Seas of Consciousness – Guided meditation for relaxation, with Natalie Dekel.

As you sit down and relax,
you take a deep breath. Feel with every breath you take
your body starting to relax and it becomes heavier and heavier… Imagine with every breath you take as
if we are strolling on the beach, deciding to walk slowly into
the water of relaxation. It’s the seas of consciousness, the seas of self-awareness… And as we step,
with every breath we take, with each wave of energy, We are going deeper and deeper into that which is the source
of who we are… Feel the sand under your feet and feel the water gently lapping
against your legs, calling you in. Feel the water slowly reaching
your waist going higher and higher till
you actually swim under the water… in a beautiful wave. You can still breathe deeply
in that beautiful space… And as we take a deep breath, we feel
the beautiful calmness enveloping us in that light that azure-blue-green colour… which washes off all the anxieties
and worries… and calamities or negative thoughts leaving you calm and centred… You keep walking in, noticing beautiful
corals and fish swimming around you, and the water changes to deeper blue, bringing with it lightness and
a wonderful sensation of bodiless movement, as if you are no longer limited by
your body You just exist in that space that energizes you,
every part of your being, filling it with love and energy, making it shine… You continue to swim in even deeper and the water colour changes
to indigo. You notice how you feel when it envelopes
you in this deep, deep blue indigo colour. And as we twirl inside that colour, it gives us radiance and an ability
to listen to nature and ourselves that we otherwise would not possess. It sharpens our intuition
and our awareness. And with every deep breath you take, You become aware of more and more
things happening around you in that space, perhaps sounds, voices, colours
or even smells. Just be aware that you are in
a special place that invigorates you, fills you
like a battery with new life, new energy. We continue even deeper,
entering the golden light and this golden light envelops us like
a cloud of golden dust. It’s a beautiful light that makes every organ,
every particle of our being shine and radiate light. Feel how it affects your being,
feel how much energy it gives you, how your eyes start to sparkle, how your hearing sharpens, how your taste buds become more
aware of everything around you and how you become aware of your body
in a new, beautiful way. feeling the blood circulation running
to and fro, making you feel alive like
you’ve never been before. I want you to notice something special,
a special gift just for you. It might be a little stone or an object or a starfish or anything that
attracts your attention. This is a gift for you. Take it to your heart and think
what it might mean to you. What message does it bring to you? And we continue to move on with your present
now in your pocket or in your heart. And after we’ve enjoyed all this
beautiful, blessed light, we’re going to go back towards
the shore. And as we step, with every breath
we take, with every step we take towards
the beach, towards the shore, the colours recede and
change to warm ones… to reds and oranges,
gently lapping at your body enveloping you with warmth and light… Keep walking; and now it’s the
yellows… and turquoise And here we finally break the water,
back to the beach and we lie down on the sand,
on the warm sand, feeling the see licking our toes
and our feet… in and out… allowing us slowly to become aware
of the body that lies on the warm sand. Notice which organs lay heavily,
sinking into that sand. Feel the earth giving its energy back… massaging the body with every
particle of sand… Feel how your lungs breathe deeply
this beautiful air and you can smell the sea around you
and the blue sky. and the wind and the cry of the seagulls. Enjoy the perfection of life and the radiance, health and vitality
it gives you Gradually become aware of your body
and its fullness And slowly open your eyes… bringing the memories of the
beautiful beach with you, remembering the gift that was
given to you. Thank you for coming on this
journey with us.

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