Take This – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

-Take this, my son. For it is my body. -Thank you, Jesus. -And take this. For it is my blood. -Yes, Jesus. -Take this, my son. For it is my hair. -Uhhhhhhhhh… Okay, Jesus. -And this is my head! -Jesus. It’s ready. -It’s perfect! -Oh shit! Here they come! (muffled laughter) -Look everybody! He’s ascending!

So basically Jesus didn’t die on cross and that's what we Muslims believe. MashAllah that was a HALAL gag.

25% of comments about the banana
25% of comments about mayonnaise and Judas
25% of comments about the flying spaghetti monster
25% of comments about religion

Take This Bread As It Is My Skin…
Take This Wine For It Is My Blood…
opens a jar of mayonnaise
Everyone: OH HELL NAW

*christians when we make a meme about their religion : lmao this is funny
*muslims when we make a meme abiut their religion : yOu WaNnA dIE yOu fUckInG tWaT? Imma stone u to death

भारत मे हिन्दू मुस्लिम के भगवानों के बारे में बोला जाता तो अभी तक क्लेश हो जाता यँहा गांडू भरे हुए हैं जो धर्म को इन्शान से बड़ा समझते हैं।।

When I saw the sausages link I thought ''what a big weiner he has'' then I thought ''oh, right. He's Jesus''. And then it turns out it was his legs


Please dont make any other joke on Our Lord Jesus Christ.

i love ur videos and watch every single one of it, but this one is very very serious and a big mistake..for you are almost about to see him.

Pliz dont do this again..

Ur fan

It was creative and I always loved this channel but I disliked this particular vedio because I feel it's not good to make a joke about it I don't want to be a spoil sport but it kind of doesn't feel right

Total heresy, but a small giggle happened. A request for forgiveness was made. Try that with Mohammad and you will have a Fatwa on your head. Christians are more forgiving and fun.

Imagine if Jesus did that. He might live till now. But then he did it to save us from sins…. Damn jesus would do anything to keep the world in tacked


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