If you look at Chidambaram Temple just in terms of architecture and engineering,
it is a magnificent feat, Isn’t it? Just think what it would have taken them in those days,
without cranes or trucks any kind of machinery, with their bare hands,
to create such a huge temple out of stone. Just go there for a day, look around and imagine. Just imagine what those men must have carried in their heart to create such a temple with their bare hands. How brave they must have been,
just to start a project like this (Applauds). Now, though we have all the machinery, we are still
not brave enough to venture into such a thing. Isn’t it true? Can we take such a project now? This temple has been created without any
machinery, with human hands. Especially all of you who live here, you must
go to the temple everyday and see this. What you refer to as a human being is not an ordinary being. He can live as an ordinary being and go,
but at the same time, If he is given a little stimulation,
he is not an ordinary creature anymore. He will perform miraculous things. He will do the kind of things that you
cannot imagine in your wildest dreams.

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