Supernatural 12×14 Sneak Peek “The Raid” (HD) Season 12 Episode 14 Sneak Peek

Dead guy in Akron, body found two days ago, throat ripped out, ear- to- ear. Well… good morning to you, too. Read it. The guy was a-a known drug dealer with enemies, his throat wasn’t ripped out, it was slit with a knife, I’m not really sure this is our kind of thing. We don’t know that. His blood could’ve been drained. It could’ve been…? You know what? You find us a case, ’cause I need to hit something, now. You wanna talk about it? Not really. What was she thinkin’, man? I don’t know. Maybe we should ask her. What? Look, I-I-I am pissed and-and frustrated and confused too, but we’ve frozen her out for days. She lied to us, Sam, I know. for months. I know. But it’s mom! I mean, whatever she was doing she must’ve had a good reason. A good reason? A good reason for working with those ass clowns? Look, I hear you, all right? But-but at the end of the day she’s family and we owe it to her to at least… All right, you know what? Screw it. I need a drink. No, I need drinks… plural. And this… whole peacemaker shtick that you’ve been runnin’, first with Cas, now with mom… it’s gettin’ old, man. What’s that supposed to mean? You’re always playing the middle, Sam. For once, why don’t you pick a side?

May be Sam and marry will go on vampire hunting without dean…Dean should go meet with cass and they should start working on a case…that would be awesome.

LOL! I think the whole “We’re family so lets forgive and forget” thing only works when its between the brothers

I think if Dean is always using that freezing out method he'll one day lose people because they're tired of it. Sometimes it's a good way to handle a situation but Cas (What is this about anyway, didn't Dean say he wasn't even mad at Cas, just worried?) and Mary are people who proved they would die for him. Sam is his own person and I hope he knows he doesn't need Deans approval on when he forgives people he loves.

Dean is being a jerk here.I mean,I get his anger but still…And before anyone attacks me,he is actually my favorite character.

dean is right to be pissed
like first mary lies to them n then instead of being sorry she wants them to understand like c'mon and sam God in cas's case he was right but in mary's case i understand that he never met her and is probably doing this out of fear of losing her but srsly she should for once atleast be sorry for what shes done they cant jyst keep forgiving het jyst cuz shes family

Dean my boy you have a good reason to be pissed. She hasn't acted like a mom to you or Sam since she has been back. She lectures you that the BMOL are better at hunting when she says you can learn from them. That sounds like Demon blood Sam explaining to Dean about Ruby. Dean knows this whole thing is wrong. And yes Sam is playing the middle. Its a gutless thing to do. Its almost like Sam doesn't give a crap about himself and what people do to him. I Hope the brothers split up for a few episodes. It would be interesting.

Don't let them wipe out all vampires! I'll be fucking pissed! They should know by now not all vampires are evil!

Dean is wrong, Sam doesn't need to pick a side. Someone has to be the peacemaker and that's what Sam is struggling with. If both boys reacted like Dean, then peace would not be achieved. Dean for whatever reason cannot easily back down, so that leaves Sam. And the sad thing is because Dean is so angry, Sam cannot confide his concerns, as that would only add fuel to an already combustible situation.

Sam is pissed just like Dean but doesn't want to leave his mum with the
BMOL's,/he doesn't want to loss his mum now that he as finally met her.
Also Sam is very forgiving, which I love about him don't get me wrong
but sometimes I wish we could see Sam be pissed off like Dean too. The
writers don't allow Sam to get pissed much now. =/

While Dean holds onto his angry and he as always thought so highly of Mary and her leaving to find herself and now working for the BMOL's is ruining the Mary in his memory/mind.

I can see both sides of this (Sam and Dean's.) and so pissed that Mary is causing problems between the boys

i think if Dean is at odds with Sam and Mary it would of probably be good timing on Jensen part because of his growing family he doesn't look in trailers and photos of this episode he is in it much so this is how they did it for it it will probably be the same for Jared when his girl is born there will be episode he in it much. if it is still a good episode then they did there writers did there job right for giving them time off

Okay I adore Dean but that was kind of a dick thing to say. If anybody should be freezing good old "mom" out it should be Sam. He was the one who was shot, kidnapped, tortured, burned with a blow torch, drugged and had that creepy mind rapey thing done on him by the exact same people Mary is currently working with. I get what he's trying to do though. They don't have much family left and he's just trying to keep what family they have together. I think it's sweet but a little naive. Mary is more a Canbell than a Winchester. I can't trust her. She doesn't deserve those boys.

When Dean Winchester tells you not to do something, DON'T DO IT.
•demon blood
•working with a demon to power up with souls
•joining an organization that you know next to nothing about

The thing here is neither Dean or Sam is in the right or the wrong because it's a complicated situation… Sam shouldn't have to pick a side, he can care about all of his family at once. Even if they're messing up. Even if they lied. Because hey, both Sam and Dean have done those things too. It's not a weakness to see things from another's POV and try and understand the bigger picture. And also didn't they agree not to interfere with the choices of family members just last season? (Okay, maybe that only applies to self sacrificial choices idk). Dean is also right to be mad. Because their mum is working with people they don't trust and lied to them about it (which is exactly like what Cas was doing in Season 6). They've been here before and it doesn't end well.

They shouldn't have to be on the same page about EVERYTHING to function as a family unit. Seeing as this whole ''pick a side'' thing is outright mentioned I'm hoping it's resolved by the end of the episode… I really don't want more round and round and round of the brothers not getting along because they refuse to see things from each other's perspective only for it to be brushed under the rug and not mentioned again when one of them nearly dies. It's the same thing over and over.

I don't think it's fair to say that Dean is a jerk or he's being unreasonable. He does have a right to be angry. He has always been to quick to anger and I guess he's more disappointed than anything that the mother he practically worshipped all his life let him down again and again.

"You're always playing the middle, for once pick a side"
That's real big talk from the guy who stood by and watched his dad and brother tear their relationship apart…

Dean is just being Dean. He rsponds with anger whenever he gets hurt. Sam has always been the peace keeper. They would seem out of character if they responded any other way. Can't wait to see this episode. Think it will have more Sam in it then Dean.

I think Sam's worried about 'picking a side' because in the past when he did (i.e. Season 4: Ruby, etc) he was WRONG. Now he tries to hear both sides of things before deciding who to agree with.
That aside I get why Dean's mad with what Mary's done, but come on, when have the brothers NOT lied to each other about sketchy things they were up to? (there's something every season) They've also worked with some terrible people (Crowley, Rowena, vamps, demons, dick angels….), they have not much right to go throwing blame around. I guess you could argue they've learned from their past mistakes and see how bad the situation could be? idk

I don't get why Sam is supposed to pick a side in Dean's eyes. It almost sounds like "If you're not with me on this you're against me." It's not like Dean's handeling it much better than Sam. Staying unforgiving isn't a solution either!

Can anyone tell me what lucifer said in the last scene where he was trapped in the chair, was it "neeeeegan">? driving me nuts and whose the big bad, british men of letters? or whatever "cosmic consequence" for breaking the deal with the reaper which they havent really mentioned?

I think Sam and Dean have switched because it was always Dean in the middle of John and Sam but now the roles have changed and it's Sam in the middle of Mary and Dean

Words going in my head saying "I refuse to talk about it " what happened to me and why can't I talk and think straight


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