Spiritual Awakening and Depression – (Why A Spiritual Awakening Can Make You Depressed)

Spiritual Awakening and Depression - (Why A Spiritual Awakening Can Make You Depressed)

hey what's up guys my name is Victor and welcome to my youtube channel which is all about helping people navigate their spiritual awakening process today's video is going to talk about spiritual way spiritual awakening and depression why are you so damn depressed when you are awakening when you're becoming more aware of your divine nature more expanded in your consciousness more in touch with just your divine love and truth why does it make it it doesn't make any sense seemingly on the surface why we get so depressed so often most people if you ask them honestly this they'll tell you their spiritual awakening process is the most difficult gut-wrenching and grueling depressing a jirt lengthy journey they've ever been on far more difficult than they would have ever imagined and yet I'm going to hold my aim of this video is to help you shift your perspective on what this depression represents and how it actually does benefit you a lot and it's going to kind of help you understand why you have I'm going to give you guys five different reasons while you experienced so much depression during your awakening process a lot of it is because you change on the inside so quickly your perception of reality of your sense of self of where you stand in your life is changing very quickly and it's changing faster than you can keep up with in your physical world so you might become more aware of just how you created your life prior to this moment totally unconsciously and you've now see clearly how how often is how it's totally not at all your idea you don't really want to be in this relationship you don't like that the neighborhood you're living in you don't like the clothes you picked out for yourself you don't like your financial situation you realize that your parents are kind of messed up you realize that your friends really don't care that much about you you you become smarter more aware of everything and then you're still kind of stuck there and this just causes the natural reaction of being very depressed you have an ideal you have a new ideal a new for yourself and what your life could could be and will be and you notice but it's not there yet it's far from it and this is quite depressing secondly a lot of your issues that your your issues that would cause depression if brought into your conscious awareness have been stuffed down and now they're all just kind of beating you up coming up at you so you're feeling it as an issue comes up you think about it you feel the feelings associated with it oftentimes you experience external situations which reflect that and all this this entire experience is quite depressing because it's up it's a challenging issue but it's an issue on its way out of you for good that issue was affecting you a lot only you didn't know it now you know it now you're seeing wow this is just a burden to carry this issue alone this is really affecting my life in a very negative way and because it just takes a little while for to kind of come up and then finally be released and we do this with a lot of issues over and over it's just one after the other you go through this experience it's cathartic excited cathartic depressing experience and then you get little bit of payoff you're like yes and then it comes again over and over and over and sometimes it comes more frequent than others sometimes it's like multiple issues just bombarding you and it's really depressing and really overwhelming but it's just it's just a symptom of how much of these depressing issues and energies you're actually purging from your being and there is an end there is an end okay the spiritual awakening process is very physical so your body is going through a lot this this does cook this purging process I just referred to has an effect on your body and your hormones and your body just goes way out of whack prior to my oh my like full-blown awakening I was in like incredible shape I was super super fit I used to practice mixed martial arts and I was like in the excel of the personal trainer so I was enrolled as an extremely good shape but this particular time period I got myself in like freakin tip-top shape I was will and on everybody at the gym and then this awakening hit and just could not I could not keep up with my workouts I was burning out very easily as putting on like body fat my skin looked kind of like crappy I just couldn't recover for my workouts I just became like a a mess physically and this is depressing to me on a mental level and as well it just when your body is out of whack you experience more like cortisol flow into your body and this leads to more depression it's just up again but it's a good thing your body is going through positive changes just very very quickly so much so that it can barely keep up it's not gonna be at its tip-top shape during this transitional period okay and that can cause you to be quite depressed as well especially if you're a girl and you're gaining weight you don't know why I know how that is males a trainer I dealt with women everyday who are really depressed me and for a guy – no one likes gating away no one likes looking their best especially when you feel like it's way out of your control and even if you try really hard you still aren't getting the effects that you're used to or expect for just the nature of all the things I described you never feel balanced you never feel stable you never feel like you're digging your feet in and you're finally like okay you kind of see where you're going you're comfortable where you're at and you're just happy trucking along it's not like that you're always being shifted and changed and dealing with issues and your body's a mess and just you're you're never balanced our human minds go crazy when our life's our lives are not predictable and imbalance and you're almost I got never balanced you're always changing rapidly you're always going through massive changes one after the other you never really have much time to say oh wow and actually reap the rewards of this previous change your honor the next one a lot of it is just a general uh like fundamental nature of your awakening a lot of people associate a spiritual awakening with becoming more loving and more compassionate and this is true and becoming more psychic just because embodying like that Christ consciousness that's what people associate it with and that does come but essentially more simply than that those are characteristics of the effect the facts of your awakening but what's really happening is your consciousness is getting bigger and as a result you see more of the present moment both good and bad so you're becoming gets more keenly aware of all the bad of all the negative aspects of yourself as well as all the negative aspects of the your environment your friend your family the world we live in it's more it's darker than you ever realize more messed up and kind of thick into the dysfunctional than you ever realized you see it with such great clarity and this is quite depressing as well but your depression guys it's a tool it's a valuable tool because the awakening process is is a it's an inside job it's not there's not a book out there that you can read that's going to make you awaken it's just going to like speed you through it there's no teacher no nothing is going to really it's all you got to come within and depression kind of forces you to come with it it's kind of like a reaction that you have as a human being when you're looking outside for answers and you're just not getting up and that will be the case a lot of times you might be very resourceful and you can savvy on the Internet can oftentimes look up any question that pops near in your head and you just are not finding the answers to your unusual questions that you just constantly are welling up inside you and this is you just go inside and it's depressing this energy is kind of bluesy melancholy but you you get these insights these epiphanies it releases it's just a useful tool you have so you agree in which you're depressed is parallel to the degree of inner changes you are making within yourself and most importantly no the process does end it does end you won't like this forever so often we lapse into a bit of depression and we just feel like it feels that way too it feels like well this is just how it is and you start to imagine like always feeling this way you start doing this analyzing it but that's such a inaccurate way of looking at it because it's so transient you're gonna be up and down the whole damn time don't get too attached to the ups the high is in the expansiveness and don't worry too much if you get down and through a low even though it's hard not to easier said than done I understand I was incredibly depressed for a long time very up-and-down I said I still go through waves of depression but now I don't label them in the way most people do and that's what I hope you take from this video don't when you get depressed don't judge it as bad don't judge it as you're doing something wrong understand all the five things that has told you is an inevitable symptom for most people and it's a sign that you really are awakening dude you're getting there you're going there your dome places man you're gonna be a massive asset to the collective to the whole to the whole planet because your awakening it's a very rare gift not so rare anymore but for a long time it was incredibly rare for a human being to go through a spiritual awakening and now you are and you should be grateful even if you feel like right now you should be very happy because what is ahead of you you can't even imagine how good it gets okay you're gonna keep expanding expanding expanding expanding until you know you are everything the barriers between you and the hole are dissolving and it's in that connection with all things with people knowing they're just a fellow wave and there's abyss this ocean of God of this blog divine energy you are connected to that no less no more than anything this bottle of blue water is just as divine just as connected to God as you are only you'll know that you'll experience that connection and it will be representative in how you treat people and how you carry yourself in the job you go into the career you go into your life will be a reflection of this new connection but you're in the process of making the connection and it's depressing but that's okay you you

Given the high rates of suicides, this video could be a life saver for many people..its concise, easy to understand and so logical..the increase in drug use and spiritual info on the internet has accelerated the awakening of the masses, so of course, all the anxiety and depression that we have to grow through increases..thanks for this…ima sharing far and wide.

That happened to me, at first I sort of spirituality traveled to past and observed every events happened and recognised every details there. I found the very root causes of my sadness. In the end, I feel loved, and what the heck I started to understand religion teaches. Since then my awareness just…changed, in a good way. Is this something related to… The third eyes thingy? Or wisdom of life? Cognitive awakening? Hdkdhejxbkwhsbd

This small 11 minutes video is truly life changing, I am having hard time trying to get out of depression and this info will make a world of difference. It's funny how I never realized that awakening might be the reason for the implanted thoughts in my mind but it is happening bcoz the universe wants us to see & accept the truth and change our life accordingly and I also want to congratulate you as you got 1 more subscriber #Luvubro

You are amazing. I have thought I am having health
Issues. Now I realize I am awakening.
Praise God I am so excited.
Blessings and Thank you for your videos.

I saw few symptoms of awakening few months back and I am damn depressed these days . I don’t know whether I am awakened or still in the journey or haven’t started my awakening journey.
I wish I can discuss these things with someone already awakened because normally people dont understand and they just make fun of you

Yes! You are right!!! This is what I’ve been going through. First, I understood that my mother was a narcissist and hated me. I purged many of the horrible things that she did to me. Then, I was made aware that my sister was only a half-sister. I was so angry and depressed. Thank you for helping me to understand. ☮️❤️🙏🏽

Thank you Victor. Omgosh you describe it perfectly. I've been in such enormous psychic pain since 2012 im a washed out rag coming out of 2 years of homelessness things i never expected or imagined. Im a writer and know my divine life purpose….but I can't take much more… seriously its mind bending ..i cant see the end. Im beginning to wonder if there is one. Abundance blocks… thank you for your work..

needed to hear this today. Going through a hard time, feeling quite lonely with this sit. Thank you so much. You helped a lot

Thank you so much, this is really hard. I needed this. So on point. This truth has broken thru, I will not let it break me.

Thank you so much.

I am having this period of time, it is incredibly painful. But inside of me, I can see the door openning to something much brighter and bigger, and it keeps me alive. This is almost like dying. I am very thankful to find your videos, which confirm that everything will be ok. Again, thank you for sharing these videos it really changes my life. Lots of love from France.

I believe the people who are depressed and feeling like no one else understands are the ones who are actually here with a purpose to change the world. We feel so much sadness and isolation because we have a connection to our Home, the Light we came from, and being here brings a sense of homesickness. I just shared the story of my own waking up on my Channel. The planet is ready to expand into enlightenment, more people are waking up, and I am transitioning my channel over to sharing this truth. Wish me luck, as I've just started posting videos that will startle people who are not ready, but hopefully open the door to freedom for those who are. To my fellow lightworkers, you have a purpose. You see the light where others cannot, and you can share it with the world.

Your words in this video were exactly what I needed at this moment in my Awakening. It's been 7 months since I was hit by the brilliant Light (smacked me in the forehead right between the eyes) and experienced the flood of information and visions into my mind, and it's been a rollercoaster ride thus far. Granted, I feel as though I have been handling and learning from both the ups and downs fairly well, but there's been a few moments where I needed reassurance that this journey wasn't going to end with me in a mental ward doped up on tranquilizers and antipsychotics. This video was one of those messages of reassurance. Thank you Victor.

OMG Exactly how i feel since from last year april, i used to be a fitness guru but now i hate gym since it lead me to more depression and i even neglected taking care of myself physical, wht matter now is to be clean…. i no longer fantasize by materialist like i used to and i've gained 5kg…. my last relationship was a catalyst to my spiritual awakening.


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