Sex abuse claims lead to 1 Detroit priest charged, another removed

Sex abuse claims lead to 1 Detroit priest charged, another removed

in less than 48 hours two priests in our area have either been accused of sexual abuse or actually charged with it father Jack Baker was arraigned this morning in Wayne County was a priest in a Waterford and father Edouard Peron has been removed from his church in Detroit Nick Monacelli is but following both those cases talking to both the Detroit archdiocese and the Attorney General's Office Nick have a good evening to you so this is an interesting case obviously minors are involved so we don't have a whole lot of details but one obviously enough evidence to arrest and charge one priest and the other the allegation is serious enough plea diocese to just go ahead and remove him two different priests to different churches in two different counties but both falling under the same umbrella with accusations of sexual abuse father Joseph Jack Baker's last assignment was at st. Perpetua in Waterford today he was charged with sexually assaulting a child younger than 13 yesterday father Edward Peron removed from his church Assumption grotto on Gratiot and Detroit's east side he's also accused of sexually abusing a minor you know one case is way too many and that this happens it's just an atrocity Monsignor Michael Boog Aaron with the Archdiocese of Detroit says this situation is tough obvious sorrow for the victim but he's pleased with accountability priests are called to live you know the lifestyle for which they've been ordained and if they're not living that lifestyle if they're not living according to that and once the archbishop would like to say there's no double standards the Michigan Attorney General is working on both of these cases getting warrants signed and arresting father Baker just this morning and AG dana nestle says arrests like this are the tip of the iceberg we were going to continue to listen to our hotlines see whatever emails came in and the event the diocese had information for us of course we were going to take a look now in this case actually the diocese in Detroit is actually the one who sent the information to the AG's office for both of these cases father Baker are going arraigned this morning he was given a five hundred thousand dollar bonds we're live this new evening Nick Monacelli local 4

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