Soul | Official Teaser Trailer

Soul | Official Teaser Trailer

What would you want to be known for on earth? ♪♪ JOE:
We only have a short time on this planet… you wanna become the person
that you were born to be? JOE:
Don’t waste your time on all the junk of life. HEDGE FUND MANAGER:
What am I doing? JOE:
Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out
the real you… the brilliant,
passionate you… that’s ready to contribute
something meaningful into this world. ♪♪ JOE:
I got the gig! I really need a
haircut today man, can you fit me in? Whoa! Whoa! Sorry! Aaahh! [Screams] JOE:
Ooof! ♪♪ JOE:
What the…? JOE:
Hello? JOE:
So, what do you want to be
remembered for? 22:
Probably for… doing this funny
cowboy dance? 22:
[Humming] JOE:
Great. ♪♪

This actually looked like a good movie (visually and plot-wise), I mean, until he went and turned into a smurfs pinkie toe…

as a musician/pianist from new york city, i was so on board with this until he dropped into the manhole and it became inside out 2.

but hey, it's pixar. they've made many masterpieces and maybe this might turn out really good. trailer feels kinda bland though, visuals are nice.

Like the meaning the meaning is being who you really want to be
Me: what am I doing!! Throughs a McDonald burger and I will say I will work for pixar!

Please, please please do not let this be a movie where he's going to be blue until the end. Switching back and forth or changing back in the first act or mid way or something idk but please not another movie like this. I love how this trailer started and thought it'd be more slice of life or something. Maybe it'll be like Inside Out where we'll see the perspective of what he wants to be and getting his life to follow that path (what we want and what we do are usually separate from each other) because the team behind that movie is doing this one. Overall, I'll wait to see more. I want this to be what I think it is but based on this trailer right now my interest is…yeah. Please let a black character star in an animated movie with their visual identity as a black person intact. Please.

1995-What if toys had feelings?
2006-What if Cars had feelings?
2007-What if rats had feelings?
2015-What if feelings had feelings?
2020- What if black people had feelings?

Inspirational movie with great atmosphere and a plot about a man finding his passion for soul and jazz:…

Insideout producers: I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

I want to be a director for horror movies or write books and i thought about this title and is “ music of anger” is that a good title ?

1) 0:46 How did the motorcyclist not fall into the manhole?

2) 0:33 Those are not the correct chords being played to the music (sounds more like FCEA to EBDG, not FACE to EGBD shown).

3) 0:33 Also doesn't really make sense to unnecessarily go from pointer finger to thumb for his left hand so awkwardly

1:20 – That perfectly sums up mine and a lot of other people's reactions after seeing the second half of the trailer.

Beginning of trailer: normal movie
Me: nahhh
Almost the end of the trailer: not normal movie
Me: um ok


Moana= Hawaiian

Disney/Pixar loves to see the stories of all people. Even if some stories are inaccurate.


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