What are you doing with your life? do you
really want to live with your parents forever? Honey, please, that’s not… [to Jesus] have you
given any more thought to your future, Jesus? I was thinking of starting my own religion. Sort of like Judaism, but I think it’ll have a broader appeal. Goddamnit Jesus, its time to get serious! Have you thought any more about trade
school? Trade school pays the bills. We’re not trying to be hard on you, we’re just worried about you. Worried? I’m doing fine. I even booked my first gig. [Joseph] and how much are you getting paid? It’s more for the exposure. You can’t pay rent with exposure. What we’re trying to say is that maybe this religion thing can be like a hobby. Like how I enjoy gardening. Yeah, maybe. I was also thinking of starting a band God damn it, Jesus. Thats another terrible
idea. Joseph, please! No, I’m sorry but you baby him and I’m sick of it. You have one month to find a job or you’re out of here Jesus. [Mary] You’d kick your own son out on the street?! OH NOW HE’S MY SON?! [door slams] What… what ever happened with your carpentry? This table you made us is so good. Maybe you could go to school for
that? [table crashes] Yeah, maybe… [announcer] You’ve seen this next speaker all over town, guys put your hands together for Jesus of Nazareth! [light applause] Oh hey, thanks for having me at this marketplace. It’s great to be here. So what’s the deal with those Roman gods? I mean what is there’s the God of uhh…wheat? I mean there’s too many of them. All right, that one’s kind of new. Sorry about that. You’re going to teach everyone how to
fish? You give everyone a fish? Then everyone’s fishing! Also, you know, don’t
have sex with your neighbor’s wife. It’s the least you could do.

I wish this was funnier. I'll wait for the prophet Muhammad skit, to actually laugh at or with Americans who think that their morals or values are somehow still present in their society. That idiot was a virgin when he was slaughtered, you know, like most American retards that aren't evolving fast enough to give birth out the anus's you worship. Thank you for posting names with who will get the credit.


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