Spirituality & Depression - Russell Brand & Marianne Williamson

but it was when I picked up the course in miracles' which doesn't claim to be for everybody but if it's who you you know it what I got from the Course in Miracles and I was in my mid-20s at the time I'm not saying that this had not been in other things that I read but for whatever reason I didn't get it from other things I'd read and that's that there is no coming to God except through the person in front of you that that is you know the Course in Miracles says belief in God is doesn't mean anything it's the experience of God and the experience of God is our love for each other I love how in the course it says some people conspire with God who do not yet believe in him it's like you know we're talking before about atheism and so forth so I learned that loving other people everything is secondary and my capacity to reach across the wall that separates me from others through my own judgment through my own attack thoughts through my own failure to take responsibility self-righteousness or whatever that work on myself is the spiritual work to prepare yourself so that you are able to feel God or love or whatever word convenient in your relationships with other people this is this is the experience of God tell us more well the Course in Miracles says there is no getting to heaven that says heaven is entered two by two you cannot get there unless you take someone with you and heaven is not a condition or a place but an awareness of our oneness so the course is not trying to get us to believe in God it's trying to get us to believe in each other if you're in front of me you're my spiritual lesson and you're my path to God the course says everyone you meet will either be your Crucifier or your savior depending on what you choose to be to them on my own like just literally on my own moment a moment feel like a lot of my life was somehow this ossification of loneliness of dreadful solitude pain of loneliness I revisit it somehow often when alone even briefly intermittently like a you know arrived here it's I go to the room and I feel sort of headachy and post-flight II and alone and I have to remember that when I talk to other people if I prepare myself in the manner in which you have described that I will feel God and love in other people even in just incident or communication like when I talk to a person I excuse me do you know if there's any yoga here and the person really takes oh yeah let me try and find it I think oh yeah people are beautiful sometimes on my own I get pretty scared like that I feel like you know that I'm gonna be attacked or people won't be beautiful or the world won't take care of me have you over time been able to cultivate a sense of this faith in God through relationships that will is sustainable even in periods of solitude suffering pain and endurance yes how did that happen and we know have been these tons of pain I wonder when was the time of wilderness for you or the might I wrote a book called tears to triumph which is exactly about that about the application of spiritual principles to human despair one of the issues that has been very that I've been very passionate about is talking about the sociopathic economics and how even human pain will be turned into a profit Center if there's money to be made for some corporation I'm very concerned about what I think of as the psychotherapeutic psychopharmacological industrial complex which has chosen for the sake of a billion dollar industry to medicalize human despair and the truth of the matter is depression and I'm not talking about bipolar or or schizophrenia that's outside my lane outside my purview but the normal spectrum of human despair is my lane because the real spiritual path does not just take a yellow smiley face like this and put it over everything they'll be happy to be happy Buddha would not have begun his path of enlightenment and until he he crossed his father's walls and saw suffering for the first time Moses was sent by God to the Israelites because they were suffering in in Egypt as slaves and Jesus suffered on the cross so the real spiritual outlook recognizes the suffering of the human condition when we're living outside the context of our love for each other so that you know if you if you had a heartbreak a divorce financial failure bankruptcy lost someone you love these things are painful but they're not mental illnesses and what us and that's why in that book I write this is what Buddhism says this is what the Old Testament says this is what the New Testament says hey or anything else you you that's why you keep coming back because it's a rough day today it's recognizing it's a rough day today it's recognized it's a rough day today and if you're left on your own God knows what your mind might lead you to do so when you know principals whatever your path is and you practice them so you asked about myself okay Maryann and I've I've lived two periods of time that by any by any means today would be called clinical depression but even that's such a scam all that means that somebody in a clinic set it there is no blood test right but if you've been there you you know it okay Maryann number one you don't even think this is gonna be done quickly so none of this like just you know today people say well your mother died a month ago are you over it yet no okay it's gonna take time number two who are the safe people who can accompany you on this who are the people who bear witness to your agony during this time what are the things that you're gonna need to support you make sure you have a lot of a bubble-bath make sure that you stay with your meditation even though you don't want to stay with your prayer work make sure you show up for other people you will be you will have a tendency to isolate during this period of time you must not do that you must get up and work your subconscious will put aside your despair while you're showing up for other people and then when you come back from that you'll go back to crying again there is an art to navigating despair there is an art to navigating depression and the spiritual spiritual principles lead us there there are seasons of life I quote in that book from yoga where he says let me not squander the hour of my pain [Applause]

I know I been a perpetrator my self, who brought misery and pain on my fellow humans in earlier incarnations. That is why I cant punish "Evildoers"! Dark and "evil" souls are lower on the spiritual ladder than people who can forgive and live and let live. Unforthunelly for us the psychopaths have an easy ride to the top of politics, banking and among our military leaders. Our system is insane and benefits psychopaths and madness!
David Icke is right about the outside force which manipulating, murder humans and even recycle our souls with the now famous Wes Penre papers about the Grid and the soul trap the Gnostics, Tibetan Buddhist monks talks about! Think about it? If the earth is sand-grain of planets on a beach with intelligent life? Why are we forced to be reborn here over and over as humans? Its not natural!!!!!!

U want to vote for her? No the experience of God is God. She is fill of shit. READ THE BIBLE. The course is keeping you from God. She's a but job. Evil. Anti Christ.

The unsaved world has much to say about “love” these days, promoting harmony and ecumenical compromise at all cost; but that is NOT Biblical love. So many people nowadays condemn religion and speak of “love” as a magic solution to the world's problems. They make such statements as: “If only the world had love then all the killing would stop” or “If you have love then nothing else matters.” They are dead wrong!

This apostate form of New Age thinking is especially common amongst islanders along the equator (e.g., Hawaii) where the weather is always warmer, ecumenism flourishes, modesty is almost non-existent and true Christianity is very unpopular. What does the Bible teach?

Jesus said in John 4:24, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” God is a Spirit and MUST (not perhaps nor maybe; but MUST) be worshipped in TRUTH. All the love in the world means nothing if you don't have the truth. Some of the most loving people in this world are going to split Hell wide open when they die, because they have never been born-again as the Bible mandates for salvation… “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Proverb 14:12 warns, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” It is infinitely better to trust the Scriptures and obey the Gospel; than to foolishly trust one's instincts and feelings and go to Hell (2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9). No amount of love will suffice on Judgment Day when the books are opened and one has to give account for all their sins (Revelation 20:11-15).

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
John 14:6

I am torn. I’m convinced that all politics are staged and are there to try and manipulate the masses. Is she legit? Or is it a ploy the elite came up with considering the rise in consciousness that’s afoot. I guess we’ll find out. Still not voting 😂

Marianne Williamson 2020
Donate so she can get on the debate stage.
Imagine what contrast she will be compared to the last presidential debates.

If you like Marianne Williamson OMG you should see her CNN Town Hall! She is fierce, spot on about saving our democracy and I really hope she makes it into the DNC debates! https://www.marianne2020.com/video-posts/marianne-williamsons-cnn-town-hall

I saw Marianne in a Cafe in my city a few weeks ago, not purposely either I was sitting drinking a coffee at the bar facing the wall with my music plugged in..the place was empty when I walked in and I turned around shocked the place was packed and was introduced to Marianne she blew my mind with the amazing things she said, so happy I got to meet her! Even got a pic 😊😊😊 She needs 60,000 sponsors to be able to run in candidacy and she is at around 30,000 and needs them by April idk what day. She said even if it's just a 1 dollar donation it counts as a sponser!

Marianne2020 She asks for $1 donation for her campaign. No corporate money like Bernie. Let's help her get on the debate stage. The American people need to hear this woman debate.

know before my accident my RRMS was really bad for a couple of years and I was
in a wheelchair for three years and I fought like heck to walk again and I
succeeded and because on the board of directors at my community garden Then I
found my brothers body six weeks after he committed suicide right after he
asked me for money I didnt have to give him. I was dignoses with complex grief
and PTSD I fought through that my sister died at 48 of ovarion tumorat my TBI
car accident the PTSD took off and at the same time they found a tumor in my
ovaries but I cant even leave my room from the PTSD from the car hitting me and
breaking my brain. I dont have any fight left in me That is why I have applied
for doctor assisted suicide I am not strong like you I see all around me the
wonderful life and family I have but I am nolong able to be an active
partisapent in that world Dont get me wrong I love life I just cant be a
spectator with a head that hurts so much I live in darkness in my room I just
cant find my life anymore

While I respect her views and beliefs and skill in communicating them I don’t agree with all of them or Russell’s but that’s what makes the world work and how new ideas start. I also have a firm skepticism for anything coming from the lense or cult of celebrity/famous.

Clinical depression – yes they can measure things, yes they can do blood tests etc..
But what is the real empirical evidence from quantum physics, is that your emotional neurology is able to create biological differences in your cells. Mind and matter are now considered interfacing with each other.
Epigenetics – you can change your genomes by habits forged thru your life!

Look I will summarise it for the layman –
If you dont face true fear, it will fuckn own you, until you do.

What a load of bollocks! I can't believe adults take this new age crap seriously.
BTW, Russell is just trying to get laid.

of course theres no blood test for depression, marianne. we're dealing with chemicals in the brain. your doctors let you down and now you're attacking science and psychopharmacology and treating it with god, big surprise, why didn't you just pray your depression away? because prayer doesn't work. you needed a brain scan, neuroscientists can see what chemicals are deficient and medicate you from there. dumbass.

Russel Brando trapped in dyson sphere at ohare airport in haiti!! Help!!! (This woman has no anus.) (She is a trap for sarah sanders 33 curbs and driveways.)

The forces for BAD will point to this interview when Marianne starts reaching 20% intention of votes in the polls to dissaude others to think about others voting for her. Another replay of McGovern"s VP Tom Eagleton who had to step down in 72? I hope not though.

My issue is… I don't believe in a spirit.
I believe we're meat machines running on wiring that's ha;f evolution, half domestication…
I believe that evil is a far greater force in this world than good because karma doesnt exist, retribution doesn't exist… and people just get away with it if they're lucky.
I believe things only have power if you give it to them, then watch my fellow man freely give power to lunatics.

Depression has become my everyday, because if I don't end up on top, there;s always a cliff to drive off.

Oh marianne. And russel. Get some counselling. Marianne is spiritual bypassing writ large. Marianne offers Saccharin lullabies and ostensibly has all the answers where she really has none. And she knows it. She plays the omniscient narrator, very often like Russel does. Tedious regurgitated claptrap. Now that's being self aware. At least she begins to admit it. Her menopause, and so on!

Yea I tried the course in Miracles but it was gobbly goop. Then I read the Bible and this made sense to me and is the Truth. Jesus is the way the truth and the light. I tried that course in miracles but …….

You espouse unity whilst at the same time spewing a cor blimey thesaurus. If you wish to reach all people I cannot understand why you use language that edifies your ego more than it spreads comprehension. Most usefully, language is a tool to communicate and not an object to indulge for ones own ego. Please speak a language that most people will understand and not the one that fulfils your want to be adored intellectually. If you want to be of service be accessible.

If Marianne Williamson learns about the ideas of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, then bipolar and schizophrenia will be part of her purview. Read Szasz's book Schizophrenia: The Sacred Symbol of Psychiatry perhaps.


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