Scandinavia : Free Speech vs. Religious Freedom

Scandinavia : Free Speech vs. Religious Freedom

this illustrates Bates last weekend on Saturday June 15th there was a Curran incident in Drammen a heavily is premised town in Norway there has also been some other disturbing news regarding Islam in Sweden and Denmark and there has been a debate in Norway over freedom of speech so it's the so-called religion of peace clashing with the rest of society in Scandinavia that's what we will address in this video before I get started I want to thank all of my financial supporters this is my day job without you this channel would not be possible I also wanted to ask you to check out my website Swede speaks calm and to follow me on bitch shoot there are links in the in the box below and you know very safe than sorry so make sure to check that out so here what happen in Drammen in Norway last Saturday let's roll it [Applause] so you see what's going on there the female speaker from the organization stop Islamization of Norway I'm not done host of the quran and then the police tries to take it from her so she throws it away and then the police tells her to rallies over that if you throw a Quran on the ground you have to go when did Norway become a caliphate when did the Norwegian police turned into a Sharia police is this just about the Norwegian police fearing aggressive Muslims more than they care about freedom of speech to the read an alternative media site document in Iran through the head of operations at the police and the Norwegian south is Police District claimed that they stopped a rally due to concerns for the safety of the activists from stop Islamization of Norway well that's not what the police officer stated activists he simply said that if you throw the Quran your rally is over so an obvious lie again when did nor we get the Sharia police and there have been some reactions to this not only didn't we in media write about it so the Danish media and the Islamic Council of Norway have commented on the event in a press release the Islamic Council says that Norwegian Muslim stands for love tolerance and dignity they also say that Muslims in Norway support freedom of speech and they praise the police for how they handle the situation then they end their press release by saying that they hope that the police will consider whether a hate speech and acts from stop Islamization of Norway are legal or not they use the term hate speech I don't use the term anyway that's what they say another one who commented on this was Sam muchnick's and user leader of the organization X Muslims in Norway on Facebook say much notes in your cell wrote quote during the stop islamization of Norway rally we witnessed at throwing a 14 years old Arabic book from the desert on the on the ground is dangerous and banned in today's Norway unquote this comment gots a magnificent useful kicked out of Facebook for 30 days since his comment was against Facebook's standards for for hateful comments could have been some reporting going on and does it feel good Facebook to bow down to Islam really I mean it does it feel good do you think that you will be spared in a caliphate sir Salman Rushdie once said quote what is freedom of expression without the freedom to offend it ceases to exist unquote I'm an avid yoga Christian do you know what I do if someone throws a Bible on the ground or burn it I will pray for the person who does who does it perhaps I will have informed him were hard and I don't like it perhaps we'll inform the public that I don't like it but I will not create a riot I will not frighten him or her I will pray for his or her salvation that is the Christian response so different from the Islamic one but in spite of this walkie bomb near Bishop of the Lutheran Diocese of scada and the shores of Sweden recently claimed that Muslims Jews and Christians all had the same God this is obvious nonsense as a Christian I believe that youths and Christians pray to the same God since I believe that the prophecies of the Old Testament were fulfilled through Jesus Christ but Muslims Allah not a chance Muslims pray to the moon god whose name happened to be Allah Muhammad just got rid of all the other gods but he kept the moon God Allah we should be obvious to anyone if you think about the Islamic crescent at Borneo bishop Bonilla he's not alone though I am a balloon bishop of the Lutheran Diocese of Stockholm in the shores of Sweden and the practicing lesbian recently said that she has more in common with Muslims than with right-wing Christians without explaining what she means by right with Christians but I suppose she means people like me and you know what if that's how she feels she can move to Saudi Arabia and try to be being both a practicing lesbian and a crazy they're just trying to have a brunette but I do not take responsibility for the consequences and it doesn't it seem like Muslims think they have it doesn't seem like Muslims think to have the same goddess as Christians either on May 31st a Christian evangelization team calling themselves royal blood went to yell boo and no-go zone in Gothenburg Sweden the team consists of the street preacher Eunice Coulson and his co-workers David Nazareth and use it on Farhan when they were preaching they were threatened by aggressive Muslims a guy showed up and shouted to them that they had three minutes to leave otherwise he would shoot them the sweet you must cause I didn't really know how to react but Yousif al Farhan with roots in Iraq asked the guy if Satan spoke true and through him and told him to go ahead and shoot him that he would die for Jesus so they kept on preaching about God's love for them Muslims shouting at them that it was Ramadan they were fasting and that Christians were not welcome in their area the 3rd evangelist David Nasser F was live filming this on Facebook and was attacked by a gang who tried to take his camera however David Nasser F knows martial arts and was able to get the camera back in spite of several men attacking him physically after that the evangelization team left however on Sweden's National Day you use if the evangelization team returned to elbow together with an army of praying people they brought the Swedish Cross flag they prayed for yellow and they proclaimed Sweden as a Christian country with a yellow cross in his flag there was victory at the square in elbow and the street preacher Yunus Carlson said that quote we did not come to have revenge on the Muslim guys but to break the fear we shall not be scared into silence the body of Christ must stand up against the threats directed at us and waged war in the spirit our mission as Christians is to lovingly and humbly preach Jesus and then the fear must be broken otherwise we do not dare to do it unquote so whatever bishops in the shores of Sweden says Muslims don't seem to agree I sure don't agree but God bless these brave man for preaching the gospel in yellow also from Denmark a video showed up on an Arabic language channel which due to language in the video clearly is from Denmark Danish schoolchildren were taught to pray to Allah and this is just unacceptable what would their reaction be if Danish school children were told to bend knees for Jesus Christ what would their reaction have been if someone had from the Bible on the ground in Norway what if Muslim street preachers had received death threats in Sweden what would a reaction have been Scandinavia is getting some serious issues due to Islam and these issues will have to be addressed the sooner the better that's what I have to say about this so what do you think comment below and if you liked this video I'd really appreciate any donations even a dollar makes a difference if everyone who watch this channel gave $1 it would transform this channel let's take a look at the links below but if you really can't financially support this channel I would be very grateful if you would share a link to one of your favorite videos from this channel on your social media because ad revenue also helps also make sure to LIKE subscribe and hit the notification bell most importantly please pray for this channel livestreams we'll be back in July until next time have a nice day thank you for watching and God bless

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I really long for the day when Jesus comes back. Getting veeery tired of this world. He is the only one that will save it

God's Blessings to you, Sir!! As a Christian, I fully understand how we are to behave with unbelievers. I also firmly believe we are to do go against the laws of our governments if such laws go against God's Word. (For those who don't believe me, see Exodus 1:8-22 with emphasis on v 15-22).

islam is nothing more than a dirty sick old men's club, their sexual urges come first be it children or animals, they fight to protect islam not because it is a religion but because it gives them a freeloading life of debauchery.
The proof is out there for anyone bothered to look, islam brings nothing but decay and depravity, everything dies under islam, respect, decency, humanity, freedom, etc… The only thing muzzies do is to watch their wife's and daughter's p*ssies and hunt for non-believers.

You have all those subscribers, yet you never have many views (including live streams), is your channel censored/hidden by YouTube? Thanks for the vids.


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