Sweeney Todd – A Little Priest

Sweeney Todd - A Little Priest

Well, we know why Mrs. Potts was punished and turned into a teapot. Now we just need to work out how Lumiere and Cogsworth got cursed too…

If he had gotten to raise Johanna… He could've been the cool barber dad with all the lame jokes and puns everyone laughs at. And Aunt Lovett downstairs joining him.

Honestly, this is one of the only songs in Sweeney Todd where I prefer the original Broadway version over the 2007 movie version. The intro makes Mrs. Lovett seem smarter, and the puns are amazing.

I'm not sure if my choir teacher would allow me and my friend to sing this for one of our concerts. I mean she only has rules about swearing. None about cannibalism.

There were actually a lot of visitors to the Beast's castle over the years. Mrs. Potts just killed them all and brewed them in tea before the Beast found out they were there. How Belle and her father survived is still a mystery. We're all out of priest, but now you can try a little Beast.

Is that "oh its piping hot, so blow on it first," is that a sex joke or am I missing a different joke? Went to the theater to see this, but didnt get it, so camrle here and idk if I get it?

I'm not gonna ask about the murder
Or the cannibalism
I'm gonna ask this:
How does Mrs.Lovett know what Beadle and Lawyer and Priest taste like?
And how does she already have them ready to go?


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