Sweeney Todd A Little Priest with Lyrics

Sweeney Todd A Little Priest with Lyrics

I'd like to imagine somewhere in some alternative timeline, there's a version of Sweeney Todd where he just actually gives haircuts and hums Broadway show tunes.

This song among my other musical theatre friends is put to the side, but this is honestly one of my favorite songs from Sweeney Todd

Here's the politician so oily
It's served with a doily
'Ave one!

Put it on a bun
Well, you never know if it's going to run!

I love this part

As much as I love Depp and Tim Burton, this is probably the worst version of this song I’ve heard.. it’s a punny song of two people pissing themselves laughing at their own jokes and here both Lovett and Sweeney sound like they’d both rather be anywhere other than where they currently are.

Huh what I noticed is that the performances from the film from audio alone don't seem quite as impressive as with the stage production audios, but once it's paired with the visuals from Depp and Carter and Burton's distinctive style it proves to match it quite well.

Ok, great song, one complaint. Helena plays the character much differently than the broadway version. Here there's a lot less malice, less insanity. It feels more like desperation and sadness than actual murderessness. She feels less like an accomplice and more like an abuse victim. Now, that's all well and good, and does suit Carter's vocals better, except for this song. This is a song about cannibalism. This song demonstrates mania and the true depth of their mutual insanity as they share in each other's delight at the idea of cooking and serving their murder victims, and entertain each other with a series of bad puns about the people they cook. They don't portray that quite as well in this version, the song is slower and they don't seem to find it quite as disturbingly funny. This song was when Carter should have remembered her days as Bellatrix Lestrange, but she didn't do that. As a result, they don't seem quite as exited and amused by their idea. Otherwise, great song.

“Everybody shaves so there should be plenty of flavors” lol!

The wit this song has never ceases to amaze me.

‘But that is called cannibalism my dear children, and is infact frowned upon in most societies.’

Mrs.Lovett:What mr.Todd what mr.Todd what is that sound
Mr.Todd:Those crunching noise pervading the air
Mrs.Lovett:Yes, mr.Todd! yes, mr.Todd! yes, all around!
Me:I am eatting cereal!

My friend Jessica and I pranked my crush with this song. Yes we had to edit it some so it made sense. He entered the group chat then sent a video of a kid in my class doing pull ups. It was such a turn.

"No, you see the trouble with poet is how do you know it's "diseased", try the priest" – Diseased, not deceased.

It's sad that they didn't use the lines:

L: Now, this might be a bit stringy, but then, of course, it's fiddle player.
S: holding back laughter That isn't fiddle player. It's piccolo player.
L: How can you tell?
S: It's PIPING hot.
L: Then blow on it first.
both proceed to lose their shit


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