The 5 Destructive Beliefs That Destroy You Daily

and welcome today's session we are doing the top five destructive beliefs that destroy you daily or at the top five destructive beliefs that destroy you daily it's time for you to take your life to the next level awaken your entrepreneur so you can do the things that you want to do hi my name is ed Jesse Smith and I'm here to help you live life on your terms what's number one Monica you're not good enough yep oh yes we hear this one so much right obviously even a coaching business so we help people start building grow their own business and I'd say number one you're not good enough right I'm not good enough there's a comparison all right and that belief again you know people would say where does it come from how do I stop it where does it come from you know here's here's where all beliefs come from number number one your parental are bringing or a number two your environment as in your education and number three your family friends number four its are your experiences and how you have created either empowering beliefs or disempowering beliefs from those experiences so number one you're not good enough is like the core human believe that again four main behavioral psychology point of view I would argue that we are all born with I'm not good enough and that is in it's like indoctrinated injected into our genetic understanding of who we are from the age of 14 to to create a desire for us as human beings to want a bet for ourselves because if you think about it if you didn't have I'm not good enough injected around your hormones around as you go through puberty you didn't have that from a behavioral point of view really simplistic and symma who didn't have that then the gene pool wouldn't move further forward because without it everyone think they're good enough so therefore they wouldn't do enough to become better so that for me behavioral point of view is the reason that I'm not good enough is that once you understand them you understand that everyone has that when they're going through puberty they start questioning are they good enough and the reason being like you know like the human race wants to move farther forward and is always looking for like the best seed to move it further forward as in the male is looking for the best female and the female is looking for the best male basing bass if I'm looking into life you know what that actually means I'm saying like seed is looking for the best vehicle to move in that vehicle doesn't move further food understanding that it's okay to have and how you can get people head of the game to help you to understand I had a long time and I was compared to you know as soon as you start to move further forward and you forget and let go of life comparison theory which I agree is it is a big problem today I put together but you understand that if you were just winning your race running your race focused on your race and the only person that you need to compare to is yourself now of course if you need help in this my name I'm from is david w w my fork arab my book i give it to you for free it's a 19 pound 97 amazon however if you just cover the postage and the packaging i was sending it out for free at 777-7777 once some cultures don't some cultures have certain seasons some cultures don't time is completely man-made if that's the case then there's never gonna be a time when you are ready therefore I want you to take this opportunity this conversation this video right now to realize that you are ready to do whatever it is that you want because you don't get great you know before you start you can only get great by starting all right it's as simple as that as you do more you become more you become better at it and that's that but that's the way of life like a baby just stands up and walks or not maybe they practice a couple of times of course they practice practice practice and they get better by practicing no one just walk straight away you have to practice and get better through I'm not ready against a similar sort of thing now it's not the right time implying that there's gonna be a time when you already I'm not ready now you do you get better I get but just by doing as simple as that like its argument of how people are being as a human not as a human doing all right so therefore just be and as you are more be doing comes fueled by your being right if you're being in great person they're being courageous if you're being productive if you're being assertive if you're being forward-thinking then you're gonna have all of those things there are there are too many people compared to designer this is one we go some competitors agreed but there were also there's so many other people in your environment in your business in your in your market that's for sure but there are so many people you know so therefore you have to understand them but there are so so so many people there are waiting for what you know your gift you have an idea you can put that idea into system and people want to know what you already know I promise you that people won't want what I have as the last one again you know to understand that you've got to earn your stripes that's for sure you earn your stripes by understanding your client if you want to start a business today you don't necessarily need the certifications you just need to understand your client if you understand your client clearer than they understand themselves I promise you that's how you become an authority in your industry by understanding your client better than me understand themselves that's how we roll that's how we do it any questions on that those are the top five destructively so – for you daily number one yeah you're not good enough which will influence your charging decisions how you show up it will influence absolutely everything that you do all right now it's not the right time I'm not ready the core believes around time to think that you are have to be ready for something happen there too many companies too much competition and people want what we have as I said look grab this book is a killer book help you get through the things that you want seven pound ninety seven grab it for free I send it to you just one more that I would like to add that I hear a lot from our clients is I don't have enough time I just don't have enough time that's big because everyone has 24 hours every single person has 24 hours how are you language that experience dictates your reality if you say you don't have enough time you won't have enough fun it's as simple as that you have to understand what is your priorities with time you have to understand what's a priority for you if you don't understand what's important to you then again it's it's a generalized lack of awareness when people say I don't have enough time right so first of all number one never say I don't have enough time if someone says can you do something rather than saying I don't have enough time number two say it's not a priority for me because you know what your priorities ask if you don't know what your priorities are right now then write them down so you're aware of what your priorities are and what they are alright there's always 24 hours there's not a day when there's like 23 hours there's not a day when there's 20 hours there's always time if it's important to you if it's not important to you you won't make time for it as simple as that it really is that simple people lie about time all the time you know it's just the same process everything beautiful no that's great awesome thank you thank you for watching this video please subscribe like and enjoy send it with your friends and grab the seven nine seven seven nine ninety seven members in rabbit rabbit WW money mindfulness daily calm and I will see you soon give yourself a hand make your dreams a reality so you can have the choice freedom but you truly deserved 10x your life make a massive difference build your business and I'm with you every step of the way so no matter what happens you never give up on your dreams [Applause] you you

Can you work our this please NB. If your belief says I HATE THINGS when you actually don’t. how do you stop that fucking thought? Example not personal. You don’t hate people but the concept of hate is killing you. How do you reverse the word HATE as it’s suggestive to your negative affirmations instead of I love this fucking thought. Need help on this one for a friend and the rest of the world. I HATE saying this but LOVE not wanting to say it. Take affirmations out of your conscience like that and REVERSE them to believe a true truth. Is that word hate destroying people because it’s a belief that was felt and attached as an emotion and consciousnesly expressed. You do not believe it and your heart says it’s not true and your feelings. How do you direct that negative affirmation out of your head because I believe it’s destructive and that takes away your true personality. You actions do not genuinely HATE but your mind thinks it. Stop the word directing misery and replace it with Love. But when it’s instilled in you from childhood/puberty Edward you know this answer please diagnose and do video as words hurt everyone. There’s a song words don’t come easy. Music too helps. What’s your thoughts on this.


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