Supernatural Season 8: Will Dean & Benny’s Bromance Cause a Rift Between the Winchesters?!

Supernatural Season 8: Will Dean & Benny’s Bromance Cause a Rift Between the Winchesters?!

If you thought the Winchester Brothers were
tight, you might want to get ready for a whole new Supernatural bromance! Our friends at
Wetpaint caught up with the swoon-worthy Jensen Ackles, who gave some insight into Dean’s
new relationship with dangerous vampire Benny, played by guest star Ty Olsson. “[He’s] not
the kind of character Dean would allow to live, much less team up with, but Benny really
earned his stripes with Dean. To explain that relationship to his brother is going to pose
some difficult things ahead.” Do you think Benny will drive a wedge between our favorite
TV brothers? Don’t miss new episodes of Supernatural, Wednesdays on the CW, and check back with
us for more TV scoop.

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