Spiritual Love and Relationships: Marriage vs. Divine Union

Its cunningness of nature to reproduce itself, it produces maximum testosterone in adolescence. But when things get clear and man gets mature, its all over…. Hehehe….

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Life uses you in extremely impolite ways at times for the general good 🙂 To me, a Divine Union can mean anything, even a toxic, nightmarish relationship (fortunately enogh, not my case!). I agree though that this is not the best means to heal your energy or someone else's or the planet's karma… we are so small as human beings! We have no power in front of our own impulses, well-meant but quite audacious, of Universal Love 🙂 Greetings!

I was in the same situation as you and then I found my husband, a Divine Love exactly as he describes. I would say, keep on meditating and grow as many emotional muscles as you can! A love like this is no holiday: we face trials together no one else I know is required to. It's worth the efford though! Grow a strong, tough, unbeatable resistance to panic and anxiety: your mind won't like a Love like that, it'll be literally drowning you. That's why so many people flee from real Love. Blessings 🙂

This is true 100%. When I had lost all hope (and interest) in finding a mate on this earth I came across my husband. It's this type of "click" he talks about. We started living together that very same day, and last month we got married. It does not look at all like all the rest of the relationships our friends and family have. We really are one, in a very natural way. It's truly amazing. All of you longing for a partner have peace and faith, yet also prepare yourselves: it'll be overpowering!

How long do we have to wait until we find Divine Union externally?I do not understand because I have found Divine Union within my self, I have united male and female within, and I have realized the Self through my spiritual walk, and yet I am feeling an immensely intense urging to find an external Yin to which to pour my love into… This Yin feline cat is simply not able to respond with human love… unless maybe this cat is my soul mate? How do I find the real her, how do I find my soul mate?

Exactly, not all arranged marriages lead to marital bliss. Many are plagued by inequality, fear and the need to be together at all costs.

Guruji talks of arranged marriages being happy ones. What about those arranged marriages where the couple sleep in different rooms, do not speak for days, lead different lives, have nothing in common yet are "married" for fifty years. Can he really say that such marriages are "happy"?

Maybe try reading the book The Secret & use the law of attraction.
It has worked for me. Good luck. I'm sure you will find someone special soon.

Please explain to me – because I don't understand – what is your solution to bettering the marriages today?
Because let's face it – we live in this society. Where dating happens and people DO find each other through internet.
I think each one has his own path to make for learning some things in this life time.
From what I know – we choose our bodies and soulmated in this life before we are born.
And destiny workd for us, it makes people meet through diiferent ways.
But, what is your solution?

Hang in there there is a saying noting comes easy, but if you have the determination you will eventually succeed. Even spiritual people have to go through difficulty before they can find the right partner. You have to access yourself and see if you're looking at the wrong places change where you looking, stay away from negativity. God Bless!

I am a little bit sad, because I never met someone very spiritual to marry. I talked to a few people that were into the new age, but they were not really spiritual people wanting to commit to contribute to others as well as inner discovery of the self and God. Should I stay alone my whole life do you think it is possible to find somebody truly spiritual ? My spiritual journey is a joy and bliss, but also a pain, because I don't find a partner. 🙁 I feel lonely even though I feel God's presence.

he mentions that there are only 8 human lives again in this video…and than what? do we have to go thru 8 million lives again to become human? thats scary…what if this is my 8-th life?

I am crying my eyes out right now b/c I am in a marriage that is falling apart and we haven't gotten along in years and we have tried counseling, living apart,….everything. I feel like we are on 2 different wavelengths and often think I made a mistake by marrying him. One major problem, our 2 year old. I don't want him to be raised in a house like I was with my parents always fighting. What do I do? I want the divine union but I am not the same person my husband fell in love with. Help!!

yes but this system of divine marriage is getting a lot of abuse today in India because people are just ignorant of the true meaning of marriage

odd, my Indian teacher told me her parents wanted her to get married to someone because of an annual salary, how do you rationalize that?

why are you talking about indian culture, who cares, we all are the same. Love is a state of mind. Stop talking small things, there is no time. To be love is to be empty as empty glass and to be aware of everything around us. Love everyone then we will be able to begin a new world. Stop complicate things, start to understand them.

Every word of this true. As a person who's parents divorced I attest to this. My mother used to (and still does) believe that marriage is a contract and stamp on paper will keep it in place. Didn't work out that way. Then came curses and constant fights. My mom would even curse my dad in church!?!? believing that this would increase chances of her getting revenge.

Funny that it was in this video that I felt a complete serenity and beauty irradiating from the Master, absolute trust.


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