Samaya - Shamanic Elixir [Mixtape] World Music / Shamanic Downtempo

Two commercials in the first few minutes left me annoyed. Even with all the wonderful comments, I couldn't be bothered to listen further.

How is it called the instrument at 1:41:53? (The one of the traditional indian and southest asian music) Pls its very important!!

Ik ben zeer positief verrast. Ik was vanmiddag toen ik sirius uitliep kort bang dat het ongemakkelijk zou worden als ik je toch nog eens zou treffen en je me zou vragen wat ik er van vond. Dit past definitief beter bij een relaxte vape sessie als bijv. Muse. 🤔 Nu vind ik het jammer dat ik je niet de hand heb gegeven, in het geval je heel beroemd wordt zou dat in de toekomst een cool verhaal zijn. Ik wens je in ieder geval heel veel succes!

There are 406 people who need their chakras re aligned. This is a beautiful mix. Its healing, uplifting and jammin. 🙏Blessings to you and yours for sharing this with us. Beautiful artwork btw!

"…Venha .. Aproxime-se .. E beba .. Vá devagar, mas tome .. Beba a selva .. Feche os olhos, respire profundamente e ouça .. Ouça as folhas farfalhando ao vento. Aves do paraíso recebê-lo com sua música. Batidas de tambor distantes estão chegando cada vez mais perto. Canto de cura sagrado ecoa ao seu redor e visões internas começam a aparecer. Você acorda do sono que foi sua vida. As energias universais estão fluindo através de seu corpo. Você sente a sensação de amor e união abraçando sua alma. Você está em casa. Você é um."
Shivelight !!

Parabéns!! É um belíssimo trabalho!!
Douglas Ló e Mih!
Vale do São Francisco, Sertão – BRASIL!
01 / 06 / 2019

I'll put this wonderful video in my novel, about schamanism, on the Wattpad website… With all your credits 😁👏👏👏👏

This is contagious to all the body, i cant stop moving my foots even if i have to be concentrated, this is really sacred music inspired by the shamans!! Thank you, love it !

i imagine walking in jungle.



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