Signs Your Souls Plan Wants You To Know [Spiritual Awakening]

– I’m gonna share with
you three potent signs your soul’s plan wants you
to know about your life. Let’s tap into the
collective consciousness. I’m gonna share with you your soul’s plan. Let’s get started. Hey superstar, Gavin is
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description if you wanna donate. I really appreciate your support. So, the signs from your soul’s plan. Your soul has a plan. We have to understand the we
are infinite beings beyond what we think we are. We think we are our thinking. We think we are our emotions. But we are more than this physical body, we are powerful beyond measure. So understand that you are more powerful than your current level of belief. Your belief systems is limiting you. We’ve been taught by the third dimension, different limitations and ideas, different colors, races, sex, religions. And so all of these ego-based projections have wired our brain in a certain way and we’ve forgotten who we truly are. So your soul’s plan is for you to remember who you truly are. Breathe it in. Who you truly are is an infinite being. Your current level of belief doesn’t allow for you to experience your power. We can grow infinitely. And the more that we can deprogram, unlearn, anti-virus, delete our programs, the more we are able to fall
in alignment with truth. What is truth? Our soul’s plan is to learn to love and to remind ourselves
of the love and the light. To realize that we are
powerful beyond measure. Love is the most powerful
energy of them all. It’s love or above. Love corresponding with the heart chakra, once you open your love, you dramatically shift your life. There have been systems. There have been systems
that have been put in place and there is media in the marketing where we’re becoming more
disassociated with love. We’re experiencing pain,
we’re experiencing trauma. That’s because we’re getting with people who don’t understand. And sometimes we don’t even
understand love ourselves. Because we’ve been taught it a certain way from the marketing, from the media. What are relationships
supposed to be like? Barbie and Ken, fairytale stuff. We get these ideas from
rom-coms and romantic movies and we experience a small snippet of what a relationship
is supposed to be like. And then we get all these crazy ideas on what relationships
are supposed to be like. And so we get confused. We’re confused beings. We have lost connection with source, we have lost connection
with a higher power. Your soul wants you to know that you are more than your thinking. And you want to unlearn and deprogram to get back to your truth,
get back to your path. Love from abundance,
and get rid of the pain. Forgive, forgive, forgive. I love you, I’m sorry,
please forgive me, thank you. (speaking foreign language) I love you, I’m sorry,
please forgive me, thank you. (speaking foreign language) You wanna say that over and over again. I love you, I’m sorry,
please forgive me, thank you. Focus on your heart center,
focus on your heart chakra. Listen to binaural beats
for the heart chakra. Heal your heart and you’ll heal your life. You wanna be happy? You have to heal your heart. You wanna feel fulfilled? You have to heal your heart. And once your heart is healed, you’ve raised your
vibration significantly. You’ve transformed your life
in many ways, shapes or forms, but not only that, you’ve aligned yourself
with a higher power in a way more powerful way. Because it’s my belief
that there is only love. But what’s happened is,
we’ve become lost in the ego. It’s almost like we’re
living in a virtual reality, maybe we are. (laughs) Have you ever seen those video games. These video games that
are coming out right now, where you put the thing
on, like virtual reality? What’s happened is,
we’ve become so ingrained in what we see on the screen of life. We’re in the virtual reality. We’re stuck and ingrained,
and attached to it, that we’ve forgotten the love. We’ve forgotten the job, we’ve
forgotten the inner peace. We’ve forgotten our power, and we’re identifying with the
screen of life way too much, instead of focused on this inner screen. The inner me. So you wanna take tuition
within, intuition. You wanna learn and study by itself, and heal yourself in
a really powerful way. If you just spent a majority of your time healing yourself, you’d
radically shift your life. It’s the most powerful thing you can do. Because it helps with
the law of attraction, it helps with your relationships,
it helps with your health, it helps with your thinking. It’s one of the most powerful
things that you can do. So what you wanna begin
to do is shift your life by working on that heart center, working on your heart chakra. And raising your vibration in that way. (laughs) You are as loving as
your heart will allow, and there’s nothing wrong
with giving a lot of love. Maybe in the past you’ve been hurt. Maybe in the past you’ve
had a hard time with love. But we wanna know that you know that you can
build the logic, the boundaries, the red flags, in order to only allow certain people in your life. I made a video where I spoke about deleting people out of your life. The video, sorry. Yeah, the video will be
in the cards right here. Go check that out. And I talk about deleting
people out of your life. Now, once we understand that we are all vibrational beings, and when I resonate on a
high vibration or frequency, I’m impacting the world
in a very powerful way. You’ll realize that there’s
more to loving yourself, appreciating yourself, being
a high vibration, healing, than just your own reasons. You’re not just doing it for yourself, you’re doing it for a higher power. (laughs) You’re doing it for universe, you’re doing it for the entire world. And so I always say to people, you don’t necessarily have to be a healer, you don’t have to be
making YouTube videos, you don’t have to be a
speaker, and helping the world, and impacting the world in the physical. You could be impacting
the world vibrationally just by working on yourself. And if you decide to do physical work, and heal the world physically, then that’s entirely up to you, right? But ultimately, as a light
worker, as a light warrior, you could be a hairdresser,
to being a gardener, to being someone who makes YouTube videos, to being someone who
does construction work, and still be a light worker. If you enjoy it, if you love it, you’re in a high vibration, so you’ll heal (babbling) (laughs) So you’re helping and healing the world, does that make sense? So I wanna invite you to realize that. Next is your soul’s plan
wants you to learn and grow, it wants you to expand. It wants to give you
challenges, so that you can grow into a greater version of yourself. There’s no growth without challenges. If we just lead a life of certainty, and we know what’s going on
all of the time, guess what? Life becomes stagnant. We don’t want life to become stagnant. We need uncertainty in
order to experience growth. So we have certainty, we have uncertainty. Sometimes we’re met with some challenges, some things that we need to face. Whether that’s internally or externally. And what we need to do
is use that as fuel, use that as an opportunity
to grow and expand. I’ve been through some
challenging stuff this year, and I’ve used it to become
a greater version of myself. And I’ve radically shifted. And I’m grateful for that experience, and those experiences that I had. And so train yourself
to use your challenges as a way to grow. Whether that’s leaving someone, whether that’s changing your friendships, whether that’s changing your job, changing a career, changing yourself. Use it to work on the inner world, to work on yourself, to grow, to expand, and to become a greater
version of yourself. See life as school, see
life as university, right? Studying life. Learning more about people,
learning more about yourself. So you can grow and expand,
become your greatest version, and graduate to the next level. This is the ascension process,
moving into high dimensions more and more. You are amazing, you are powerful. Your soul wants you to know
that you’re here to grow. The last tip I wanna give
you here is realizing that, sometimes, what’s happened to me, is when you’re not on your path, when you’re not doing what
you’re supposed to be doing. It’s almost like you’re gonna get punched in the face, over and over. I like to call it punched in the face. It’s like you’re hit with a reminder, after reminder, after reminder. And what the ego does is says,
“No, I don’t wanna do that, “I’m not ready yet, I’m
not this, I’m not that.” And that’s what happened to me. I was totally into like law of attraction, spirituality, personal growth, but I wasn’t doing it years back, because my ego was tied into money. But that’s gonna make money right now. I have to focus on this,
and all this stuff. I didn’t trust. The drum was beating to follow this path, my desires, my inner-self was
saying I need to go this way, and follow my path. But my ego was saying go
this way, money, success, material stuff, and that’s
what I was going after. And through that process, I
got into certain relationships, had certain traumas and experiences, and that lead to me feeling like crap. Until I got to the point where I was like, “I give up on this life, this
life that I’m going after.” I give up. I need to do something that’s
in alignment with my truth, and what I’m more passionate about. And that’s what I started doing. Now, I believe if I done it earlier on, and I just trusted, things
would have worked out for me. And things would have
manifested much faster, because you’re trusting the universe, you’re trusting your
soul’s plan much quicker. And when you trust into that,
and when you leap into that, magic will happen. Now one of the hardest things
to do is to differentiate the difference between your
soul’s plan and your emotions. Your emotions will say,
“Travel to another country, “to meet someone that you’re
romantically involved with, “that you met on the internet.” It might feel like that’s
your soul’s plan, right? This stuff happens. And then you realize,
this was a big mistake. Oh, no.
Oh, crap. Big mistake. So how do you know what
your soul’s plan is? So, the key is connecting
with your high self. You just say, “Connect
me to my higher self, “connect me to my higher self, “connect me to your higher self.” Say that three times. And then you’re connected
with your higher self. And then you imagine your third eye, and the third eye of your
higher self connecting. Then ask it, “Is this my soul’s plan?” And feel into it. And what you can do is
to find your yes and nos. What you can do, if you don’t hear a yes, if you don’t hear a no, whatever it is. What you can do is you
can feel what your yes is, and what your no is. So if you say yes right now,
where does yes come from? For me, yes is in my solar plexus area, and I can feel it in the
back of my neck right now. My no is down with the
sacral area, no, no. And a little bit up here as well. So I know what my no is,
in terms of my feelings. I know what my yes is
in terms of my feelings. And now when you connect
to your higher self, you can ask it questions
and get yes or no answers. Really powerful stuff, right? And so you can communicate
with your higher self to find out what your soul’s plan is. You can find out more about
what you’re supposed to do. When you’re connecting with higher powers, your life will transform. Know that you’re not living
this life by yourself. You have a team behind you,
you need to tap into it. Your ancestry, the angels, the fairies. (laughs) The ascended masters, God, star seeds. You can tap into all of these
different kinds of beings. They’re available for you to tap into. Use them. Work with them, co-create and your life will shift in magical ways. (cooing) (laughs) Leave a comment below saying (cooing). By the way, that (cooing)
didn’t stem from, what’s her name again? Cardi B, it didn’t stem. There was actually a comedian who started that particular trend,
so, just so you know. That’s where I got it from, and then Cardi B started using it. So that’s why I say, (cooing) never got it from Cardi B. Anyway. (laughs) Well, yeah, that’s it for this video. If you wanna support the channel, be sure to leave a donation below. My videos cost $20 to $30 to make, and we currently offer
neutrality shifting coaching if you’re interested in that as well. Where we shift you into
the reality that you want through shifting your personality. And there should be some more
videos on screen right now. Keep learning, keep
growing, keep expanding, and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace.

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