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welcome I’ll be very grateful okay now Taurus in the month of February we have
an interesting influence from an event that occurs on January 31 in the skies
so on January 31 2019 we have Saturn in Capricorn sextiling Neptune in Pisces
and this is an exact sextile on January 31
now the general interpretation of this particular event tends to be that there
is a sense of practicality reason focus and patience that can be infused and
integrated with our more abstract and idealistic approaches and events and
areas of life and intentions and into end desires but we’ll see what your
spirit guides have to say Taurus for the month of February under the
influence of this very important event in the skies okay so let’s get started
universe spirit order the message is for Taurus Taurus the Bull Taurus Taurus the
Bull for the next 2019 ok king of Wands reversed nice 5 of swords upright ok nice three of cups upright awesome
Torres um nice the High Priestess upright it’s a pretty awesome spread I
hope I didn’t jinx it one more card universe spirit nice I didn’t jinx it so
five of swords five of cups reversed beautiful excellent right so you have a
pretty good um spread here very interesting energies alright okay
they’re committing me toward the five of swords first so we have the five of
swords for you German excuse me for you Taurus and the five of swords upright
indicates this sense that you may end up getting the win in a situation you may
for example win out in a competition for some of you you may be getting an upper
hand in a conversation in a discussion in a brainstorming session you end up
being the victor and there could be the sense of maybe putting someone down or
telling somebody off or you know standing up for your rights and maybe
you go all the way so there’s an element here I am being given from your spirit
guides about courage reduction of fear and being more courageous to speak up
and say something there could be this you know this sense that whoever is
turning away is really feeling sad or just I feel like no they’re saying to me
like this person is gonna feel like they have to look elsewhere or they have to
like look away and just like look elsewhere look for another person to
maybe you know beat up on or look for another person to maybe and explore some
options with and maybe you’re not the right one so you may be rejecting there
could be a sense of rejecting someone denying something here tor is someone
tourists there there’s stuffing a sense of standing up for yourself or just
literally putting your foot down and being very firm and a serve assertive
you may send someone you know to kind of look somewhere else for whatever they’re
looking for but it isn’t with you Taurus it isn’t with you that they’re gonna
find what they are looking for so it’s very interesting some of you may be
setting up healthy boundaries for others there may
be you know back and forth the verbal communications discussions tourists that
are a little bit edgy that are Swift that are cutting biting short maybe for
some of you torian’s this is definitely harsh communications or even body
language that can you know give someone a very severe kind of sign and signal if
you know what I mean intense intensity is definitely part of
this card to an extent for a lot of you torian’s in the month of February now
some of you because it is Valentine’s month I mean you may be approached by
someone and you’re just like not for me not just not for me I’m not having it
some of you you know this is a sense of defending defending your position or
your resources and you may you may be able to successfully defend so there’s a
sense of defending some of you may be defending a relationship some of you may
be defending a relationship from third-party influence from disruptions
interruptions so there’s a sense of defending oneself or whatever you would
like to defend in your personal circumstances obviously this is just a
general reading you got to see how it plays out for you Torres um there’s a
sense of defending yeah but by defending you may also be on the offensive so you
may also end up offending someone possibly some torian’s all right now we
also have for you tourists the king of Wands reversed now the king of Wands
reversed in the month of February indicates maybe a challenge in
connection with a fire sign Aries Sagittarius or Leo male or female energy
in this general reading maybe it’s someone that is just not favorable to
you not beneficial to you doesn’t bring you any good maybe that just doesn’t
make you feel good about yourself there could be maybe anybody of any
sunshine best personified in the month of February by the king of Wands
reversed and this person could be for you Gemini’s someone who is maybe far
away from you or there’s a lack of availability to you emotionally mentally
communication wise it may be difficult with this person or there’s just someone
you’re missing this could be grandfather or father figure there could
be someone who you are missing in a way could be someone like a passed away
loved one who or could even be a pet who’s best personified by the king of
Wands they could have been quite kingly royal and you might be thinking about
this particular conscious being okay or who is now in spirit conscious
consciously in spirit now the king of Wands are nervous for some of you
tourists auditorium’s is this element of you know this could be anybody of any
Sun sign or your own energies Taurus and you may be you know feeling like it’s
you’re all over the place spread out too thin exhausted tired but
there could be someone else who’s a little bit unruly they’re they’re
they’re too fiery they’re they snap too easily they are emotionally reactive
maybe they are all over the place or imbalanced their energy may be
imbalanced they just come off in that way or they’re just overbearing dominant
I’m not easy for you to deal with Taurus and this person is playing a theme or
this person is a theme in your life in the month of February
now Taurus the king of Wands in Reverse is also maybe some challenges and being
a socialite you know social relation issues social relationship concerns and
issues maybe you’re not being as extroverted as you could be in the month
of February at some point for others this is a sense of you know imbalance
right energy imbalance being all over the place maybe being a bit hidden
isolated at some point but for others this is about medical health concerns
health issues may be a problem may come up here vigor vitality you may not just
be feeling at your best at some point energetically in the month of February
Taurus and the king of Wands and rivers can sometimes also be challenges with
being again socially and commercially enterprising so looking out for the next
bright idea or getting going on your next project or initiative but it might
be a bit difficult for you Taurus at some point
in the month of February but I don’t really think it’s for the entire month
for many of you it’s not gonna be that obviously it’s a general reading some of
you torian’s may be going through some health issues important ones that could
require much more rest relaxation or bed rest across the entire month but this is
you know just a general reading so see how it plays out for you the king of
Wands in Reverse for some of you torian’s is also the guides are
indicating yeah maybe something it’s about life and death they’re saying like
you know life is obviously there’s a sense of fire and energy right life
force energy but when that fire is not there then there could be an indication
of a reduction of energy you may be again there may be a passing away that
you’re confronting or you’re wondering about someone who has passed away or
your energy may be feeling like that like you know the battery is dying out
and you need a recharge you need to recharge in you to re-stabilize and get
your energy balanced and stable you can always reach out to me for an energy
healing and balancing session Taurus it’s on my website now the king of Wands
in Reverse can also be for a lot of torian’s challenges with theater beauty
art entertainment industries what I like to call industries of display
cosmetology fashion acting right all different kinds of industries of the
display artistic you know shows Show and Tell challenges there and challenges
with also communication which is some one hint which is somewhat hinted
through the five of swords upright challenges with communication and maybe
being on stage so you may not be the easiest maybe being in the public eye
may not be the easiest position for some of you torian’s in the month of February
being on stage or in the public eye or the center of attention in some way now
you do actually have a very interesting card here you have the three of cups so
a Taurus so in the month of February there is something to celebrate there’s
a sense of coming together reunion unity unions joining in this could be all
different females here so it could be maybe something very female centric and some of you this is a hip-hip-hooray
moment the success comes in after a struggle or a journey or this is
something initiating so it’s like the ribbon-cutting ceremony for example
right some of you this is a wedding it’s all kinds of celebration get-togethers
parties for others this is going to be about different needs want preferences
desires are able to strike a deal so you’re able to strike a deal with
someone some of you torian’s are wondering you
know who do you fit in with who who is for you where do you fit in who do you belong with where you know
which group do you belong with where will you get support from and I feel
like support is coming for you so a lot of this spirit guide to sing is the is a
showing of support so there’s a show of support excuse me there’s a show of
support for you tourists but and you’re also part of this support system or
structure in the month of February that’s very good and very beautiful so
there’s a show of support for some of you it’s gonna be like you know guys
night out or you know girls night out together may even be for Valentine’s Day
for others so because it is a three of cups sometimes there’s a sense of like a
third party involvement or three party interference and you know there could be
somebody who’s a bit of a disruption or interference um
and it’s sort of like how do we make it work you know how do I work with this
dynamic an example might be for example you might be in love with someone who’s
married or currently going through divorce and it’s this sense of like I
have to confront or be around this person soon-to-be-ex for example and
there may be children involved so how do I make it work for example that’s one
example okay just to help you understand the energy for others it is very much
about these question of well the questions of belonging you know where do
I belong who do I belong with fitting in somewhere finally fitting in somewhere
there’s a nice invitation and offer you join in you’re the life of the party
some of you torian’s very interesting energy Taurus you also have the five of
cups reversed now keep in mind Taurus there are no heart starts and stops the
energy flows life is very full and some people actually believe
tourists that a new month starts around the 20 20 seconds when the Sun a major
major astrological energy body transitions into a whole new zodiac sign
so some of you torian’s will start to feel these energies in the last 8 9 or
10 days of January and then you will feel them again to varying degrees some
in major ways others in minor way some and more visibly apparent concrete ways
others in subtle ways through the month of February 2019 so remember there are
no heart starts and stops – energy flows so you have the five of cups reversed
tourists now the five of cups reversed indicates healing recovery making peace
realizing water is still running under the bridge seeking support seeking help
of realizing it it’s it’s right there it’s right behind you
and you accept it there’s something also maybe approved some of you may be
getting health a help and healing because a prescription of some sort may
be approved for you so you get say maybe medical help there may be prescriptions
that are finally approved or something like this a Medicare or Mel a health
care plan excuse me the five of cups and reverses sometimes about getting out
there and about not being so isolated maybe enjoying a little bit of the Sun
you know getting some vitamin D vitamin E vitamin C vitamin B so it’s a sense of
coming out opening up a little bit more being welcoming toward someone in some
area of your life that’s another way this card can play out it’s you know
happier moods up beats positivity optimism a good news
good events occurred that make you feel the sense of relief or less nervousness
someone may even put like their hand around your shoulders and say come here
come here tourists you know come with me so some of you may find this in God in
spirituality and belief systems your faith your religion for others this five
of cups in Reverse is going to come from you know help from a family members or
friends supportive energy very interesting and for others this is about
like I’m getting another thing here about like life life and death so some
of you this could actually be a pregnancy event so finally you got
something to celebrate right there’s a pregnancy event there’s a sense of
um now maybe you can announce something now you don’t have to worry about it or
be nervous or fearful about it or sad about it there’s actually something to
be very happy about and they’re saying it has to do with maybe a rescue life
rescue or something so some of you may have a very successful for example
operation or if you are concerned about a loved one who is maybe in the hospital
or in critical condition or just recovering there will be a good news for
some of you possibly with this theme of the five of cups reverse beautiful
message really love that for you Torres so much I love that for you okay you
also have the High Priestess energy Taurus now the High Priestess here
indicates for some of you this is going to be about listening to that inner
compass that intuition sometimes your intuition is what the spirit guides use
as a language to communicate with you the intuition so being centered calm
balanced some of you may be you know you might be actually involved in religion
spirituality we have the Torah here so there could be something about Judaism
for others this is going to be Taurus just you know connecting with God
spirituality many people don’t know this but the High Priestess is actually the
Divine Feminine many people think the up versus but the Empress is not the
Empress is a human female is just the feminine of the the 3dr the human female
but this is the divine feminine she is the consort of the Father God for
example or the divine masculine so some of you may be very much connected to
your inner goddess the divine feminine side you may be studying something
related to spirituality spiritual research and guidance some of you this
is about energy healing balancing becoming centered becoming anchored some
of you are waiting things out with emotional discipline the moon is at your
feet so you know you’re just remaining centered balance you might be very
watchful and Observatory so you may be very much observing people this is like
the people watching card sometimes to me it’s like the people watching card and
so you’re really observing you’re waiting things out your your you know
playing it smart your being cool collected maybe playing a bit of a
strategy game here for others this is nothing about the third eye chakra crown
chakra this may be about for some of you you know christianity catholicism of
judaism the judeo-christian traditions for others this is about your solitude
your peace your meditation time your sacred space in the month of february
tourists that may be very important meditation mantras this these energies
are relevant ears so see how this theme plays out for you emotional discipline
is relevant and important for you tourists in the month of february okay
and you can always reach out to me for guidance
now taurus i’m going to tell you the archangel messages for the matters of
the heart for the Lavi area because we have an interesting transit from Venus
into capricorn on february 3 that’s definitely going to influence your life
taurus before then i’m gonna just get some random messages from your spirit
guides outside of the cards outside of the tools and then I’ll tell you what
the messages are from the Archangels for you for matters of love romantic love
matters of the heart universe spirit order the messages for Taurus I see an
abundant partnership that’s very good so there’s a real you like really click
with someone this this month or in February you’re really gonna click with
someone vibe well with someone and it may be a very fruitful business
partnership it may be a signing of a contract it could even be you know
buyers and sellers really come together in real estate or landlord and tenants
really come together and they really click very well so there’s an abundant
partnership of some sort and there may be may be material benefit or gain also
involved in some ways or just you know helping each other out like mutual
benefit right doing things for each other something like that
very nice energy and abundant partnership for torian’s in the month of
February is in the picture ok I also see something here maybe like very positive
extremely positive love positive energy some of it is related to God’s love some
of it may be related to Jesus Christ’s mother Mary heavenly being
angels Archangels some of you this has to do like with love from just romantic
life a very beautiful experience others it has to do with the daughter so very
female quality here which is interesting because we do have the high priestess
coming in for you Taurus in the month of February so for some this is romance for
others this is very much spiritual a bit of spirituality based love or love from
the higher dimensions for other torian’s this is going to be may be related to a
daughter very young female and there could be a pregnancy event a birth of a
young daughter or birth of a child or there’s a very good connection with just
a daughter in your life and there’s love there’s a expressions of love through
helpful actions through kind words beautiful communications very very
beautiful energy here with this kind of a beautiful pink positive energy I’m
getting here more optimism for some of you I do see torian’s much more happy
which is also indicated with the three of cups in the month of February there’s
happiness at some point as well some torian’s are saying there may be a sense
of like maybe a connection with like the UK Scotland or Ireland Irish connection
maybe some of you for example in Valentine’s Day you might be meeting
someone in an Irish pub for example some of you may be thinking about you know
st. Patrick’s Day already in February so there’s something here though for a lot
of you a significant connection to Europe particularly the UK’s and
Scotland so Ireland Scotland Britain you may be
may be very concerned about breaks it right world events current events for
others you may be travelling there some of you may be connecting with someone
who is or has some background of in that region of the world in that area of the
world or that um I think it’s a peninsula or island or something right
isn’t it the UK an island right I can’t remember but I think it is um okay and
um one more thing they’re saying like um I do see like some of you are like
literally um cloud9
you’re just on cloud nine so there’s something very happy happening to Alyssa
a lotta torian’s you’re just in cloud on cloud nine and I just love that for you
now because they say cloud nine I mean some of you may be going to going and
taking a very fun adventurous travel you know trip something very nice for you
torian’s in the month of February you’re gonna really enjoy it you’re gonna
really love it and it’s going to be maybe it’ll take
you to the UK right it’ll take you to a Scotland in the UK but um you may pass
over you may have a layover or something in the UK but whatever it is a lot of
you are on cloud 9 in the month of February you’re happy and this could
even be because of love romance something really good something happens
that turns out really well for you you’re ecstatic about it you’re on cloud
nine they say I really love that for you I so love that tourist for you
in February especially because it’s the month of love right I mean what a great
message right I think you’re the only one I think who got that message from
all the readings I’ve done thus far they are saying one thing to me they’re
saying like some of you they’re showing your legs and like your arms some of you
may be going through physical therapy others this is like nutrition
diet-related so it’s a good month in the month of February to focus on medical
health but I really feel for you torian’s it’s like your health so there
may be someone else you’re concerned about but don’t forget about yourself in
the month of February Taurus and you might be forgetting about yourself for a
while but the month of February will provide opportunity if you want to take
it now it’s up to you right this is where your free will kicks in but it
will you will be provided opportunity by the universe by your guides to give to
yourself your body so take care of your medical health take care of your
nutrition physical therapy movements fitness whatever it may be it’s a very
important month Taurus to not forget about yourself and if you want to stop
forgetting about yourself it’s a very good month in the month of February to
literally stop stop forgetting about yourself
remember yourself again and focus on your health as well as much as you may
focus on another person’s health or become concerned or nervous about them
focus on yourself as well and there may be some of you I feel like
you have a crush on like a female like are you just very like again that pink
love energy is coming back to me it’s like female support great female vibes
female friends but some of you have like a crush on somebody and I think it’s
cute it’s very beautiful energy so you’re experiencing love some of you
torian’s um they’re saying one more thing now they’re saying like like
attracts like keep that in mind so in the month of February some of you may
realize it’s not really about opposites it’s actually like attracting like so
you may find someone you may connect with someone or click with someone could
even be in a business partnership a family connection all kinds of
relationships right this is a general reading it’s not a personal reading for
you Taurus so there’s a sense that some of you will come to realize oh my god
this person’s kind of like me or this person’s like really thinks on the same
level or maybe they have the same viewpoints or values like I do or
they’re just they just vibe really well with me and there’s something here about
like attracting like in the month of February for you Taurus and they’re also
saying that there is something here about some of you may be contending a
little bit like with a father figure or disciplinarian figure like an authority
figure you may be feeling like you gotta again it’s like you gotta maybe stand up
for yourself or say something or you’re feeling like you’re yeah there’s like
head-butting maybe or be me to submit or there’s difficulty so maybe it’s related
to this king of Wands reverse for some of you there is a sense of like butting
heads and you’re trying and arguments it might be a bit there may be friction
tensions yeah with a particular male or masculine
energy for some of you torian’s in the month of February okay this could be
like maybe your maybe your I don’t know like maybe you have a boy baby you have
a girlfriend and this is your girlfriend’s ex or something you know
whatever it is or father of her children you know whatever it is there’s some
budding heads maybe coming through and it might even be with a male figure
who’s a little bit in between two or three women something like this he maybe
maybe he’s just you know as a he’s dealing like you’re with someone and
this man it has an ex-wife or children from a different woman and you know he’s
with you and there’s some butting heads and arguments and tension and friction
potentially in the month of February for some of you torian’s okay now Taurus we
have that important Venus the planet of love transitioning from Sagittarius into
Capricorn in on February 3 2019 and it’s stuffin gonna influence matters of the
heart for you now matters of the heart can be you know romantic love for some
of you it’s divorce and marriage matters for others this is about twin flame
reconciliation twin flame separation twin flame union twin flame recognition
for the first time for others this may be in a love soulmate connection
partnership relationship and the message from the arc angels Archangels yards a
skill is surrender so part of this is for some of you is there could be a
sense of like okay you may be feeling like you want to give out and give up
but some of you have to maybe strike a balance you have to work harder at
trying to get a balance or equilibrium in for others this is about integrity so
there could be challenges and you may feel like walking away giving up because
someone’s integrity is just not there and integrity doesn’t always have to be
about cheating and disloyalty it could just be that someone’s just not kind to
you they don’t treat you right for example for some of you torian’s for
others you may be a bit tired of waiting so you’re like wondering when is my
lover gonna come when is my husband gonna come so there’s a sense of you
know you’re tired you’re exhausted the heart is taking a bit of a hit some of
you need to have release you need to let go of the release and let go of heavy
energies and the past and um some of you this is a sense of surrendering to
universal love just letting the world and see what the
universe brings to you the theme of surrender can be tiredness exhaustion as
well of course and matters of the heart you’re a bit tired of it all you need
your space you need your time and some of it is about allowing rather than for
things so some of you may allow rather than force okay so check me out for your
personal readings Taurus you can ask me all kinds of questions and law of career
money all kinds of unique questions in all areas of life check out my awesome
real reviews at Golden Sun a life.com please like please share please
subscribe I’ll be very grateful Taurus your comments are welcome as well
and you can also use me to connect with passed away loved ones and pets I am a
medium as well if you would like to book an energy healing and balancing session
with me you can also sign up on my website for that and read the reviews
and testimonials for my energy services there Taurus and you can also give my
readings to family and friends as gifts for the holidays and birthdays okay
thank you very much Torres happy Valentine’s Day

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