Supernatural 12×06 Promo “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” (HD) Season 12 Episode 6

Supernatural 12×06 Promo Season 12 Episode 6 Promo

Hell yea!! Jodie and Mama Winchester this episode is going to kick ass. Though I am scared of Billy I don't think she is a Reaper, she is Death! I hope the boys get out of this one…

last episode I realised how far I had fallen for Dean when he cocked his gun and was about to kill a guy; I shrieked with glee and was so attracted to him it was sinful…. he has ruined me for all non-fictional men.
Anyway next episode looks exciting….

I honestly couldn't remember the other Nazi episodes except for the ship one when Dean travelled back in time. This shows how long the show has been going on!

Feminists have been attacking Supernatural for a while now. Moving in mom so the guys will clean up their acts. SMH. When Feminists move in the shows end is close by.

Just fucking kill this show already, please..
Or take a U turn and make it exciting again.
And don't tell me to "stop watching it", cause i'm a fan.

aww come on, if you must have cas missing from half the season then fine but at least have his episodes placed regularly for those of us who enjoy the show less without him 🙁 this looks like the third episode in a row without him. two is fine but three? cruel.

The episode wasn't bad. I liked we got to see other hunters. I think we could have gotten more from the twins. They knew magic but they didn't really get to use it.

Damn..this is the last episode I watched when it came out and then I was busy for a few weeks and now here I am looking to see where I left off….damn I had to catch up on 7 seasons when I first started watching and now I have another season and a half that I missed….ffs. 😅😂


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