The Divine Expression – Guruji Sri Vast

We see the present problem as the problem
is the technology. We see “Oh, through a technology we can solve the problem.” “By
eliminating the government we can solve the problem.” But it is not possible. The problem
is not technology or any government. Our basic understanding on our very foundation where
we built this life itself is a problem. It is not based on… Love, care and share. It is not based on love, beauty and sacredness. So far we have explored love and beauty. In every person, the person is beautiful person, the person is loving person. Whatever we did
we explored only these two. Love and beauty. But at the same time, you are Divine.
So this aspect needs to be included. That’s the foundation of every new inspiration – love,
beauty and sacredness. Beauty is the most important thing. In India we
say: ” Satyam Shivam Sundaram”. Truth Godliness and Beauty. The truth, the true knowledge
brings you liberation. And that liberation helps you to explore the godliness – Shivam.
And why you have to experience God? We have to experience God so that we can see the beauty. The God is not the ultimate. God is a medium. It’s a state. Through that we’ll
be able to see the beauty of this life. Beauty is most important.
So, all these aspects need to be because even as a male or female our main issue between male
and female, we again we explored only two in between us – you are a loving
person and beautiful person. We never explored that we are also sacred person. When the sacredness
comes, it transforms. When your partner, she is not only loving and beautiful but also
sacred. When your neighbor is not only loving and beautiful but also sacred. The aspect
of sacredness, the presence of the experience and the presence of the Divine need to be explored.

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