Step Into Your Authentic Power | Gabrielle Bernstein

It is my absolute great pleasure to
introduce you to our next speaker. I have personally been inspired by this speaker
because I grew up with a book called “A Course in Miracles.” This woman is a translator of sorts. She has the ability to reach a new audience
of people, the new generation of seekers, if you will. She’s a best-selling author of books you may
know, like Adding More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness, it’s a good one, and
Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles. This woman has incredible spunk, fire, and
joy. She brings a smile to my face every time I
see her. And she’s also the founder of a social networking
site called This site has an incredible mission to inspire
women to empower and connect. And she’s also a pretty savvy business owner
as well. She’s known as… She’s a social media extraordinaire. YouTube named her one of the 16 next video
bloggers. And she’s also been listed on the Forbes list
of 20 best-branded women. Her message is absolutely changing the way
we relate to ourselves and to the world around us. She’s been on heaps of media. But the coolest thing is, is that she will
be aired on November 18th. You guys really should tune into this. On November 18th, she will be featured as
one of the next-generation thought leaders on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday. It was a one-hour interview with Oprah. This woman is phenomenal. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to
Gabrielle Bernstein. Please give her an awesome welcome. – [Gabrielle] Hello everybody. Only at Awesomeness Fest could I wear my mic
in my G-string. I looked at them and I’m like, “Do you think
I can wear my mic in my G-string?” And they were like, “Totally. If you’re comfortable with that.” So that’s how I began my day today. I hope you guys are great. I think everyone’s vibrating at a very high
frequency. I showed up yesterday morning from New York. I live in Lower Manhattan. We had about five feet of water a block away
from my home, no power for several days. I was living in Midtown, which was very uncomfortable
for me because I don’t typically go above 23rd Street. And, you know, hovering over power cords trying
to access internet. And these minor inconveniences pale in comparison
to what my neighbors have experienced in New Jersey, in Queens, Staten Island. I want to bring this to your attention, not
because I want to bring down the high vibe, but I want to just really honor and acknowledge
what’s going on on the East Coast and really express to you some of the shifts that I’ve
personally experienced this week as a result of that. It was really heavy and it was like a very
deep experience, but then I got on an airplane and came to Mexico and showed up at Awesomeness
Fest and started receiving 20-minute hugs. And everything shifted. It all went away. And I really was able to experience finding
power in those powerless situations. And that’s really the life journey I have
been on since the beginning of my spiritual quest. As a very young woman, I have experienced
spirituality. I was brought up in and out of Ostrom’s with
a very cool hippy mother who would get me named by the gurus and get shakti pot and
learn to meditate at a very young age. And I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and
existential crisis when I was in my early teens and my mom did what most hippy moms
would do, and she sat my ass down on a meditation pillow. And so I began meditating at the age of 14
and really started to experience a tremendous amount of psychic awareness and started to
experience my extremities go numb and experience what we all know we can have on a meditation
pillow, that awakening and that presence of love and relief. And like many of us, as you’ve heard on this
stage throughout the week, and then the lovely gentleman that spoke before me, I turned my
back on that awareness. I spent several years looking for my happiness
in external circumstances. I spent years looking for my happiness outside
of myself, seeking my power outside of myself. Much different than in that experience of
being in New York and coming here and finding my power in powerless situations, I was looking
for my power out there. And all of you know in some form what that
experience is. I said to my friend, Ariel Ford, yesterday,
I said, “Ariel, we’re preaching to the choir here, right?” And she’s like, “Oh, yeah, this is the choir.” She’s like, “They are really awake.” I was like, “Okay, awesome.” So you guys know what I’m talking about. You know that experience of potentially having
that connection and then maybe saying, “Fuck it, I’m going to go in another direction.Let
me see if I can find it in those shoes. Let me see if I can find it in that man or
that woman or in those credentials or in that money or in that cocaine.” I, too, am a recovering addict. I just celebrated seven years of sobriety. Thank you. And so we look and we search and we go deep
into all of these really dark corners. And, as was mentioned, I’m a teacher of a
metaphysical text called A Course in Miracles. So the course says that we have this tiny,
mad idea and we detour interfere, and we have this descent from magnitude into littleness. And that magnitude of I am great, I am powerful,
I am surrounded by love, I have the power to heal myself, I have the power to experience
shifts, I have the power to create miracles, to choosing a tiny, mad idea and detouring
into fear. And as we all know, that fear becomes our
reality. And so for me, that was the case. That fear became my reality. I went to very dark places. I was living in a really, you know, all about
me mentality. And only to find by the age of 25, running
a public relations business in New York City representing nightclubs, I found that experience
of hitting my niece, and on October 2nd, 2005, I said a prayer. I said, “I need a miracle. This isn’t working.” And I woke up that morning and I heard a very
authoritative voice say, “Get clean, girl, and you will live a life beyond your wildest
dreams.” And so I have been listening to that voice
and one day at a time deepening and strengthening that call, that really loud call to continue
to turn inward, to deepen that presence of power within, to heighten that experience
of spirit, to heighten that experience of intuition, to heighten that experience of
peace and serenity and calm, and to heighten that experience of knowing how to find my
power in powerless situations. And so as a student of the metaphysical text,
A Course in Miracles, as a student of Kundalini Yoga, as a spirit junkie, as I am a self-proclaimed
spirit junkie, one day at a time, I have grown my spiritual practice, and much like those
beautiful eyes these were up here talking about how we can experience such transformational
shifts and mostly physically, financially, and from a high, high level of service. And so I experienced that shift even heightened
this week in New York. That shift of seeing, oh, girl, you got to
go to a whole new level now. This is not about how many books you can sell. This is not about how many people are following
you on Twitter. This is not about how big the audience is. This is about waking everyone up. And so I did what I did best on my birthday
last Thursday in a dirty ass hotel room in Midtown, which was totally trippy. I sat on my meditation pillow once again and
I tuned in and I said my great prayer from A Course in Miracles, “Where would you have
me go? What would you have me do?What would you have
me say? And to whom?” And when I call on spirit, spirit speaks loud
because we all have the capacity to hear that inner voice of our intuition, hear the inner
voice of our great ancestors that can come through and say, “Sister, get to work,” but
we have to clear the space to hear. So through prayer and meditation, we can ask
and then we can sit and listen. And so I asked, I said, “Show me what to do.” And immediately I started to hear the authoritative
voice of one of my new guides, it’s a spirit guide, Yogi by Jenn. I am now currently on a really awesome path
of Kundalini training. And I heard Yogi Bhajan, and Yogi Bhajan was
a incredible Kundalini master who came here from India. And he came here to…because he heard the
call, he left his comfort zone, came to America because God said to him, “Go teach the Americans
how to find peace in not peaceful situations because the shit is going to hit the fan.” I don’t know if God said that, but it might’ve
been something like that. And the shit’s going to hit the fan, it’s
the Aquarian Age, it’s going to be really screwy. Go to the States, go teach these Americans
how to have this technology so that they can find that neutral mind so that they can still
their crazy chaos so that they can have power in a very powerless circumstance. And so Yogi Bhajan came here on a mission
and he taught many, many Yogis. And now those Yogis are teaching people like
myself to teach this technology to bring this work into the world. And so I heard Yogi Bhajan’s voice, and I
heard him say, “This is what I was talking about.” We are days away from the real shift, November
11th, the real shift of the Aquarian Age and the full effects of what is going to happen. He was prophesizing the internet and the speediness
and the chaos of having so much contact and the environmental issues and the wars. And so all of this was so heightened and so
clear and I heard him and he said, “This is what I was talking about.” And in his words, he said, “Sister, get to
work.” And I sat there and I was like, “Okay, I got
it, I got it, I got it. I got it.I got to get to work.” And I felt in that moment actually a little
bit more overwhelmed. Because the energy was so heightened and so
chaotic and so crazy, and I just felt in that moment…as a woman who typically doesn’t
take no for an answer, I felt like, oh, my God, there is so much work to do. And I felt so uncomfortable in that experience. And so at which point, I said, “I need guidance.I
need more guidance.” About 20 minutes later, I received an email
from my mentor, Marianne Williamson, and Marianne sent an email and she said, “Happy birthday. I know you’re going through so much in New
York, but I hope you know how great things are and I hope you’re wonderful,” and this
and that. And I wrote back, “Marianne…” And it’s hard to tell your mentors that you’re
scared, right? Sometimes it is. For me, I said, “I’m really overwhelmed. I’m really uncomfortable.I’m really scared
about what’s going on in the world and I know that that fear isn’t going to serve me or
anybody else. What’s your suggestion?” And she wrote back and she said, “Well, you’re
the princess of New York.” And she said, “With that, you need to get
your hands dirty.” And so I just heard that so loud. I dropped my laptop, I unplugged my phone,
and I ran downtown and I started making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I started bringing food upstairs. I started to get into that place like Aung
San Suu Kyi says, “When you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” And so we all have those moments in our life
where we have to really recognize that it’s not just about the capacity that we have to
tune in. It’s not just about the capacity that we have
to sit in stillness and own our internal power, but it’s also about our capacity to hear that
inner call that says, “Go downtown.Go be of service. Go get your hands dirty.” And I know I’m preaching to the choir. I know each and every one of you are those
folks who sit on your meditation pillow, who hear that call, and who show up in a massive
way. But I’m here to heighten that even more because
you guys are exactly who I want to be talking to. There is a really loud call for more lightworkers
and you’re all hired. We have a lot of work to do and though you
have been in Mexico, I’m sure you have been feeling the energetic shifts that are occurring
in our country and throughout the world. You can’t not. Our psychic capacity to pick up this stuff
is just so high, especially for those of us who are meditating regularly and praying regularly. That experience of spirit is really heightened. And so we’re in a container right now where
we are hugging, where we are holding space, where we are meditating and praying, and that
is incredible. But we need to really step into our authentic
power here this weekend and really make that personal commitment to take it a whole other
step further. And that was the birthday present I gave myself. I said to myself that day after hearing Yogi
Bhajan and after getting that message from Marianne and after all the service downtown,
I said, “Sister, it’s time to get to work in a whole new way.” And I heard that. I heard, “It’s not about the numbers, it’s
not about the money, it’s not about the fame, it’s not about this, that, and this.It’s about
waking people up.” And when I sit on my meditation pillow, the
vision I see is seas of people, and it’s as if they have that graduation cap. And I’m standing on a stage and I see all
these people, and that graduation cap of thousands and thousands of people is being thrown into
the air, and underneath that cap is a beam of light. And this is what A Course in Miracles calls
the great rays of light. When people start to awaken to the fact that
we are just spirits having a human experience. And so I hear my call. My call is saying, “Go wake up the masses. Go pop their tops off. Let those hats fly and see that light beam. And most importantly, wake up folks like yourself
even more. Take the lightworkers to the next level and
give them that real strong calling to say, ‘Yes, I’m ready to do more. I’m ready to do more. I’m ready to listen more. I’m ready to sit still more. I’m ready to have a daily Sadhana. Not just sit for 5 minutes, not just sit for
2 minutes, sit for 20 minutes. I’m here to bring new technologies into my
life. I’m here to pray more. I’m here to tune in, not just once a day,
all day long.'” And so I really wanted to bring that conversation
here today because I am feeling that call louder than ever. And I’m assuming and I’m hoping that many
of you are too. That this is a really crucial time and the
only way that we can come back and traverse these times is if more and more of us are
holding the energy of stillness, if more and more of us are awakened to that neutral mind,
if more and more of us are functioning from that place of our highest capacity. And this morning I was getting something printed
over there and I was just getting so pissed off because the email address to send something
to print over at the front desk was like literally like five paragraphs long in Spanish. And I was like, “I can’t get this.” And I started getting pissed and heated and
I looked at this woman… I was being so rude to the woman at the front
desk and I heard Yogi Bhajan say, “She is you.” And these are the moments that we need to
have all throughout our day. Our ego’s going to take us out in any given
moment. That’s the reality. We’re always going to be taken out. There’s a million opportunities to be taken
out and there’s really big opportunities to be taken out, like storms and hurricanes and
really uncomfortable things. We need to start to bring our spiritual chops
and our heightened faith into these moment to moment circumstances. Sitting before this woman, getting pissed
off about the email address, but simply saying, “She is me, she is me.” And so what I’ve done is I brought a few things
that I wanted to bring. One of the things is I brought Yogi Bhajan’s
five sutras for the Aquarian Age and I want to talk through those. And then I want to give you two of the greatest
meditations, two of the meditations that I’ve been practicing regularly in my daily Sadhana. And so… Sadhana is a spiritual practice, having that
experience of daily tuning in, daily turning inward, but not just, “Oh, I’m going to try
to get there,” having a commitment, waking up. When these guys said, “Who is awake watching
the sunrise sober?” I was so proud to say I was. I was. And that’s not to separate or compare, but
I want you all to have that experience of being so proud of your Sadhana to say, “Yeah,
I was meditating at the crack of dawn this morning in Mexico sober.” You know, having those moments of real genuine
pride in your practice and not just because, oh, yeah, I checked that off the list, but
because I have work to do. I am a miracle worker. I can’t F around. I realize there’s children in this audience. I really want to curse. I can’t F around. I have work to do. So we really need to take that in. And so let me talk to you a little bit about
the five sutras and then I’m going to give you these two radical meditations that I have
been using. And I actually think we’ll begin with one
of the meditations right now because I feel like we need to wake up and vibrate a little
bit more. Okay? So these guys were saying to me, “Oh, we will
be so mellow after your meditation.” I was like, “Oh, no, you’ll be really awake.” So I would like to play… Paul, we’ll play the first song, the Beck
song. If everybody can just have…you uncross your
legs, put your arm… We’re doing what is called ego eradicator. Oh, yeah. She’s like, “Oh, yeah.” Arms in the air, 60 degrees, thumbs facing
inward, almost on an arc. You’re going to do what we call breath of
fire, breathing very deeply in and out your nose. As you inhale, your stomach extends, as you
exhale, it comes in. It’s like this. Can you hear it? Breath of fire. Very, very deep. We can play the music as loud as it is comfortable
to play and let’s ego eradicate now. Arms straight, neck is back, shoulders are
down. Breath of fire. Breathe deeply in your nose, out your nose
very quickly. ♪ [music] ♪Even more. Straighten your arms. Breath of fire. Eyes closed. Arms straight, 60 degrees. We’re going to go a little longer. When you breathe through the
pain, that’s when the miracle happens. Straighten your arms and commit to your commitment
of being a miracle worker. Breaking through your boundaries. Breaking through your feelings of powerlessness,
discomfort, comparison, self-judgment, and attack. Deepen your breath. Breath of fire. Straighten your arms. Lengthen your back. Commit even more. ♪ [music] ♪Go big. ♪ [music] ♪One more minute. [music] ♪Finish it off really well. Straighten your arms. Deepen your breath. Commit to what you came here for. Commit to what you want. Commit to what you are here to do in service
of the world. Deepen your breath. Raise your arms to the sky,
open your hands. Take a deep breath in and hold that breath. Take a deep breath in and hold it. On the exhale, release. In this moment, we call on all of the guidance
of the highest truth and compassion. We call on Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Yogi Bhajan. We call on Mother Teresa. We call on all of the guides who came before
us, all of those who showed up with genuine strength and found power in the most powerless
circumstances. We call on the energy of this collective consciousness
to come into this room to help awaken us, to help us step into our power in even greater
way. We welcome this strength. We welcome this power. We welcome this guidance. As a community of conscious lightworkers,
we make a commitment in this moment now. We sign a sacred contract to be of even higher
service, to wake up even more, to tap into our truth and be more real, to commit to a
daily Sadhana, and to claim what we are genuinely here to do. Take a deep breath in and own that. And release. And when you’re ready, open your eyes. Feels good, right? The ego was eradicated, beginning to. I do this every day for 11 minutes, gets easier. I kept my hands up the whole time while you
guys were meditating because I didn’t want to just leave it up to you. So I want to leave this imprint, to give you
this tool that, for me, what it does is it just cuts through the crap. It just says, “Oh, there is no more time for
bullshit. There is no more time for playing small.Let’s
cut through all that right now, early morning, 11 minutes, and then let’s begin our day.” So that’s my first tool I’d like to offer
as a powerful suggestion. Often what the Yogis and the metaphysician
suggest is to do a 40-day practice of something and to not skip it. And if you do skip a day, you start to day
one again. And so my suggestion really to begin with
is to begin your ego eradicator one day through 40 starting today. Go to the beach, sit under the moonlight,
and practice ego eradicator. This is what I did when I got off the plane
last night. I sat and all of these beautiful children
were playing on the beach and I did my ego eradicator and I didn’t care that I looked
like a crazy person. I had my hands in the air and I was sitting
in the moonlight. And what is a better experience of finding
your power in a powerless situation than to be able to use a tool that’s going to cut
through the crap and tap into your truth? And so that truth is what we need more of. I recently did an interview and someone said
to me, “Oh, are you so proud of who you’ve become?” And I was like, “I haven’t become anyone. I’ve just become more of who I really am.” Every one I was, all the archetypes of who
I thought I was up until the age of 25, a con artist. It wasn’t real. It was based on false pretenses. It was based on the desire to get more, not
to give more. It was based on a “me” mentality, not a “we”
mentality. It was based on the energy of separation,
comparison, judgment, attack. What I really want to express is that we have
those moments of just realizing that that stuff won’t work. We get it. We know. We’re all… I’m talking to the choir. You know, you know, you know. It’s not going to happen. You’re not going to find that love. You’re not going to find that peace in that
dollar sign. Trust me, it doesn’t matter. I have had Oprah on my vision board for 20
years and only 2 weeks ago was I sitting next to her, and I walked off that set and I was
like, “Oh, that was it?” And now I don’t want to discredit the magnitude
of what it is to have the opportunity to talk about God in that platform. That’s what mattered. That’s all that mattered. It did not matter that I was sitting next
to Oprah. It mattered that we were talking about God
in that massive platform. Please take a cue from my sister, Oprah. She said to us when we sat down and she said,
“The only reason I started the Oprah Winfrey Network was to do SuperSoul Sunday. All I want to do is wake people up.” Can you feel the power of that? She put so much on the line, invested so much
money because she just wants to teach people what God means. She just wants to crack people open. She just wants to create more lightworkers. And we are all here to do that. And so those experiences of, okay, I got to
get this thing to be happy, we know that’s not it anymore. We recognize and we understand that the only
reason we really are here is to tap into the Cosmos, is to tap into that presence of power
and extend that power so that we can be a power of example for everyone around us, so
that the people and the beings around us can recognize that the powerful light within us
is a reflection of the light within them. That is also one of the greatest ways you
can be of service. It’s just to be the light, just to walk around
and extend the light and express the light. That’s when people say, “I want more of that.” They’re empowered by your presence and your
energy and, most importantly, your truth. I typically don’t know what the fuck I’m going
to say when I get on stage. I don’t. I bring a little bit of a message, but I don’t
know. And honestly, I don’t care because the only
thing I want to give is my truth. I just want to be honest. I just want to be truthful. I just want you to know how I feel. That’s all the world wants from us. All the world wants is our truth. All people want is you, is that expression
of you, that genuine, authentic place within you. That’s all we want. All the other stuff is crap. And people can feel it. You can smell it, especially lightworkers
like you. We can smell it when we are around that like
crazy, bombastic energy. It’s like, “This isn’t real.” So one of the messages I also have been receiving
from Yogi Bhajan is to really express those five sutras so that we can awaken that presence
of truth more. So I’m going to give you the five sutras and
interpret them in my spirit junkie lingo. Okay? And I want you to consider taking these five
sutras into your moment to moment life, much like I did this morning. The first sutra is recognize that the other
person is you. This morning, when I was being a crazy maniac
with the woman at the front desk, I heard that voice, “She is you.” And those are the moments when I’m practicing
the five sutras. Every given moment, every encounter is a holy
encounter, A Course in Miracles teaches us. Every moment we meet someone, we can recognize
that the other person is me. So sutra number one, recognize the other person
is you. In recognizing that oneness, we start to chip
away at the separation, as A Course in Miracles teaches. The separation is the moment that we recognize
and we choose to believe that we are special or that we are less special. Maybe some of you came here as participants
and you’ve been looking at the speakers as separate and special, wishing you could be
on the stage. Or maybe you’re a teacher with the microphone
in your G-string and you’re thinking, “Oh, I am so special.” Right? Or maybe you’re, you know, really creating
that separation in your romantic relationships. This is a big one. People really like to make their romantic
partners very, very special. We put those partners up on a pedestal and
we see them as this really heightened idol. And we all know what happens when an idol
falls. We fall with them. And so I want you to start to see all of the
specialness that you have created in your life, all of the separateness, because in
this instance, special ain’t so special, right? This is the experience of saying, “Oh, I have
made myself better than.” And in those moments, when you have that heightened
awareness and you can check yourself before you wreck yourself and you can say, “Oh, oh,
oh, I separated myself from the woman at the counter,” or, “Oh, oh, I have made that guy
really special, oh, oh.” And we see those moments of specialness and
separateness. We can just say that simple sutra, “I recognize
he’s me. I recognize she is me.” And have a moment of tuning inward and remembering
that we are one, remembering that the essence of love and truth in that person is exactly
the same as the essence of love and truth within me, no matter what they did or what
they said or what they were or where they work or what color of skin they have. They’re me. The first sutra. It’s been helping me a lot. The second sutra, there is a way through every
block. It feels good to just say it. There is a way through every block. As a spirit junkie, I live with this mentality
of I see opportunities in obstacles. I see all of my life’s obstacles as opportunities
to strengthen and heighten my spiritual growth. So when a roadblock comes up, I have a moment
of ego flip out because we always…we do, we just do. You know, I was flipping out of the computer
this morning. Like we flip out, this is just what we do. And some people are really like high level
gurus and they’re like, “Oh, I don’t even get fazed by this. That’s not me.” I get fazed, and then within a few minutes,
I remember the truth. And within a few minutes, I remember, oh,
there is a way through every block. And in that moment, I also remember, oh, what
would you have me learn here? What would you have me learn? And I take that breath and I take that moment
to say, “Oh, there is a lesson in this for me. There is a divine opportunity, a spiritual
assignment,” remembering that the world is our classroom and people are our assignments. And so I sit in that stillness and I say,
“Oh, what would you have me learn?” And sometimes I hear it very quickly and sometimes
I need to bring it to my meditation pillow and sometimes I just can let it come throughout
the day. But the lesson will be given to me once I
remember that the lesson is there. Can everybody get that? That there is a way through every block means,
oh, what do I have to learn from this? How can I grow spiritually from this? Yes, there is a block. Yes, there is a tremendous amount of crazy
craziness going on in my town in New York right now, but there is a way through every
block. And what can I do? I can tune in and I can listen. And that’s it. My example earlier of saying the prayer, sitting
in stillness, saying, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do?What would you have
me say? And to whom?” Then hearing Yogi Bhajan’s voice, then getting
Marianne’s email was the way through the block. Then getting my ass downtown to get my hands
dirty, that was where the guidance comes. So we have to understand, the guidance doesn’t
come in like a telegram. The guidance comes in really unique innovative
forms. It comes through a song, it comes through
a cab driver, it comes through an email, it comes through a lover, it comes through a
very heightened experience of intuitive guidance. We all can experience this guidance, but we
have to wake up to it and we have to ask for that guidance. And so through prayer, you ask, through meditation,
you listen, and remembering there is a way through every block will be your greatest
tool in working through the powerless situations. Okay. Number three, when the time is on you, start
and the pressure will be off. I love this one. I’ve always sort of had this effortless go
mentality. Like I’m not somebody who has like, oh, I
want to, you know, do this philanthropic thing and I’m going to wait five years before I
do it. I start doing it like five minutes later. And that energy of when the pressure is on
you, start and begin is what we need more of right now because we know how sped up everything
is. We don’t have time to wait three years before
we write our book. We don’t have time to wait five minutes. We have to get to work. Now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t be methodical
and we can’t think things through, but that we begin the process and set it in motion
and start now. We do not have time to waste. And so that effortless go mentality… I’m just translating Yogi Bhajan’s five sutras. Number three is effortless go. So take effortless go and begin. When the time is on you, start. When the pressure is on you, start. Go. If there is an awakened idea that came to
you this weekend, an empowered moment of I need to get on that, I need to get on that
plane, I need to fly to Africa, I need to fly to New York, I need to do that work, I
need to get that book written, I need to write that script, whatever it was that came to
you this weekend, start it now today on the beach. I’m going to be walking around looking who
has their pen and their paper on the beach. I’m going to be looking. Start. When the pressure is on, start. That is when you can feel relief. That feeling that I had…when the pressure
was on and Marianne said, “Get your hands dirty,” and I got right in a cab and went
right downtown, I felt immediately relieved. When you’re feeling helpless, help someone. Immediate relief. Immediate. That Aung San Suu Kyi quote just rings in
my ears, “When you’re feeling helpless, help someone.” Just start. Go, go, go. Number four, understanding through compassion. So understand through compassion or you will
misunderstand the times. What Yogi Bhajan wanted us to know is that
this is a time when we can’t be like we were in the Piscean Age. In the Piscean Age, we were in a way where
it was all about me. It was all about how great I can get, how
big I can get, how wealthy I can get, how loud I can be heard. And look at some of the leaders of that time
and look at the way that you may have acted in that time or if you, you know…or family
members and see the shift that’s occurring now. That time was a “me” mentality. This is a “we” mentality. And so recognizing through compassion, and
if you don’t acknowledge compassion, you will misunderstand the times. So compassion, the experience of recognizing
we’re all in this together, we are all one. We have to be compassionate towards every
being around us. We have to have that “we” mentality or we
will not be able to grow. This is not a time like it was of how can
I get? This is a time of how can I give? How can I give more love? How can I give more service? And simply, how can I give more positive energy? Our thoughts and our energy can pollute the
planet. Every thought you have is either heightening
your level of energy and your experience or your thoughts are lowering your level of energy
and experience. And those low-level thoughts, though you think
they are contained, are not idle. As A Course in Miracles says, there are no
idle thoughts. Every thought has energy. And so your thoughts are either heightening
the energy of the planet and saving the world or they are lowering the vibration and making
it shake, creating hurricanes, storms. Don’t think for a second that your thoughts
are not participating in the chaos. Every thought we have is a moment to become
more heightened from a spiritual perspective or a moment to lower the vibration of the
planet. So through compassion, understand the times
and forgive as frequently as possible. Practice the F-word everywhere. Forgive yourself as frequently as possible
and forgive others. And then the final sutra is vibrate the Cosmos,
and the Cosmos shall clear the path. Good one, right? Vibrate the Cosmos, and the Cosmos shall clear
the path. My experience with this is that the more I
practice, the easier my life becomes. The more effortless experiences are, the more
flow begins to happen. And you all know this. Once again, you know this. But we can’t just think about these things
anymore. These spiritual principles can’t just be something
that we talk about because we’re just in a new age community. They have to be things that we live. They have to be experiences that we have. We must have a visceral experience, not just
some heady experience. That’s why I like being able to bring Kundalini
into these rooms and we’re going to do one more meditation that will, I hope, help you
have a very visceral experience so that you can recognize that when you’re vibrating with
the Cosmos, the Cosmos will clear the path. You will be told where to go, what to do,
and what to say. You will be shown exactly what you need. We think, “Oh, I don’t know how. I can’t get this.I don’t have enough. It’s not clear.” Vibrate with the Cosmos, and the Cosmos will
clear the path. It’s really simple. We just make it so freaking crazy. We just make it so uncomfortable. We just make it so difficult. We build up a wall against that presence of
love, and A Course in Miracles says, “I am not here to teach you the meaning of love.I’m
here to teach you how to release all that blocks you from the presence of love within
you.” So the more you vibrate with the Cosmos when
you’re meditating, when you’re praying, when you’re practicing the five sutras, when you’re
recognizing that you are one, when you are releasing the specialness, the more you practice
these principles and your own spiritual path that you are each on, the more you practice
these principles, the more you vibrate with the Cosmos. The more you vibrate with the Cosmos, the
more your path is clear. And this isn’t just for you. This isn’t just for you to get that hit, “Oh,
go start that business.” This isn’t just for you to get that clear
path of, “Oh, here’s how you can make that money,” or, “Here’s how you can get laid.” It’s not about that. This is about clearing that path so that you
have more energy, you have more vibrance, you have more inspiration and more intuition
so you can show up when everything else around you is falling apart. This is what I’m here to talk about. I can’t play small anymore. I can’t talk to people about, you know, the
little tricks for being happy. That’s over. We have to get to work. And so I really want to make sure that that
last sutra really sits in your being, in your core, and you can say, “Oh, yeah, I got to
vibrate with the Cosmos.” And some of that also means sleeping more,
partying a little less, forgiving more frequently, cleaning up the addictions. We have to release the blocks to the presence
of power and love within us. All the power and love that you want in your
life will only come when you commit to clearing the blocks. And that is the most significant piece of
information. It’s information we all know, it’s information
we all talk about, it’s information we must put into practice every waking moment. So it doesn’t matter… It doesn’t mean that you have to walk out
and be like some major prophet. Like sometimes we get the hit, “Oh, I’m going
to teach this work in sort of an unconventional way. Or I’ll be an undercover cop for spiritual
growth.” Right? And some of the books that I write are… My new book is called May Cause Miracles,
and it’s going to be out January 1st. And that book is not necessarily… I mean, you guys will all benefit from it,
but it’s really like an undercover spiritual guide. And so when someone says, “Well, what’s the
book about,” and I’m in a community like this, I can say, “It’s a book about helping people
get into the practice of talking to God.” But when I’m on The Today Show, I can say,
“It’s a 40-day guide to experience release and happiness.” Right? Doesn’t matter. It’s all semantics. As long as the intention is within the work,
as long as the intention to serve and wake people up is behind the work, then you can
package it however you want. You can express it… I am the biggest marketer, I love marketing. I think it is one of the most important things. I believe the internet is my copilot. I definitely see the internet as my business
partner and we need to really show up for that marketing and that expression of our
work in a really neat way and recognize that as long as the intention and the truth is
in every page, that it doesn’t matter how you package it, doesn’t matter if it’s a 40-day
guide, it doesn’t matter if it’s a hip guide to happiness or a radical road to self-love
and miracles. That really what the essence is is helping
people talk to God. And so getting that, this is not about trying
to make it, you know, so heady that people can’t get it. In fact, because things are so fast and so
quick, we actually need to simplify even more. And so as you go out in the world and you
say, “Oh, I am a lightworker. I have a lot of work to do. I’m writing this blog,” make it simple, make
it easy. I’m very grateful to be able to come into
rooms like this and talk about God from a very high level of God conversation. But sometimes I walk into a room and it’s
a college campus or it’s, you know, people that are not as awake, and you just find the
language, it’s just semantics, and you begin to translate in a more innovative, simple
way. And so don’t be afraid to do that. Just remember that the authentic power that
you are here to express will come through you naturally in all different environments
and the words will be given to you. When you tap into the Cosmos, you don’t have
to think about what to say anymore. What you need to say will come through you
naturally. It’s effortless. You’ll be shown what to do. And so as I wrap up, I really want to give
you that. I really want to recognize and acknowledge
for each of you that that clear channel is all you need. You’ll know how to dial it up in certain rooms,
you’ll know how to dial it down in others. And as long as you’re expressing your truth,
the answers and truth will come through you and the words that need to come. And so I want to give that piece, and with
that, I want to give you one more meditation to take home with you. And this one is called inner conflict resolver. Who doesn’t need that? Right? Inner conflict resolver has saved my ass on
so many occasions. And it’s quite simple. It’s through breath and stillness. And so I’d like you all to put your hands
facing one another, like so, above your chest, thumbs facing upward, fingertips touching
one another right above your breasts. The breath is like this. You’re going to breathe in for 5, exhale for
5, extend your breath for 15. So you’re holding, but extending. When I say extending, it’s almost like you’re
lifting your rib cage and your stomach comes in. So you’re extending opening your heart in
that 15-second extension. And I’ll guide you and then I’m going to let
you go and guide yourself and we can play that next song. And I hope and pray for you to have a very
visceral experience. Take a deep breath in. Breathing in for five, four, three, two, one. Eyes closed. Commit. Exhale, five, four, three, two, one. Extend, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Go on your own. In for 5, exhale for 5, extend for 15. for 5, out for 5, extend
for 15. Opening your heart. One more minute. Deepen your breath. And take a deep breath in and hold
it and release your hands. Sit with eyes closed. Continue to breathe deeply in and out your
nose. Open your heart. Breathe deeply. Breathing deeply in and out your
nose, make the commitment to showing up more. Make a commitment to listening
more. Make a commitment to daily Sadhana. Make a commitment to having
a heart opening experience everywhere you go. Recognize that the other person is in you. There is a way through every block. When the time is on you, start and the pressure
will be off. Understand through compassion or you will
misunderstand the times. Vibrate with the Cosmos, the Cosmos shall
clear the path. Breathe that in. Take a deep breath in and release
it. And when you’re ready, open your eyes to the
room. I feel so much when I’m in these rooms with
people that are willing to go there, so thank you. Feels so good to preach to the choir. It feels so good to know that I’m not alone
in my shared mission. It feels so good to know that my sisters and
brothers are holding my hand as we show up in a big way. My hope and my intention for today was just
to give you a little spiritual cheerleading. To just say, let’s go bigger, let’s go deeper,
let’s be more real. Let’s honor and acknowledge the work we need
to do and the commitment we must make. I’m so extremely grateful for Vishen and for
the community that everyone at Mindvalley has created here because what they’re doing
is really creating college for lightworkers or like a master’s for lightworkers. And it is this type of work that will help
elevate the consciousness. And so I’m so grateful and honored to have
been able to share this experience with you. I hope to give many, many hugs and I hope
to see you all, starting today, getting on that path now and showing up in a massive,
massive way. Sadhana. Thank you.

This woman has a terrible mouth and obviously NO upbringing… Whom ever hired her should have gotten their money back and you'd have to pay me a fortune to read a book written by that mouth!!!

Weird thing happened: I tried the arms up thing while breathing quickly through my nose, and my cat was seemingly yelling at me and bit the side of my body lol. I'm not too sure if this is positive… My cat sensed negativity as she never attacks and is usually loving when I meditate. Weird

Gracias por compartir, llegó en el tiempo que tocaba, y lo escribo en español para que sepan que este fenómeno de operación "corazón abierto" llega no solo a los rincones del alma, sino del mundo! ( saludos de una mexicana viviendo en Barcelona ) 🙂 thank you all.

Oh dear….all those fuckin cliches that fall out of her mouth….nothing reasonates with me….adios!

Her appearance is neither here or there! Her message is clear and strong to a soul that is awakening, she speaks from truth and heart. Her words are great comfort to an awakening soul! It's so easy slip back to old habits or forget our purpose, but she provides useful information to help us remember how to live in spirit. She empowers the soul and teaches us to share the power to help awaken the world. I wonder why there are so many judgemental comments for someone who shares an important message?

Thanks for the video!
Can anyone help me with her meditation?
In for 5, got it.
Out for 5, got it.
Extend for 15? I understand raising the chest. Do we extend without taking a breath in?

"We've left greatness for a tiny mad idea"

That is so true. We all come from infinite love, yet so many of us are spending our time unhappy due to beliefs that make us little. That our body is ugly, or we have no confidence, or we are a failure – all these make us tiny. Release those beliefs, and connect to the Infinite Light, the Infinite Love.

THIS video lead me down the rabbit hole on Youtube that eventually took me thousands of miles away to Thailand to attend my first Afest. I stumbled upon it again today… love all these miracles!

This woman has surly understood the law of attractive. Im not overly impressed by her insights though, especially not compared to the wisdom the following book contains; Google truthcontest, click the earth icon, read the present. Everything you need to know about life is explained simply yet completely in this one short book.

Last time I waste my time hearing a woman talking about self experiences, like a friend says to me all the time, "Men! think about this… do not ask deep shit to a woman, there is a lot of male philosophers out there, not females! dud wake up"

18:49 powerful body meditation Ego Eradicator. At the end, sort of a 5 Sutras recap: Inner-Conflict Resolver @ 46:28

The 5 Sutras:

1) Recognising that we're all one (that the other one = you) and that by making someone or yourself special (comparison) you make them or you fragile when they disappear.

2) There's a way through every block: what would you have me learn here? There is a lesson: How can I grow spiritually from there?

3) When the time is on you, START and the pressure will be off. Begin the process now. No time to waste. BEGIN. NOW. When you feel helpless yourself, help someone else in need.

4) 37:42: Understand through compassion not though selfishness or we will not understand the times. The We mentality allows you to understand it's the time to give (we) rather than the time to get (me). Thoughts = vibrating energy that is able to harm (really pollute) the world or to save the world.

5) 39:49 Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos shall clear the path. The more I practice, the more effortless my experiences are. We need a visceral experience to really get this, otherwise it's only a head trip. Just release the blocks inside, that keeps you off tracks, off Life.

p.s.: Isn't that Lee Holden @ 12:20? Check him out… @ 25:25.

There are so many haters on this video but the way she talks about her g string and swears and all that unapologetically is what makes her authentic. People can still be spiritual and wear g strings and swear. That's some people's truth and if it is not your truth it might not resonate but this video was incredibly powerful because she made me feel I can swear and wear whatever I want and be unapologetic and be spiritual.

There are so many haters on this video but the way she talks about her g string and swears and all that unapologetically is what makes her authentic. People can still be spiritual and wear g strings and swear. That's some people's truth and if it is not your truth it might not resonate but this video was incredibly powerful because she made me feel I can swear and wear whatever I want and be unapologetic and be spiritual.

The intro lady is talking too much. Bare foot, smiling, and swaying. Then the main speaker doesn't get to the point. 50 minutes could be translated into 7 minutes.

I just ordered my program…having already second thoughts listening to Gabrielle Bernstein…I am not sure anymore….seems to me to be a show…let's hope I will not regret this investment…

Such a powerful soul and light that we need in this world right now Keep shining! For more on this topic- watch?v=GTpRcAcII6I

Hmm … I don't like judging, but I do have an opinion. I am awake enough for that:
If she can't convince me, she will definitely hit me. Bye bye.

I am so inspired. I tell people whom are complaining about politics go feed the homeless. Go see if your neighbor needs something. Stop this fighting.

she was being rude to the woman at the front desk because the email address was too long? ……. cringe. I'm sure I can learn something from her but eeesh….

If people actually looked into Gabby’s teachings (and I was a huge fan of hers until I really researched what she preaches) you would find that this is a false way to pure joy. Only God offers pure joy, not “spirit guides” or “meditation” to awaken your “third eye”. She tells us to meditate and accept the Kundalini spirit to “unlock” spiritual powers. Kundalini literally means snake. It’s demonic. This is such a deception of Jesus and his teachings. I’ll be praying you all open your eyes and realize Jesus is the only way and the Bible is the only book of life.

Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. – Ephesians 5:6

Yes Gabriella, We do need 2 bring a greater/higher CONSCIOUSNESS through example. The old world, "The Ego" is losing its power faster than We can catch up w/it.

She's rite,, if something is not done, the human race will destroy it's self,, which I think will happen,, I don't mean that in a negative sense,, it just has to happen, its part of the birthing process, that's just the way it is,, follow the light, the path, the inner voice,, you are born a beautiful creation, remember this and live so.

Thank you so so much Gabby this has made the way so much more clear for me I know that I am a lightworker and now I know that I need to do more than just meditate and pray, I need to help others on their path and contribute to the well being of the world but without the pressure of feeling that it's too much it is not too much to do my part it just right.

The Power of Words is something to choose wisely. Always be respectful to self and others. Don't eat Junk.
Junkie is not good in any language. And to be a Spiritual Junkie, means you are taking junk, instead as an addiction instead of Having a Balanced Spiritual Meal regularly to Grow in Reality. Many illusions. Many time wasters. Many gimmicks. Many metaphors. Be not a GURU Junkie, be yourself. Be genuine. And learn from many Gurus and NON Gurus. Perhaps that is the biggest Key from the comments.

Listen to Marisa Peer, and you will find language has crippled people, made them sterile, and kept them blind to their cause and effect of it all. There are many angles. Best to learn to think in many different ways and mindsets, if you want to be free from the bondage of past blind faith followings. A genuine heart is the start. Listen to many so called teachers. Listen to anyone who is walking a walk and learned something that changed them, for better or for worse. Its not a 10 minute quiz, its a lifetime of learning. Choose your words wisely. Choose your beliefs wisely. Revelation only comes when we think differently to what we thought before. When doing that, everything is new. Don't let them take too money before you learn that others have other new stuff to teach you too. Peace for all.

My therapist showed me Judgement Detox and I went and bought it the same day. Your sunny face shines on me from the coffee table and it reminds me to create a change and let go of the judgement that holds me hostage. I'm just starting, but I finally feel Gabrielle's path is the one I'm following. Her lectures on here have helped me be more confident , and I'm actually excited because I feel very hopeful that good things are coming to me – and good things come FROM me. I'm a 48 year old Canadian woman and I have felt so disconnected over the last eight months. Although the I'm educated and be have wOrked in many helping fields over the years, I'm not working at all now. I felt burnt out and disappointed by the systems. My dream is now to find a way to find a job where my sparkle is appreciated, and I can safely empower others.
The times they aRe a changin'.

Gabrielle seems spiritually pretty as she is physical. The most important being spititually positive. I wish I could hang out with her for a couple months. I belive I could grow a ton more. If I felt shit on like Christina or Maria I would consider it fertilizer and grow from it….

I'm from India I'm doing meditation but I learned by myself searching many things. But my point is those Indian guru why they went America and teach them. We have in India so many corrupte people why they doesn't do anything for them .?, because these gurus running their business. Nothing else. . Don't be fooled.

Thank you SO much! My spiritual path was at it's highest before the birth of our baby #3. I have been trying to get back to that since I had him in May. It's easy to stray away from your path when you have PPD.
Thanks for helping me get back on track realizing that it has never been about me but about what I can do for other people. ❤

I appreciate your AUTHENTICITY and candor. I kicked off the new year with a simple walk to gather my own "spiritual chops"! BTW, I absolutely love your dress, you wear it very well!! Thank you , namaste

Yes another hot chick with power moves and skills!! Kinda like a stripper your captivated with her presentation and throw money at her. Wishing wanting suckers

Gabrielle and lots of others like her talk about changes, and transformation, but don't specify or literally break down how to make the changes–and to really become inspired and to have the strength to break through the kundalini threshold, you need to feel compelled do it!!!!!
You need to be escorted there by an incredibly powerful presence that doesn't exist in our every day world.
There are a very few people who are truly inspiring enough to lead the masses where they need to go.
The way to transformation is through the body each and every time.
Each time I perform a kundalini kriya, I feel lighter and more grounded at the same time—I know that I am using a technique tried and true throughout the ages that helps me to break though my preconceived limitations and touch the heart of my metaphysical potential!

That's not the only thing that people want–your truth. It's a well-educated, thought-filled, inspiring charge filled with how-to in order to become truly great—-to become fully capable, to become a leader, a catalyst for change!

You need someone who is impassioned to help people break through their limitations and to discover their true power, to be able to tap into one's unique purpose and passion–the kriyas are the catalyst and the medicine—they are the very thing that shines the light on the path to freedom!

Who is awake watching the sun rise sober , you dont have to be vibrating to watch a sun rise . Little late to be worrying about the children in the audience after you started off the show trying to grab the men talking about your thonges , personally I think the sisters a little confused/ all over the place .

She's misleading others. Only path to God is thru Yeshua Meshiach. Find the true path and be discerning from false teachers.

Gabrielle show me how to manifest my soul mate, love and career, are we not to visualize, feel see it and it happens so confused.

To all the Haters… you don't have to like the speaker…
(See her Supersoul Sunday video… three years after this one, she was a control freak, trying to orchestrate her pregnancy and everything else… it led her to help more people and herself with a Best selling book.. she is Human like the rest of us…)
-The Infinite source (GOD) has shown me at least a hundred times in over fifty years…
WHEN U ARE FEELING BLOCKED, Help someone else… something good always comes from this action.
(and very often the thing you couldn't figure out -becomes simpler)
The Universe talks to you… You don't have to listen. (there is truth in her message)

Dear Gabrielle, I was in the need of this video! I was in the need today, of your help!!! so thank you for having made me a little cry and for having changed my day!!! thank you Gabriel and thank's to God for that, for having helped me to face that moment when everyone goes away around you and you're alone!!! or almost! Thank you for having helped me to reach that point where nothing matters at all, where who matters is you, and "the one you" you find in the others!!!
I make you compliments and show my admiration and gratitude for having heated the addiction to drugs and whatever else it would be that can make a man or a woman, a slave.
You are an example for me and I'm grateful to you for having cheered up my day and showed me the way through the block I've found today on the way I was along!!! You've made my day!!! Thank's!!!! I asked sfor you!! A few half an hour ago, just before watching this video of you, I was asking to God "Oh, please let me live today, the way You want so that I'll be happy" !!!

Be careful people with those so called "light workers" one of them destroyed my family. To me they are nothing but Satan's minions who are promising you the world and when they gain your trust they stub you in the back so hard you won't even know what hit you and the life you worked so hard to build is gone. When they talk about God you don't know who they really worship as their God.

all these people hyperventilating lmao … i've watched a few videos and have to un-sub, this is like kindergarten for newbees.

I've listened to thi session previously, however today the part about serving people, angling the message to the audience – whilst maintaining the same authentic intention to serve and share ; really resonated. Thanks, perfect message

Hmmm yes it's great to be spiritually aware if you use this to help others and our environment and not writing books and making millions! Also America isn't the centre of the world and yes the flooding was horrific but what about the war in Syria, what about the daily hunger in Africa, what about the children and women being sex trafficked from all over the world to countries like America and Europe?
Surely the universe would want us to be connected to one another and our planet, what about the plastics flooding our water ways and oceans killing our amazing marine life! Maybe wake up to the state our bloody planet is in! What about living in harmony with our indigenous tribes and harnessing love, kindness and compassion for everyone whatever gender, race, belief and sexual orientation?
This is what the Aquarius age is about not about focusing on ourselves

Share your thoughts, we'd love to hear them 😃 Get transformational mentoring with the world’s best teachers. Sign up for Mindvalley Mentoring and get access 👉

uuugggg!… Is anybody else exhausted with the bleach bland yoga instructors turns paperback guru?
For god sakes you got like an hour of stage time… Say something insightful. Something meaningful. Something deep, something new. Anything? Really? Box breathing? That's what you got for us? Best seller my ass.
Sometimes pretty… is just pretty. Lower Manhattan does not impress. What a con job.

Well, bravo. Another way to get folks to go out and do good. I have always said if more people would do SOMETHING what a better world this would be. Seems "certainty" is the new jargon for the word "faith". Hey, whatever floats your boat. It's all about trusting God whatever you call him/her and being a blessing. I could do without the F word personally. No need.

Iam just speechless with this experience, thank you so much for awakening my spirit, my life and the generation connected to me.


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