Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings

First of all, spiritual beings, oh my god,
that varies from elementals to angels, from Archangels to light beings. But
the there’s even ethereans, you know, etheric beings. There’s all kinds. Such a
hierarchy of different beings. Bu,t in a nutshell, when these beings are trying to,
when they’re trying to communicate, or when they’re around us, or even when they’re just attracted to our space, they can take a lot of different forms.
Orbs are just a form of manifestation. They’re just like a shape. In a
way, they’re called thought forms – to a degree because they have a geometry to
them instead of just kind of that hazy vibe to them. So you can
see discarnate beings, where you have a deceased relative, let’s say for example,
that manifests. If you could see when they first come into your space,
into your dimension, please understand also that when they come into our
dimension it’s not like Uncle Joe you know actually travels from Kentucky
over to your house in San Diego and materializes it doesn’t really work like
that that’s what we think because we’re humans and they’re little dense but
that’s not how it happens these are dimensional experiences so wherever you
are your your uncle could be it’s a it’s spaceless in a way timeless and
spaceless that the other dimensions are multi-level so when you think that he
traveled linearly from one location to come and see you
over here you know in San Diego what he is is he’s in the everywhere and then he
materializes in the space you’re in so he moves through that that veil and
materializes he didn’t come from somewhere per se so that’s kind of how
that works but if you see him when he first kind of comes into the space it’s
more of a more of a vague cloud and you know just like the clouds in the sky can
can take form why do clouds start to look like angels well in part or like
disks like UFOs because it’s kind of an interesting phenomenon but the when an
angel is coming in or departing it it it to a person that would manifest like I
said multi dimensions so it could beams in and let’s say it’s talking to you
well for your sake it’s looking like it has hair and wings or whatever you
believe a white robe you know all that it looks like that for your sake that’s
not what they look like because they don’t have an image we’re the ones that
put images to them because we think everybody should look like us you know
it’s just that that human arrogance ORS or human ignorance really and so when in
women if you could if you could see what really happens if I were watching you in
your front yard and I were seeing you commune with an angel the angel would
materialize for you and look the way it does when it starts to dissipate you
think it’s gone what I would see is it starts to get bigger it expands still
maybe at first the shape you saw it but it expands and expands and it kind of
moves off and as it moves off sometimes people have seen clouds that look like
angels into sometimes of course clouds just happen to look like anything they
can shaped like anything because it’s a part of the phenomenon of law
around into that and so it’s coincidental sometimes but a lot of
times it is not just a coincidental happenstance it is that that angelic
being is is sort of leaving ascending and as it leaves the the molecules that
are denser in the clouds denser than when you don’t have a cloud the moisture
there sort of you know becomes a condensation around that being a theory
cool so it starts to the molecules kind of gravitate towards that being and
become it’s image for a moment but of course the angel is expanding and it
will continue so it doesn’t leave but it expands and becomes the one again part
of the great consciousness of God in a sense I hope that makes some sense but
the same thing happens when people say you know again not just vague like that
cloud looks like a dinosaur that cloud looks like a giraffe that cloud looks
like a disc and the sky sometimes things can look like that they call them
lenticular clouds when they’re very like lens life and those lenticular clouds
are very specific but those can be sometimes debunked by atmospheric
conditions nevertheless sometimes they’re not sometimes it is again the
moisture in the atmosphere kind of forming around something that’s there
and I think it’s kind of funny because these things are in a sense these things
like angels want being playful but they’re kind of trying
to hide and the moisture is not letting them the moisture the clouds are forming
around them sort of like a peekaboo but the opposite way instead of something
disappearing it’s manifesting and showing us their image so it’s kind of
interesting right all that was just to say this is there’s a lot that goes on
with with spirits you know convenient enough now in terms of dimensions there
is there is the the third dimension and I want to use your body your chakras as
a metaphor for this if I may so just imagine the human torso and it’s kind of
its kind of amazing because the the human torso or the human body rather
becomes a great metaphor for for really studying almost anything and everything
but I love to tie everything together I love how we can use anything to teach
anything all of creation is in a blade of grass you could say team so if we
imagine a human form the upper three chakras represent heaven okay so the
consciousness of God and where is heaven well if it’s used as a metaphor in your
body it’s your upper three chakras so heaven the kingdom of heaven is within
you isn’t it now when we here’s the line between those upper three chakras and
our torso so here’s the line that’s also not just a line it’s a veil between
reality and illusion so once upon a time we
existence shared consciousness with God as part of the Trinity’s the father the
mother and the child that’s all of us together in the Trinity of God and so
there’s a part of us that’s still there up in heaven I mean Here I am so it’s
right in me the kingdom of God so periods next seemingly the children
of God separated they fell they left heaven and they went to a place called
Eden in my body where is that that’s the next chakra down my heart so we
descended into a garden where God appear could come and visit occasionally its
children Adam and Eve which is you and I right here in the garden my cup my heart
as beautiful because even though I’m not any longer
completely one with God when I’m in Eden I am connected so connected that God did
say in the Bible would come and walk in the garden and visit that just means
that we’re that close to feeling God’s presence kind of cool yeah so see some
of you are now typing yeah or faces or thumbs up or whatever you can eyes do
I’ve never done that stuff so I don’t really know how to do it but yeah all
those images cool balloons and all whatever else don’t do cats okay it
doesn’t make any sense when I did cats so so now some of you gonna probably do
cats oh stop so anyway so that the God presents yeah
see I’m being told you cats those aren’t cats those are spirits of
cats condensating in the form of cartoon characters anyway so god used to visit
walk in the garden without and we’ve got used to visit us right here and when i
say used to what do i would i mean why am i using past tense because we were
totaled out of you need you left the garden they were cast out of the garden
do you know what that means that means we left our hearts and we descended into
the world of the next chakra the lower mind the next chakra the emotional
center and the next chakra our physical root chakra which is right here on earth
dense dense world so we left heaven to even eden down to the three lower
chakras the third dimension made up of lower thoughts emotions and form and
that’s where we live now all that is kind of cool and interesting perhaps in
itself in itself but using that same metaphor I’m sitting here right now in
the physical you know in it they get embodied in those lower three chakras
that’s what you can see me but when I die if I die right the second my soul
would go soon after my soul would go not in the
root chakra it has to ascend to the second chakra ascend to the third chakra
we will not make it to the fourth chakra cuz that’s even again instead we reach
in the body what’s called the diaphragm line so your musculature in your body is
like a symbol of of an imp impassible you know a band of muscle so we go from
so imagine this we when we live in our physical form we have to be in our root
chakra that’s why people that aren’t in their body are kind of spaced out if
they’re not in the root chakra they’re a little space cuz they’re kind of a
little bit astral like okay so root chakra down here but if we passed away
we don’t go from the three three lower chakras up to the heart we go from the
root one the physical chakra to the emotional
what’s the emotional shadow you ascend to the emotional chakra well the chakras
in the body that’s just a symbol we am ascent to the emotional dimension called
the astral world after the astral world we ascend after spending a period there
we ascend to the mental world and then we meet with our guides who give us our
dossier our folder and they sit down with us at a gym they end up in this
realm Wow you’ve left the physical form you’ve spent time in the astral world
you spent time in the mental realm and that’s as high as you get to go and now
when we look over your files here you’re kind of ready to incarnate again but
after we look over your files we can see here are the things you did very well
good job now you’ll take that down with you to your life again as gifts traits
talents. And of course they’re gonna say, “And
there’s some areas where you were a little weak. We see that you you kind of avoided
working on patience, or you avoided working on trying to
detach from the physical realm. You really still didn’t get that
you have too many issues with the physical realm. You don’t really like it
so we’re gonna have to send you back, and this is what you’re
gonna work on.” And, believe it or not, we’re not like, “No, no please don’t tell
me.” We’re like, “Okay,” at that level of consciousness we have no bickering
about it because we see it as, “This is gonna be easy.” It’s only when you get
here that things start to look rough, when amnesia sets in, and that’s kind of
a drag, but see spiritual growth gets us a little out of the amnesia, helps us
wake up to say it is really think about this seriously the more amnesia yet you
have the less spiritual studies you’ve done the less breathwork
meditation whatever the less spiritual studies you’ve done and you live in this
amnesia wondering what’s the ultimate question why does this happen how could
God do this and and even though we can have compassion for people who cry out
why would God do this you know why does this happen to such nice people those
statements are really really ignorant and I don’t mean rip bad wording or it’s
it’s all ignorance because we’re we’re refusing to own things we really do know
and understand but we don’t want to own them we want to play dumb we want to
play ignorant so that’s how it happens we stay out of it and
we go it’s a rougher go because we’re not owning our our consciousness of
power on its spiritual intelligence so boys and girls that’s why you are doing
your spiritual studies and your spiritual homework helps you because as
it wakes up believe it all right it’s not just about intellectually going I
get it it’s it’s as you get it it’s not just that light bulb goes off and you go
I get it without you realizing it things just don’t affect you as much things
that bothered you when you were you know maybe twenty two you know whether its
relationship your first heartbreak at fifteen whatever those things don’t rock
your world as much and even if they seem to it doesn’t last as long and if it is
lasting as long then you’re not doing something there’s something listening so
back to spirits please the these chakras you go from there’s the heart chakra
here let’s say these are the upper three chakras
you’re not going here at anytime in one sense we live in all of them at once
let’s remember that but consciously comes with God all the time I’m not
aware of even anymore because we were cast out what I’m aware of is my one two
three third dimensional life where I have a physical stuff and emotional
self-image so now when we pass over we leave the
consciousness of mainly physical when you’re a physical person you’re monk
mostly we’re physical astral is where the astral beings are astral as in
discarnate entities astral as in some masters that live there
astral as in guides that are here to help you from the astral level
whispering in your ear and helping you cope with astral / emotional issues
now when you spend a certain amount of time in the astral world working on your
emotional self you then ascend to the lower mental realm not lower bad just
lower mental room because the higher mental realm is the heart the higher
intelligence the heart in their mind intelligence so this is the lower line
so we ascent to this place that’s where they give us our paperwork and say all
right give your shoulder up and say okay chap get ready man you’re going in and
then back in we go where do we go first from the lower mental back to the astral
plane where we’re prepared on another level you could say spiritually astral
II prepared for our next round and then you descend to the physical let
me take on the body and that’s why sometimes the moms are told by
clairvoyance or sometimes they into it themselves they feel like the baby the
astral body of the baby is nearby I feel like the babies in your body people will
say and I remember seeing that and when I was married and having a couple
children I remember times you know seeing things that knowing in fact I had
taught a class the night that my third daughter was born and I was teaching the
class and exiting with everybody walking him outside because I was living in this
Center where one one part of the building was residents the more
apartments a workshop so I walked people out to their car and I remember I
remember kind of talking to you like I am now and I’m just talking all of a
sudden I just went I gotta go and they’re like what no I gotta go and what
it was was I saw this flash of light go to the house and I knew that was the
child coming into the house so I went in and found my wife
I’m going into labor and you know a few hours later with a midwife and all that
good stuff beautiful child was born and it was
interesting because the child doesn’t it’s not like it zipped straight into
the soul which it becomes the astral body the soul it’s called a soul when
it’s up in the heart but it’s more of an astral being when it’s coming through or
a ghost when it just passes over it’s called a ghost but it’s really kind of a
what we’ll call it generically as your spiritual self it’s not your Divine self
but your spirit we call it generally it goes through these planes and it comes
back down sometimes that spirit enters the baby the the actual developing that
fetus baby at conception very rare but it can happen it does happen it can
happen in two three months into pregnancy it can happen a day before a
birth but believe it or not babies can come in only a little bit kind of dip
their toes into the baby just to quicken it and the soul can mainly stay out of
the body and not come in for days weeks or even months it’s hard for people to
believe that or understand that but I remember child was born there it is it
comes out it’s laying there and I looked and I thought oh my god I was shocked
for a minute worried for a minute for a second because that I could tell the
soul wasn’t in it yet and I looked and all of a sudden I could just see that
like a light kind of light bulb went off and then I knew and as soon as the light
bulb went off then all of a sudden like a half a second later the baby started
moving and then I knew the quickening on another level took place so it’s hard
for people to understand we just think it’s very linear
you have a soul somewhere in you and when you die that you lay down the soul
each of layers you have a fear itself you have an astral self you have this
this this soul that moves in and out taking on these bonds so your soul comes
in takes on an astral body though it takes on a mental body takes on an
astral body takes on their third body takes on a physical body when it’s done
it takes the physical body off now it’s in the third body that’s the one you see
you know still around a little bit but then it takes on an extra you know it
releases its astral body takes it off like a coat then if you’re like layers
of clothes then it takes off except the layers are coming from the inside out
you know then it takes off the mental body and now it’s kind of just pure soul
again or as close as you could get to that and then when it’s time this puts
on a mental coat the astral layer the you know but it’s one from the outside
going in again and then it comes in and puts on a physical sheet or layer like a
glove and it puts it on and where is it when you don’t completely get into that
root chakra all the way down then you’re gonna be a little bit hypersensitive a
little bit leaning towards susceptibility to predators and things
like that we think that staying out of our body makes us safe but it doesn’t to
get in your body people are less likely to mess with people who they can tell
you’re here especially if you understand concepts of mastery because masters you
show up and there’s this feeling of bone like I’m here and present
imbalance them Center and most of all in God right so I’ll start to close now in
saying that with all this coming in and going out
and spirits old and all this there’s all kinds of denizens inhabitants of these
various layers or worlds there’s all these beings that etheric kind of
there’s beings that like I said the etherion z– there’s even in the third
dimension there’s light beings and so forth but there’s astral beings and all
kinds of pasture-based from from troubled souls that have passed over
with hate and anger there’s in the astral world there’s deceased relatives
wishing you love from the other side and there’s also souls of people coming in
like your child who’s now an astral being if it’s about to at some point
it’s going to enter the baby so you have to coming in and going out astral bids
then the mental realm they’re coming in and the go
so the going out of the people that have come from the earth plane and they’re
kind of integrating what they learned the coming in are the ones that have
been prepared and given a file of what they’re gonna be doing which is
downloaded into their consciousness into their mental body then they descend it
it starts to integrate into their astral body and then it downloads in both the
ovum the egg and the sperm and when those two it’s kind of like let’s say in
military when you’re you’re told that so-and-so is going to give you a file
when you arrive they’re gonna give you your papers you know or in politics you
know when you’re going to get a a meet with other media leaders of other
nations you know there’s these papers that you have to study about you know
your other cultures so to get you prepared for that culture to talk to
them so it’s the same thing you’re given these these into your genetics are our
information than the dense genetics but also in the astral and etheric genetics
will Givens you know materials so it’s kind of cool
and some of that is your astrological imprinting so you come in with a rhythm
of public matrix not just in your being but in your consciousness and when you
don’t live to that matrix you tend to be confused you tend to be scared you tend
to be disoriented in this world when you feel like you have a sense of purpose
that means you’re a little more in touch with that matrix
with that that plan it’s kind of a funny thing because it’s very objective in
that you’re you can be a fairly materialistic person and yet still feel
that sense of purpose and it could get mistranslated and become just ambition a
like business ambition but you have a lot of passion for the business but yet
you’re kind of dense you know people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs you know
or the you know the guys that developed these other kinds of systems in this
world that people use they had a brilliance but it never
completely translated to spiritual inspiration like they they never totally
got it and said this is God they can’t you know they were afraid to call it
that one guy says he gets it meditation the other guy’s a very giving loving
person of philanthropists helping the world and that’s good enough on the
other side as soon as they get there all the philanthropists will connect with
the AHA spiritually you know I personally wouldn’t really love to see
more of us getting in on all levels while we’re on earth I really I think
it’s a shame a little bit it is what it is but I think it’s a shame that
everybody decides to become enlightened after they die why don’t we just get it
while we’re here we’re here why don’t we share that while
we’re here you know we don’t have to be those people that get it after hard
lessons and so forth we can get it here so if you are successful or a leader of
a business more and more we can be more blatant about spirituality and not just
not just make interesting I’d like to save movies that are more interesting
with a little touch of something more and more blatant we’re gonna have
permission from ourselves to be more and more blatant with our spirituality and
not have to hide it between behind metaphors metaphors are great but it’s
great when we don’t have to hide the truth behind just analogies and
metaphors it’s nice in other words when we can just come out more people talk
about how great it is to come out when you’re gay to come out when you’re this
or that to come out even in your soul’s purpose but what could be greater than
coming out spiritually and just going well I get it
and I’m not gonna mess with anything else this is the way it is and then just
doing our best to live that so consider that and and the last piece to that is a
lot of times our struggles in life are because we we sense that there are these
other layers or even communicated with the
of different dimensions but we don’t know how to anchor it and ground it in
our receptivity in our receptors in our abilities say well I’m getting a sense
that there’s an idea coming to me and I can tell it’s my deceased grandmother
let’s say instead all of this because we’re living in denial of spiritual
guidance what ends up happening is it starts to become an ink
that’s why sensitive people creative people have so many emotional
psychological issues because they’re often picking stuff up that nobody’s
explaining to them so one way that we can help the world and bridge between
spirits and this world clearing all that stuck me between them is to be more
blatant in our growth in our in our representation of life you know raise
your kids telling them to do yes or us but you do that and then there’s people
around them that laugh at them and and ridicule them so you kind of have to
make help them understand and make up for that that rift by helping them
understand not everybody gets them you know explain it not not so much as a
curse you know whenever Casey has clairvoyant as he was was doing what he
did and his his parents got it they were wonderfully supportive you know they he
would tell them I was I was dealing talking to some nature spirits outside
you know or there was a deceased child whose soul was wandering around the
earth whose ghostly you know it is you know wandering around the earth so I was
talking to it he had all that they didn’t shame them however they did say
don’t tell anyone and that’s that’s a good advice from a parent that’s safe
but the day will come and we don’t have to tell me to be so afraid and in fact
where they would have even the background and the center to know
they’ll endure a little bit of ridicule so did Jesus so did Buddha so did I so
did you you know in our ways you endure a little bit of that ridicule and then
all of a sudden you launch the world to a whole new level yeah we can hide it
behind a lot of other things but I’m saying to you that the more we hide our
spirit and spirituality the more it creates
nervous system so these things these these angels you can see what I see if
you let the bells go you know you can see the angels in the sky that some
people can only see if it’s a cloud but you can see it when it’s not a cloud you
can see beings around Tom and to be honest if I could if I would tell you
guys about everything I see all the time it would look like I’m a little bit
nutty because it because oh look look look look yeah it’s it’s a little
traumatic you know because it’s stuff everywhere that the dimensions are all
here so there is some purpose to having a little bit of a line so to speak a
barrier between these dimensions so that we’re not getting a little too
multi-dimensional right here in the moment when you walk up to a a cafe
counter and say I would like that but do you people eat muffins I would like that
muffin it’d be great you know for their sake if not yours to say I would like
that muffin instead of I would like that muffin because there’s a little fairy
dancing around it and then see that angel that’s pointing to it they’re
telling me that that would be the best one so that it would feed that the
elemental energies within each cell of my body at this tuck you know it’s just
good people are gonna think wow you need some help it’s better when we when we
have some line strong thank God in a way you could call in spiritual laws they’d
help us only deal with as much as we can deal with however as we grow we can
handle more and then more becomes apparent like Casey being able to
and it’s it’s quite beautiful because when when people are on some level
feeling like they’re guided you can say you are I can see the being and you help
reassure them when they say something about their child and you can if you
can’t literally get messages from the child you can at least feel them a bit
more clearly and convey them so in my take there’s a value to power
communication with the spirit realm all the spirit realms and remember don’t
nurture these gifts on your own of myself I am nothing ask the Holy Spirit
of God to help you to expand your consciousness so that you can work with
higher and higher dimensions if you try to do it to avoid this dimension it’s
unhealthy and it’ll pay negatively to you but if you can remember this is just
part of a beautiful expansion like watching a movie like a child watching a
movie of fantasy music going oh my god Wow like a child that’s the that’s the
image in my heart you know just like my God and all the greenery and fairies and
they just love that because it it creates a third dimensional version of
what I see energetically I I came to this place and the yard was desert and I
just put a few plants in here and there now and then every time I got a few
extra dollars I can put in a few plants and they feel my love they feel the same
vision I’m seeing when I say well there’s only one tree but that tree
creates shade in that shade I can grow plants that don’t grow in the desert
Kanak so it just keeps going and growing because the the elementals the life in
every cell of the plants feel the life in my hopes and dreams
that we see an Eden you know heaven on earth but this is an external form of it
I can feel it as an internal experience as well and I pray you do and I pray
that today’s made good sense if there’s pieces of it you’d like me to elaborate
on that we need to do so and we have a little bit more time but thank you for
these unlike these little chats so blessings to you all join us Sunday
please sign up if you can for the Wednesday night love and forgiveness
course they’re probably posting information about it on this feed
thinking whatever we’re doing so you just grab hold of it and get signed up
you know do what you can and we can always help you and work with you to
make it happen if there’s any reasons you know you can even if you miss
courses you can watch them later there’s just about every issue that could come
up we’ve got a cover to help you out okay
as we showed you know but many blessings many many blessings of love to you
and this time let’s close with this if you would unless you’re driving take a
moment just for seconds that only takes seconds if we will it to yourself just
for a few seconds right here right now we’re calling upon you the Holy Spirit
of God to make instant with an on line the image of any being of light that is
most trying to connect with us speak to us send us love or encouragement for
that matter the image of that person flashes into our mind right now don’t judge who it is don’t doubt who it
is if somebody’s flash and they’re very close and the Holy Spirit and all of
God’s angels are in this room like holding with you to embrace this
experience letting you know this is actually happening breathe in don’t try to analyze messages
just leave the message in a smile love but the caress of your face whatever it
happens to be believe that it’s happening and breathe it in and in so
doing you’re actually increasing the joy factor of those beings because they give
to do something and in spirit we’re we gained by giving so we’re gifting them
by saying thank you my feeling thanks by integrating the message and they’re able
to help us as we integrate that message we become better people so this serves
us as well whatever the message was even if it serves you for one minute one day
the rest of your life love encouragement if it was an apology whatever it is it’s
absolutely cool we we get it a bit more when we see more clearly from the other
side so just know and feel the love and support these folks are standing there
okay and we give thanks that this is so
he’s be with all of you

Thank you as always…I love your chats too…so much profoudness πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ™ I am so grateful hearing these videos… I love itπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

So refreshing to to know someone else who understands the importance of home birth and midwives. For the most part, a much healthier and easier transition into humanity than the upsetting, bright lights of a hospital. I was born at home myself. My mother had planned a hospital birth with a doctor and that was unacceptable to me so I chose to make my mother think she wasn't ready to give birth. Ha ha! πŸ˜€ No doctors, no unnecessary monitoring or unnecessary procedures, no germs, no drugs. I am so thankful. If I would have had children I would have had planned home births with a midwife as well. <3


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