The Destroyer – Kolbrin Bible – esoteric knowledge, prophecy, occult wisdom, sacred philosophy

Men forget the days of the destroyer
only the wise know where it went and that it will return to his appointed
hour it ranged across the heavens in the days of wrath and this was its likeness
it was a billowing cloud of smoke and wrapped in a ruddy glow not
distinguishable and joined or then its mouth was an abyss from which gain
flamed smoke and hot cinders one ages pass certain laws operate upon the stars
in the heavens their ways change there is movement and
restlessness they are no longer constant and a great light appears friendly in
the skies when blood drops upon the earth the destroyer will appear and
mountains will open up and melts forth fire and ashes trees will be destroyed
and all living things engulfed waters will be swallowed up by the light
and Seas will boil the heavens will burn brightly and readily there will be a
cover hue over the face of the land followed by a day of darkness a new moon
will appear and break up and fall the people will scatter in madness they will
hear the trumpet and battle crying of the destroyer they will seek refuge in
the dead of the earth terror will eat away their hearts and their courage will
flow from down like water from a broken picture they will be eaten up in the
flames of wrath has been soothed by the breath of the destroyer with us in the
days of heavenly wrath which have gone and thus it will be in the days of doom
when it cometh began the times of its coming and going are known unto the wise
these of the signs and times which shall proceed the destroyers return a hundred
and ten generations shall pass into the lesson and nations will rise and fall
men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the sea as fishes men will talk
peace with one another hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day
women will be as men and men as women passion will be a plaything of man the
nation of the soothsayers shall rise and fall and their tongue shall be the
speech learned by nation of law givers shall rule the earth and pass away into
nothingness one worship will pass into the four quarters of the earth fucking
peace and bringing more a nation of the Seas will be greater than any other but
will be as an apple rotten at the core and will not endear a nation of traitors
will destroy men with wonders and it shall have its day then shall the high
strive with the law the north with the South the east with the west and the
light with the darkness men shall be divided by their races and the children
will be born as strangers alone mother shall strive with brother and
husband with white fathers will no longer instruct their sons and their
sons will be wayward women will become the common property of men that will no
longer be held in regard to respect then men will be ill that needs in their
hearts they will seek they know not what an uncertainty and doubt will trouble
them they will possess great riches but before in spirit that happens trouble on
the earth I went in fear they won’t ever walk slit
down the heralds of Doom will appear then until softly as thieves to the
tombs men will not know them for what they are meant be to see the hour of the
destroyer is at hand in those days men will have the great
book before them mister will be revealed the few will be gathered with the stand
it is the hour of trial the dauntless ones will survive the stout-hearted will
not go down to destruction Great God of all ages alike to fall who sets the
trials of man be merciful to our children in the days of being man must
suffer to be great but hastened not his progress unduly
in the great window England be not harsh on the lesser ones of all men even the
son of a thief as be confident your stride both Sentinels of the universe who watch
for the destroyer how long will they are coming vigil last home mortal men who
wait without understanding where will hide yourselves didn’t the threatened
days of doom when the heavens shall be torn apart and the skies rent in twain
in the days when children will turn gray headed this is the thing which will be
steamed amidst is the terror your eyes will behold this is the form of
destruction that will rush upon you there will be the great of the body of
fire but the diluent added with many mouths and eyes ever-changing terrible
teeth will be seen in Foreman’s bowels and a fearful dark belly and will glow
redly from the fires inside even the most stubborn hearted man will tremble
and his followers people whose for this is not a big understandable to
men it will be a vast sky spanning formed in ramming earth burning with
many humans within wide open mouths these will descended the stream across
the face of the land and building all and mounting jaws the greatest warriors
of will charge against it in vain the fans will fall out and load
they are terror inspiring things of cold heart and water great borders will be
heard down on the planet crushing them into red powder as the
great salt waters rise up in its trained and roaring torrents for towards the
land even the heroes of a mortal men will be overcome with madness as moths
fly swiftly to their doom in the burning flame so will these madmen rush to their
only destruction the flames going before will devour all the works of men
the waters flowing will sweep away whatever remains the doom of death will
fall softly a stray carpet over the cleared land men will cry out in their
madness oh whatever being there is save us from this tall form of terror save us
from the great deal of death the doom shape called the destroyer in Egypt was
seen in all the lands whereabouts in color it was bright and fiery in
appearance changing and unstable it was been about itself like a toil like water
bubbling into a pool ground supply that all been agreed it
was a most fearsome sight it was not a great comet or illusive star being more
like a fiery body of flame its movements on high or slow below it swirled in the
manner of smoke and it remained close to the Sun of space it hit there was a
bloody redness about it which changed as it passed along its course it caused
death and destruction in its rising and setting its what the earth with Grace
and their reign and caused many flags tumblr and other evils it admitted the
skin of men and beasts until they became modeled with disorders the earth was
troubled the hills and mountains moved and robbed
the dark smoke-filled Navitus bow over earth and that great Howell came to the
years of men who went to them upon the wings of the wind
it was the pride of the Dark Lord the master of dread in the clouds of fiery
small paths before him and there was an awful hail at hot stones and claws of
fire the Duma shape thundered harmony in the heavens and stomp out bright
Lighting’s the channels of water over to refer back unto themselves on the land
tilted and break trees were tossed about and snapped like twigs but almost like
10,000 appendix was her only the wilderness and before it’s burning a
breath the flames have parted the whole of the
way Mountains melted the sky itself ward
like 10,000 lines in agony and brighten arrows of blood sped back and forth
across his face birth swole up like threatened upon the earth
this was the aspect of the duo shape thought the destroyer
wouldn’t it appeared and day is long gone by in olden times it is not
described in the old records people which remain it is said that when it
appears in the heavens above Earth splits open convened I did not roasted
before the fire then flames shoot up through the surface and beep about like
fiery fiends upon black blood the moisture inside the land is all dried up
the pastures and cultivated places are consumed in flames and they in all trees
become white ashes the doom shape is like a circling ball of flame which
gathers small fiery offspring in its trade it covers about
parts of the sky and since writhing snake-like fingers down to earth before
the sky appears in frightened and it breaks up the scatters away midday is no
brighter in the night it spawns the hosts of terrible faintest these are
things said in the destroyer in the old records read them with a solemn heart
knowing that the doomed shade has its appointed time and will return it would
be foolish to let them go unheeded now and say such things are not destined for
our days may the great God above grant that this be so but come the day surely
will and in accordance with his nature man will be unprepared you

This was awesome! Love the prime voice. The sadness is this is here and nobody believes it. The destroyer is here everyday it's by the sun getting closer and all the meteors coming forth earthquake and volcanoes erupting everywhere. Soon we will experience this.

Does anyone know when the KOLBREN BIBLE was 1st PUBLISHED? im finding everything from the 1990 to thousands of years ago.. Wikipedia is unable to verify anything??


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