequences of my actions if I harm the people I care because I want to be true to myself and who I am and what are my goals and don't lie to everyone. So keep up the good work and continue to inspire everyone with your philosophical videos

devils advocate: looking for excuses so find a positive by promoting values and morals as reasons behind your decisions in the past, some of which turned out to be bad business decisions. but i am sure you made plenty of good decisions, focus on the positive, instead of looking for answers in the business mistakes

Definitely agree with the fact that honest and genuine youtubers are doing worse than fake, pretending youtubers. Life isn't fair unfortunately. Keep it up drift0r, you're a good lad

100k for vessel (the week early platform) thats mad! Don't think that was shitty to fans, didn't really effect non fans much, still mad respect for staying so true. Love these videos, often check back and catch up on them. Recently had a binge of all your past ones too. Keep it up

Brad, I'm super proud of you. For me, your channel has always been about openness and integrity. You've been greater than any of the COD games.

You should absolutely be doing so much better. You're wasting your talent. You obviously have a high IQ and are fairly well educated – even the sky cannot limit you.

You've been instrumental in my ascension from depression and anxiety. Your commentaries on the medication you take, and the struggles therewithin, were pivotal in my decision to start medication while knowing the limits.

You are a force for change. COD has just been a vehicle for your message. I am super excited to see what you come up with next. Love yo face!

So you had a few good tips and pieces of advice, and now you think you’re some philosophical pioneer?? Dude you make video game YouTube content don’t get full of yourself. Don’t fool people into thinking you have life “all figured out” now because you have it easy with YouTube…

This video… the reason I love Drift0r. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. And Saying you have started true to your morals, is beyond worth it!

That wife comment at the start of the video made you sounds so damn soy. Just say you have a wife.

Here's the deal: Money isn't everything. And I think you realize that. Obviously, having millions of dollars is a life changer but if you felt like your integrity would have been compromised, I think you made the right decisions for yourself. As long as you're not struggling to pay the bills every month, you're in a good spot.

Well it's good to see people who think very similar to oneself. Otherwise one would think that when it comes to values etc. (starting with proper morals) that there aren't anyone else who shares the same values.👍🏻

Philosophical talk/ real life talk is my favorite content from you. I would watch every video if you do more of that. You’re a smart dude and I appreciate hearing your perspective on things.

One of the best video's out here. So much respect for you Driftor. You're not the only one that feels like this. Be true to yourself and stick to your principals. It's what you have in your heart not your wallet that matters.

I like driftor as a youtuber, the only problem is that the last time I was interested in cod was back in the blops 2 days

Honestly i think that you should take advantage of any opportunities that come your way dont get me wrong having high morals is a good trait to have, but at the end of the day you got to pay your bills, your fans/supporters wont, if there is a chance for you to earn more money sign a deal or whatever you should take it, you earned it, you earned all of your subscribers by working so hard and if a fan gets annoyed at you for signing a deal or calls you a sell out they are not really fans 🙂 I just wanted to get my opinion out there great video as always man 🙂

I have a whole lot of respect. But you seem to take business personally. Whether or not that is bad is up to you

Drift, I respect the hell out of you. I watch you because of you, regardless of what you play. You provide prospective and knowledge that I can’t find other places, wether it’s about games or life in general. Keep being yourself.

Even tho you aren't that rich, I think these choices makes you more real to us subs. Thanks for standing for what's right.
Also, great lost in space refrence.

Hey I don’t have Twitter, Facebook messenger is the way to go but I got an email that you messaged me lol

Brad I have been watching you for years now from mw3 and haven't missed a video,in depth, Ghost stories, epic dream etc and you are hand down the most real youtube out here and I give tons of respect to you but in my personal opinion I think you should take the facebook gaming deal you sacrificed for us I don't know much about others but I know the true fans will agree and follow and stick by your side where ever you go and we understand why you would need the facebook gaming deal but you also don't like being dishonest if they ever ask you do something you not happy about so it's up to you, you the boss 😉


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