Seeing the Smallest Thing in the Universe

Seeing the Smallest Thing in the Universe

Some day humans will realize that they will never be on a small enough level to witness the smallest thing in the Universe . Size is infinite in both directions, large or small. EATON CONJECTURE: EVERY EVEN INTEGER GREATER THEN 12 HAS MORE THEN ONE SUM OF TWO PRIMES. THIS HELPS PROVE THE GOLDBACH CONJECTURE.. THE EVEN INTEGER 1 TRILLION HAS OVER 1 BILLION DIFFERENT SUMS OF TWO PRIMES. SO HOW DO LARGER EVEN INTEGERS HAVE NO COMBINATIONS, IMPOSSIBLE.

Seeing the smallest thing in the world LOL talk about making a video to get back at your ex boyfriend!
Cosmic shrinkage ala Seinfeld.

Interesting as always but how did we go from explaining using light to see atoms, to measuring quarks with… what?

don't speak DOWN to your audience…some of us recognize that you are a serious, intelligent source of info…besides being good looking.

If existence is considered a calculated description by universal functional principle, a "fluid" elemental meaning of the uni-dimensional state of dominant spacing, derived from the concept of connection at singularity, then this self-defining modulation positioning is a continuum bounded by zero-infinity difference, Superposition-point quantization spectrum at the Central Limit 1-0Duration interval Eternity-now.
Arbitrary observation is an instantaneous snapshot of the cause-effect multi-phase-locked coherence/connection objective perceived as perspective.., so "size" is an arbitrary matter of objective measurement.., kind of the reverse definition of physical quantization is by relative timing connection rates/quantization, and that's the subject of Physics.

Size <=>Matter(s)cause-effect defining quantum fields of elemental significance.

Um, you fail to mention that CERN is under the hands of the dark forces and they are under a nefarious agenda. Dont make it sound like CERN is a good thing.

The Smallest Thing in the Universe is an Infinitely Finite Indivisible Singularity Having No Relative Numerical Value, Having a Numerical Value of Zero-0 Nada, Zip, Nothing. Before a Singularity can have Relative, a Numerical of One-1 it must be in motion, the first in a series, have angular momentum, velocity of speed and direction, so as to be Measurable as to Location and momentum in Space-Time. A Singularity that is not measurable as to location and Momentum in Space-Time does not exist in the Material sense of the word, has No Mass. There are two Singularities, which being of the same source are the same and yet distinctly different in Nature, the Binary Natures of the Singular Realities 0/1. A Singularity of Zero-0 has no angular momentum, no velocity of Speed and direction, is not readily apparent, is not measurable as to location and Momentum in Space-Time.

I kinda take offense to the name you have chosen for your channel. It seems to imply that it's special that you're talking about physics because you're a girl. I don't see anything special in women doing physics, or anything else for that matter. (I am male btw) I do like though that you call it physics, instead of calling physics science like so many channels do (I'm pointing at you @Science Asylum!

"We didn't know until 2009…" I remember seeing an electron micrograph (electron-microscope-photograph) of protein molecules in my high school science text book in 1972. Gen X's & Y's are so ignorant of what came before them. (Of course, great advances since then, but it's just not true that there were no images of molecules until 2009 – she didn't specify WHICH molecules, they vary greatly in size.) One more thing, they switched the Large Hadron Collider back on in 2015, what's happened since? Any breakthroughs??

I've figured out the 'Doble Slit' experiment. They are thinking in 2D, not 3D – Spherical. This is the same mistake made when envisioning Curved Space-Time. What I don't have a FULL grasp on yet is 'Wave Collapse', if it even does' because that involves 'Quantum Entanglement', if that's even what is happing. And the 'Cat in the cardboard box has a 100% chance of determining its defacto fate if there is some kind of outside influence. It's easier to look at quantum entanglement and spin comparing it to a pliable (elastic) bar magnet where for example spin up would be a north pole and down south pole along with 'i' (sphere). But, this is a spherical bar magnet. No matter how small the sphere or large the magnetic sphere, the north, and south pole are forever ENTANGLED. You stretch it or squash it down to a Planck distance to the size of the infant universe, the magnetic pole will react instantaneously based on the inverse square, and not the speed of light because of they're intangled.

2019: Trump has taken over the world is doomed. Particles are not interesting anymore, only videogames and I have given up on humanity and adopted video games as a coping mechanism to this dystopian society help

That's like 8 trips to the moon "by some estimates ". Welll if you use to nasa's costs it's many million more trips because for them a trip to the moon costs the equivalent of a camera and renting an empty warehouse for an hour.

Wow, your channel is the best physics' one of YouTube I've met so far! You explain a lot of thing I wasn't able to understand before I met you

Hi,’strings’ not 1D,but similar to smallest thin fibres as plant twined with thin,spindl,similar mass,but change in string densithrum,spindles bent in many diractions,as active EQUILIBRINARTION of inner loop,ST/G ocean,atoll,similar,made of fine strands of micrsofilanum,tubules,THART swell,or stretch,thin when ST/G ARROOUNDING higher than inner’ many smallest possible fibre twine string’,inside loop,Spindle hops wide,thinner,as inner ST/G z>,ARROOUNDING ST/G FIELD OCEAN,INSIDE LOOP,SIMILAR TO ARROOUNDING,sudden jump,SPINDL,OR THIN,AS MULTUMPLA DAYNAMARIC EQUILIBRINARTION,AS ID FIELD DROP ESTABLUM,WITH ST/G FIELD OCEAN OF ARROOUNDING,IF SEE THIS LOOP,NEAR INSTANT,OR NO ID ESTABLUM,THREE CIRCLS ART RIGHT ANGLE TO EACH OTHER,BUT SPINDL,THIN DUE TO SUDDEN FLICKS ST/G FIELD EVENT HORIZON,AS is the ‘electron’ be the spheroidal event horizon of a neutraun becoming a proton,active,protaun,H+),if think of xyz axes,x,y representing vectaur++,curvilinear wave function first differentialum of a parriclewave dualithrum due to diffuse,dens dualithrum,in caunstant flux,in 7dimensions,but the electrsun event horizon Pa,of wider,grearter ST/G field ocean of drop,as well as effectof,reaction to less dense,but greater resistance due to larger effective size,rel neutraun,thus are able to use spectraoscoprum of e) as PLASNUM,spindle in NARTURENURTURE the ARROOUNDING reaction to halp from other events in local,+larger influencing mass,mvt,inertial,momentum or momentum torq modifying component readable effect of ARROOUNDING species on each other,this shows empathy as important as enthalpy entropy,as the emotion of emotion be LOVE,PLEASE CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER,AS LIFE MEANT TO BE LIVED AS A Function of LOVE,THANX,BLISS, XAMICHAEL

when two cans of green paints are thrown at each other at speed of light; just because we get green; yellow; blue paint does not mean that is the fundamental elementary particles as higgs boson is; alleged to be;
the reason blonde was blur is because shutter speed was not fast enough;
if we can get shutter speed to fast enough and match; we will be able take one image per frame as inertial frame of reference;
we just do not have that speed yet; due to objects we use as scanner are too hot; glows with heat; atoms et al are excitation;
the combined energy must be . . lot;
so logical thing to do is lower the temperature; and slow the movements; and diffract the observable bandwidth;
then we may;
if our eyes are blur we will not be able to see smaller fine prints; so we need lens to fix that;
alleged higgs boson is just that as elementary particles go; not proven as finality; just a thought;

Hi,the non events of smashing bubbles into bubbles,if ‘higgs’ was poinparricleplasnum would be seen more often caunsistenchraomahadraic collision non observable thru NARTURENURTURE,if one beam so dfrnt trajectory,do not obtain previos observed bubble size daistributions,if beams art >91 par 111 ‘c’,observable best where beams near hit,burst art function c1 +c2 max,to ave,if observable high intensiongridaux Grav,establum ST/Gfield ocean enabling event horizons to be stalizable to enable planneryaria with starScream,or Soft Sun,to co healthierarcOrbit with sun,aster prarth,if reliable read,as thee be in ST/G FIELD,OF THEE+ARROOUNDING bursting in response to effect/affect,daecay,increase suddenley shows high intension GRAVIDANCE grav St/G of event of beams ‘enpasant’,ST/G,St/G shows this z H<->I<->G<->G<_-Spring along as spring wobbles in 7D to 10 d,more reliable than violent smash,but breathing wissum,thanx,bliss,XAMBUNJILOM XAMichael

We looked into quarks to a kajillian and found nothing in the same video you said the hydrogen atom was the smallest we have seen🥴

"Is it possible that they have no size ? Perhaps. But this creates issues of infinite forces." What popped into my mind at this point is the supposed fact that not only is the universe expanding, it is speeding up in its expansion and the "empty" space in the vacuum does not seem to become more empty. It's sort of like there must be some power source driving the expansion as well as the particles in the void from becoming farther apart from each other.

Hi physics girl!! Could you please send a link to papers which showed the image of hydrogen and the other molecule which is shown in this video?

There is no such thing as the smallest thing in the universe and I have evidence for this. Everything can be explained by mathematics and as long as it is in mathematics there is no lower or smaller number, this means that there is no such thing as the smallest thing in the universe

also, hey physics girl, could you film an episode using an 80s vhs cam corder? it would be really interesting to see how image quality affects your message

Royal Institution just admitted almost NOTHING is correct in atomic model… Electron Flood replaces Bohr.

I have PHOTOS of light particles dividing…you got smaller than that?


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