Sleep paralysis, Dreams, Drugs and Demons. A Jesus Christ Testimony 2019

Sleep paralysis, Dreams, Drugs and Demons. A Jesus Christ Testimony 2019

I have never made a video like this but this is basically…. my testimony of how I came to Christ I grew up in a Christian family but I used to always think Christians were crazy. I remember when I was as young as I remember, I was a little kid. My parents would take me to this church that was like three cities away and we would have to take like three busses early in the morning. I would you know get really sick, I would throw up and I always had that memory implanted in my head and when we would finally get to the church you would see you know people screaming and crying and you know as a child it’s it’s a lot to take it you don’t really know what is going on. It brings up a lot of questions at a really young age and you can’t help but want to run away from it. If you don’t understand it you’ll want to get away from it. I used to always think if God is so real how are all these problems consistent in the family? How are they so consistent all around me? At a very young age it really.. it really affected my belief in God it affected my my faith. I struggled to see what other people saw and the more I tried to understand it, all I saw was a nightmare how could that have been so? it sounds so crazy and unhealthy, but you don’t really know you need it at that very moment until you get older. You know people have this idea that you know you’re brainwashed in the church and I feel personally that that whole time I just wanted to get away from it. I wanted something other than that because you know you would have real problems you would have real life situations and you would ask your parents for guidance or for help and they would tell you “oh ask Jesus” and you’re like what?? like you guys are serious? I always thought it was like some type of excuse to just you know not give you an actual answer but you know.. you get older.. and that day comes where you eventually get sick, or you find a dilemma that you can’t get out of and you start to ask yourself you know where is God in all of this and the more you try to find him it’s like he’s nowhere to be found. The main reason why I am making this video is because I believe that a lot of us have these types of questions but we are left more with unanswered questions than anything else. 2018 was my year of Revelation where I had to take my leap of faith. When I first began to start living in the flesh, I remember I had this dream and in this dream I was walking in this very very small road. It was very small, but it looked like a really good dream. I remember that there was you know children playing on the side of the road you know and there was houses and it looked like there was families and it was very very calm. You know you saw the the wheat like there was wheat I guess you know flowing it looked very very calm, it looked like a really good dream. And then in an instant, I remember that the houses you know all the doors closed all the children disappeared and the dream turned extremely dark and before I knew it there was this being in front of me and it was in all black but it had no face. And I remember that when I got up close to it that out of its stomach area it pulls out this skull. And I remember clearly the skull had this Grin… this huge grin on the skull and when I saw that I instantly collapsed and I fell in this darkness. And I remember hearing an echo “Jesus Christ save me” and it was my voice but it wasn’t coming out of my mouth. I didn’t understand that at the time but this was confirmation from God showing me who to call on whenever I was going to be in the presence of demons. That dream that I just described was my first encounter with sleep paralysis. Most people know it by that definition but in reality it is a demonic manifestation. The crazy thing about all of this is that I recall when I was about six years old, my dad you know waking up in the middle of the night and he would have those similar attacks and I never understood them. I never understood exactly what it was that was happening to him, this next part is something that I will remember for the rest of my life and it would.. it still blows my mind till this day, but there was this one night I was about, I would say 13 years old and yes I did use drugs at a really young age I’m not proud of it but.. There was this one time specifically where we went to the mountains. There was this trail this hike right and we took what was supposedly ecstasy or Molly, but it was in pill form so it had like a bunch of stuff in it. It wasn’t a pure substance. The whole point the reason why I’m saying that, is that I started hallucinating and I noticed that before any of this started manifesting I remember that I felt that the high was going away, it was ending and I remember that deep down inside I felt that I didn’t want it to go away. For some reason this is the first time I ever truly truly heard the voice of the enemy in my head, but there was a voice in my head at that very moment that was telling me and showing me that God was the one that didn’t want me to enjoy these things. That if it wasn’t for Satan, if it wasn’t for the devil that I wouldn’t be able to be where I was with the people that I was with. My life would have been boring. And for some reason my ignorant self at the time with no discernment allowed that voice to control me. Before I knew it.. as foolish as this sounds, I made a prayer to the devil that day and I said “I don’t want this to ever end” that’s when the hallucination started and I will never forget the first thing that I saw was that there was this sphere that appeared over my whole body. When I looked down there was a snake crawling by my feet, but when I looked down to see what it was it wasn’t even a snake it was snakeskin. And I ignored it okay, I ignored it and I continued with the hike. But this is when things got dark I mean dark. When I got to the top of the hike when I looked at the stars, there was a bunch of UFO’s. I mean all red and their presence was dominant. It was showing that they were over me. That they had control over the situation that I was in and I felt the worst fear of my life. It was unimaginable what that feeling was like and every time I would look up, the UFO’s were in a completely different position. It was impossible to look for more than a second. It was impossible, my physical self couldn’t endure it. This has always been the case with demons that.. whenever I have a dream and I see a demon and I have no fear, that’s because God is with me and God is showing me something. But whenever a demon has true control over the situation and you are having fear or you are being attacked, which most people know as sleep paralysis. That’s usually an indication that you have allowed or have opened a door to the enemy and he has access. We have to remember that these demons have been here since the beginning of time and they have so much information and experience on how to deceive the human mind. They know your weaknesses and your strengths and they know the areas where they shouldn’t attack you because they know that you are strong in these areas. That’s why nobody’s experience will ever be the same because God has given us different gifts and most of us take that for granted. So going back to the hallucination.. When I looked up for the third time I noticed that the UFOs had formed an upside-down pentagram in the Stars and I knew.. I knew at that moment that these UFOs had a connection to Satan, but that’s not where this experience ends. Next part is something that I haven’t heard anywhere else and it’s something that I would never forget for the rest of my life. I remember that as I got home.. Right as I got home. As I opened the door, My dad was sleeping at the time and I can hear him suffocating. I can hear.. Right as I entered the door that he was starting to have one of those spiritual attacks. As he wakes up the first thing he does is ask about me and I pretended to be asleep. When the next morning came I asked him, I said “what did you dream about last night”? and he said that he saw me opening the door. He said that he saw me come in through the door but that I wasn’t good in the head. I wasn’t alright. He said that it looked like I was on something. And that when he came to follow me into the room because he was asking me “what’s wrong with you”? and when he came into the room that I was in, he said that he saw this really big demon over my laying body. And when he saw it that’s when the suffocation that I saw the night before happened. That’s the.. that’s the creepy part. Whatever it was that I saw up on that hike followed me home. Sleep paralysis is a very strange topic to talk about. I’m going to share with you my experiences with sleep paralysis and how they have manifested in different forms. So there was this one time where I had a very strange encounter. I was laying in my bed and my left leg is being pulled to the roof. Well not to the roof, but upwards. I wasn’t being levitated. But somebody was holding my leg and raising it. I’m a bit flexible but I’m not that flexible. And I remember that in my head I’m just you know screaming and in my head in my mind I’m thinking “who’s holding my leg”? I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t do anything. And I remember that one of my family members came into the room and I’m just thinking to myself “like how can’t you see this”? “why won’t you wake me up”? and apparently I asked them afterwards and they told me that they didn’t see anything. Another time I was sleeping and I can feel this noise. It was like you know those silent noises, but it was really high-pitched. It was like very distant and it was approaching and approaching before I knew it, it was really loud. And when it came really close my body went into basically that same same effect. And I hear a song being played and the song was (die die die by bone thugs-n-harmony) but it sounded like a completely different version because it sounded like it was being spoken by actual demons. I know in the original version it sounds…… That’s exactly what it sounds like, I don’t know.. I couldn’t get that voice out of my head, but that’s just another example of how these attacks manifest through different ways. There was this other time where it was the same sleep paralysis but it was very visual. It was an actual dream and I remember that I was in an elevator and it wasn’t any normal elevator because every time I would look behind me there was a person. But every time I would look again that person would transform into another being. It did that like five or six times and every time I would look again it was a different person behind me. And that’s when I felt a dark presence and I knew something was around the corner. You can always feel.. you can always feel these type of energies. And that’s when I got out of the elevator and when I was walking it kind of looked like an apartment structure. I remember that I kept going straight, I kept going straight but I can feel that that presence that was in the elevator was following behind me. And it suddenly shifted to where a door opened. There was this you know being that just grabbed me and the presence behind me pushed me and it was horrible. I remember the feeling of absolute fear(I woke up with physical pain) Sometimes these things happen for a reason. I truly believe that sometimes you’re allowed to see certain things because God wants you to know who you are without him in these situations and who you are when he is with you. I gave my life to Christ when I was about 19 years old. That was around the time where I was actually looking for Christ, I was actually asking questions. I was starting to go to church, I was starting to pray and fast and there were so many things in my life that were just out of control. I had no control over my depression. I had no control over my anxiety, the mental illness. My split personalities. If I went to a psychiatrist, I guarantee you they would have diagnosed me with like over 10 different things and I would have been prescribed with different amounts of pills. But I never… I never took that route at a young age I did later on but I’ll explain that in a second. But basically my relationships, my friendships, my connections with my family. Everything was just not working out and I was just always tired of being this shitty person. I always knew that there was a God, but I didn’t exactly know too much about Jesus Christ and what he is capable of doing. You always see these videos about how God will save you and you know your sins will be cleansed. And all this type of stuff right. And I thought to myself, “what I’m doing right now is wrong” clearly. I want to fix that. I wanna have like some type of change and when I came to Christ, things got worse. They actually got a lot worse. Imagine everything that I was struggling with became enhanced by like a hundred percent. If you thought the depression that you had before was bad, it was worse. The unquestionable pains were also the worst part because they brought so much discomfort and they made every single thing in my life just a burden. And it was really twisted because the first thing that came to my mind when I came to Christ was.. I wanted a change, I wanted to be a different person. I didn’t want to do the same things that I used to do and things got worse. You
know my addictions became worse, the temptations became worse. It was chaotic. I thought to myself.. I’m not gonna lie. I’ll be honest with you, that there came a point to myself if I even made the right decision. I told myself “did I even make the right decision” because I’m actually losing my mind right now. I couldn’t sleep also. The insomnia was really bad and it was just 20 different problems having to deal with every single day. And I would always ask God “why.. why are you teaching me this way”? so some of you may be asking ..why should you join Christ if all you’re gonna go through is bad things. If all you’re going to go through is heavy burdens or bad illnesses. What is the point of coming to Christ then? and that’s another reason why I made the video is to basically show you that there is a right way of knowing God and there is a wrong way and my testimony is basically the wrong way of knowing God, because all those times where.. all those years that I spent in attacks after attack, after attack, a majority of those was because I wanted to understand God in my own way. And that led to a lot of discipline, a lot of lecturing and to some people they will be confused because they will think ” oh this is a curse” but in reality it is actually a blessing not a curse to be under the eyes of God and him showing you things through lectures. And not every pain that you are going through is associated with a lesson or some type of test. Because you might have a certain type of pain that you’re dealing with and (you’re praying and you’re praying and praying and nothing’s happening) And it’s not really linked to any demons. It’s not even connected to some type of message. It’s just you needing to take care of your body. It’s your body telling you to go out more. It’s your body telling you to stop eating certain types of food and that’s pretty much it. Don’t overthink the experiences that you are going through. A human person is not supposed to be alone. They were not designed that way. I’ve always heard people saying that they can’t meet a certain person or that they can’t meet a certain type of friend and that’s crazy! because when Adam was created there was not a single other person around and out of nothing there was his companion and you’re trying to tell me that you can’t find somebody in millions and millions and millions of people. Where is the faith in that? So there was this one time where I had an experience with a drug called crystal meth.. and what followed up next was what I can only explain as a real-life horror movie. I remember that the first thing that I witnessed was that outside of the balcony there was this being but it had a mask and the mask looked really ancient. It did not look from this time or from this world. I remember that the experience was so bad that I had to go to the hospital because my heart was racing so fast. I was having a lot of chest pain and I couldn’t breathe. My arms were going numb, I was starting to see lights flashing and I would see lights almost like falling from the sky. I felt like I was dying and I was being surrounded by these demons at the same time, almost like they were claiming my soul. I know some people are gonna say that sounds crazy but that’s exactly what that felt like. So the time stamp for this event was around one of my most depressing years when I was about 21 to 23 years old. I don’t remember exactly what date this was but it was around a really low time in my life and you know.. long story short I ended up in the hospital they put ativan in me, they lowered my blood pressure and I think those two drugs mixed together and I started to see something that I don’t think I was supposed to see. As I got home, the first thing I saw was someone that appeared as a person at my balcony and he was staring in through the window. And I thought what was crazy was that in my head I’m thinking “this guy is not real I’m just hallucinating” and that’s when he knocked on the window. And when he knocked on the window my whole body just shook, like I couldn’t believe that what I was seeing was actually.. how was that possible? how was it actually making contact with the physical? So one of the first things that I noticed is that as I looked outside the balcony, there was about six to seven demons just standing there looking inside and I could see their eyes were completely red and menacing. And the first thing that I did was I locked the balcony door shut and I remember that even though I locked the balcony door, I can see the lock undoing itself and the door opening by itself and I kept thinking to myself how is this possible?? because deep down inside I knew that it wasn’t real but at the same time how could the unreal have an effect in the physical? And I was starting to panic out. It was already the second day that I was hallucinating and I started to.. I started to really panic. I started to tell my family that people were after me and that they were trying to get inside the house and that we weren’t.. we weren’t saved. And I remember that my dad, he heard what was going on and the first reaction he got was.. He thought I was having like an anxiety attack. It was really late and he got really upset and I remember that the first thing that he said was “I’m going to rebuke whatever it is that’s coming after you” I know some people are going to say this is just a bad trip. There’s no connection whatsoever. What you are saying is not proof.. but I’m still gonna share it anyways because it’s important! And I remember that he went into the room and the first thing he started to do was pray. And as he started to pray I remember it… this is like next-level creepy. This was even creepier than all the things that I was seeing, because as I was seeing those creepy things, there was a lot of times where I would just shrug it off as this isn’t real. This is just the drug and when it goes away that’s it, it’s done with. But what made this situation even more real was the fact that when my dad came in and he started praying.. I heard the loudest growl ever. It sounded almost like a Jaguar or a panther, just loud. It was really upset. And that’s when I freaked out. I legit freaked out because I started to hear a lot of banging on the walls. There was a lot of like scraping and it was just… at that point I’m like “oh my god this is real” this is not even made-up. It’s not like I read the Bible a hundred thousand times to the point that I took drugs and then I manifested everything that I’ve read because that’s really not what happened. Most of the things that I experienced, I experienced them before I read it. Long story short, those demons that were outside the balcony.. they weren’t there no more. But something really struck me as a surprise and it really opened my eyes. I’ve had a lot of conversations with people who have used drugs and some people have told me that they’ve never seen any of these things, that they’ve never experienced any of these things and when I talk about it people look at me like I’m crazy, like it’s just me. So I know for a fact that it doesn’t happen to everybody. But as I looked outside of my balcony there was something that stood out to me.. was again there was a theme of UFO’s. There was massive and massive amounts of UFO’s just outside of my balcony. And my next-door neighbor he has this.. this yard (error) in the back of his house and there was like about a hundred demons of that just one place!! But the one thing that stood out the most was that I saw again the being in black. So I saw a being in black when I was 12 years old and now I’m 23 and I’m seeing again a being in black with no face. And he’s in the middle of all of these demons and he’s holding a pyramid in his hand. He has it in the air and that pyramid is absorbing a bunch of energy(appeared dark) So now I’m going to talk about the importance of sin and how in society we look at sin as.. some are greater, some are worse. That if you are a murderer or if you are you know, a person who commits lust like a pervert. That that’s like far worse than somebody who tells a lie. I used to believe that for the longest because my biggest sins that I struggled with were drugs, addiction, alcoholism and lust. These were my biggest strongholds that held me for so long and I used to always tell myself ” as long as I don’t drink I’m not gonna go and find drugs” because I only did drugs when I was drinking. And “as long as I don’t you know commit lust in my heart” I’m good. I actually thought that was it, that I was on my way to never looking back. That I felt like I was out that was it, I made it.. and I was wrong I was really wrong. I was not even close so.. I take it very seriously to tell the truth. I gain nothing from lying, actually on the contrary. I open doors where the enemy can have influence in my life and attack me just as powerful as a door from having lust in my heart or you know or drinking. That small door can still bring a huge amount of damage into my life and that type of damage is what affects your mental health, your physical health, your spiritual health. Everything from your depression, your anxiety. that’s where all of this comes from but we have no idea. We just think it’s a part of us. It’s opened doors that have allowed the enemy to have major influence to make you believe that you aren’t good enough. And the list goes on.. and on. This is how people live so many years some even their entire lives living this lie, that they can’t have happiness or that they can’t have joy. And well, I’m basically gonna share my testimony on this part of how a lie brought an illness into my life that affected me for over a year and was one of the biggest nightmares I’ve ever experienced. So long story short I ran into a “friend” who basically was asking me a bunch of questions of my personal life. And well.. I basically lied about a bunch of things that he was asking me about. I thought it was more easier to just finish the conversation and just move on with my life and you know.. after the conversation ended, like I looked back and I thought to myself “I didn’t think it was anything that serious to tell a lie” I just I thought it was pretty shady. But I did say “oh God I’m sorry” but I never repented. I never rebuked it. I never got on my knees and prayed and truly truly asked for forgiveness. I just ignored it and I remember that on that same night and it was about 3 a.m. in the morning. I remember that I suddenly I woke up. It was pitch black in my room it’s like… you can’t see anything.. Well it’s not that dark but you get what I mean. It’s like really dark. And to the left of my bed there’s this black closet and I could sense, I can feel that there was somebody there watching me. And as I look to my left I see this hideous looking being just.. just one of the most disgusting, disturbing things I’ve ever seen in my life. It was like a combination of you know Jeepers Creepers and you know Freddy Krueger. How was that even possible? Exactly! you can’t picture it but it was there. And I remember that I turned back and I laid down and I said “in the name of Jesus I rebuke you” and right when I said that it like teleported like a shadow just right next to my bed and like my body went into one of those sleep paralysis (which most of you know it by that term) but it basically had me in shock and I realized at that moment like I had no control. My word had no power. I had no authority over this Demon. I was basically not saved. I had allowed a door into my life and I know some people are gonna probably throw this off and say that I’m not telling the truth. But I felt that spirit go into my ear. I don’t know how to describe this to somebody it’s… it doesn’t… nobody believed me! Nobody.. nobody ever thought that what I’m saying is true. And you know most people will shrug it off like ” oh that’s just something you probably watched on stranger things” and you know.. “you probably manifested something” like I don’t even watch television or horror movies like that. The last time I watched a horror movie was like five years ago and rarely. I don’t.. I don’t even watch movies like that. I kid you not ever since that day I started having like massive amounts of pain in my left ear. It started being so bad to the point where it was excessive. Like it felt so bad.. and every time I would pray it would like move around to a different part of my body. And then it started going to my neck ….I felt like somebody was choking me most of the day and it was like so bad. I can’t picture anybody enduring this and not going through hell. (video glitched)it’s.. it’s a nightmare. You can’t breathe. You can’t focus, You can’t think. You’re constantly praying because it’s like your life is being completely drained from you. Your control is being taken from you and I used to ask God like “God, why would you allow this demon it’s clearly a demon have his way with me” And I tried everything and I started fasting. And then it transferred and now it focused on my energy and it completely drained my energy. I’m not.. I kid you not I had no energy. These days was the most I’ve ever slept. I would sleep like not even trying to exaggerate.. Like 10 hours a day and when I would wake up, I had only enough energy to like put on my shoes. And if I put on my shoes like that was it. I couldn’t.. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even take another step. And that’s when I thought to myself like I must be dying. I must have something serious. The only thing that I could possibly say about this, is that these demons are you know.. They’re very powerful beings that shouldn’t be underestimated in any shape or form. You know. They’re very very powerful and they could imitate death and forms of death. To make things even worse you know, I would pray again and I’ll pray again and.. you know this is when it transferred over to my head and when It transfer over to my head that was it for me. That was like my test. My ultimate test of faith that completely broke me because I couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t something that I could physically handle, even spiritually. Like I would fast, I would pray and it made me lose hope. It made me lose my.. my belief in God to a certain extent. Not fully! but the pains were so bad that I lost control of my life. I lost control of you know my health. I lost control of my joy, my happiness, my peace. It was very painful to eat. Going to sleep was the worst because when I would try to sleep I couldn’t, even though I was really tired. I could feel that pain on all areas of my brain. Inside.. It was like a crawling feeling, like a crawling sensation. Like something was inside of my brain. I can’t even describe how disgusting and how.. how traumatizing it was. Because I would go to the hospital because it was that bad. I went to the hospital about two times and they didn’t want to check me. They didn’t want to make no scans, nothing. And I thought this was a bit silly because the pains were very very hard on my life. And I remember this one time like this nurse, I heard her like making fun of me. She told some patient because there was a patient who was there and she asked “how long it was gonna take” and she.. I could hear her like laughing basically saying like “oh he’s just here for a headache he won’t be long” and I’m thinking to myself like this is not a headache. This is not something that I’ll take an ibuprofen and it’ll go away. Like it’s not that. It’s something more deeper than that and the fact that the hospital’s, places where there’s doctors and they wouldn’t take me serious. Nobody would take me serious and for a time even my family wouldn’t take me serious. I would have you know some family members who would tell me “oh my head hurts and I still go to work I still go on with my life” (mocking) and I honestly would.. I would not wish this upon the most evil person in existence. I wouldn’t even wish this upon anybody. Even if somebody did me wrong to like the worst level. Maybe humiliated me, maybe gossiped about me, maybe mmm-hmm even beat me to a point where I had so much damage. I don’t.. I wouldn’t want this for anybody. It’s so bad. It’s such a nightmare. And I remember people would like try to talk to me and they had no idea what I was going through and I couldn’t even talk to people. I was always trying to finish the conversation. I was always trying to just end the conversation and me just move on with my life because it was that bad. It was like I was focusing on not dying. I was focusing on.. on breathing. I was focusing because I felt like if I didn’t, you know something in my brain was gonna pop and I was gonna die. I know that sounds crazy but that’s what it felt like and that’s how I lived for a whole year. So basically what made this situation even worse was that when I tried to set up an appointment with the neurologist, things would always come up. And I wouldn’t be able to have that appointment because let’s say I made an appointment for you know the next three months. When those three months would come they said that my.. my reference you know expired and that I had to make a new one. And by the time I called to make a new one the doctor was you know in holidays and was out for like another three months. And there was just so many things that kept popping up that it took me like seven months to finally get somebody who can look at you know my brain. Because that’s what it felt like. It felt like I had something with my brain and you know.. to end this testimony with this section, was that I finally got somebody who could look at my brain and they took tests and it ended up resulting that I had nothing wrong with my brain. There was no damage. There was no parasites. There was no blood clots. There was no tumors. There was no nothing and at that point I realized that dreams are very important when you are going through a certain problem! and you know.. things are shown to you for a reason. They are shown to you for a reason. So the next topic that I’m going to talk about are demons that I’ve seen in dreams, that I believe actually exist but that are represented in movies. And one of them that stood out to me is a clown in the movie “IT”. I’ve only watched that movie about 1 or 2 times like 10 years ago. It was a long time ago. I don’t watch horror movies like that, I don’t. And I remember that there was this one dream where the dream specifically was showing me something, where I was running and I could feel that something was running behind me and following me. And I saw my ex-girlfriend in the dream as well but what stood out to me was that in the dream I saw her laying down with her arms crossed around her chest and the demon just picks her up and swallows her. I’m not sure if in the actual movie the demon actually does that, it’s been a while. I would have to look into it and then confirm it in a little bit after because mostly.. I’m talking again too much. But yeah, and I asked myself why was this shown to me. And why was this being revealed to me And why did she stop running? Almost as if she accepted her fate. And what does this demon symbolize. There’s so many questions that go into these questions. But sometimes.. you’re gonna have dreams where you’re going to see specific people and you have to let go of any bad things. You have to let go of all evil, all hatred and you have to see these things through the eyes of God. You have to understand why is God revealing this to me and it’s sometimes important that you see these things because it’s time to pray. It’s time to pray for people’s situations. Because.. you don’t know what a person may be going through. You always have to pray for people’s protection regardless of the things that you have gone through with them. This was a time where I was fasting and I was fasting for quite some time and I had a dream with the same being. And I remember that this being had killed about seven people and I noticed that their bodies were laying down I saw their faces but I did not recognize any of them. And I sometimes feel like even though these dreams show me people I do believe these people exist, like they actually died in real life on that same day that I saw them. I remember that this being was standing over them almost like he had claimed their souls and I remember that in that dream, I prayed and I prayed and that demon was basically defeated and it couldn’t do anything. But the dream shifted and showed me that as time went on it basically got up again and continued to hunt. It was basically loose again. I know that may sound crazy and I’m going into even deeper territory. Because a lot of the things that I’m revealing to you, they’re real. I don’t know how to explain this to people. I dream A lot and I’m not trying to be a person who you know puts themselves like on a high pedestal and says oh you know “I’m this chosen person and you have to believe me” no I don’t. The things that I’ve seen, I do believe that God has shown me the spiritual manifesting in a physical way. So to continue with my testimony, my life basically hit a wall and by that time it was like dealing with 20 problems at the same time. It was my back, it was my chest, it was my head. I couldn’t sleep. I had to deal with depression. I had to deal with my addictions. I had to deal with alcoholism, just really low confidence. I had.. insecurity was the one that destroyed me. I’ve never been an insecure person but there was something about insecurity that completely just ruined me. I had a girlfriend who cheated on me one time and I still continued with my life and I forgave her. I actually had no hatred towards her. But how is it that a demon can bring insecurity into your life and make you be even worse than a breakup. Even worse than somebody cheating on you(humiliation) that’s.. that just goes to show that these spirits should not be underestimated by any means. You have to remember all the promises that you have made to God because it’s probably the reason that you are ill right now. That was one of the reasons why I was ill for the longest because I was basically living in sin, because I declared a lot of promises that I was not keeping on a daily basis. The way I look at it, a doorway is a doorway. It’s a spiritual connection for the enemy to attack you, to influence you, to have a hold in your life. And I don’t know why anybody would want to keep these. Close them. Why would God reveal to me some of these dreams that show specific people, specific demons, specific things unfolding in my life. What good comes with it if I share this to people and people look at me like I’m crazy or like I need to be in a mental hospital. That’s really the only thing that some people will get from this. You will lose all credibility. People will look at you like you are crazy. I didn’t wake up one day and say “God, I want to see demons so that people can look at me like I’m crazy” no.. I always asked “God, help me understand why these things are happening to me. Help me understand depression, help me understand where this anxiety is coming from. Help me understand”… because there’s.. there’s gonna be a point in your life where you’re eating healthy. You’re drinking a lot of water. You’re doing everything right. So how are these things happening to you? How are you feeling so much heaviness when you are 16 years old, when you are really young. How are your relationships failing? How are you having all these types of problems when you’re healthy, when you’re eating good. You’re getting more than enough sleep. You go to the doctor, you go to the hospital. They run tests on you and they tell you that “you’re fine” that you’re healthy! Your blood is actually really good. There’s gonna come a point in your life where you’re gonna ask and you’re gonna want to search for the truth and you’re gonna say “God, reveal these things to me” If you want to understand your enemy sometimes it’s necessary for you to see the enemy for what it really is and that’s why some of these things are revealed to you because I have a theory. And you don’t have to believe it but I truly believe that these demons don’t want to be seen. They don’t want you to know who they are. They don’t want you to know how it is that they are attacking you, or for you to start asking questions. They don’t want that. Life can go so fast, that you won’t even realize it until it’s gone. I was about, I would say 14 years old when I had my first near-death experience. I was really young and just ignorant. And one of my girlfriends at the time basically called me and said that her parents weren’t home. I got on my bike and I went so fast and I remember it.. I just felt like it was just any other day. It was just a normal day.. As I hit the corner, a car, not just any car, it was an SUV and I was going at a really fast speed. We both impacted each other and the SUV hit me right in my ribs so hard. I felt so much pain in the impact that when I went flying, I flew halfway across the street. Not on the other street but I meant like where the cars pass. As my head slammed really hard against the cement I basically blacked out but I didn’t just black out I woke up in this area where there was this really dark tunnel and I was surrounded by six or seven elf looking beings. And I remember that the presence was like so strong that I felt like that wasn’t their appearance. They were going to manifest in a different way and I wasn’t ready for it. All I remember is that I woke up and I couldn’t get that image out of my head. I kept telling myself where was I going? all I remember is I felt this eerie, very uncomfortable feeling and I woke up to the paramedics. They were around me and they were asking a lot of questions. The police was there and my mind was so.. just.. I couldn’t let go of that image. I kept telling myself what was that? Where was I going? That I was ignoring the paramedics. I was in so much shock by what I had just seen that it’s almost like I was ignoring the pain that I was actually feeling. And then everything just hit me at once what had happened. All I remember is that when I got to the hospital they basically told me that it was a miracle that my ribs did not cave in because the impact was so hard. How did I survive that? some people say that miracles don’t really exist but that was one of the first miracles that I ever experienced in my life. And I know there’s gonna be those people that are gonna say that everything that I’ve seen is a you know manifestation of things that I’ve watched, including movies, horror movies, TV shows and that’s pretty much not true. The last time I saw a horror movie was like five years ago and it wasn’t frequently. It’s rare. It’s not my preference. I don’t need to look very far to know that this is a real-life horror movie that we are experiencing to this day. It’s a reality that unfolds everywhere. In our government, in our homes, in the lives of our community. It’s responsible for so many diseases, mental illnesses, just all types of heaviness. And the more you think about it, you start to ask yourself like “how is this a reality”? how is this a reality where someone with so much potential will throw their whole life away? somebody who has almost everything can be filled with so much ungratefulness and so much depression. That’s a twisted reality when you think about it that more people are open to a drug to fix a problem than to just rebuke the demons that are responsible for those pains in the first place. We basically stand no chance against them without God. ( A Revelation) So there was this one time where I had a crazy experience.. So there was this vision and I’ve only had a vision one time and I knew it was a vision because I was awake. I was not tired. I was not asleep. I remember that I was.. well technically sitting but I was in my room and I just basically was not in my room anymore. And I was in this area surrounded by this sphere of light. I could see the darkness outside of the light was trying to get inside and it was bashing and it was bashing and it was bashing against my light to try and get in. And it almost sounded like an earthquake. There was so much impact but the light stood still and the darkness would not come inside. But out of nowhere I noticed that almost like this black screen appeared, like a black mirror appeared inside my light. And when that black screen or a dark mirror appeared there, the impact of the darkness stopped and I realized that it stopped because it had entered. It had entered my light. It almost reminded me of a television but in the dream it didn’t look like a television. It actually looked like a mirror like almost like a portal. And this vision was really important to me because it truly truly was really obvious that you know even as a Christian you can be protected from the enemy but if you watch television and you watch a lot of the things that they be putting in the things that you’re watching, it’s almost like the enemy actually has ground inside without you even knowing it. And this took me a while to accept. I used to always feel like certain type of songs that existed or certain type of shows were just a part of me. They reminded me of all the good times and that’s.. that’s not good. But yeah.. you’re not supposed to think about you know the good old days because that’s exactly what got Lot’s Wife pretty much messed up and most of us can relate to that. There’s a lot of times where we come to our walk with God where God basically tells us to not look back to our old way of living and then before you know it, you.. you know committed again back to the sin. And even though we haven’t been turned into a pillar of salt, we know what it’s like to be stuck permanently like we can’t move, like there’s no other choice. Most of us are put in these situations where we have to choose, are we gonna follow Christ? and instead we turn our back on him. And this is true because whenever I put my addictions or my lusts before Christ, it was impossible.. impossible to be a Christian. It just wasn’t possible. That’s pretty much my main aim about this testimony is to have at least somebody just recognize the patterns. To recognize all the signs. To recognize everything that I said and have just a passion to be like “you know what, I don’t want to end up how this person ended up” I do not want to end up with these similar experiences. Because in all honesty, I believe that the youth and the people who are experiencing these things are getting younger and younger and younger and younger. Before you know it, there is gonna be people who are 14 years old, 12 years old, going through what I’m going through right now at 24 and it’s just gonna keep getting worse and worse because the youth keeps having this addiction to wanting to be older and wanting to experience being an adult.

Thing that I left out of this video:
Dreams about…..
1. Hell
2. The rapture/ being left behind/ Christianity being illegal. Christians conducting sermons deep underground
3. Demons recognize you when you are in Christ( Yes I saw demons call me by my name and being tormented)
4. New age Demons. I saw an old friend who turned to the New age and I saw how these Demons would manifest as Angels( Beyond beautiful beings)
5. Dreams that have shown me specific things to say to win Spiritual warfare. I was surrounded by 2 lions ready to devour me and I heard my spirit say" I may be surrounded by my enemies but I am surrounded by you GOD" when I said that they became very frightened and backed away. A declaration of Faith! understanding that even though you are in the dangers of death your faith is in the protection and promises of God. You are not afraid of the devil or his attacks.
6.( May your angels surround me like a wall of fire protecting me from the attacks of the enemy) I actually had a dream where there was a psychopathic Demon who was murdering people in a house. There was about 10 people in there and I was hidden. But when it came right to where I was and it was about to kill me. Again my spirit declared this and when I opened my eyes the Demon was dazed and confused it couldn't function. If you are protected the attacks of the enemy are returned to them. No weapon formed against you will prosper.
7. The picture of the car being destroyed was my brother's Car accident he has been in 2 so far. And miraculously he has survived them both without any permanent damage. Coincidence? No I don't think so.

Some time stamps for anyone with really slow internet
0:00 1.) Growing up with Christians(Introduction)
3:19 2.) First time experiencing Sleep paralysis
5:24 3.) Bad experience with Satan and Demons
12:09 4.) More sleep paralysis Experiences
15:30 5.) Understanding My relationship with Jesus Christ (some advice)
20:50 6.) Crystal Meth. Opening Doors to Demons
27:50 7.) Illness caused by sin.
* it took over a year because of my loss of faith. Trying to understand God in my own way.
Dreams Show you important details so you can understand your experiences. ( Dreams WILL SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME) if practiced correctly. Through praying, Fasting, Talking to the most high.

40:25 8.) The Spiritual manifesting in a physical way. More Dreams
44:16 9.) Another Chapter in my life
48:28 11.) Another near death experience
51:22 12.) The truth
52:57 13.) The Black mirror/ Portal Revelation.
55:56 14.) Give your life to Jesus Christ.

Thanks for Watching!! This audio was recorded on Playstation 4 Share factory. The audio recording was then transferred to PC using a video to mp3 converter. Then I used Windows Movie maker to add all the photos. NO excuses !!
***A lot of my recordings would just corrupt or go missing! so it has a lot of errors and voice overs that don't match.
It became so bad to the point I wanted to delete the whole thing.
I left out a lot of things / experiences and I hope that one day I can share them with people….
Some day..


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