Tales of demons and gods 254.5 [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

Tales of demons and gods 254.5 [ENGLISH SUBTITLE]

hey what’s up guys the video is ready
but the translation is still on the way so be sure to follow this channel
whenever I finish the translation then I will change the title oh yeah I would
like to remind you also about the this channel the the video is Sunday for the
review the preview so whenever you whenever the original comic is ready
then I would like to remind you that you need to buy the original one okay enjoy this is a VIP token from The Jade Seal Auction house. as long as you hold this, regular people will not dare to mess with you This time around, powerful people have come here, even the Demi-gods are here. when Nie Li nephew in trouble, show them this token. most problems will eventually be resolved by this token. ay! Our Jade Seal Auction house now is in the top three auction house in the entire Nether realm. hohoho. we have some social status in this NeterRealm. it all thanks to the weapon and armor made by Nie Li Nephew that we can be the top three Auction house. hahahaha however, in the next few days, instead of going out, it’s better for Nie Li Nephew to stay in the camp. it’s very chaotic here, so you should be very careful. Thank you Uncle Luo for reminding me. I’ll stay alert and be careful now, I think that’s enough for now, I’ll arrange a place for you. then I’ll have to trouble Uncle Luo for that so many… Strong men are everywhere, and all are demi-gods … the position of this heir is indeed sought after. should I stay in the camp these days to cultivate? or… um…. it’s still only a little crack on it. This, I’ve given it much power of law on the way here. Why is it not hatching yet? But it’s heartbeat is getting stronger. I can feel that our relationship has deepened. hatch quickly!! No matter what species you are, you are going to be my child. Nie Li! Nie Li! (rustle) eh. What’s wrong? put … Oh, I just heard some rumors. what? there are some youngsters who went into the first floor of the Nine-layered Deathlands. Said that they are trying to look for Spiritual Origin Fruit, which can greatly improve cultivation. Spiritual Origin Fruit? that is a very rare item. It is said that this kind of fruit is only growing under the bones of the strong. But the spirit element itself is extremely pure. If you can really find some fruits, it will indeed help your cultivation. it might.. even help you to break through to the legend rank immediately. it such good stuff. The seventh floor won’t open in three days, if we can obtain theSpiritual Origin Fruit then we will have more certainty moving forward.. come on, let’s go! call everyone now, we are leaving! how did your sword get on your back so quickly?? don’t need to tell you, now go and call them! Aye Sir! Hence, that day was the day Nie Li and his companions departed for the Nine-Layered deathlands. bump AH! sorry! Lu Piao! don’t scare me! I didn’t scare you, the bones scare you! e…. there are so many people here I could feel the Miasma the entire journey here, the deathlands are not for ordinary people indeed… haven’t you noticed that the mist is getting Thicker? EH?!! Don’t let your guard down. we have entered the Nine-layered deathlands. so how’s the video do you know anything about that what is going to happen so please write something under comment
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There going to compete the others while there being submerged in the mist. Then, they’ll meet someone later and they’ll avenge for the city lord for being poisoned by his adopted son and eventually he dies from a deep ground. Then, meets up with someone. So yeah you all will know soon.

Tolong bar barnya dikendalikan.
Wajah TS tolong lebih ganteng dikit biar enak dilihatnya
Suara udah oke.
Gestur gak over.
Makan udah teratur

Dan yg terahir senyumnya BIASA AJA BOY


Hahaha I thought you were more black gold rank or legend by your nickname sucko haha ​​but you were bronze rank 3 stars XD. :v thanks for the video brother.

You guys doing a great job! Been here since the beginning. Sad ReadManhua channel had to die with all those subs. But ill support u guys til the end!~


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