Science Class – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

[End Credits] (Clapping) And that’s why scientist have calculated that
our solar system formed nearly 5 billion years ago. Nah-uhh! Didn’t happen. It was 6000 years ago. What? That’s rediculous! The Earth alone is 4.5 billion years old. Nope! Don’t think so. Science proves it. The data shows… Uh-uh! Using carbon dating and sediment layers, we
know that… Mmm-mmmm i did it 6000 years ago. It was all me. (Snickering) Look, billions of years ago after the sun
formed the leftover dust and gasses condensed and… Here’s a condensed gas for ya, teach! (Fart) (Laughing) Ugh I wish we could we just keep God of our
schools? [End Credits] (Kissing Noises) (Laughing) We lived at the same time! (Kissing Noises) (Groans) The Cyanide and Happiness Show has a new home
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0:51 if you pay close attention that fart created another universe.
I wonder how many universes I create in one day…mmmm

I was once Christian but when I saw this I became agnostic thiest after seeing that not everyone believes in God and saw the flat earth society I became an agnostic athiest

Well actually carbon dating can only go back 42,000 years so we definitely didn't use carbon dating to get the age of the earth

Anything that isn't COMPLETELY free no strings attached isn't worth watching. Long as the show stays free i don't care if they move to comedy central. Same amount of entertainment before a commercial airs so the show would do great there

This short is my favorite! Not cause, it's very true, but also in incredibility sad! Also, i'm a very big fan of paleontology and evolution of space!

Is there a such thing called erosion,. This is proven when the world flooded in the Bible how else do you think we got the Grand canyon and other caves carved into the Earth. Wind and other types of particles could be but water is the most know with this. And if we look at our land and layers of the Earth that tells us how old the Earth is. Not the goddamn Galaxy

Lol so honest but honestly they really do need to keep it out of schools I’m talking to you muslims if I can’t wear anything religious or talk about my religion then neither should you be able to but then again I’m atheist so I kinda in a way practice it everyday so

You know this is actually more closely related to Marvel's interpretation of God? Look it up, it's actually pretty interesting, funny in parts even!

Who ACTUALLY does claim that the earth is just 6000 years old?
I mean, I am a Christian (and while I am probably in the minority about the thought that technically nothing contradicts creationism and big bang theory), but I find it hard to believe that anyone honestly believes the earth is just 6000 years old.

This video is saying that science teachers won't change their mind even with proof of God and will obstinately talk about carbon dating to an omnipotent being.

The bell rings at the beginning. This entire conversation takes place after class is over, and nobody seems to care.

I wish we could keep God out of our schools- Public school
I wish we could keep science out of our schools- Ireland


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