Standard Morals

Standard Morals

The reason I personally went through my "angry atheist" phase is because when I was little I was told that heaven and hell exist. I believed that these adults knew what they were talking about because they talked about them as a matter-of-fact. So until I started to question my beliefs, I never considered that they didn't exist. Once I realized that there was no evidence of heaven or hell, I was noticeably and understandably pissed!

yes we all have sin,if we do good ourself,it's bad it's call selfish,we have to do good is speak to someone about god,that's why juses cast out evil men to sent to pigs and say go tell i am here.and priest our pastor our bad,they work for God our satan athiest well have to play part in it to

I once asked a librarian close to my old house if they had the Satanic Bible on the shelves. She said no, but that if I wanted a copy she could get it for me and put it on hold for me to pick up. I said no, but it was nice to know that I could have gotten it if I wanted

Regardless of the source of the Ten Commandments and if people think God is a "big mean poopyhead", could you explain which of the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20 is harmful to society?

God is a intergalactic punisher
God is the Universal Overlord

The 1% use this bullshit God conspiracy theory to keep the masses down.

my God gives me the exact same answers that he give's all the very few Bible believers of this world…….I don't fear God i trust him because i know him and have experienced his transforming power in my rechid life……i obey him because i love him……….you obey your belly instead and your carnal mind can't even begin to understand who God is….to bad.

I disagree with your decision to appoint an objective moral standard. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be objective, but morality is not based on any particular goal. Morality is simply the analysis of the actions taken to achieve an intended but completely subjective goal. If an action contributes positively to achieving that goal, it is moral, if it negatively contributes to it, it is immoral. Morality is a subjective goal with objective ways to go about reaching that goal.

Religions have always been about the "do unto others" part while typically ignoring the "as you would have them do unto you". Because then they're the evil monsters trying to kill you all.
What if I told you that, for your own good, I would take a knife, a drill, and a saw to your head and cut out part of your brain? Would this be moral? Would you want me to do that unto you?

What if I told you that, like me, you had a brain tumor?

I had doctors cut open a flap of skin on the back of my head, drill four holes into my skull, and take a saw to the bone to remove a rectangular section of it, all in order to get to a tumor in my brain that was making me go blind. When they were done, they glued my skull back into place and sewed my skin back up, and less than eight hours later I was conscious and talking and making jokes like nothing happened. It still makes me laugh when I think of how incredible that is.

Do you think any of those doctors would like me to do unto them as they did unto me? What would be the point, if they have no brain tumors? What possible good could I do, without their expertise and medical license?

Surgery exposes the view of morality in religion for the childish drivel it is. It is quite literally the carefully controlled harm of cutting into someone in order to fix a larger problem. According to the Abrahamic religion, at least, I should be taking the aforementioned knife, drill, and saw to the people who saved what's left of my vision in retribution for the harm done to me. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a dead bit of brain in the visual center for a… well, even if they had a tumor, I'm not a surgeon.

Now, christians, tell us again how you're the sole judges of Truth and Morality. Tell us that while your holy book commands you to beat slaves half to death (but no more than half! unless it takes them a week to die, which is fine) and to murder everyone who refuses to convert as per Luke 19:27. Tell us how you're moral, while you're declaring yourselves experts in sledgehammer brain surgery and murder-medicine. Tell us how you're virtuous while you condone ownership of human beings.

I'll tell you to go fuck yourselves. If I did NOTHING in my entire life but that, I'd still be more moral than any ten of you monsters.


Evolution shapes brain wiring, which, in turn, shapes mental mechanisms.

Morals are created by mind and so they have a neurological basis and this then brings evolution into the picture as evolutionary processes shape neuronal networking which give rise to or mould mental ideas including morals.

Someone once asked me, "Why is being moral good?" I found the question odd. It is good by definition. Why is not dying good? Why is the absence of pain good? Why is personal security and well being valuable? Because they are by definition better than the alternative. People want morality to be a complicated thing but to me it is ridiculously simple. It is good to be moral because it benefits me and others.

Sure you could come up with an example of a heinous action that benefits me, but those types of actions always render a temporary benefit whereas I am concerned, due to empathy, with a world that benefits me and others. I have been conditioned to think this way as a byproduct of millions of years of evolution… because it benefits my social population group to have individuals like me that see the benefits of being moral to each other, not just benefiting myself.

Valuing well being is good by definition and serves as an objective de facto basis for my morality. WHY value well being? Because doing so ensures my well being which is good by definition. I don't see the subjective issue here. It is not merely a personal opinion that valuing well being leads to a beneficial and safer existence for myself and my descendants. It is a demonstrable fact of our reality. After establishing that as my foundation, building a system of morals that promote or enhance well being and prevent or try to eliminate detractors from well being is also based on facts. NONE of it is subjective.

It is equivalent to worrying about why eating is good. It is just a fact of our reality that eating is beneficial because we are life forms and specifically animals that have to eat to remain alive. If you then have to ask why remaining alive is good, you need psychological help.

One thing you say that is wrong is at roughly 6:00. You say that there should be no disparity between different religions if any of them were right. But that is obviously wrong. If only one of them were right then there is no reason all the others couldn't be different in their moral standards and that one correct religion could still be correct. All you have pointed out here in truth is that not all of them can be correct, but religious believers generally already agree to that and will gladly murder those of other faiths as somehow being a way to prove they picked the correct moral path. (Tongue in cheek comments near the end may be written to be entirely accurate.)

I showed his videos to my family and they wouldn’t listen to anything that he says because they said he looks like the devil 😈.

I get my morals from a combination of my natural human instincts as a social animal, and the culture I was raised in.

People impose their insanity on others. Once you leave the cloud of creationism, your life and mental health improves immeasurably. Keep up the great work!

I've been arguing with the dumbass who is convinced that without God there cannot be a morality of any kind, that without God morality is anarchy

Cats must have all read the Ten Commandments and believe in god since they don't murder one another like people do.

I actually get a moral bearing from my animals.
They are totally benign.
Yes, they do silly things.
So do I.
Morally ?
My Bombay cat is going to murder a housefly soon, here.

Theistic morality: A individual theist's (subjective) opinion about the (subjective) opinion of ancient barbarians, about the (subjective) opinion of an imagined being, written in a particular translation of an ancient text of a particular cult. Theistic morality is merely multilayered subjectivity. Apologists play the "how do you know?" game in order to avoid this fact.

Aron if there truly is no God, then there isn't an "objective" or "absolute" standard of morality. If there is no God we created the concept of morality and what is deemed moral. We created what we defined as evil or good. The universe, stars, planets, rocks, minerals, etc. don't care about it. They don't even think. The only thing that cares in this universe is us. That's it – human beings. Just a concious clump of cells with neurons firing back and forth care. So then why truly, would it be morally wrong to hurt or possibly even kill someone for the perpetrator's enjoyment? It sucks for the victim but why is it truly morally wrong to do so? This can be applied to rape, robbery, theft, any sort of sexual deviancy etc.

theists are like a kid playing top trumps with his own homemade beat-everything card in the deck who throws a wobbly when his friends point out it's not a real card but is a real cheat

I want to know where I can get that shirt, or is it a custom job? Keep up the great work, Aron, for all our sake. You're one of the best!!

Thank you for what you do, man. I'm in the middle of a "faith" crisis and over the last several days have begun to slowly unraveled the 26 years of indoctrination I've had. I still have questions that the "believer" part of me asks and am still working on separating myself from fear of eternal torture. Thank you for your educated information, I greatly appreciate it.

Science proves there's a God.. dumbass… look up string theory. U guys deny science. I would rather Believe in a god then to believe that we come from a rock.. by the way your whole argument in this video is dumb!! Lol how u explain how god is funny u don't believe in a god therefore how in the fuck can u know how he is and why he does what he does? Stick to Grandma rock buddy..

thats why it speaks of following g Jesus Christ path he walked here on earth(physical) and you're shirt is funny and ironic I believe in God but I don't believe I should be saved for I am inperfect and God is perfection and truth


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