So I’m dying to see what’s inside. Don’t worry I’m not here to eat you. So we are now about to try our first alpaca. So that was an absolutely fantastic lunch. Thank you so much you know Caesar we
really appreciate it and Julia his wife, thank you. And, so now we’re off to the hotel and the surprise hotel that we have is it’s moved. I can’t remember the name we were at the Belmond, but what’s the name of the hotel? Tambo del Inka Tambo del Inka, which is one of the best hotels in Peru. This is gorgeous. Right down there is a Sacred Valley and
it’s just incredible. Why are there bushes behind you? But there are bushes behind you. Please, put the camera down just for a minute. Okay, never mind. I’m filming. I’m filming. So we are at the Inca Tambo Hotel currently. We were initially going to the Belmond, and then the agency that we
booked our hotel experience through turned around and told us we were going
to the Inca Tambo. Lo and behold they actually reversed it again. We didn’t
know this, so now we’re on our way to the Belmond and we’re hoping that there we
can catch a nice massage, or two, so we can relax before our adventures start
tomorrow. So we’ll let you know what that hotel looks like, but in the meantime
take a look at how fabulous this hotel is. Oh wow, they have some nice jewelry. It’s Peruvian Gold, 18 carat. Peruvian Gold. So we made it to the Belmond. This is the second of the stops here. You kind of walk through this
oasis. This kind of garden you enter in. All the great smells of the flowers. A little
bit different than the other hotel, but has almost a more of a feel that we
like, a little rustic. So we’re gonna check in and see what we can get.
We’re gonna see if we can actually get some massages this evening, because we’re a little tense, but we’ll find out. It might be too late, maybe not, but welcome to the
Belmond Rio Sagrado. We do have massages set up for 7:45, which is nice after this long journey I think to end the day with a massage would be
fantastic. It’s probably very dark right now. You may not be able to see me, but
you can hear me and, if you can see me, that’s even better. The stars are
incredible. I mean we’re gonna we’re gonna try and do as much as we can in
the one night that we have here, from massages, to the restaurant we heard is
great food. We’re gonna try that, maybe try the jacuzzi out and sit under the
stars for a bit, but this is definitely more of our speed. It’s really pretty
grounds. Oh, this is wonderful. I love this. Yeah it’s a nice place. That’s your room, nice villa. Oh, wonderful. Lake houses here okay. Yes. We have only 21 rooms and
two villas. The villas are for families, for five or six people. Look at the swimming pool over here. Oh wow. How late is the pool open? Normally the pool is open from 6:00 to night every day. Welcome we’re gonna give you a quick room tour, so it’s
gonna be really quick because we are actually set to get massages, but
I wanted to show you guys this room. It’s actually the best, actually the best
suite here. It’s on the top. It’s got really cool views, so we’re gonna make
this really quick and this is the only one the junior suite here that has two
bathrooms, so bathroom number one, it’s just a half bath, really cute. I love this here. These really authentic mugs for coffee in the morning. They actually have coffee
or tea that you can have with the coca tea and the coca leaf tea obviously is
something that if you haven’t or you feel like you’re, it helps with altitude
sickness. It kind of helps balance that, so it’s nice to have that. Coming into
the next room, this is our bedroom it’s a king junior suite here and it’s
just lovely. I love the detail of the pillows it’s so cute. I love this pillow. So you have this really cute bathroom set up in here, which the shower looks right outside and during the day I’m sure it’s got some really cool views. It’s a little
private but it looks right off down there to the river. We got a couple of
black flies circling here. I almost busted my ass, but that’s okay
anything for the gram and the tube. I think that’s our doorbell. Someone’s here.
Who could that be? I don’t know. Hi. Buenas noches. Buenas noches. Oh, we’re getting gift chocolates and a
welcome, which is wonderful. Oh, thank you, muchas gracias. Muchas gracias. Bye, bye bye. Oh, this is so beautiful. And the welcome candies. Oh my god, I am just excited. It’s just really cool, you have this private sitting area right out here and we try
and keep the door closed because of all the different bugs, but this is our private little outdoor space where we can just kind of sit we have our tea and if you listen, you
might not be able to hear it, but that’s the river.
What great sounds and just really peaceful out here, so I would definitely
recommend you coming to the Hotel Belmond Rio Sagrado if you can. Hey, what about those chocolates? Oh yeah, let me show you the chocolates, really
quick, I forgot about that. This is a welcoming gift that they give you, which
is really cool. They kind of give you these variety of chocolates here, cookies
oh it’s just unbelievable. It looks so tasty. As a matter of fact, they’re all mine. Thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciate your time. You don’t have to
go home, but you have to get the hell up out of here, because we have to get ready
for our massages. Oh, he’s ready. He’s ready for that
massage, ready for that massage. It’s the first time that you can actually see my breath. It has been a great first day experience
here in Cusco Peru. We ended up coming back to the hotel, just to kind of recoup
and get things situated and wanted to head to the spa here, which we both got a
really cute couples massage together and my massage was fantastico. She really
paid attention to my needs and I thought she was great. How was your massage? As you can see, it was a great massage.
Thumbs up. He’s really tired. We had a long day, but I have to say this, we did
end up in staying here and having dinner at the hotel and not expecting anything
fancy or out-of-this-world. The food was actually very tasty. It was
like some authentic Peruvian dishes here, and gosh I had like a really fresh salad
and there was like a chicken dish with some of the native potatoes, the yuca. The sauce is a creamed corn. It was really delicious. How was your
food? Thumbs up again, so I guess it was really good. So, before we let you go, we’re really tired. We just want to say, please be sure
to hit that subscribe button, give this video a thumbs up, scroll over, hit that
symbol that looks like a bell, so that you get a ping every time we post something new and exciting, such as our next adventure, where we’re going to get up
really early, so that we can explore the salt mines of Cusco Peru, but we’re also
going on a horseback riding adventure. And, I have never been on a horse before,
so I think we’re really excited to get that adventure started, aren’t we? Yeah,
that’s gonna be a fun one to watch, I think. Aren’t you excited to get that
adventure started? Thumbs up. So again, thank you so much we really appreciate your time and
we look forward to seeing you on the road.

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