Supernatural cause of all suicides? | Struggle with depression | Lana del Rey | Kurt Cobain

What is that which makes people depressed
or even make them commit suicide? According to the American Academy of Suicidology,
about two thirds of people who commit suicide are depressed at the time of their death,
and the risk of suicide is about 20 times greater among people with major depression. Depression is a common and serious medical
illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or
a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. One in six people (16.6%) will experience
depression at some time in their life. But what causes it? There are many researchers who believe that
an imbalance in serotonin levels, which is one of the happiness hormones/neurotransmitters
together with endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin, may influence mood in a way that leads to
depression. Levels of happiness hormones are influenced
by genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle. However, there is one common trait of depressed
people that almost no one notices and I’ve discovered it recently while looking for proofs
to prove or disprove astrology. I’ve analyzed birth charts of famous people
who committed suicides during 20th and 21st century and suffered from depression. Data was obtained from a site
and only those whose time of birth was known were analyzed. An interesting pattern that I’ve discovered
in their birth charts led me to a conclusion that all of these people were extremely emotional
and probably their emotions were suffocated when depression was developed. What is this pattern I’m talking about? I’ll demonstrate it on examples further
in this video, but in general, majority of these celebrities had planets placed in constellations
of Scorpio and/or its associated 8th house, plus planets in Cancer and/or its associated
4th house. Here you can see the list. Of 29 analyzed famous people who committed
suicide, 18 of them had planets in both Scorpio/8th house and Cancer/4th house, 9 of them had
planets in just one of these 2 signs, while only 2 of them didn’t follow this pattern
whatsoever. 2 signs out of twelve is 16.6%, order of magnitude
of how many people suffer from depression at least once during their lifetime according
to scientific studies. That’s an interesting match, don’t you
think? This is by no means a signal that every Scorpio/Cancer
person will commit suicide or even be depressed – it’s just a signal that these 2 signs,
which are highly emotional according to astrology theory, might be more likely to feel futility
and heaviness of everyday life under certain environmental factors, lifestyle and genetics. Unlike third emotional sign, which is Pisces,
those two are not blessed with dreamy and optimistic view of life that Pisces have. Now let me try to prove this hypothesis on
examples I gathered. Let’s start with Kurt Cobain, who was the
lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the grunge band Nirvana. He used shotgun to kill himself. Had Mars and Neptune in Scorpio, Moon and
Jupiter in Cancer. Next is Robin Williams, he was an american
actor and comedian. Confirmed suicide, died of asphyxia due to
hanging. Ascendant in Scorpio, Mars and Uranus in the
8th house; Sun, Mars and Uranus – all in Cancer. Chester Bennington was best known as the lead
vocalist for Linkin Park. Death was ruled a suicide by hanging. Had ascendant and Uranus in Scorpio, Mars
in the 8th house; Mars and Saturn in Cancer; Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 4th house. Michele Gauquelin, was psychologist and statistician,
tried to establish astrology as a science – best known for his work on so called ‘’Mars
effect’’ in astrology. Committed suicide on May the 20th, 1991 in
Paris. Had Sun and Mercury in Scorpio; Sun, Mercury
and Moon in the 4th house, Mars and Pluto in Cancer. Hunter Stockton Thompson was an American journalist
and author, and the founder of the gonzo journalism movement. Committed suicide at the age of 67. Again Mars in Scorpio, also in the 8th house
together with Moon, Sun and Pluto in Cancer. Jonathan Brandis was an American actor. Hanged himself in the hallway of his LA apartment
building. Ascendant and Uranus in Scorpio, Mars in the
8th house and also in Cancer alongside Saturn. Anthony Bourdain was an American celebrity
chef, author, and travel documentarian who starred in programs focusing on the exploration
of international culture, cuisine, and the human condition. Was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging
in his room at Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg. Saturn in Scorpio and the 4th house, Mars
in the 8th house, Sun in Cancer. Bob Welch was an American musician who was
a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974. Was found by his wife with a self-inflicted
gunshot wound to the chest. Venus, Mercury, Pluto and Sun all in the 8th
house; Moon and Saturn in Cancer. Danielle Collobert was a French author, poet
and journalist. Died by suicide on her birthday, in a hotel
in Paris. Mercury, Sun, Pluto and Mars in the 8th house;
Mercury in Cancer. Nick Drake was an English singer-songwriter
known for his acoustic guitar-based songs. Drake died from an overdose of approximately
30 amitriptyline pills, a prescribed antidepressant. Moon in Scorpio; Ascendant, Venus and Mercury
in Cancer. Phyllis Hyman was an American singer, songwriter,
and actress. Died by suicide by overdosing on pentobarbital
and secobarbital in the bedroom of her New York City apartment. Venus and Pluto in the 8th house; Sun and
Uranus in Cancer. Margaux Hemingway was an American fashion
model and actress. Died from a drug overdose at the age of 42. Saturn in Scorpio, Moon in the 8th house,
Jupiter and Uranus in cancer and the 4th house at the same time. Ernest Hemingway, a winner of the Nobel Prize
and the Pulitzer Prize, was an American journalist, novelist, short-story writer, and sportsman. He committed suicide in his Ketchum home. Jupiter in Scorpio; Sun and Venus in Cancer;
Uranus and Saturn in the 4th house. Diane Arbus was an American photographer. She swallowed a large dose of barbiturates
then she slit her wrists. Jupiter in Scorpio, Neptune in the 8th house,
Pluto in Cancer, Mars in the 4th house. Sylvia Plath was an American poet, novelist,
and short-story writer. Was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning
with her head in the oven. Mercury and Sun in Scorpio; Sun also in the
8th house; only Pluto in Cancer. Carole Landis was an American actress and
singer. She committed suicide by barbiturate overdose. Had Neptune and Saturn in the 8th house, Jupiter
and Pluto in Cancer. Henry Goetz was a French American surrealist
painter and engraver. Goetz committed suicide by jumping from the
fifth floor of the hospital. Venus in Scorpio, Mars and Moon in the 8th
house; only Neptune in Cancer. Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, comedienne,
singer, and model. Marilyn died of a barbiturate overdose. Saturn in Scorpio and the 4th house, Mars
and Uranus in the 8th house, Pluto in Cancer. Last but not least, a person that is still
alive and hopefully will stay that way, but has at one point during an interview expressed
her wish to be dead. I am talking about famous Elizabeth Woolridge
Grant, known professionally as Lana del Rey, which is an American singer and songwriter. During this interview with the New York times
she said quote ‘’I love the idea that it’ll all be over. It’s just a relief, really. I am scared to die, but I want to die.’’ It was also confirmed that she was suffering
from depression and alcohol addiction earlier in her life. By checking her birth chart, we can see influence
of Scorpio, the 8th house and Cancer, just like in previous ones I’ve shown to you. Her ascendant, Saturn and Pluto are in Scorpio;
Sun, Mars and Moon in the 8th house and Cancer at the same time. What’s the conclusion? Highly emotional people tend to be some sort
of a fragile receiver of all that negative emotional energy society is throwing at them
everyday. While most of the time being interested in
transcendence as well rather than material world, you can draw a conclusion yourself
how this highly materialistic world affects them. Unless they can find people or at least one
person who shares their views and emphasized emotional personality but also a transcendent
goal to live for, they would rather turn to alcohol, drugs or even die than continue the
struggle of waking every day and trying to live through meaningless life. Clearly, being rich, famous and partying all
the time on one hand, or living a simple mundane life on the other hand, is not what makes
everyone consider their life worth of living. Though larger sample is needed to definitely
confirm it, the astrological pattern I’ve discovered studying birth charts of famous
people may help us detect those who might be the most susceptible to depression and
ideas of suicide. But what’s even more important, it may help
them to find out their true personality and understand it. Understanding yourself properly is a starting
point from where you can fight whatever problem life throws at you and seek your place in
the world a.k.a. happiness.

great content , so sad but very informative , thanks a lot for sharing … can't wait to watch more , keep it up and good luck

It's to hard to determine how difficult depression is unless you experience it urself. Depression really is one of the most difficult problems in the world because I think our greatest enemy is ourselves ☚ī¸â˜šī¸đŸ˜ž

That's very sad if some people don't see another way out of whatever they are going through.. I am not in danger, I am Gemini, in my case it would be homicide đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ (one of me killing the other one of me) naah.. not a chance, I have learned to keep both in peace.. and problems are new opportunities to improve ourselves..❤❤❤❤❤ amazing study nevertheless 👍👍👍👍👍 hope it helps many people 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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