Spiritual Warfare Against Religion and Religious Spirits

everybody god bless you I'm Jonas Clark and this is Kingdom living today we're gonna talk about the religious spirit and you know what probably if you've been serving God for any length of time this is the devil that you have run up against and I'm going to break out some of the some of the highlights of a religious spirit today because this devil will come to steal kill and destroy and you need to know how to face it head-on and take it out Jesus called the religious spirit a hypocrite seven times in the book of Matthew chapter 23 verses 13 through 36 but I want to pull out some of the things that I've learned from experience about the religious spirit because when I first started in ministry the three things that attacked me the most was the first one was a religious spirit the second one was the spirit of which trap the third one was a Jezebel spirit these three spirits now are hooking up together but the religious spirit has a form of godliness and that form of godliness in other words you appear like you're a Christian you appear like you're a devout disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ but but there's a a different spirit here it's a very carnal spirit a very earthly spirit so now I want you to think about some of the things that this spirit will do number one the religious spirit is very legalistic I mean it's it's about the letter of the law and we know this that the look that the letter of the law killeth but the spirit bring is live a religious spirit is very legalistic in that way and they're very jot and tittle and everything's got to be just so and and so they'll try to attack you by being very legalistic with you the second thing is them the religious spirit is very self-righteous a very self-righteous person which I believe comes from a religious spirit so there's nothing that they would ever do wrong oh no no it's always about you you you the third thing that we see about the religious spirit is that what Jesus said and they are hypocrites a hypocrite is somebody that um that says but that but does not do and so a hypocrite wants to hold you to higher standards than they will hold to themselves and so these are some of the things that we've seen that that the religious spirit will do now here's a big one religious spirits are murdering spirits and I'm gonna talk to you about that more in a minute they also they paint a I was in a church one day and the Holy Ghost really laid this on my heart and and that is that the religious spirit tries to give you or tries to exchange or give you an image of Jesus that is perverted and so we need to understand that because our Jesus it's not a self-righteous hypocritical legalistic uppity God that's always trying to to hold us to something that we're not able to do so we need to understand that that the religious spirit tries to present to people a Jesus that's not the Jesus of the Bible the next thing we see is that the religious spirit corrupts it corrupts the word you know I have seen people with a religious spirit read the Bible for hours and never understand anything about what it says for example just the other day this person that I know was reading this whole chapter and after she read the whole chapter she came out of her prayer closet with nothing but death and fear and and discouragement and all that I'm like well why are you bothering reading the Bible form and all of her all of her perspective was was very carnal there was no spiritual awakening no spirit life and it was all very very legalistic again having the form of godliness you see God said from such turn away another thing that a religious spirit would do and I really just brutal attack your zeal have you ever noticed it you start to get happy but yet you know they look at you like there's something wrong with you when if when in fact there's something wrong with them you know you could spot there's a religious person because you started to get happy there's no there's no agreement with you they're not happy that you're being blessed I'm not happy that you're excited about your salvation and you're excited about what the Holy Ghost told you because see um they come to still killing the story they will come to steal your dream out of your heart there's still a revelation out of your heart that's why we have to be aware of religious spirits don't associate with them as a matter of fact the Bible says do not answer a fool in his golly so you know we don't this one religious spirits like to do they like to draw you into arguments okay so don't go tit for tat with them you don't have to explain yourself to somebody that has a religious spirit you know you know what I'm saying so we have to be careful we don't go tit for tat we're not here to to debate with them you know they can go in their own prayer clause or their own study clause all they want to but don't let them draw you into some sort of religious fight because you know it's the Spirit of God that is your teacher amen now watch this Rio this is a good one religious spirits all up into titles have you ever noticed that they've got this title on that title and it's not that they actually do the work or do the ministry but boy will they fight for that title I mean they're into degrees I mean they're into plaques they're into all types of of things like that they want recognition of men they would rather have recognition by man then they're more consider what about what men think about them and what God thinks about them and so they're very into titles beware of people that have that that throw titles out at you all the time you know that to me that's an indication like wait a minute something's wrong here I don't care how many years you've been to school I don't care that you have a doctor I don't care about any of that what I want to see is do you have the fruit of the Spirit it's not about man's recognition of your accomplishments that impresses me what impresses me is do you have the fruit of the Holy Ghost in your life amen are you ministering to people are you really helping people are do you do the typical religious spirit thing and you bring condemnation on people and judgment on people and you're very critical and gossiping about people beware of the religious spirit really dispersed are into position and status oh man they want the chair up front they want to be sitting there to be seated them in the crowd you know with all the bigwigs I mean it's disgusting really folks but this devil exists don't associate yourself with somebody that has a religious spirit come out from among them don't don't don't don't get sucked into their little spiderweb trap another thing about religious spirits is that um they're know-it-alls have you ever noticed that they seem to know at all I hear this over and over again well I know that well I know that well if you know it how come you're not walking it out it you know then how come you're not walking it down what this points to is that people that have a religious spirit are not teachable they're not teachable they will not humble themselves to be taught by God for sake I mean God forbid that they would be taught by you especially because they know who you are and you don't have their status and you don't have the position and you haven't been saved as long as them and you haven't been to church as long as then you don't know mrs. so-and-so like they do and you haven't had lunch with mr. so-and-so like they have and you see what I mean and so what they try to do is that they try to make you feel like that that you're not important in the body of Christ it's only about them them and them another thing religious persons do is it will focus on your faults they never talk about the good things about you they will focus on your faults these people have a critical spirit that's what they did with Jesus remember what they do they were always trying to catch him in his word see see they weren't listening for words of life that was ministered to them know their ear was tuned to try to catch him in his words so that they could use his words against him and that's what a religious spirit does Jesus called them hypocrites seven times he said they won't he said they blocked the kingdom of heaven they won't go in themselves and they won't let you go in either they do not want you to get beyond where they are at come on let's face it the way it really is another thing they do I found this out with people that have a religious spirit they don't take hints you know you know what you have to do you have to be very direct with them when you do speaking with them you have to spell it out and here's what I notice about them they because they won't take hints and suggestions all them they want you to have that uncomfortable conversation with them that's what they want and then you have to be careful with that because here's what they'll do they'll try to make it appear like you're the person that's meaning we allottee they're the ones that are mean they're the ones that that are forcing you to have to deal with something that you shouldn't have to because here's what they'll do they always talk about inappropriate things at inappropriate times well I'll tell you what this is a spirit that is in the Church of Jesus Christ and we need to not associate ourselves with people that are like that there's something wrong here folks and I don't I don't to me it's abusive a religious spirits abuses people you know Jesus said I've come to might have life and have it more abundantly he doesn't want you being beat up and abused by somebody that has a religious legalistic carnal a way of thinking that's trying to present Jesus to you a different Jesus to you we have to stop this stuff don't go tit for tat for them and now I want to talk to you about that murdering spirit thing I don't have the time but one thing I do notice is the religious spirit is a murdering spirit will try to kill your ministry kill your relationships with people that actually are able to speak into your life and minister to you they want to separate you from all of that you know these religious spirits are very very dangerous you know I wrote a book called the thirty pieces of silver this is probably the best book that that's ever been written on this and it's on this subject of overcoming religious spirits because because I've been abused by that and I'm sure you have too but we don't have to tolerate it Jesus Jesus didn't like it and that's why you don't like it – and matter of fact Jesus called them serpents he said you are a generation of vipers can you imagine them he said how can you escape the damnation of Hell the Lord wasn't happy with that religious spirit and so we don't have to be happy with it either we're gonna overcome it in Jesus name god bless you and thank you so much for watching today and I'm gonna I'm gonna continue with this a little bit later so keep watching

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