Soul Eater: Meister Madness! PART 1 | KuroNekoCon 2016

Just so you know we’re really not going to using this because there’s three of us and only one of this and And that makes me very unhappy So we’re going to project ’cause we’ve all done this before um Anyway, I have a character for a moment. Hi welcome welcome to this lovely things [Meister] Madness. Hi, thanks for coming And hello a pronoun [cocon] none of us have ever been here before You guys have been delightful Okay So quick introductions. I am uptown otaku and this is [egghead] TSUkiyomi together We are soul sisters Cosplay um we’ve been doing Soul Eater panels around the pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington for the past [this] [is] our fifth year fourth Year is our fourth year doing panels um and this is why our team in [28] and You do the cosplay Improv show I can wear in common which is Used to be in Vancouver, Washington. It’s not there anymore. It’s in Portland now hometown is this connection um so yeah um okay, so disclaimers uh None of us [maybe] [Crona] at this moment, but if you [asked] a question about Cronas gender Be prepared to unleash the truth Oh, okay, cuz there cuz there’s the truth and we will give you the truth I decide to look on your face on your [and] [most] people people say it and we will not sugarcoat Cool because I just feel really bad [for] Crona. Hey. [we’ve] just feel really bad Yeah, yeah, yeah, we feel bad. We have Cronas in the room. Let’s all be censor them respectful Okay, yeah, we have three sections to this panel We’re going to start off with [qa] you can ask us questions in character as does the kid black star and maka [Or] questions out of character just address us and we will answer you accordingly you will try to get to as many people as possible [then] we’re going to move on to a little dramatic reading That we will have for you It’s not a fan fiction calm down. Thank you Like our last panel and sucker. Oh that was fun night alan Um and then we will move into a new section brought to you by our little canadian frog show new person right here [your] [bronze] yeah, what I do what I do, best yes, so we’re going to start off with you today And we’re not going to use mics unless we feel the need [to] be really empowering for some random reason because this is annoying industry bus, so we’re project and Can you all hear me properly? Yes excellent. [sorry] – gotta backpack right all right. I’m setting the bar here, and I’ve set it higher [fine] [I’m] the [star] okay. I’m Sending [alright]. So right now. It’s also if I’m correct. This is a pg PG panel We’re going in mine. I’m a stickler. You should know this We’re gonna Follow Rules Rules are no fun too bad Okay so [maka] why don’t you start us off with some Q&A raise your hand ask a question and Maka will call on you you and You can ask any one of us Yes What is Crona’s gender? I feel the need to be empowered again there. We go. Okay look Okubo the creator of Soul eater himself who is soul eater. God has spoken he never decided on 1 Chrona has no [canon] gender. That’s the answer to your question. metaphorical mic drop Crona doesn’t have one. Okubo’s indecisive. He doesn’t even know how old we are He said I don’t know kids like between ages 13 and 15 years or something, I don’t even care Crona doesn’t even have one. so if you say that I like to believe that Crona is blank because Blank. fine Believe what you want to believe be free be free if you say Crona is blank you’re wrong Okay done Okay, next question Yes, okay, [alright]. Death The Kid yes, since you’re like super ocd about everything [we] roll under over [oh] All right, here’s the logic behind this this is not. How dare I do not have ocd. It’s a fascination It’s not a problem unless it interferes with my ability to function in everyday life shush Toilet paper [if] it’s over you get to pull it down easily [as] you are sitting It encounters The Wall it does not encounter the inside of the toilet paper holder therefore accumulating excess germs If it is inside it touches more of things before it touches you and if you’re one of those demons That runs it out, and then just kind of leaves the role there and doesn’t put it back in either way get out Get Out of my house Also, Earn Brownie points fold it in a token a triangle. I have teach us Oh, I like you random citizen. [I] did the her soul considered replacing it And we already have drama Yes, okay. This is a question [for] maka maka if you could wield any kind of weapon other than a scythe. What would it be? Scythe [is] just the one weapon for me. [I] don’t know how I would well, I will get [back] to John before so in a pinch I could wield her in your kusarigama form but It’s just not my forte Yes in the [bulbous] beanie Whatsoever [there]? it’s It’s one of those things that kind of defies description And that’s what makes soul studies So complicated because it’s really hard to describe [sine] just [described] you know it’s like You feel an exchange You feel aware of the will of your partner. You acknowledge each other’s will and so you’re [able] to Move in sync perfectly and not miss a step if you do it right, so it’s not mind reading its deeper than that you feel the under toes of emotion and will straight out of the textbook No, that’s my own description just kidding and just sounds complicated Obviously depends who you ask. Yes Death The Kid. Yes. How do your weapons feel about akwardly being forced into symmetry? Yeah, Kid how do they feel being forced into symmetry they’re putting up with it pretty well right now I would think they’re used to it by this point My sitting some okay? Well, that’s his fault isn’t it I’m not only [not] [gonna] [do] minor ones [a] made to kiss. [I’m] not sure questions support that. I’m confused They’re fine. They can do what they want. Yes. They’re adults. Um, so, Death The Kid. Yes. How much does Black Star’s Star tatto bug you? Have to say took me a little while to notice when I first met them because when I first met them all he wanted to do was say ‘Fight Me!’ And that was that was what matter? [one] [to] [its] opening my pegs like to stay out of school for a month um it was a quiet mom Actually [no] cuz you were still at school Fair so everyone loves me i’m the star. after I am is there that’s not the point. It was not quiet I’ve had some I’ve had some moments, but as it’s a feature item that can’t really be Fixed there’s pens right there Well, you know that’s that’s mine. You should I had those perfect you know what There there are certain things I can get over if I distract myself with something else and fixing Features on actual human people is thankfully one that I can avoid Most of the time most of them well if liz would just let me add those tweezers next question Yes, okay? Uh, Kid. Why are liz and patty in weapon form right now? Um because they’re in timeout. Why? Because they ran off During this day at this wonderful communal space where all dimensions collide? They ran off and left me alone and not balanced and split up and they wouldn’t let me find them by the time I finally tracked them down. I was furious and so they’re staying here where I can more easily keep an eye [on] them Okay, that’s understandable. It makes me feel better Yes, um. I have a question for Death The Kid. Yes, you ever tried to draw on another star on Black Star? I haven’t personally tried. I won’t say that hasn’t crossed my mind. I dare you Why are you such an enabler? Don’t tempt me. [because] there are people that physically restrain me and people that Conveniently distract him and walk him the other way TSUbaki’s a saint You know I haven’t gotten that far but Ithough about it Yes Kid yes same question that [maka] got is if you have to weild a weapon aside from your guns [sword] do you know how long it took [me] [to] find these? These two are keepers. I fought to keep these girls, and I endured suffering for it They were not easy to win over let me tell you [they] tried to rob me when I first met them but uh My standards are too high if I had to choose Someone especially someone that I already know as maka used tSUbaki as a reference. I would probably pick pots of thunder and fire Because at least there’s two of them. They’re not perfect matches, but then again whether they’re losing [patty] I don’t like to think about that I Guess I’d use them Hopefully killick would be a good sport about it. Well. He’s wielding your partners before maybe he’d be willing to lend you his maybe I Definitely prefer my gun Yes, so black star since you [claim] [to] [be] such an amazing assassin. Why do you fail so epically at it? inquiring minds want to know I I get things done in my own manner. They get done other people doesn’t just don’t agree with the way I knew things like your test scores [hey], you know what? It was a good plan What’s this died? He doesn’t mom that you guys are crazy on a curve? Way to ruin things no, she made your dad you’re a good friend maka yeah, I know [yeah], paper was just really delicate you went through eight tests You’re lucky it was eight. I was Trust me it made it all worth it All that blood that came out of my eye sockets because [of] that all worth it. Thank you very much Yes, if you guys were to switch bodies with one person for a day, who would it be? Just among us three or no anyone anyone um I? Don’t know sometimes I wonder how many fascinating things I would learn if I were to switch bodies with soul for a day. I learned more about how the male mind works But I’m just kind of afraid to know. But if I switched with tsubaki-Chan I have to deal with this for a day, and I already deal with him enough Your answer [oh], no, I’m pretty great no I know what I would do I would switch bodies with my papa For a day and break up with every girl. He’s ever been with Chupacabra yeah I’m playing on this way kudos. I may make an exception for Blair [chon] that she’s our kitty You’ll let him stay with the cat no he can’t stay with the cat they can think just be friends friends Uh I don’t can I just can I just switch bodies [with] someone who’s perfectly symmetrical so I finally know what it feels like No He’s terrible All of it you don’t even have legs [doesn’t] even have arms unless you once they I don’t know any pulled out of hammer space Or something His cloak is everywhere. Do you know how long it took me to get used to looking at my own father I had a stressful childhood! Everything makes sence now. Don’t want to talk about it. Hmm. Well who would you switch bodies with what? Almond is clear maybe maybe Liz She’s very symmetrical by herself not when compared to her sister Her hair is nicely parted down the middle. She’s very very symmetrical yeah And and [patty] I think her personality assuming if we switch bodies some like maybe personality traits might like leak through perhaps like That might get a little exhausting Maybe maybe Liz blackstar could you bring yourself to switch with anyone for a day? Okay maybe death, but that’s only because He rules the city know what come on die without you know Everyone leave Death City now The citys named after him exactly It’s not Star City For a reason Yeah, I go with that Yes, growl At least its not a woman, or is it? I am so inflected right now If you let your father go with that perhaps That would just whisk him off into another dimension. Could you beat better ways into him? possibly teach him to be an independent man that don’t need no woman maybe Then maybe I will I will interview you There’s a interview for this? Starting today. Yes, and submit your applications after the panel Blair and then you. Going out the switching bodies one would that mean you’re okay with your dad being in your bodie? I mean. My immediate answer is no but then again, I can’t think of What he would do with that You cant?! Its not that he hates Soul, he’s just super Helicopter Dad about it. He has no right to be Well, okay, okay. Learning experience from this. Because your father is a weapon and you are a meister You would get to know what it’s like to be a weapon and to actually Transform and he would get to know what it’s like to not do that May humble him a little and he couldn’t exactly go chasing women unless they’re into that Pg, Kaito-Kun, I wasn’t going anywhere Maka. I wasn’t going anywhere either! I was afraid you were! Anyway with that out of the way you had a question one person that bothered ExCalibur No, no, I had to carry him on my shoulders because he would pray to the water to even get there my pants are nice They’re nice pants Not worth it Maybe read a book nothing books to get a bad experience [fryer] information. I read to him he looked at the picture no I read the title You didn’t even pronounce it right As I said he tried, and I don’t anymore and that’s why he stopped trying Effort once he gave up. I need to hear this story sometime. No you don’t want it. I’m not retelling it I won’t sleep for another week, that display left in the classroom was intense and Can we not talk about this image is not sorry? The world is like. There’s no light and symmetrical until I got to the [middle] with that abomination my ass knows about one wing slingers He was like Gross as for me my papa he bothers me Yes, can you make the faces that you made Yes Yes Maka could you step out here for one should I be worried? No, okay? What are those? I mean, they’re symmetrical That’s all I care about I mean, they’re my boots. What are those I don’t think shots fire I wouldn’t know about the button with puppy. You back there Spoiler there’s a correct answer for this Yeah, I Definitely was foggy. I mean he’s my bro is my bro [one] Tsubaki is great Good. I have no bad news to deliver later today Snitch on me. No, I have no need to anymore We get doubt you hesitated. [I] did not I had to think hMm. [oh] Understandable, he just had to think I Heard that I said it No, one admitted don’t hesitate don’t Say they helped Dropkick Yes, bulbasaur Cake Several reasons I’ve been wondering about that several reasons. He’s an od That’s answer number one answer number, two It reduces the recoil on my wrists Which makes them more comfortable to fire for longer time periods and I personally find it easier to [Aim] this way But not everybody because none of everybody’s like me Make sense sure ah yes, oh Have any of you met your genderbender versions yet? will work right there um narrowing in on this question [net] as in remember the time that they literally were the gender bed versions that I was there for or Met the actual gender bed versions here in this communal space Okay, then that’s up to you to [I] wasn’t there. [I] didn’t get to see that um I remember I have a lot [of] feelings [most] of them not positive my chest felt heavy I’ve only heard stories, and I think I want them to stop now. I answered That’s why I’m here girls You get an ‘A’ for effort. Yeah on the other hand in other dimension collisions, we have seen Feminine versions of you I have seen feminine science all seen male versions of me I’m the only black star airs out there’s only room for one Duh! I’m not writing a cat, huh? Nope, we do not support animal cruelty in this panel. [wait] a handbag. Yes What are all your guys favorite cake flavors? Cake? Whatever Tsubaki makes She’s a really good cook You eat cake daily? How? I work out I like Strawberry shortcake and Banana cream pie Thats not cake She’s a rebel [ah] she’s really not dunking look as a rebel. That’s money Is it to simple for me to say Devils Food Cake? If the slice is cut nicely and it’s served to me cleanly than I have no preference. I’m not picky not about cake Okay, there’s only so wrong you can go with cake. Yes. What are your favorite animals? Not whatever excalibur supposed to be What even is that? being with [talos] Like an albino rubber duck park dog hey, I don’t even know dogs, no i’m kidding I Don’t know that I have one favorite animal Narrow it down to three three three most Not dogs because I’ve had bad experiences with wolf men Not snakes because I hate them for reasons Oh cats definitely cats Look, I saw this competition [penny] till the girl something no black star. What are your favorite animals? Is it a monkey because you act like one is it your spirit animal I? [know] [I] am so cool. King of the jungle [their] [bag] is very [basically] lazy They’re lazy, and they let the women do all the work Ranking no um I don’t know I mean I I hear the word to rap often But I’ve got my own personal preference I I like pandas colors means, but they’re [always] The animal Kingdom has imperfections. Do what I want me to do For the sake of the pun maybe? Sure Mean I like tigers with all of their stripes and markings are very very well balanced spiders no we have bad experiences with those. Very true Yes, So, um. Kid, if you could be perfectly symmectrical for the rest of your life- Yes. In exchange you have to use Excaliber as a weapon an entire week? No month. No! It’s not even worth it! my God, I’m out there not a [full-Height] Why do you hate me so much? What do you like to see me suffer? Here’s another [I] [ran] [out] horrible person Is it that one year is different? That’s me. All right. [you] know I thought it was the sorry okay. Let me hold here right here you go. Thank you Oh, that’s the therapy elephant. Okay security blanket security boy you tail oh Really good Okay, well okay. Thank you. Yeah house Okay, I would have swords just aren’t the most symmetrical weapon to use I wouldn’t even be able to be that functional with it unless I did this That’s how I have to use him you don’t have to [know] I walk it in weapon form so maybe he’ll talk less Now to talking [to] the worst part like a case See I don’t support like part fruit cruelty though like that goes against my morals and I Can you just kill me instead? You took that one too. That’s what you have [for] Papa for apparently. He’s a genocide Can you do just yes? yes, or to just kind of play off that one yeah duelist have two excalibers I mean- Thats twice the pain! You got the symmetry you [got] the symmetry? um Maybe like they can just talk at each other [I] Won’t trust our shove them in a room together shut the door and let them talk about their centuries of tales to each other And then maybe he’ll know how annoying he is when you have to deal with itself Yes, you had two salaries they get along with each other Do it problem? I think they would just relate to each other [away] Huh, remember that one time when I had tea at 12, it’s like I know Yes, how [do] you all feel about grown-up and the injunction [Roger]? Was I was terrified of [crona] at first? He and [Ragnarok] almost killed us both but When I got to resonate with from I what kind of a person he was deep inside All he really needed was someone to be his friend, and I was happy [to] be that person I’m still happy to be that person. Oh And I’ll stand my corona forever Hello, and my conjunction I will be simple I will tolerate [ragnerok] to the best of my ability because he’s a part of Corona like it or not and He’s [proud] his partner [evening] when he’s no longer my mother picking that goes on between them. They make a good team I [needed] to Evelyn all I want to fight him at first, but then she like no, I don’t want to fight I’m living right. I’m here though. I have nothing against But now I just want to fight anyone who picks on them. Thank you [hey] Fierce friend this One ok I [I] Respect Corona for everything they promised been through and the strength that they’ve had to put [up] with all of that in their past I think here is a really valuable companion and very fierce on the battlefield and very good to have on your side as Opposed to on the other And I’m not going to Force any haircuts and really really I Can [resist] certain things? Thank you Know what? I’m [try] don’t yes, so out of character. Yes, which of the three main characters you? relationship Well surely guy started [oh] [TSubaki] main characters I think he’s talking about the three much as I’d like to show you my [sisters] main characters hates Papa my dad’s Papa Eagle no spoilers Yeah, but you guys even have a problem with it. You’re raised by these I said yes, I said big stop talking that I win I win once black stars a better person He’s cool. He’s [obnoxious] What a cake, this is a question for all of you, but what if you met a a punk version of Manga. Oh wow red riding hood Really squishing like you ever came back from that one time There there is there’s a limit [to] how [punk] you should go do not incorporate the black in your lifestyle into your bloodstream What it’s [ill-advised] there is a line don’t cross it. I mean He’s your goody-Goody, okay, Magic yeah, [I]? I’d still be dedicated to my life’s goal, and Death Citys very accepting of Extreme styling please get symmetrical piercings I Just did one year Like three on one year just [one] like everything [was] due to barter. Yes Okay, what do you guys think I’m so leave, you’re gone Okay, I say my analogy for this. Yes Okay, so you take the shown end out you put some [shoujo] in there, and you just made something or not No, and in reference to the other Soul Eater panel that happened before us this question. I mean maybe think of this if Kid and the Thompsons were to switch roles and Kid became the weapon and Liz and Patty became the meisters thats also Soul Eater NOT! They just have to share Actually took me two tries to watch it I wasn’t first everyone was the first time I got distracted by something else that had more fighting it And then this then she came to stay the night with us and she had all [of] it So we just kind of finished. I fell asleep before like the last two episodes whoops Everything gary. I’m sorry. She didn’t don’t mind them. That’s beside right. How dare her again? Where’s you’re Gonna fall asleep to next um It’s just so later with a lot possibly too much boy injected that means idiot yes, swatched it actually yes period Good yeah My life, I liked it for the extra little tidbit to add to several characters like the Liz and patty Backstory episode that was nice when you got to see them while they were on probation and working in the cafe That was nice. That was adorable actually [the] animation style was Flattering on some and not on others. Yeah, I thought kid looked adorable. Yeah We needed it. Yes cousin Yes, yes you

i was watching this and soul eater part 4 episode 8 I was laughing and crying it was really weird XD

Kid, no wonder you wield two pistols. After all, heโ€™s the one that have the most shots fired.

6:53 I love how Maka is going on about something really cool, and BlackStar and Kid are just fooling around with one another.

CORNA IS A BOY!!!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

22:13 what I thought kid said the first time donโ€™t say I wonโ€™t drop kick your elephants what I thought he said the second time donโ€™t say that, heโ€™ll drop kick your elephants

I started watching this with no knowledge of it and stopped watching to watch the anime and now continuing

'Kid looked cute' kid ALWAYS LOOKS CUTE to me anyway๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜sooooooooooo cute๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The only thing I hate about this fandom. Is that everyone mainly ships Death and Liz. My name is Patricia and people call me Patty but Death is my favorite. Every fandom I'm in, I get so close to think I would have I chance to be with that character if I were in their world but something always has to ruin it.

I love the one who plays as kid nice job with making him even more funny than he all ready was I love it and the 29:08 was funny

14:21 YO HUNNY XDDDDD IMA DIEEEEE!!!!!!!๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

I wish I knew about this anime in 2016 that way I would have gone but I just started watching it recently and this made me laugh so much.

Death the kid complains about his unsymmetrical hair has he every thought about adding lines to the other side of his hair

I feel like Crona is transgender because Crona has no cannon gender and in some scenes kroner looks like a girl and another scenes Corona looks like a boy.

Just as started talking about Excalibur the episode it's in came on and i cracked my phone when i threw it on the ground. (You don't have to pay attention to this comment, i just put it here because it happened)<3

In the English dub for soul eater Crona was called a he but in the English sub Crona was called a she so there is no specific gender for Crona

Some of the funniest things they said

Kid: so i FINALLY know what it feels like!
Someone: your dad?
Kid: no hes terrible!

Kid: do you know how long it took me to get used of looking at my own father?
Everyone laughs
Kid: i had a stressful childhood!
Kid's heavy breathing
Maka: everything makes sense now….
Kid: i dont wanna talk about it

Maka: Black star could you bring yourself to switch with anyone for a day?
Black star: ok, mabye death but thats only because he rules the city do you know what kind of fun i would have?!
Black star: but the city is named after him!
Kid: exactly, its not star city, FOR A REASON
Black star: yep I'd go with Death
Kid: run

Kid walks to Black star and they nod at each other*
Both: Excalibur!
Both: no!
(Him means Kid)
Black star: i carried him and my shoulders he was afraid of the water to even get there!
Kid: my pants are nice!
Black star: it was just water!
Kid: they're nice pants!
Black star: i dont care not worth it he made me read a book im not reading a book again that was a bad experience!
Kid: for your information i read to him he looked at the pictures
Black star: no i-i read the title
Kid: you didn't even pronounce it right!
Someone: i didnt know he could read

Kid: spoilers theres a currect answer for this
Black star 'thinks'*
black star: I'd definitely stay with Tsubaki i mean Soul hes my bro hes my bro but Tsubaki's great
Kid: good i have no bad news to deliver later today
Black star: wait you were gonna snitch on me?!
Kid: no i have no need to anymore
Black star: how dare you, wait you had doubts?!
Kid: you hesitated

Kid: wait an entire week?!
Someone: no month
Kid: heavy breathing and nearly barfs*
Someone: do it for the symmetry
Kid: how?! Its not even worth it!

I think someone should show kid a Unsatisfying video and video tape his reaction. Especially with the cake being cut so awfully. Like s you agree.

Death the kid kan i cut your hair done ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

Kid: They ran off and left me.

I find it hilarious how they immediately address that they won't be reading any Death the kid X Deadpool fanfic

Kid, if I were you I would switch with Liz so you could finally trim her eyebrows like you've always been needing to

Okay this is kind of unrelated but I canโ€™t be the only one that thinks that Excalibur looks like Principal Nezu from BNHA

Star: "I had to carry him on my shoulders because he was afraid of water to even get there"

My question: what is up with the moon. And the sun 3 main characters , Death. Stein. Maka.

Your cute kid…….his name is (Death The Kid)haha haha I know that but he's still cuteโ˜บ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Œโค


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