The Antidote to DESPAIR – Meditation Challenge and the Benefits of Meditation

If you haven’t heard of this HUGE YouTube
channel called Yes Theory, check them out because this video was inspired in large part
by them. You see, they have this video that talks about
the idea of action being the antidote to despair. Let me say that again. Action is the antidote to despair. In a nutshell, when we’re in any kind of funky
headspace, taking some kind of immediate action can be extremely helpful. For me, lately, that funky headspace has been
part indecisiveness, part insecurity over my future and my finances, and part eagerness
to do what really excites me. And for me, when I really thought about it,
I decided that the ACTION was going to be…meditation. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking,
meditation actually kind of sounds like the opposite of ACTION. It sounds like sitting down in one place,
not moving, and not taking any action of any kind. But let me explain my thinking. I started meditating early this year when
I was hearing a lot really good things about it from different sources like various TED
Talks and influencers like Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins. Once I started to try it, I realized that
it DID have some immediate and positive effects on my life. Even though I was very inexperienced and just
a beginner, I truly felt that after practicing for just a few days it became easier for me
to stay focused on the present moment and to feel gratitude for the things and people
around me. This was most evident when I would be talking
to someone face-to-face and having a MUCH easier time giving them my undivided attention
OR feeling a strong urge to openly and honestly express my gratitude for those people around
me. After meditating, I think that this feeling
of being very present exuded a lot of positivity into my life and made me feel better about
my decisions. But here’s the catch and here is WHY I needed
to make this video. Despite KNOWING and FEELING the positive effects
on my life, I’ve found difficult to routinely meditate. It’s hard to explain why but it was just one
of those things that we encounter where we KNOW something is good for us but we just
have a hard time actually doing it. Kind of like exercising throughout the week,
keeping a healthy diet, or studying the things that we want to learn on our spare time. We KNOW they are good us; we KNOW they are
things that we actually WANT, yet it seems SO easy to NOT do them! This channel, as you know, is called Going
2 Thrive and it’s about facing the journeys that we know in hearts that we need to take. And with those big leaps, we face a lot of
uncertainty, a lot of doubt, and a lot of insecurity. And if we find something like meditation that
we KNOW is going to have a positive effect on those journeys, then we REALLY should be
using it as a tool to help us live our best lives. And so, I’ve decided that I’m going to build
myself the habit of meditating for 10 minutes every day, for 30 days. I think that this is a good SMART Goal, that
is, something Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. I DON’T think that this is going to solve
all of my problems but I DO think that it has a very good chance helping my face my
problems head-on and with more clarity. My intention is to post of photo of my meditation
spot every day on Instagram. I can only take the photo once I’ve completed
the 10 minutes of meditation and if I miss a day of posting of Instagram, it will be
a public indicator that I’ve faltered. At the end of the 30 days, I’ll let you guys
know if it has brought about any changes in my life. For now, meditation is how I’M going to thrive
but I would love to hear about how YOU are going to thrive as well. Let me know.

Dude, new to your channel. Im going to accept your challenge of meditating. Just in case I forget, Im setting reminder on my phone. Love it. Keep it up. Nice work. 🙂


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