Supernatural 13×21 Sneak Peek “Beat the Devil” (HD) Season 13 Episode 21 Sneak Peek

– Obviously, I wanna get mom and Jack back. It’s all I want, it’s all I can think about. But we’ve been down this road before. Teaming up with Lucifer… – We’re not teaming up with him. – We just need his grace. – Oh! Just? – We’ve trapped his ass before. – Yes, and every time it ends up the same way! With the devil being on the loose, again! – Look Sam, I was used by Lucifer too. It was the worst possible violation, so I–I’m not taking your reluctance lightly but he is already out there, and we’ve been… ignoring it and avoiding dealing with him, because
we’re afraid. We let Lucifer out of the cage, and he’s never stopped being our responsibility

And Sam originally was gonna let him out cause he thought god was talking to him. Plus their family, all three of them are in this together and no ones pointing fingers.

I thought Lucifer would show up in the end of this video and be like: I might have overheard a little bit, said you need my help?

"We've been ignoring it and avoiding dealing with him because we were afraid"? Did the writers completely forget 12season? Sam literally exorcises Lucifer from the President of the US???? confronting his worst fear?????? WHAT????

Sam originally let Luci out because of manipulation….. Second time it was Cass thinking he could help…. Third time it wasn't them at all…. it was Crowley!!!!!
Why is Sam so afraid of confronting Lucifer all of a sudden? He's done it multiple times in the past! I really wish they had used that scene that Jared talked about back in season 11…….. where Chuck and Sam sit down and chat about how Sam shouldn't be afraid of Lucifer anymore!

It is Sammy's Birthday today, so before I say anything or give anu verdict on, let me wish our Sammy 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BOY'! You have teached me a lot of things in this past 13 yrs which I will never forget. Even now you are doing the same, you are keeping a different thoughts then others & then learning from your past mistakes & most importantly moving forward in life. Off this sneak peek I would say that I'm really excited to see how they let Lucifer 'The King of Hell' down till the end of this season, which is actually just 3 episodes far. 😍😘

Estão fazendo um suspense com essa volta da Rowena que eu tô roendo unha ja não mostram quase nada dela parem com esse suspense pelo amor de chuck tragam mais spoiler sobre esse encontro com o Lucifer

lol but cas gave consent to lucifer. I love cas, but he technically wasn't violated and used because he said yes and he knew what would happen……(again not hating)

Well, the devil is already loose. Them taking some of his grace wouldn't change that. Though it will make him mad at them instead I guess.

In the words of Bobby Singer- Sam oh boo hoo princess. Gawd I am sooo tired of reliving Sam's hell pain year after year. Dean went to hell too you know. He doesn't boo hoo. And nobody cares that he did. Bleh.

I like the Castiel episodes and storylines better than the usual monster-of-the-week hunts. Maybe SPN should focus more on Cas.

i really hate Dean on season 13 he much worse than he was before shooting and ask questions later. he so blind that he thinks thought jack was evil and shot him. and then he pulled a gun on girl, just because she wouldnt dream walk for them. just so he could see his mom. which he thought was dead because he soo stupid in this. and then he find out she alive and now want to kill innocent just to get to her.

Umm Lucifer is God’s child not mine. Shit HE can deal with his crazy son. I swear they all better than me. God not even sending me child support payments but that brat is my responsibility.


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