Slavoj Zizek on ecology as religion

Slavoj Zizek on ecology as religion

this is where we should start feeling at home part of our daily perception of reality is that this disappears from our world when you go to the toilet disappears you flush it of course irrationally you know it's their internalization and so on but at a certain level of your most elementary experience it disappears from your world but the problem is that trash doesn't disappear I think ecology the way we approach ecological problematic is maybe the crucial field of ideology today and I use ideology in the traditional sense of illusory wrong way of thinking and perceiving reality why ideology is not simply dreaming about false ideas and so on ideology addresses very real problems but it mystifies them one of the elementary ideological mechanisms I claim is what I call the temptation of meaning when something horrible settles our spontaneous tendency is to search for a meaning it must mean something you know like H it was a trauma then conservatives came and said it's punishment for our sinful ways of life and so on and so on even if we interpret the catastrophe as a punishment it makes it easier in a way because we know if not just some terrifying blind force it has a meaning it's better when you are in the middle of a catastrophe it's better to feel that God punished you then to feel that it just happened if God punished you it's still a universe of meaning and I think that that's where ecology as ideology and it's really the implicit premise of Ecology death the existing world is the best possible world in the sense of it's a balanced world which is disturbed through human hubris so why do I find this problematic because I think that this notion of nature nature is harmonious organic balanced reproducing almost living organism which is then disturbed perturbed derail through human hubris technological exploitation and so on is I think a settler version of the religious story of the fall and the answer should be not that there is no fall that we are part of nature but on the contrary that there is no nature nature is not a balanced totality which then we humans mr. nature is a big series of unimaginable catastrophes we profit from them what is our main source of energy today oil what are we aware what is oil oil reserves beneath the earth are material remainders of an unimaginable catastrophe are we aware because we all know that oil always always always composed of the remainders of animal life plants and so on and so on can you imagine what kind of unthinkable catastrophe yet to occur on earth so there is good to remember No you call this power on my god a cup of a hamburger or another some cheese sandwich then you can have a muffin and some juice ecology will slowly turn maybe into a new optimum of the masses the way as we are no marks defined religion what we expect from religion is the kind of unquestionable highest authority it's not work so it is you don't debate you today I claim ecology is more and more taking over this role of a conservative ideology whenever there is a new scientific breakthrough biogenetic development whatever it is as if the voice which warns us not to trespass violate a certain invisible limit like don't do that it would be too much that voice is today more and more the voice of ecology like don't mess with DNA don't mess with nature don't do this basic conservative me which is popular about ecology mainly spontaneous geological myth is the idea that we Western people in our artificial technological environment are alienated from immediate natural environments that we should not forget that we humans are part of the living Earth we should not forget that we are not abstract engineers theorists who just exploit nature that we are part of nature that nature is our unfathomable impenetrable dead ground I think the big precise is the greatest name the greatest danger why think about certain obvious paradox we all know in what danger we all are global warming possibility of other ecological catastrophes and so on and so on but why don't we do anything about it it is I think a nice example of what in psychoanalysis we call disavowal the logic is that of I know very well but I act as if I don't know for example precisely in the case of ecology I know very well there may be global warming everything will explode be destroyed but after reading a treatise on it what do I do I step out I see not things that I see now behind me that's a nice sight for me I see nice trees birds singing and so on and even if I know rationally this all is in danger I simply do not believe that this can be destroyed that's the color of visiting sites of a catastrophe like Chernobyl you in a way we are not evolutionary we are not wired to even imagine something like that it's in a way unimaginable so I think that what to do to confront properly the type of ecological catastrophe is not all this New Age stuff to break out of this technological manipulative world and to found our roots in nature but on the contrary to cut off even more these fruits in nature we need more alienation from our life world from our as it were spontaneous nature we should become more artificial we should develop I think a much more terrifying new abstract materialism a kind of a mathematical universe where there is nothing there are just formulas technical forms and so on and the difficult thing is to find poetry spirituality in this dimension to recreate is not buted an aesthetic dimension in things like this in fresh itself that's the true laughs of the world because what is love love is not idealization every true lover knows that if you really love the woman or a man that you don't idealize him or her love means that you accept a person with all its failures stupidities ugly points and nonetheless the person's absolute for you everything like that makes life worth living but you see perfection in imperfection itself and that's how we should learn to love the world through ecologist laughs all this

People need to make art out of this stuff. Like just make a vast pyramid of plastic, or maybe a cathedral

He says all of this in the place where shit piles and I'm not being facetious. You can take all of your trash and make it disappear but it still piles somewhere, whether your ignore it or not. It is in this ignorance that one can conceive of a world where climate change is something more than it is. My brain hurts even phrasing it this way, its disgusting. "A true ecologist loves all of this."

I agree with him for his critique of people with those views but he doesn't know what ecologists actually are. Ecologists aren't conservative in the sense that they want to conserve nature the way it is, and maintain it that way until the end of time. Instead, they want to find ways to harmonize with nature. They don't hate trash, they want to find a place for trash, they want to make trash sustainable.

i feel like the comparison to being in love with someone and loving them unconditionally isnt fully explained. if you love someone/thing, yes, you do so unconditionally, but you also try not to harm that person. therefore, if a true ecologist is claiming to love the earth, then surely they would not love the product of peoples harmful actions (such as trash)?

Organic food and living healthy is already a opium for the masses. Or rather a opium for the middle class and upper class. While capitalism is like god over the opium.

The unimaginable feeling he's talking about I get from airplane boneyards. Neat arrangement at a distance, total decay up close. The inevitable absence of humans.

Why does he remind me of Winnie the Pooh. Fat and dumb, but every once and a while inadvertently says something profound.

Humans are primary cause of environmental destruction today – but garbage provides jobs for humans in treating it. Trying to replace nature with a mathematical artificial spirituality is to embrace the BS of Einstein and the Big Bang. If the notions of Zizek is all Marxism can do, despite the correctness of Marx's & Luxemburg's economic analyses (i.e. the finitude of capitalism) after 100-150 years Marxism should be eradicated once and for all. I.e. even the Nazis loved nature more than Zizek!

While he speaks about philosophy and psychoanalysis behind him a black guy is taking care of his trash too.

But why should we love trash as we love our partners? Ecology is not comparable to romantic love. The point of ecology is not to love Earth no matter what, it's to protect it or to make it a safer planet for human life (and other lives). Wanting a better planet Earth is not idealizing it, it's being realistic: we cannot go on like this. I would like to know Zizek's definition of a "true ecologist".

It would be easier to respond to his criticism if he understood ecology. I even find a thread of accordance in that ecology and the life sciences do have a religious aspect. I happen to recognize Life as the only thing that can legitimately be a higher power. As a phenomenon life creates meaning out of matter. I find it interesting that zizek is so critical of Cartesian mind body duality and subscribes to it himself. In his ideaology it is implicit that meaning has no pragmatic grounding in the material world.Anyways his ignorance of ecology is too cringey for me to take seriously enough to make a youtube comment about. He is discussing anthropocentric environmentalism and doesn't understand that ecology is basically the study of life playing with it's self. Zizek is intellectually impoverished in this area and should really just be studying.

I am glad to see the man so animated. His face and body have never appeared too healthy, but his mind remains like a shiny pin. All the same though his body language left hand folded accross body, suggests that he is a a little dissatisfied with his belly? from about 6:30 though both hands get going. Yeah.

This would be a good in a "Dark Tourism" lecture: Dark tourism as a way of becoming more artifcial, and yet more truthful, and more loving.


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