Supernatural Season 1 Episode 1 Reaction “Pilot”

Even if you dont record your reaction to every episode….PLEASE watch it in order. They do some crazy stuff/story lines that no other show could get away with, so watch it in order. SPN family for life… Always Keep Fighting. Much 💜and ✌everyone

Welcome to the show. Whether you choose to do a reaction video to every episode or not, I'm happy to see a new fan come into the show. It's a long, and bumpy ride, so strap in. One head's up – WBTV is VERY strict about copyright. Most reactors have a problem with getting claims or blocks. No matter what they do. One thing that seems to help is making the insert video somewhat transparent. The 10 minute limit doesn't seem to be the main issue. The music on the show sometimes causes problems.
I LOVE this show. And the two main characters. Dean is my favorite character, of any medium. While I love this show, I do acknowledge that there are some crappy episodes every season. But the show keeps growing and evolving. Which I like. One amazing bit of info about this show, is that the budget for the first season was ridiculously small. It's amazing what they were able to do with such a small amount of money that year. The 2 main actors – Jared (Sam) and Jensen (Dean) – do a great job in this show. They play brothers so well partly because they are actually really good friends in real life.

The Supernatural (SPN) fandom is pretty big and intense, so you will probably see a surge of viewers once people find out there is a new Reactor. And, no matter what you say, people will demand more reactions and at a faster pace. Sorry, but that happens. Having moderators is a great idea.

Enjoy the ride and
Good luck!

I would love to see every episode but that is up to you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Supernatural! It will hook you and never let go!!!!!

So great that we have another reactor! If you can, please do every episode. So many of us love seeing someone new discover the show. I really hope you love it. I haven't read the other comments so I may well be repeating what others have said.

Essentially, I can't really add to what you said in your video – answers to your questions will all come (eventually). Telling you now would be spoilers.

Glad you picked up on that brother bond – it's the cornerstone of the whole series. Season 1 is pretty slow and of varied quality. It's very MOTW based, so only a few episodes even mention the season arc that you mentioned. This all changes in Season 2 which begins to be more story focussed.

I'm really glad you've got moderators – this show can be absolutely ruined by spoilers and some people are careless.

I really think you're going to enjoy this series. It's quite a journey to be honest with lots of twists and turns along the way, not to mention it will REALLY tug at your emotions at times.

As to some of the things you were speculating on… you really didn't "miss" anything that you should have picked up on. After the first episode you're meant to be asking most of those questions, and eventually, you will get answers. It just… might take a while for some of them. LOL I'm also glad that you have moderators, because I've seen other reactors get horribly spoiled by people who either get overly enthusiastic about things to come, or forget when they try to explain something from the episode the person just watched that a lot of the information they're explaining hadn't been revealed yet.

I'm glad that you'll have some freedom in your schedule to watch this show whenever, because with them going into their 14th season, you have a loooooooot to catch up on. LOL I would suggest doing most of the episodes if you can. It'll doubtlessly take a while, but I think it would be well-worth it. Though, there are usually a few episodes per season that could just as easily be skipped when it comes to showing them here. Maybe after you've watched through the first season, you could take a poll on how people would like to see you continue? Most of us could recommend which episodes are really important for the overall plot or are at least so entertaining that they're necessary and which ones you could skip. For the first season though, I would suggest recording all of them, because it basically establishes the overall premise of the show and the relationship between the brothers.

Happy viewing and welcome to our weird, messed-up, crazy, and sometimes dysfunctional family!

(Quick added note about this episode: If it seemed oddly convenient that Dean showed up at Sam's door just when things were going down after he'd already driven away, there was a deleted scene showing him driving down the road when the radio and other electric systems in his car started acting up, and he knew from all his years of Hunting that that generally indicated bad things were happening. That's why he turned around and went back to his brother's place and showed up just in time to haul him out of the fire.)

Definitely watch every episode even if you don't upload reactions to every single one. Otherwise you could miss out on important details that are important later. But I voted for uploading every episode.

watch the whole series!! You think they're close there wait til the later seasons. In real life the actors are like brothers.

You can miss some episodes…
But after a couple of seasons…
XD you just will be soooooooo in… you wont have power on your body, you will watch it all

So excited to see you doing this! (I'm a Pentaholic who is missing your reactions!!) I hope you will do most, if not all of the episodes. There should be a list out there of the important ones to react to.

definitely watch seasons 1-5. after that you can just search for a list of important episodes. ones that drive the plot. skip fillers

Oooooh man. If you're BARELY starting this show, you're behind times and have ALOT of catching up to do. Lol! I haven't started the video yet but Im warning you…..
Supernatural has a very VERY loyal fan base. If you hate on it just a tiny bit? We will attack full force lol. I won't but Im part of the fan base. So enjoy!! Now to watch this video….

It is one of the best if not hhe best pilot I have seen. Good quality FX for a TV show of 15 years ago, the chemistry between the brothers is really believable, as you said. Its got humour and effective drama… I could go on and on. Your reaction to it was really enjoyable, too! Hope to see more than two episode per season from you.

Supernatural is the best! Excited to watch season 14 when it comes on Netflix. Obviously so I can binge watch. XD
Great reaction!

I'm loving all these Supernatural reactions lately! I know that filming and editing reaction videos for all 13 (and subsequently 14) seasons is draining and will take a long, long, longgg time, so maybe only show reactions for the first 5 seasons? Obviously the other seasons are still important, and each season has its own unique story (although it does all link together obviously), but I think you'll enjoy watching them in your own time – if you were so inclined to. Maybe you could just post season reviews? Or one video to review 5 or so episodes? That way you won't have to film every single episode you watch, and can instead just make basic notes about what your reacions where and things you wanted to discuss. Nonetheless, the first season is a little iffy (it was kind of a low-budget series back then and no one expected it to get where it is today), but stick with it and the characters and plot directions will really draw you in. There are a few bad episodes mixed into the seasons, and sometimes there are episodes that you feel don't really make sense of fit in with the overarching storyline, however like I said the overall series is absolutely amazing and I really feel like you will enjoy it.

You don't have to react to all episode, but you should do a poll for future episodes like, as a big SPN Fan I want to see you react to first episode of 4th season, or the 200th special episode 😉

OMG, you're starting to react to SPN?!?! I'm signing up right the f*ck now!!!! Really S1-S6 are the best IMO. Between this and your BTX reactions I'm here for this!!

Oh you are going to love this series! I recommend that you watch every episode. The writers are very very good and something is put into each episode that has to do with the series and its progression. I think that was a really smart way to write this series because they have the hook already with this pilot and in every episode they give you a little bit that adds to the overall story that is behind each weekly episode . It keeps you tuning in so that you get all of the parts of the main background story while you are thoroughly enjoying what's going on in the episode . Like I said it's well-written because it makes you tune in the next week because you're afraid if you don't you'll miss something important as well as the show is just so dang good you cross the days off on the calendar until it gets to the day Supernatural is on! The relationship between Sam and Dean is awesome and Dean himself is great! He is such a smart-ass and I love him! If you upload one I will come watch it with you! You're going to have so much fun!

yesss! my all time favourite tv-show. this video have been in my recommendations for a few days, so had to click on it. glad you watching this show!! actually rewatching it currently with my boyfriend who haven't seen it yet. he loves it too =) you'll get into the show quickly, the story is amazing

Glad you're watching Supernatural. It's a long series so even you don't plan to react to all seasons, I would personally suggest watching and reacting to S1-5 at the least. It's one big story arc. After that the series has still remained strong though some seasons are definitely weaker than others. But overall, it's a great series with amazing characters and cast.

Please please please do all the seasons I really love the reactions of My winchester big brothers😘😘😘 thank you so much for the effort

Wonderful!!! ❤️ all episodes of every season please! I mean it’s not like the fans will mind taking this journey with you no matter how long it takes. This series is worth it and so are you! 😊

English translation by Google at the bottom (?)

Buenas, aqui esta su comentario en español de turno(?) primero que nada queria agradecerle a Kassandra por los subtítulos en español, debo decir que al principio me sentí bastante identificada con lo que decías, empece a ver Sobrenatural desde la segunda temporada, la empece a ver por un personaje en especial junto a mi madre y mi hermana y bueno, mientras la iba viendo cada vez me gusto más, nunca me vi la primera temporada asi que disfrutare de ver la primera temporada contigo, disfruta de esta serie uwu

Howdy, First of all I wanted to thank Kassandra for the subtitles in Spanish, I must say that at first I felt quite identified with what you said, I started to see Supernatural from the second season, I started to see her for a special character with my mother and My sister and well, while I was watching her every time I liked her more, I never saw the first season so I will enjoy watching the first season with you, enjoy this series. uwu

I love seeing your theorizing, since I'm someone who's seen 99% of the show, approximately. Also, it's cute to see how much you like Jess.

Questions for the Q&A after Season 1 under this comment please! For Early Access to the next Episode(s) and Full Length Reactions, check out our Patreon!

Glad to see you are into something else now that I really like. Your reactions have always been great. Maybe in future you'd consider I Zombie.

Thank you for doing these reactions as since Netflix had removed the episodes I can watch it through you. Thank you so much ♥️🙏🏻

It's because Sam needs to be evil. Watch the rest it is sooooo good. And if you get in a bit further than you will understand. Your funny. And I love your reactions. You should do all of them but mostly the French mistake

I just started watching this show in the last month. I am addicted. I honestly don't know where I have been for the past decade.

all the show is good after season 5 its great after season 9 its fantastic after season 11 its iconic and so great.Bc there are so many seasons there arch and the plot line gets better and more harder and each season your like they cant do better than this or theres nothing else to do, but they do it so good

I had never watched reaction videos until I saw one about Home Free on Christmas Day. I watched it and then looked for more. I found yours and I liked you and the other guy a lot (Sorry, I never quite catch his name). I have been watching a LOT of reaction videos since then, but I've started running out of Home Free ones. Tonight I discovered that you are doing reactions to my favorite show!!! So, of course, I am watching the third one as I type!! HaHaHa

“This is the most believable brother relationship I’ve ever seen in television.” This is the exact reason I started watching the show. The onscreen chemistry between the actors Jared and Jensen is just exceptional. They’re pretty great friends offscreen, too.

Season 1 is really just a “monster of the week” sort of thing but there’s much more plot, and Season 5 is the last of the storyline that was building up from season 1. After that, I’m pretty sure each season has a different storyline

Awwww… I know I'm way behind in finding this reaction of yours, but your confusion is so cute and endearing!

Just found your reactions. This is one of my favorite shows. There is quite a bit of camp, but I still love the show and I think you will too.

Hi, I haven't had TV for over 10 years. Recently I discovered that I can watch old TV series on my computer. The main problem is they are hard to find and it takes me more time to find them than it does to watch them. In this case I can't find the 1st episode of season 1. Some of the other episodes look like they were half hour shows. Was Supernatural only on for half an hour?
You are just great and funny! Your reactions are priceless. And I'm enjoying them immensely.
Unfortunately, given the age of my eyes the box you show the episode in is too small for me to see the picture. Which is too bad for me as your colours are great if a bit dark.
Can you do anything to help me?
Many thanks, Cathy

Does anyone know where i can watch the first episode of the first season of supernatural?? I really wanna wacht it but i can't find it anywhere 🙁

Oh man I'm excited for this. Supernatural is the best show in the world (in my humble opinion) and I'm currently on my third time through it. I am so in love with this show and its characters and I can't say enough good stuff about it. Can't wait to see what you think! Starting the video now, possibly more comments to come.

Look… I really really love this show. This is my favorite. But someone tell me, when Sam says Metallica, Dean start that cassette, and then why AC/DC? I can't describe it sorry, I can't remember I'm in the 11 season 😅


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