Secret Footage of "Faith Healer" Peter Popoff in Toronto May 2011

think again TV is produced by Centre for inquiry Canada's premier venue for secular humanists atheists skeptics and free thinkers Oh peter Popoff was a famous 1980s faith healer proven a fraud by skeptic James Randi on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson Randy and his assistants used a radio scanner to intercept transmission from pop ups wife Elizabeth giving the Prophet information about members of the audience including their address and ailments after being exposed his popularity declined sharply and Popoff declared bankruptcy in 1987 20 years later Popoff returned ironically now combining Supernatural debt relief of all things with his old faith healing tricks he has become a profitable prophet once again his comeback has been featured in the press and covered critically on major programs like Inside Edition 20/20 and now the Center for inquiry zone think again TV through a secret source see fi was able to obtain four tickets to an invitation-only event in Toronto called positioning yourself for the harvest impoverished audience members were asked to contribute one thousand dollars each to facilitate their debt reduction while Popoff took in over 23 million dollars last year we wanted to find out whose financial interests were being served in order to be as effective as possible before attending the event CFI members got some advice from the expert himself mr. James Randi I suggested as many people as possible and we're going to be here to the meeting have a voice recorders with them conceal'd come on at all times because they may be very well approached by usually a present young couple who will begin to question the motive your machine Reverend Popoff the fourth and what are you going to ask and kind of say that's another adventure that they have of getting information of course of it how do you think we can go about having a more lasting effect with him since he keeps popping back up is there a way to expose them once and for all I mean you did such a great job I'm just at a loss for how we can top that so we so this nonsense can stop well I don't know that you've been chosen because it has a mission my website ugly after Johnny Carson retired about every two weeks I'd get a call from him saying he just saw pop up on TV how does this mean you be exposed to him such I had to tell them John this is nothing you have to let me go think again TV was able to take secret camera footage showing popoff engaging in similar tricks to those used during his 1980s fame for example healings were only done for those in the front sections where prayer cards had been carefully distributed and collected and where handlers were able to interact with the audience members before the show Popov carefully selected those to receive his laying on of hands while anyone appearing harder to manipulate were sent the divine overflow rather than being approached rather a jump you got cancer awesome brother outlet people to get the overflow sister what the doctors came to the doctor Jesus will you can see the difference in health and strengthening sorry and we just gonna be rough Jesus Oh Thank You Bart the name of Jesus Oh others didn't make the cut at all this man who looked too sick to appear to be cured was repeatedly escorted back to his seat after desperately attempting to reach papa for a miracle when he sat back down he was heard saying they won't let me be healed why such as loves testimonies from audience members combined reports of healings made possible by Popov sone miracle spring water with stories of miraculous family reconciliations as well as spontaneous increases in bank balances I mean what rooms home right or don't mind by imagining to use the miracle spring water finally the climax of the evening was Popoff's claimed that each audience member needed to transfer to him $1,000 to benefit from his divine powers and I think one of these dog hollows and once your best see you tonight I'll send you some more envelopes amen when I get back to our headquarters amen you're going to put your name and address on here so I can send you more miracle spring water with new instruction jeez although Popoff quickly escaped immediately after the show think again TVs host Justin Tran CA approached his assistant Lee asking why the required funds to provide miracles when Lee's wife responded that Justin was mistaken Lee told her don't even talk to him he's a lunatic after a few more words were exchanged Popoff's organist who had provided music while Popoff cured the audience yelled at us I hope you die of cancer Peter Popoff's event positioning you for harvest did indeed result in a bountiful harvest just not for anybody in the audience think again TV is produced by Centre for inquiry Canada's premier venue for secular humanist atheists skeptics and free thinkers CFI Canada coordinates branches and campus groups across the country runs of public education series provide secular community services incorporates cutting-edge multimedia such as blogs podcasts and YouTube and is a regular voice in the press presenting a secular humanist atheist and skeptical perspective

This guy Peter Popoff gives not only American people a bad name, but he also gives German & Bulgarian people a bad name too (he was born in Germany to Bulgarian parents…either that, or born to a German mother & Bulgarian father)

We subscribe to all these quacks mailing lists and return the self addressed offering envelopes in them empty so they have to pay the postage on them.

How is this guy not in jail? He's clearly committing fraud, which is illegal. Is his side show considered gambling? The victim puts money on the table and maybe they are healed, maybe they're not? Or is it because the victims "donate" the money to him? Is this why he gets away with it? I love how he says "THE DEVIL IS A LIIIARR!" All Popoff needs is a pair of horns and a pitch fork.

Wouldn't "let" the poor man be healed, huh? Bloody charlatan! He knew the man was really sick, and that he was a fake. There is no punishment too harsh for a creature like that.
The organist "hopes they die of cancer"?! Quite filled with the love of Jesus, huh?

My heart truly goes out to then ill man denied a meeting with Peter Popoff. He's more than likely been told that there is no cure or treatment for his illness and this was probably his last resort. I sincerely hope that he didn't spend too much or travel too far to see this fraud. If there is a hell, Peter Popoff already has a seat reserved for him. I wish the ill man all the best and I hope Peter gets the worst. He is the true embodiment of a human pig and I just hope that what goes around really does come around for him as I don't know many people that deserve it more. Rot in Hell Peter Popoff.

As a minister, watching this is like a surgeon watching a Chimp operate on an infant.. This makes me sick to my gut. what a psychopath.

I find this sad. I've experienced true healing and it was a wonderful thing. I didn't have to pay for it and the healers would only give me healing if I had seen a doctor first about the condition. There are people out there who have a special gift.

People!!!!!! TRUST THE LORD JESUS!!!!!! PLEASE. READ JEREMIAH 23. People like this man and his wife , it is all about greed.

This guy was exposed over 30 years ago. If people are fricken stupid enough to give him money, they deserve to lose it. Why he's not in jail, I have no idea.


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