Street Preacher Mocked Before Concert Shooting

gives you some direction the reason that you're upset is somebody stopped a conscience you know when you sin your conscience bears witness against you but when you are living is wrong in fact we're York City girls come to steal kill and destroy you and I serve the Living God Jesus Christ was given me life and life more abundantly you are living a selfish self-centered life side to gratify your flesh to result in the flesh indulging in your appetite indulging in your nature to try to satisfy this longing within you forget your floors before me you're secure the life that you live is empty empty you have no hope you have no future you have no destiny and the way you live is up this football the way you dress is up at level if you drink you lie you do things that are ungodly not only and when you do you suppress the pain you suppress the world the emptiness with this life what is life sex drugs rock'n'roll then you die visible you're visible inside oh when you're all together your shadow trick oh I know when you're almost left you have no peace no clone the infection is a Bible reveals the nature of man the files that's a break it down so piece so with her never satisfied they're never fulfilled they'll never have joy they never have hope you don't have anything in your life you're overweight you got nothing in your life man wait yeah you do that was just wicked in the sight of God and God is willing to forgive you daddy's won't lend your balance will set you free but you continue to live in rebellion and now you're gonna read the consequences of your sin Jimmy valiant okay oh you need armor yourself don't be so prideful guys are watching counting [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] he walks it wickedness you need to think about a people if there is no God you have no problems if there is no God that when I say means nothing but you know what there's a God he can fix you of your sin and you know your sin and so you have to react because the Spirit of God comes to convict you of sin and righteousness and judgment that's why the name Jesus and penetrates your soul and speaks to your conscience because you know the way you're living is wrong it's bad it's wicked it's not good it's not pure the pure in heart will see God but you're not pure because you live for your own flesh you walk in the flesh if you love the flesh everything that satisfies your flesh but you never says but you can't get it up you can't get enough iron everything satisfy 9 anything what if you're not serving a working surface devil no one will give you a speedy Jesus Christ do you live why don't you repent they call us honest you have the Son of God that works in the sons of disobedience you little shaved off your limits I love the power of a in the [Applause] yeah see you're blinded by the god of this rule Lucifer the devil flies with the eyes are not believing we shine the light we talk about Jesus Christ alive in the world that you might hear hear the truth faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God I give you the Word of God my opinion powerfully says I have dogged there is no one beside me I think heard the end for me kids of beginning from ancient times of things that have not yet been done God does what he wants when he once he has the right you have no right to spit in his face and blaspheme him you have no right to have sex out of marriage and indulge in alcohol you know right God has given us right right now will you counted Thanksgiving or you need to repent you burn it now I want kids I want I told you the truth I warned you because I loved you I loved you enough to tell you repent before you perish repent to get right with God repent and be converted that your sins would be blotted out of times refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord you must forget and turn from your transgressions before there is your ruin that means your sin is get destroy you your lessons got destroy your greed is going to destroy you you're off cause he'll destroy you oh yeah sex I'm a very SP theme of the story her feet so I'm Tanya your sin will destroy you if you continue to sin against God the micelle against God and dishonored God and give no faiths that Jesus Christ died and suffered for you think that it's right for you show to his love like that you a sinner oh Jesus Christ you know what in the Navy of you perish but all concur repentance Jesus Christ about more than any of you suffering he'll turn back turn back why would you die you'll die because you chose this time your guide because you love your sin are you left your pleasure you left your entertainment you loved everything that offended God but you're never satisfied you can't get enough there's always something I'll always something distract your guilty conscience always something from another plot all your

A very sad display of the gospel.

He is not preaching the good news of Christ but his vindictive views of these people whom God loves, though lost as some may be. Most who preach like this regarding sin are themselves held captive to their own sin and find a twisted sort of relief by calling out the sin in others.
Jesus loved, forgave, and healed people in his earthly ministry and also today, and the crowds flocked to him not against him. It was the religious hypocrites who hated and feared him because Jesus interrupted their manipulative control and power over people.

Amen brother God will bless you for let them know truth. And those who go against this man are from Satan those who think this is a joke better prepare for hell. Read you Bible's Paul spoke the same way so those that went against this man will lose their salvation and will go to hell that means you who say you are Christian but know nothing of the word of God for shame on you people you will punished. Amen

Alot of people accuse this brave man of being hateful when in reality he loves all souls by trying to get them to turn from sin & lead them to the road to salvation. People need to hear the truth and not just love love love. God bless you brother.

mocking and laughing, I wonder how many of those were scared to death when the shooting started and they called out to God, that's the only time people remember God.

You never know why the preacher decided to go to that country music concert that night and just maybe one person standing in line repented and ask the Lord for forgivness prior to the tragic shooting.

I don't particularly like his method of ministering, also at the same time you can tell that many people there were being rebellious towards GOD. This sounds like a warning, so it's not going to come of being nice. I don't think that it's a coincidence that he preached and the mass killing occurred…I am so SOOOOOO SORRY!!!! May GOD gives us effective ways to minister that Gospel…like to draw people to repentance! That is the ultimate goal. Because YOU said it is you that will draw people to repentance!!!! Have MERCY on All of US!!!!

Is this guy really the best God could do? He looks mentally unstable. He is offering no proof whatsoever for the claims he is making. A Hindu, Mormon, Jehovahs Witness, Muslim, etc. could stand there and yell about their doctrine all day long on as just as much (or little) evidence. What makes Christianity so special? People making these extraordinary claims must present extraordinary evidence if they expect to be believed.

We need to use some critical thinking here. How many times have street preachers like this guy stood outside of countless events and nothing has happened? If this video is real, and I am assuming it is, it is merely a coincidence. Christians that think this is some kind of "sign" have fallen into the classic fallacy of confirmation bias, plain and simple.


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