Skyrim – The WORST Moral Decision You Can Make!

oh boy it has dragons at it yes please look at this guy's oh boy did you guys know that there's actually a Daedric quest in Skyrim that you can fail and by fail I mean that if you make the wrong decision the game will actually punish you now a lot of players believe that this is actually a bug but I think it's actually been designed this way to punish the player for making what many would believe is just a morally horrendous decision and some of you may be wondering well how exactly does Skyrim punish the player well firstly the reward you get for doing this and making the wrong decision is pretty crap secondly it actually stops you if you make the wrong decision from completing one of the achievements in the game or one of the trophies if you're on ps4 so in this video I want to talk about this whole quest and how interesting I think it is because I think it's just so clever how the game actually punishes you like this but first check out this new RPG game sponsoring us it's called rage shadow legends I know it looks like a PC game but it's actually a mobile game damn those graphics and character skill animations look insanely cool and it's got amazing voice acting lots of characters and interesting storyline PvP and giant boss fights look at it I've never seen this level of performance from a mobile game raid is getting really big really fast so make sure you grab it early I just set up a new clan called eso legends that you can go ahead and join just go ahead and search for ESO legends then we can battle in the upcoming tournament together and tween some good surprises so go ahead and download rage right now only from the link in the description to get 50,000 silver immediately and a free epic champion to start the game off as a rich prince or princess let's go so we're all on the same page let's quickly go through this quest because you can actually get the best follower in the game by doing it as well you can start it by heading to the west gate of Fouke reef once you're here turner and head west into the forest down the road leading away from the city you need to be level 10 to start the quest but you will come across a dog named barbers did you just talk I'm continuing to do so you see my name is Bob to be fair though the Kaji's have existed for tens of thousands of years and Dragons have existed previously and have now come back to Skyrim and it makes sense why so yes I'm surprised by a talking dog so what do you need my help with bobis so you're just a lost little puppy very funny my Master's clavicus vile Daedric Prince of wishes he's quite the important placing sounds easy enough let's go find him shrine I know there's a worships in that hey my shame we should be able to talk to him dead if this works out I'll make sure we're rewarded just don't trust any author he makes you okay who give us the quest a dangerous best friend now notice that Baba's already informed us we should not trust any offer clavicus vile makes us and this is going to be a running trend through this whole quest you've repeatedly told not to trust him but anyhow we're supposed to follow barbers all the way across the map and so he leads us to his master's shrine now the place barbers is actually taking us is all the way from Falcon to the east over here this cave Hamer's shame and we can actually fast travel there cuz it's much faster unless you want to follow barbers across the whole of Skyrim which trust me you can if you like so here we are with barbers and we finally made it to the cave entrance let's head on inside this cave however is full of vampires we'll find out exactly why in a moment but make sure you eliminate them all as you journey your way through there get rekt get rekt some Sal vampire sound when they die apparently well hello there what excuse me boom head shots double rekt oh boy barbers absolutely savage confirmed so here we are the shrine of clavicus vile and now we can finally talk to him about barbers Lord vile I have a request for you by all means let's hear it it's the least I could do since you already helped me graph one final wish for my last worshippers they were suffering so from vampirism and beg me for a cure then you came and it'll be Zuri I planned it better myself so what's your heart's desire what kind of deal can we strike and once again we get another example of how clavicus literally interprets his followers wishes so we can ask him a few things I'm just here to reunite you with barbers I want to end the civil war that plagues my land the power to crush all before me it doesn't really matter what you ask for though so let's go and ask him for the end to the Civil War I'd simply snap my fingers Skyrim would die war resolved as much as I hate to say it you're almost as powerful as I am right now but that's just because half of my power resides in that man I come to think of it I know the win-win situation for both of us what's your offer powerful and that's powerful enough for me to have quite a bit of fun indeed if you bring it to me I'll grant you my boom no strings attached no messy surprises he's not for you as I recall it's resting in grime Rock borough barbers can lead you right to it little Mike might even add its place back at my side so our next part of this journey is to travel over to rim rock barrow we can get a little bit of a backstory on the rueful axe before we leave so what's the story behind it barbers one of clavicus is little Jess was it named Sebastian Lord had a daughter who worshipped her see when the daughter became a werewolf or drove Sebastian over the edge he couldn't stand to see his little girl take on such a beast eale form the wizard wish for the ability to end his daughters curse all right so the force is where the dungeon is this way and just to pull the lever make sure you grab the chest on the way out but as you could just there clavicus gives people very literal solutions to their problems and obviously not what you'd want necessarily so the next place means to go on the map it's all the way in the north-west just here Rimrock borrow as fast travel over you cannot fast travel where god damn it now just a hint guys at this point in the quest it's actually possible to steal barbers as a follower bobis is actually one of the best followers in the game and until the quest is completed he will literally follow you around the whole game acting as an invincible tank he just can't be killed it's a to kill him he has unlimited health and he constantly adsorbs the enemy's attacks for you running in there first and acting like a tank while you dish out the real damage at range with spells or a bow or even in Nellie also guys you can have any follower like Lydia for example in addition to Barbara's as well since he's actually a quest follower now bobis doesn't do much damage himself but he's just infinitely useful but then eventually when his constant barking starts to annoy you you can just finish the quest and return Barbara's to his master as you can see Rimrock Barrow is located on the edge of a cliff just here it's very small dungeon that's where we're going to find the father of this lady who was murdered now of course as Barbara's told us this man has a wizard so he's gonna have a few extra knocks ready to kill us as we enter I suggest taking out a fire one first rekt as for the wizard he's going to be up here just chilling out he doesn't even care that his Atronach just got killed so give him a arrow to the back of the knee get rekt son hell yeah so he is now dead Sebastian lots and you can find the rueful axe just here on this stone tablets we can see though from the werewolves embossed on the axe that the wizard Sebastian probably did kill his daughter since she is no longer in the cave with him and he instead seems to keep a female flame Atronach for company now before we talk about this weapon let's head deeper inside the cave because there is a boss jester if you could grab as well very quickly and now we need to travel all the way back to clavicus vile my god that's a long way so here we are with barbless and the axe backed at clavicus vile's chamber see what clavicus has to say to us you've got me and my dog splendid we're back now fulfill your end of the bargain excellent work a hero and his faithful companion retrieving the ancient artifacts for the prince it's almost still our work but it almost seems a shame to give a weapon like that away doesn't it I suppose I could be persuaded to let you keep it but only if you use the axe to kill barbers simple as that so Clovis has given us the opportunity to keep the axe in exchange for killing barbers the dog this is the decision to be made I'm gonna say for now let's have a chat to barbers but I sure would like to keep this axe and I could absorb the spirit before Dan barbers they'd still be reunited with me and I'm sure barbers doesn't want me to have that axe Pete want it this way the choice is yours friend we're all counting on you to make the right decision put it out of our misery but wait a second there's another option here I think I want to keep the sax though once we're reunited the mask of clavicus vile will be yours so the tori series that we can kill Barbara's to keep the axe or we can give the axe back to clavicus vile and get the mask of clavicus vile I'm going to show you both options firstly let's kill Barbara's he's dead are we done here his body and return to full power Oh without having a listener is whining oh sure he'll be back in a century or two but thinking of fun I can have chill then enjoy that axe I don't worry about poor old barbers after all he really should have picked a better friend and we've completed a day Drew's best friend boots unfortunately let's take a look at the rueful axe here because it's really actually one of the worst unique weapons in the entire game and there's a reason for that yes it does do 22 damage which is the same as a glass battle axe oh that's pretty powerful but it actually has the slowest attack speed in the entire game so your damage per second is going to be pitiful not to mention the crappy in shot man that does 20 stamina damage and in most situations is just going to be completely useless to you anyway now do note that it is possible to duplicate the rueful axe or you can just keep it and so you want to finish the quest since the axe is actually a very good weapon to have at level 1 and so you get something better now if you've made this decision you'll realize that the roof will axe is actually just a hidden slap on the wrist from Bethesda for choosing to kill a dog especially when you realize that the rueful axe does not actually count towards the oblivion Walker achievement Skyrim basically has an achievement called oblivion Walker and to get it you need to obtain 15 Daedric artifacts now there are a total of 17 Daedric artifacts in the entire game but you can only obtain 15 unless you're cheating or exploiting a quest now if you choose not to kill barbara's you'll get clavicus vile's mask and counts as a Daedric artifact and it counts towards the oblivion Walker achievement but if you choose to kill barbash you obviously get the rueful acts but the rueful acts does not count as a Daedric artifact so you're basically stopping yourself getting the achievement now for years a lot of people thought that this was just a bug that didn't count as a Daedric artifact but to be honest all the signs here point towards this being intentional by design to actually punish the player for making such a selfish horrendous moral decision how could you kill a poor innocent dog you literally just kill it in one hit as well and the definition of the word rueful means to express sorrow or regret in a humorous way that is why a dangerous best friend is one of my favorite quests in Skyrim because it's just so interesting how they design the game that way but now what happens if we make the right decision to return the axe to clavicus vile in turn despair barbosa's lightest I've been thinking over No Deal take the axe back and bobis fun elsewhere and with the pop back I'll be restored to my full power there's a whole world just waiting for me I know I can trust you master gets cosmic next everyone just get out of here but don't worry I'll make sure he sees the light I trusted you now you trust me you forget how nice supreme power feels at you you've been stuck in a cage for a few years I'll make sure this war ends alright just to send it to dragon swarm because Skyrim and wipe out all of you beauty the more interesting deals to my anyway there we go the mask of clavicus vile let's take a look at this item guys now the masked makes prices 20% better and also for flies our persuasion by 10 points as well making it the best head where the selling items in the game it also regenerates magic of 5% faster which is nice but it's nothing special ultimately the most interesting thing about this quest line is that the game does indeed reward the morally correct decision here and it punishes the bad ones so hard I hope you guys found this video interesting it's one of those things that I think no one's really ever spoken about and I thought I'd just wait to make a video on it to discuss it with you guys because it's one of those hidden details that has extremely clever from Bethesda there if you guys did enjoy the video go ahead and subscribe and you can also check out the other playlists in the description of all the weapons in Skyrim and all of the law behind them because we always delve deep into that kind of content and if you want to press the bell icon YouTube will then notify you when I'm next streaming oblivion because we're going through the Dark Brotherhood DLC at the moment you can check out the past streams on the channel already I hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll be seeing you in the next one have a fantastic day and good bye

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Why is Skyrim still better and more advanced then games today? Every time Bethesda makes an ES game its always way ahead its time.

I made that mistake on my second play through. face palm It did screw me over on getting the Oblivion Walker trophy

The other thing to note about the Rueful axe is that is comparatively a terrible axe. It swings slower than all other axes in the game.

Oh so you can kill thousands of people, other creatures, animals and spirits and that's just fine, but killing a dog (IN A GAME) for a reward, which could've been way better though if Bethesda weren't as butthurt, is completely wrong and sadistic??? You guys are straight hypocrits…pathetic. 🤷‍♂️

isnt the masque glitched so that is doesnt count towards the achievement? i remember i spent forever tracking down all the daedric artifacts, including getting the masque, and i didnt get the oblivion walker achievement. that was years ago and i still havent bothered to go through all of them again

Bailed immediately, Fuck Off with phone games for Millennial fucktards. Why play phone games I own a PC.

Killing the guy who wanted to cleanse a Daedra infested house, then going on to luring a priest in that same house to be tortured and have his mind twisted?
That's A-OK for Bethesda. Here, have one of the strongest weapons in the game.

Killing a dog?
Get bent scrub, you're truly the worst, here's your shitty axe you monster!

I chose to keep the axe because the masque is trash in my opinion. I don't bargain for prices I just steal and murder the vendors!

That axe isn't even great. The masque of clavicus vile is great tho so… Y would anyone kill barbus?

I downloaded the infinity gauntlet and killed everyone in the orphanage with a mod that allowed you to kill children I’m sure thAts worse

THAT is the worst moral decision you can make in Skyrim? Some people have mentioned killing Paathanax, I agree, it's not worse than killing a poppy but equally distasteful. Speaking of distasteful, do you know a quest Taste of Death? Now, that's a door for a far worse choice then this.

You can also wear the helmet with a dragon priest mask at the same time. Not a glitch, a hidden feature


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